Cop Left Child In Hot Car To Die, Prosecutors Say

    January 14, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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A police officer who is accused of murdering his 20-year old mistress in the summer of 2011 is also accused of leaving their child to die in a hot car.

Richmond Phillips, who worked for the D.C. police department, began his trial today with prosecutors alleging he shot Wynetta Wright and knowingly left 1-year old Jaylin in her carseat with the doors closed and windows rolled up because of a dispute over having to pay child support. Although evidence against him is circumstantial, prosecutors contend he knew what he was doing, especially after all the stories in the news in recent years about the dangers of leaving children in cars during hot weather.

Stories of children being left in hot cars tend to hit national news now after the tragic deaths of so many infants; here in Kentucky, the death of a baby at the hands of his careless babysitter formed “Bryan’s Law”, which brings a harsh penalty for adults who leave children unattended in a car.

  • http://ablogaboutnothinginparticular.com/ Squidoo Geek

    Dumb. I don’t see why ANYBODY would leave a child in a hot car, especially a cop who probably knows the procedures for rescuing a kid trapped and suffering the effects of being in such conditions.

    • http://Webpronews Robert Bintz

      I hope The PIG gets what He deserves the death penalty in front of a firing squad.

  • Eagans33

    I can’t wait till i witness police brutality. I’m sure a cop’s head would love to meet a baseball bat that he/she wont see coming.

    • Teresa M.

      Don’t make this a war on cops. There are many, many good cops out there. You can’t let a psycho, who just happened to be a cop, bias you against all law enforcement. Unless you can’t follow laws and then your beef is entiely personal.

      • http://Webpronews Robert Bintz

        Yes,I have a personal beef with COPS. JAN 2010 I Was wrongfully accused and my vehicle was towed 40 miles away for nothing I had to attend a class twice a week 40 miles away for nothing.Cops are only good for one thing Robbing poor people of their money and taking advantage of the disabled.I hate them

        • SU

          So sorry to see that it has come to this. Cops were meant to protect us. Now most hate us. But the more we push them the more they will push us. Supreme court has given them unlimited power to stop anyone, anytime and even search your car, house or anything else, they just have to come up with a probable cause which is fairly easy. I try to stay away from them like maybe from tigers or lions. I stopped giving any kind of donation. We should have a lot less cops and a lot fewer prison inmates.

        • Dogdays

          Hey, Robert the similar thing happened to me. Was yours in New York state, cuz that sounds like what New York state cops do.

          • http://Webpronews Robert Bintz

            No dogdays.It happened in this great state of ours Tennessee I lived in South Carolina for 40+ years I admitted to breaking the law there, I been up for 5 years And have had more problems out of Knoxville Pigs than anywhere else.

        • yolonda smith

          I very well agree with u,I’m not afraid to say being a black female in dallas tx I have experienced police discrimination,and I dont understand how they can put on a uniform and treat people the way they do,but even in a uniform every dog has their day.

    • Dropkick

      You are a freaking idiot! You’re also a coward, of course not brave enough you have to attack someone from behind. What does his profession have to do with his ignorance and evil intent? if the guy was a manager at McDonalds and killed his mistress, would you say all managers at McDonald’s should get a baseball bat to the head? I do not see the correlation between this man’s actions and his chosen profession…why should good cops be persecuted for actions of an individual who should of never been in law enforcement in the first place.

    • carmen

      He figured out that the authorities would do a DNA and find out he was the father and then he would still have to pay child support

  • http://yahoo.com latonia

    Are you kidding me!?! He could have taken the child to a safe haven like a hospital no questions asked. He already killed the mother why be that selfish and try to do the child in…SMH

  • http://Webpronews Robert Bintz

    I hope the PIG gets what he deserves.The death penalty in front of a firing squad

    • Brandon

      Here, here! I vote he gets dropped in a car in the middle of the desert. Let him suffer the same fate he meant for that baby.

  • tammy

    just goes to show you mosters wear all kinds of uniforms and come from all walks of life ..shouldnt assume what you do for a living doesnt mean your a kind person .

    • bill crets

      LOTS of cops kill their abuse/kill significant others, as was the case of Officer Kevin Brainard, of the Plainwell, Michigan P.D. who, on November 4th, 2007, murdered his wife in front of his 2 year old daughter, then shot himself, This guy was a loser as well.

  • Kai

    Jez, he could have just left the child at any hospital or fire station (maybe even police dept) and it would have been taken care of. He wouldn’t even have had to say anything of fill out any papers. He should have known about this American possibility since he was a cop. If he didn’t want a kid, he should have arranged to not be able to father any kid.

