Congressmen Write Zuckerberg Over Privacy Flap


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Any hope that Mark Zuckerberg had of the latest Facebook privacy flap blowing over must be fading fast.  Late yesterday, two members of the House of Representatives wrote an open letter to him complaining about the problem and asking for further details.

Edward Markey and Joe Barton, who are members of the Bi-Partisan Privacy Caucus, stated, "Given the number of current users, the rate at which that number grows worldwide, and the age range of Facebook users, combined with the amount and the nature of information these users place in Facebook's trust, this series of breaches of consumer privacy is a cause for concern."

Then the pair of lawmakers listed an intimidating 18 questions or requests for Zuckerberg to answer.

The first few questions mostly aim to determine the nature and extent of the recent privacy slipup.  Next, the letter digs into what Facebook did to prevent the problem, and finally, what the company will do to ensure nothing else happens.

Markey and Barton didn't give Zuckerberg any firm ultimatums.  Unfortunately for Facebook's CEO, they "respectfully request a response" by Wednesday, October 27th, and just so happened to mention pending privacy legislation.

As always, we'll see what happens.