Condola Rashad Sparks Romance on Stage with Orlando Bloom

    October 27, 2013
    Meaghan Ellis
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It hasn’t even been a month since actor Orlando Bloom split from his wife, Miranda Kerr. Now, he’s moved on to another whirlwind romance, and he’s even went so far as to share his experience with kissing her. But it’s not exactly what you think. Broadway rising star, Condola Rashad, and the veteran actor are currently starring as star-crossed lovers in the David Leveaux broadway rendition of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.”

Earlier this month, shortly after opening night for the broadway production, Rashad, 26, spoke with Newsday about how the immediate chemisty between the two came about. “What’s funny is that we didn’t have to force it. We had a connection from the minute we met … a sense of comfort with each other. Which was cool. We both loved the work. And he’s such a great guy.”

The “Steel Magnolias” actress also went so far as to dote on the actor when she spoke with Broadway.com. “He’s a heartthrob, that one! “We didn’t have to work too hard at it. We hang out sometimes afterward, but we’ve built the relationship we have just by being around each other. … We have a lot of fun and trust between the two of us.” While Rashad’s sentiments were complimentary, Bloom put a whole new spin on things a couple days ago.


Bloom stopped by “Live with Kelly and Michael” on Friday. While he didn’t make any mention of the details involving the dissolution of his marriage, he did speak quite fervently about something else.

The British actor vividly described how it feels to kiss his ‘Juliet,’ Condola Rashad. Since they’re on stage eight times a week playing opposite each other, kissing scenes happen more often than not.

According to the New York Post, Bloom spoke openly to Kelly Ripa about the intimate scenes. “We sometimes get applause after our first kiss because it just goes on. Sometimes I’m like, I’m not letting go,” admitted Bloom.

So, although it may just be for the stage, fans can’t help but wonder if there’s more to it. Maybe everyone will just have to wait and see how everything plays out once the curtains close.

Image(s) via Twitter | Romeo & Juliet on Broadway

  • meret

    Publicity stunt

  • Elon

    While we can’t say what is and what isn’t, Far as Orlando..if this article is proven to be true, it wouldn’t surprise me. It wouldn’t be the first time he dated a Black/biracial woman. In the past, he dated Naomie Harris. I’m like this: if he has dated one Black/biracial woman, his chances of dating another increases.

    Honestly, I don’t picture Condola as dating a married man..together or separated…and with the good name that her mom has, she probably would feel embarrassed knowing that she could mess up the Rashad name. Ive been reading gossip blog after gossip blog about the two. Some people are basically saying ” Why her?” like White men can’t find Black women to be attractive. Condola is a beautiful woman. Orlando is a MAN. If he finds Condola or any other woman to be attractive,he’s going to look.

    I picture Orlando as having a hankering for Black women or another POC. If it’s not Condola it may be another Black woman. Look at Michael Fassenberger. All of the women he dated were Black. Racists downgraded her looks( Why I don’t know because she look just as good as Miranda),but looks isn’t nothing in making good relationships. Substance is. Look at the hopeful Mayor of NY(Bill de Blasio) and the hopeful Governor of Virginia(Robert Sarvis). Compared to Condola, they are average, yet they married some quality non-black men and they married some quality Black women.

    If Orlando and Condola are dating while he is married, not good,but if they start do date fully after a divorce( if that is the case), I will be happy for the both of them.

    • farila

      It’s nonsense. You can find her ugly not just because she’s black.
      White or black, a woman can be ugly to some people.
      And we know Orlando and Mirando are getting divorce now. But this means they’re separated since a loooong time.
      So they could have been with lots of other people during this time, and, of course, they’ll be with another people after.
      We can’t know what happened, but she has nothing to be ashamed for, except if Orlando was cheating on his wife while still together and that’s she was the cause.
      Anyways, whatever her name, it does not mean it’s impossible for her to do somethin with orlando, even married…
      Lots of people would like to be with him, married or not… xD
      Stars tend to do dirty things… I don’t think she’s necessarily innocent… XD