    • Sharron G

      I am not
      God so i cant judge him but he will face the Lord when he passes and the punish him it will be much worse than a mortal judge can or will give him he altho if he did this horrible thing in person a enlarged picture of mom and child should be posted in his cell for him to look at everyday of his confindment until he is let out he cant escape that one and it will never leave his mind.

  • http://facebook.com/auderiauderi Dakar Bell

    Damn thats fucked up, that kid could of been something special in life one day…….. smh :( no love for him

  • judy

    i think they should put him a car for serveral hours to suffer just like that baby.

  • bill crets

    LOTS of cops abuse/kill significant others, as was the case of Officer Kevin Brainard, of the Plainwell, Michigan P.D. who, on November 4th, 2007, murdered his wife in front of his 2 year old daughter, then shot himself, This guy was a loser as well.

  • James Grant

    The issue is WHY he did this….
    Obviously, the issue concerning child support has never been properly addressed, nor in the US for that matter. Most mothers tend to vindictively make the father suffer financially and thereby causing many types of mental breakdowns. The issue is about why he broke down mentally and also neglected his child. There should be child support reform in this country instead of allowing mothers to get away with any action that pleases them

    • A father who has no issue paying child support

      Seriously? We should look at child support reform to determine why this guy may have attempted to kill two people (and may have succeeded once)? Save that argument for another issue.

      • James Grant

        maybe you don’t but he certainly did….unless you know more about this case then we do..

      • mike

        He had no problem doing her. That is how you have children. Period.

    • So you’re blaming the MOTHER?

      So you’re blaming the MOTHER? No one cares WHY he did it. He did it and he should pay the price for his crimes. Period. Jerk.

    • scmaize

      Are you SERIOUSLY suggesting that he is not at fault for murdering a woman and baby, because she had the temerity to ask him to provide support for their child?? You must know that the mother does not set the amount of child support. That is up to the court system, and, not that it should matter, but most judges are still MEN. Most laws are still passed by MEN. Whatever dead woman said or did, you don’t get to murder a woman and a one-year-old child, and this was his own child. If you think a murder was caused or justified by a request for child support, you have serious psychological problems.

      • James Grant

        This is not completely true

        As a former court clerk I can state that there are many factors involved in determining child support. One disabled man I met only received 356.00 monthly for his disability and the mother requested ALL the funds to be handed over to her. She won that case and this man(who I know personally) now lives in a homeless shelter because of the “court system”.

        Go sell “mommy dearest” to the next victimized father

        • Rational thought

          Are you serious? I sure hope you are not a father. If you read the story clearly, it states the woman was his mistress. He was in the wrong to begin with. Having a mistress leads me to believe there was also a wife. If he was unable to take care of his home and his outside child, he should have protected himself.

        • Fatherof1

          Well maybe his disabled a** should of keep his pants zipped then he wouldn’t have to worry about being homeless. Trust me, the court could care less if a grown man sleeps under bridges. It’s our children who needs supported and taken care of!

    • peacemaka98

      You can not be serious. How about us mothers suffering financially because fathers think it is a choice to provide for their children. I agree save that argument for another topic. Please note the state decides what amount of support should be supplied from both parents. It is not like we get to make up a number.

      • james

        All you people who talk about the state deciding on child support are WRONG!!!!! The PARENTS decide, ( at least they can decide ). If parents would sit down & negotiate FAIRLY on divorce &/or child support. It would be a lot simpler. That is just not the case… Stop & think about the CHILDREN, not your pocketbook. One parent shouldn’t be driving a benz to work, while the other barely can pay for his/hers bus fare… You noticed I said His/Hers.

      • ruserious

        maybe you should choose better men to sleep with. i agree that it’s a shame that any man would choose not to be a father to his child but there are two people involved when it comes to making a baby (most of the time, anyway). stop giving it up to losers and you won’t have deadbeat dads to worry about.
        now, the people suggesting that the dead woman is somehow at fault need to be strung up by their thumbs too. that’s the same as saying someone was asking to be raped.

    • Vicki

      That answer makes me sick to my stomach. If a man doesn’t want to pay child support than he needs to use protection. If he doesn’t and a child is the result than he should support it. If he can’t or doesn’t want to do that then he needs to get sterilized. And yes women too should support their off spring as well, not the tax payers, the people who created the child.

    • Deborah

      James, child support made him snap ? Funny. Being a “cop”, he should be able to handle child support no problem. Most child support in Michigan is a joke. In 1974, child support for 1 child was $17.00 per week. In 2012 in Michigan it was $17.50, less than 20 dollar a week for 168 hours of childcare, food, clothing, shelter, medicine. Pretty damn cheap if you ask me and if you think these amounts are not legitimate, it is a fact checkable fact. I have been there and done that in the earlier date, the latest date was on the news in my city/county.

