“Completely Wrong”: Mitt Romney Changes Opinion On 47% Remarks

    October 10, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Mitt Romney has said that the statements he made while unknowingly being videotaped at a fundraiser earlier this year were “off the cuff” and “inelegantly stated”, but he still stood by them despite the immediate backlash that ensued after the video was posted by Mother Jones and went viral.

“There are 47% of the people who will vote for the president no matter what,” Romney said in the video. “There are 47% who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe that government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you name it.”

However, in a recent interview on Fox News, Romney was asked how he would have responded had the 47% remarks been brought up during the presidential debate last week, and this was what he said:

“Well, clearly in a campaign, with hundreds if not thousands of speeches and question-and-answer sessions, now and then you’re going to say something that doesn’t come out right. In this case, I said something that’s just completely wrong. And I absolutely believe, however, that my life has shown that I care about 100% and that’s been demonstrated throughout my life. And this whole campaign is about the 100%.”

Huffington Post is asking, “Will The Real Mitt Please Stand Up?”, and some are wondering if this backtracking will do serious damage to the stellar performance he put in during the debate.

  • JP

    Really? this just shows how gulable he thinks we are. he knew EXACTLY what he was saying when he said it. Just like all of a sudden he wants us to believe “he cares” by putting on a pathetic attempt to tell stories of how people hes encountered had “touched” him. Mitt Romney/Anne Romney/Paul Ryan and Ryans wife only care about one thing,
    themselves and their rich right wing compadres. they dont care one ioda about the middle class or the poor. as far as im concerened they all can go live with the bushes and the cheneys in their self centered little world.

    • SU

      He was just saying in that fund raiser that in order to win he needs to get over 50% of the vote and that is not going to come from 47% people who are currently dependent on the government. As we all know under Obama government the number of people getting government have increased significantly. Wealth distribution will work only to a certain extent. If there is no growth we are all going to suffer. In another 4 years under Obama we will be another second or third world country. Think about it.

  • Rick

    I can understand if a person were to say to me that they will vote Republican because they believe of the basic tenets of what the party stands for but does anyone actually believe anything that comes out of Mitt Romneny’s mouth?

  • Christine

    What a crock. So if you support the president then you are dependant on the governmen and or believe your a victim of the government. What a piece of work. I work a full time job and do not depend on the government nor do I feel I am a victim neither. How rude of him.

  • Nadean Allen

    Mitt Romney is just so sorry he was taped being totally honest to the people he wanted to hear his true feelings about the less than 1%.

  • Jobb Gosamo

    But thats the tweet from Big Bird.

  • tyrone green

    lets cut through the red tape …. go on record to agree to be impeached in the ist six six months if the record shows you are picking up where bush left off. and im black and i will vote for you too.

  • http://yahoo Kim

    Mitt is a flip-flopping, insincere, selfish piece of crap. He does not care about all of America, just the part that has money. He has no idea how most of us Americans live right now. We are all struggling, that doesn’t mean we are depending on the goverment for anything. It is scary to me to think that their is even a possibility of him becoming President!!!! Obama is not even close to perfect, but he is better for us then that coward Mitt.

  • Diane

    He’s completely wrong. This goes to show the unbelievable hypocrisy of this Mr. Romney man. He talks about how we need to get tough on China and stop China from taking our jobs, and then he is making money off shipping our jobs there. Mr. Romney continues to have a large amount of money in Bain Capital funds with sizable holdings in China. One of this fund’s holdings is $234 million that Bain invested in 2009 in Gome Electrical Appliances, a major Chinese retailer that Microsoft accused of selling computers with pirated software. Mr. Romney also has millions of dollars invested in funds that have a controlling stake in Sensata Technologies, a manufacturer of sensors and controls for vehicles, aircraft and electric motors that employs 4,000 workers in China. Meanwhile he’s acting like he’s concerned about USA trade inequities with China.

  • Don

    I am astounded at the BS surrounding this years election. We live in a capitolistic society which preys on the poor and middle class so that the rich can sit happilly up on their pedistalls pulling strings which manipulate the rest of us. If you were to look at the history of our nation, never has their been such a gap in wealth as we see now in our country. Republicans want to blame the poor for sucking off the system, and the Democrats are just trying to fight for all of us. We have to look at it this way; we are all playing a real life game of Monopoly. The only difference is that this is real life, and we can’t just start a new game.

    When we look at the total GDP in the states, 50% of that GDP is going to 1% of the population and the 99% of us are left fighting for the other 50%. Seems a little lopsided doesn’t it? Well it’s like taking a 100 people and trying to split the pie up when 1 person walks away with half the pie. What blows my mind is that most people who think they are doing just fine are still not part of that 1%, yet they are the very people who take 25% of the pie for themselves. That leaves a nice 25% of the pie for about 50% of the population to try and live on.

    Back in the 80’s when Reagen cut the ammount of taxes the higher income earners were paying, the rich got extreamly rich, and the middle class did just fine. The problem is that the government started taking in less and less revenue. The republicans have cut taxes time and time again every since then taking in less and less revenue. The richest of the rich kept getting more and more rich while everyone else just kind of got by.

    Yes Tax cuts for people who can’t afford it is the right thing to do, but by letting people like the Koch Brothers which started the so called Grass Roots Orginization called the Tea Party get away with billions and billions while lobbying to kill every social program out there is just wrong.

    Small buisiness owners are just that, small buisiness owners, not large corporations which lobby to tear down our society by getting away with billions of dollars in profit while trying their best to pay as little as possible to the common man. Relative to inflation no one is making any more money than they were 20 years ago, but those people like the Koch Brothers are making a whole lot more money. Small buisiness’s need to stop looking at themselves as if they are the 1% and realize that they are in the same situation as the rest of us. That 1% which get’s out of paying as much taxes as possible are the people who are responsible for tearing down our society.

    Mit Romney is a classic example of a true buisniess man, and not a small buisniess man. He is rich, but not the richest in our country. That’s only because he tends to keep his money abroad doing everything he can to avoid paying taxes. This is a man which will steamline a business and make the shareholders very rich at the expense of the common man. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I want someone who is going to go on the path of trying to streamline this country at the expense of everyone who stands in his way. Just like a buisniess, he will take care of the big boys, his friends, and the people at the top, but when it comes to the common man, I wouldn’t excpect a storm of jobs to come flooding into the market.

    I was married to someone in a rich family and I saw the worst of the worst. They belittle the small people, and they wouldn’t do anything for anyone not willing to make them money. When times are tough, their wallets become as tight as a frogs ass. If you give them more money, they are always willing to take it, but not willing to share it. There is only so much of the GDP this country has, and it’s like that pie I was talking about, unless they have to give up some of their share, they will just keep taking and taking. All the while they will keep us all fighting and blaming each other as a distraction as they walk away leaving us with what is left.

    How about this for an idea, any corporation out there making profits should have to place at least half of those profits back into their workforce that helped build the corporation up by doing all of the work instead of the shareholders pockets where it sits in a bank as they sit on there ass looking down at the rest of us as if we are all a buch of surfs. Apple, Microsoft, Boing, area few who could afford to put it back to the people who help build them up, but hey, if you want them to continue using Chinese slave labor to make your i-phone and charge us $600.00 a pop while making some of the largest profits in history, your a fool, and they are not small buisiness.

  • http://yahoo Darin beltran

    Romney has changed everything he stands for or doesnt stand for. Cant read this guy because he is full of lies. I believe that video of him at the fund raiser is truly how he feels. Changed my vote to President Obama. Romney doesnt stand firm on any issues because the ones he does support would never get him elected.

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