Conrad Murray Sentenced to 4 Years

Request for probation denied

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Conrad Murray Sentenced to 4 Years
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Weeks after a jury found Dr. Conrad Murray guilty of involuntary manslaughter, in the death of Michael Jackson, he was sentenced to 4 years.

During the sentencing you could tell Judge Michael Pastor knew he was on live television, as he took his sweet time getting to the sentencing. It almost seemed like he was giving a monologue auditioning for a ole in Hollywood.

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By the time Judge Michael Pastor stops talking, he’ll only have 3 years to serve! 36 seconds ago via Twitter for iPhone · powered by @socialditto

This judge in the Michael Jackson case is taking forever to get to the sentence for Conrad Murray. 6 minutes ago via web · powered by @socialditto

The Judge in the Conrad Murray trial is going on a bit! C’mon I’ve got tea to be getting ready! 1 minute ago via Echofon · powered by @socialditto

This judge’s is RAMBLING!!!!!!!! Give Conrad Murray his sentencing already and STFU!! 2 minutes ago via TweetDeck · powered by @socialditto

Murray faced a maximum of 4 years in prison, but it was never likely to spend a day in prison because of a new California law, which requires non-violent felons to serve their time in county jail. At the time of the sentencing no restitution was ordered to be paid.

Below is some reaction to the Conrad Murray sentencing from Twitter:

NO PROBATION FOR MURRAY!!!! Go to http://t.co/8xpM8UAc for the latest in the sentencing of Dr. Conrad Murray in the death of Michael Jackson 1 minute ago via web · powered by @socialditto

BREAKING: MJ Doc Conrad Murray sentenced to four years in prison. Details to follow shortly. 54 seconds ago via HootSuite · powered by @socialditto

BREAKING: Conrad Murray sentenced to 4 years in prison for Michael Jackson’s death. Judge: “He has absolutely no remorse” 20 seconds ago via TweetDeck · powered by @socialditto

Yes, judge has sentenced Conrad Murray to 4 years behind bars! 43 seconds ago via Mobile Web · powered by @socialditto

Conrad Murray is about to moonwalk out of court! This is crazy AF!!! Kill the King of Pop get 4 years… Possible 2 years actually served! 28 seconds ago via Twitter for iPhone · powered by @socialditto

4 years for Conrad Murray 19 seconds ago via web · powered by @socialditto

So doctor conrad murray gets four years for apparently involuntarily killing michael jackson, he’ll be out in four months. 31 seconds ago via Twitter for BlackBerry┬« · powered by @socialditto

Four years for Dr. Conrad Murray. What’s that mean in LA time – two weeks? 24 seconds ago via Twitter for BlackBerry┬« · powered by @socialditto

Just watching the sentencing coverage of Dr Conrad Murray, they will be a movie soon related to this situation. 1 minute ago via web · powered by @socialditto

They dragged Conrad Murray through the mud, as they should. 24 seconds ago via Plume┬á┬á · powered by @socialditto

I’m sorry but it seems odd that Conrad Murray is getting jail time yet Casey Anthony walked away without a scratch. #imnevergonnagetoverit 49 seconds ago via Twitter for BlackBerry┬« · powered by @socialditto

Conrad Murray got what he deserved!! 48 seconds ago via Twitter for iPhone · powered by @socialditto

I’m no Jacko hater..but Conrad Murray did not deserve 4 yrs..he was merely a puppet..the bad guys are the ones collecting the royalty checks 1 minute ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Conrad Murray Sentenced to 4 Years
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  • Denise Wills

    I think it is a tradegy that Michael Jackson is deceased. I feel sorry for his mother and the rest of his family. However, everyone knew that Michael Jackson was an abused child by his father, who turned him into a drug seeking human being, that in itself is a tradegy. To convict Dr. Murray to the maximum sentance is a grose negligence on the judge in this case. Dr. Murray should NOT have been sentenced to spend ANY time in prison. Maybe some probation for INVOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER, which he was found guilty of in error by my opinion…. I believe Dr. Murray to be a humble man, a caring physician and I believe that the wealth of the Jackson family had a HUGE influence on the jury as well as the judge… I feel so horrible for Dr. Murray and I do hope and pray that his attorney will appeal such a tragic sentance for this just man.

  • Denise Wills

    I mean… really… Look at Lindsay Lohan… she has SEVERAL FELONIES on her record and has only spend what 4 hours in jail…. What a JOKE….. Just because she has money and is an actress… she has no remorse for anything she has done… I am so angry about what this judge is doing to this poor physician, Dr. Murray it makes me sick. He should not even be allowed to be a court room judge for anyone…. what a predijudicial judge….

  • http://JudgePastordideverythingright,andhissummarywasasstrong&powerfullystatedasWalgren'sprosecutionwas.Andhemadeitprettyclearthathe'sgoingtoimposefinancialrestitution,whichisasimportantasthepaltr shadowmia

    Judge Pastor did everything right, and his summary was as strong & powerfully stated as Walgren’s prosecution was. It appears that he’s going to impose financial restitution, which perhaps is more important than the paltry 4-year sentence (murray will probably get time off for good behavior or something). The financial restitution should make it impossible or difficult for him to profit financially from books, interviews, etc. I hope Nevada & Texas now will finally withdraw murray’s licenses to practice in those states.

  • http://www.PlacesToEatOkay.com Steven

    I think this will send a clear message to Doctors all over to due their due diligence and not leave their patients with all sorts of dangerous drugs just lying around and not monitoring their patients when monitoring is required for the administration of those drugs. Drug addict or not, Michael should have not been left alone and proper monitoring equipment should have been used because of the drugs that were being administered to him and at no such time should those drugs have been made accessible. If Michael was in a hospital setting he would have gotten better care. What Dr. Murray allowed was inexcusable. No doctor in their right mind would have done the same.

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