      So if child support payments are similar in D.C., this man should have been able to pay child support in under 1 hour per week.

      You sound like sour grapes, your wording of vindictive, suffer financially, mental breakdowns, child neglect, really ? Then this man was never fit to become a police officer.

    • Marty

      Well I have an ex son inlaw that took 5 years for him to even think about paying child support.He owes back support of over 25000.00 which will never be paiud.He doesn’t have anything to do with a beautiful 8.5 year old daughter.He is a piece of chit and she will figure that out on her own.You are right.The gov. needs to get serious but in my opinion it is about DEAD BEAT DADS!

  • http://www.gentlecaringmassage.com karen

    I was married for 17 years, when I divorced my husband I asked for nothing… I raised our son without any child support money or emotional support from him…. So you are wrong about women. I am a woman that asked for nothing, and I got nothing … My x husband has missed out on his sons life and now his grandchildrens life, he lives in the woods 50 miles from the closest town with a small dog and is one of the selfishish people I have met in my life, he doesnt even check on his own 90 year old mother, who lives alone.

  • Sharron G

    On my first comment i forgot to mention i knew a lot of copes i was young and pretty and i found there are good ones i knew of only one his name was Paul out of new orleans he was kind and good and i knew him for years from my early actually late teens to my early thirties and i have yet to see him do anything illegal so you get a barral of apples and there is only one that is good.There are more bad than good with cops they are like anyone else bad and good alike so what you see you get be quiet when you see them shut your yap and look and listen and you will know. I learned the hard way

  • Obi-1

    Seems that more and more IDIOTS are having babies when this shouldn’t be happening. Just because you CAN procreate doesn’t mean you SHOULD! It’s dissapointing that this self entitlement that people have is what’s destroying this country! People take a long hard look at yourself and ask “Do I really think that I should be responsible for another humans well being for 18 years maybe more?” I think if you all asked yourself this you would find that no, majority of people are A#@holes who don’t deserve to be a parent or in a relationship!

  • Anonymous

    I agree with the woman who said she asked her ex-husband for nothing. I asked my sons father for nothing. I only wanted him to leave us alone…and he couldn’t even do that. I supported my son with my income alone, he was never made to pay child support because he went and got on SSI. He does nothing for our son, sends him nothing and supports him in no way, not even a b-day gift, or x-mas…but he’ll sure call and promise him the world. It’s not like he can’t afford it…he still lives with his mom and pays no bills and he’s almost 30. Then it crushes him when he NEVER does it. He still thinks it’s MY obligation to drive him 2000 miles there and back and pay for everything to make sure he gets as many visitations as he would like, in which he promptly leaves him with his mom the day after he gets him and takes off for the rest of the visitation…not to mention he has neglected medical care which resulted in something serious while he was in his care. Court still seems to think I should pay out my nose and give him all the visits he wants, and he shouldn’t have to pay for or do ANYTHING for our son. Real friggin winner….so ya know, it’s not always the woman…all I wanted was to raise my son with him out of the picture so he could do him no more harm. I am thankful my husband is a far better man than he will ever be…he stepped in when we decided to get married, and my son adores him.

    • Stephanie

      Just letting the first poster, Anonymous, know that she can collect *some* child support via SSI. It’s not much, but every little bit helps. It is in addition to the SSI check, so it still won’t cost your ex anything.

    • Jim

      Perhaps you didn’t realize it, but this article wasn’t about your deadbeat baby daddy. Although I personally despise parents who take no responsability for the support and care of their children and feel that if all that you say is true I feel sorry for your child this article is about trying to convict a former police officer for premeditatedly leaving a small child in a closed hot car to die after killing it’s mother. The thing that seems to elude most about this article was that the child was with “his mistress” which means that he also had a wife. This guy must have a checklist of the ten commandments that he is determined to break as many as possible before he dies but they still have to provide evidence and convict him according to our legal system’s rules and procedures. We need moral values to become important again in this country. I’m so tired of hearing about tragedies like this one and atocities like Sandy Hook Elementary, Virginia Tech, The Arizona mass shooting, The Aurora, CO theater mass killing and Columbine High School to name a few.

    • Jay

      I am a retired Police Officer, I am the father of 3 they are all grown now. I can not understand a father who does not want to support his child! I paid childsupport mfor 2 years while I raised my children on my own untill I could afford to go to court and get custody. I would have paid forever just to Have been a part of my childrens lives. If you are a father you will do whatever is nessary to see and support your children. You are not a father or a human if you put a child in harms way, will be a special place in HELL for those people.

  • http://yahoo doc

    ithink that a cop schould know better he wastaught about that inhistraningbut youhave good ones and bad ones ithink that he schould have the book threw at him

  • Marie

    In my honest opinion, he should be hung by his balls, then have razor blades slowly sliced into his body, then pour bleach on the open cuts. Once that was done cut off his fingers & toes, then stab his eyes out. The last thing is cut his balls off and put him in a barrel filled with acid that would disintegrate his entire body into nothing. Torture him and make him suffer first. I’m sure the child suffered in that hot car, and he knows he did that on purpose AFTER he killed the child’s mother.

    **Please do not be offended by my comment. This is just my opinion. I do NOT care for anyone who stoops so low that they have to turn to murder in order to get out of taking care of a child they created. He could’ve very easily told the mother (his mistress) that he wanted to sign away all of his parental rights. What makes this story worse is the fact that this “man” was a cop…he took an oath to serve and protect, then he goes and commits two murders. He’s beyond being lower than the ground we walk on.**

    • rose

      Shame on her? Shame on you! This woman and MOTHER was MURDERED! What is wrong with you? Well I guess if it’s her fault then it must be the child’s fault also. You are one twisted, sick individual!

  • Melissa pruitt

    I agree with james as a mother of two i have seen so many mothers asking for more child support than what the father could provide and breaking up families. the child is the one left hurting. mothers should know better. that woman asked for more money….shame on her

    • http://yahoo ruby mitchell

      he used his power to murder two innocent souls so why give him the comfort of the jail hang him by his balls and let him feel the babys pain and her mothers what a fool devilish man needs to suffer

      • Paul Robbins

        How did he “use his power” to do this?

    • MK

      First of all, the mother can ask however amount she desires…but the COURT has the final say in what he has to pay. So go wag your finger at the judges who make those decisions. Second, are you really putting the blame on this mother when the guy MURDERED her and their child? Disgusting. Shame on YOU.

    • Brenda

      Wow. You’re a pretty sick puppy, especially as a mother of two. God help you for the comment that you made in regards to what you seem to suggest was ‘just desserts’ in the case of the tragic death of a struggling mother in need of support and the damage done to their child. I hope for your own family’s sake that you never experience the the anguish of separation or divorce, and for your own children’s sake, that karma doesn’t help you learn how horrible what you stated was first hand.

    • http://yahoo mary


      How do you know she asked for more money? It sounded like she was going after him for child support. So what if she did need more money to help support THEIR child? What’s wrong with her asking for more if what is being provided isn’t enough to take care of the child? Shame on you for being such a judgmental person. You don’t know anything except what is reported and in case you hadn’t noticed people are not always truthful in what they tell others.

    • judia

      first of all. she wasnt asking for more money… he refused to pay child support and knowing he already had a family he shouldve kept it in his pants n took it home. get ur fact straight. he dragged her from her vehicle killed her, let her body in ft dupont park which is very large and never went back for his own chils. shame on u. he prayed her her when she was in the cadet academy and his wife knew about theyre ordeal. as a mother herself and as his wife she should push him to take care of his responsibility, no child is a mistake but that action cant b reversed once the baby is here and killing the “problem” doesnt make it go away!

      • http://WebProNews Doris Casey

        Judia: Find a class to learn basic grammar before revealing your deficits to the world. You have written as though you have inside information. Regardless! The cop is where he needs to be and DAs get guilty people convicted on strong circmstantial evidence all the time. Let’s pray it happens in this instance.

        • Diane

          Doris Casey: Why do you find it necessary to cut down someone who posts a comment here? Perhaps Judia has followed this case from the beginning and that is why it seems she has “inside information”. Myself personally not being familiar with this case have found her comments helpful and enlightening of what happened. I don’t know if you’re some English professor or what, that you feel entitled to insult others. You say, “Lets pray”, well you’re actions are not that of a Christian. Whether you realize it or not your comments to Judia were hurtful and verbally abuseive. Think before you speak or write. Remember, it is only God’s place to judge. I will be praying that justice is served and for all victims of violence and I will be praying for you too.

  • Joe De Leon

    This guy deserves the death penalty, if anyone ever did. To not pay child support? What a self-centered animal! No matter how bad it looks, to pay for 17, 18 years, it is always better to go ahead with it and face your obligations. You made the decision not to protect yourself, you wanted to “have fun”, oh well! There you go. He has a place in hell reserved for him.

  • irvinggirl

    Although evidence against him is circumstantial….. BULLSHI!.. Hang the Bastard by his finger nails and cut him with a razor all over his body whilst slowly dripping alcohol on him!

  • tomas

    He’s a police officer from DC… he’s guilty. Throw him in jail for life.

  • Eliza

    This is why you can’t trust cops. He should be put into the general population of a prison.

    • guest2013

      This is just ONE of THOUSANDS of reason that you cant trust cops!

  • http://yahoo peace

    That Bastard they should hang his ass!!!!!

    • Dotty

      Is there a death penalty in Massachusetts for this type of crime, if not, then make one and he be the first to be executed!!!!
      I hope he rots in hell!

      • judia

        this was in dc….

  • GTrishma

    He was a man with self-centered idiations. He had a mistress that he cheated on his wife with and left this woman to fend for herself. In order to cover up his actions when this woman asked for justice he kills her and the child he did not want. All tooo often judges see people in court rooms using child support as a weapon and people using children as a pawn in the punishment game for whatever hurts they have endured. Obviously this man felt he was above the law and wanted to cover his faults by eliminating them. His wife was probably going to divorce him and ultimately he was going to be paying through the nose for all of the above. His little self-centered world came crashing down on him. You either pay on the front end or pay on the back end. Every action has a reaction. He was an abuser of his title and lowered others to nothing in order to kill them. Now he should pay the price. Cops have a job that isolates them. Nobody likes them but they are the first to go in when somebody is getting that a$$ beat! My prayers are with everyone because obviously we are living in a world that is finding it more and more difficult to know right from wrong. Morality is a thing of the past. We are forgetting the very things that make us human and it is turning people into savages.

  • guest2013

    GEE, what a surprise — ANOTHER bad COP!!!!

  • http://silentscream.com tree

    “For the sake of His sorrowful Passion have Mercy on Us and on the whole world…..”..

    from womb till tomb….GOD IS THE CREATOR…..

    AFTER BIRTH ABORTION….IS just around the conor, and SEXSELECTION

    HORRID STORY,….desensitized AMERICIA….’in GOD’ WE BETTER LISTEN…TEN COMMANDMENTS NOT TEN suggestions…NOT IF CONVIENT…. LETS stop this ‘disposable’ society…HOLYLOVE.ORG

  • Janie

    Did the child die or was he/she found and revived?

    • Dotty

      The child DIED! The cop made sure all the windows were closed on a very HOT day!

    • judia

      he passed away and wasnt found until the day after, after his body had melted into the carseat. he was 1 year old.

  • http://Yahoo Pyllan

    Handcuff and throw him in the backseat of a police car on a 100 degree day and make sure it’s locked and the windows rolled up….

    • Jerry Clark

      And those of us who own guns kep harping on the idea that if we are disarmed, only the criminals will have guns. In this case, just because he’s a cop doesn’t mean he’s not one of the criminals. And just think, if that cop had been called on a 911 call that someone left a child in a hot car, he would track the person down and arrest them.

    • http://Webpronews Robert Bintz

      Make sure You kill the PIG twice by Driving the police car into the lake afterwards.

  • Yakima Belle

    If we are going to disarm the public, that should include off duty police officers.

    A Newark, CA officer chased a woman who had ended their relationship
    down Hwy 17 and killed her; a San Jose, CA police Lt. murdered his wife, the chief of police in Tacoma, WA chased down and shot his wife who was divorcing him because of his abuse – he also used officers in his department to harass and intimidate her. There are many more such cases.

    Currently, police officers are often immune from the ban on firearms possession imposed on civilians who abuse their spouses. San Francisco County Sheriff (California) Ross Mirkarimi was allowed to plea bargain a domestic assualt specifically so he would retain his ability to own firearms. Sheriff Mirkarimi is a noted gun control advocate.

  • Ruth Baker

    Death penalty, no appeals.

  • Underdog

    Throw him in prison population they will know what to do with him

  • Steve McPeak

    Just in case the Public wasn’t aware or hadn’t thought of it; The POLICE OF ANY SORT is the LARGEST “LEGAL” GANG in American history! If one hasn’t noticed; Nobody can win against the Police!!! The ” BROTHER-HOOD ” will stand with one another whether, lying, cheating, ripping off drug Lords, beating down perpetrators: innocent or not and then say, they were trying to Subdue the perp,,,that’s a bunch of bull! Also, these people at home watching the news agree with the Police; until it happens to their FAMILY then they see the light.,,,,and yes the cop deserves the same treatment as the common citizen!! ,, Peace

  • Devin Jones

    Dispute about having to pay child support. if you have to dispute about something like that it means that you don’t need children. Men’s today need to stand up and take “OUR” place back in home in an our child’s life. YOU brought your “ONLY” child into this life and now for something YOU did he is gone face the facts