Mars One To Put Man Permanently On Mars In 2023

    June 7, 2012
    Richard Stalker
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Mars One has a goal. That goal is to put 4 humans on a one way trip to Mars. Thats right, one way, as in no one is coming back home. The idea is from Holland, isn’t that weird? The company has letters of interest from companies like SpaceX who want to help put these living capsules on the surface of Mars.

But how will they pay for it? Mars One co-founder Bas Lansdorp has a very modern approach to funding the project: media exposure. “We will finance this mission by creating the biggest media event ever around it.” He said in a company video, adding, “Everybody in the world can see everything that will happen in the preparations and on Mars.”

Here is the Mars One proposed timeline:

– 2016 a communications satellite and a supply mission will be sent to mars.

– 2018 a large planetary rover will be sent to the surface of Mars with the intention of plotting out a good landing site.

– 2020 Living units, life support units, more supplies, and another rover will be delivered to the surface. The rovers will prepare the site for human arrival by extracting the inflatable section from the living unit. The life support unit will the prepare the outpost for the arrival of the humans.

– 2022 The crew will depart in September when the settlement is fully operational and habitable. They will fly to Mars in a transit habitat with a lander attached to it.

– 2023 The humans will arrive on Mars in April.

Here is the accompanying video for the journey:

  • majed

    from 2016 till 2023 you will send ( large planetary rover , Living units, life support units, and more and more tools) for more than 7 years this will take till humans will arrive there.
    you think everything will stay in its’ place for 7 years till humans reach.
    are you this much sure about the atmosphere there that nothing will change!!!!
    i do not think so !!!!

    • Randy

      The south pole settlements are only hours from shipping lanes. Even with the worst weather, it’s not 3 months from anywhere. Would liken this to be the sailboats crossing the Atlantic, with one big difference. No Mayan gold to plunder, or Rum triangle.

  • Randy

    Well just like any settlement stretched to the limits of available travel, it will not be easy. We might as well call it Jamestown. It will be dependent on a supply line. If the money dries up, as it most likely will, people there will be stuck. Or any other oops that happens here on earth, leaves you there. This shows me no sustainability, out side of the supply line. I do not see sufficient air and water supplies in this video. Not to mention the lawns look terrible.

  • Jones

    It is possible if we use nukes to shoot packages of into space. Unless humans nuke each other before 2023…

  • Vance

    Niel Armstrong had the same idea only I think he said he wanted to send 8 people intead of 4. According to him it would be a lot cheaper to keep them well supplied for life than bring them back alive. I think more would be learned from this one mission than most before it because we have never tried live on another planet before. Hopefully not to much will be learned the hard way, but even that would benefit future missions. As the human population eventually exceeds that which this planet can support, expanding Man’s domain will become nessisary in the distant future.
    There is also the question of weather or not life ever existed on Mars. There is fossil evidence that it may have. Answering this question is a big step toward understanding our place in the universe.
    And if life did exist, we might find clues as to how all life on an entire planet could become extinct. If it can happen there, it could happen here as well. Life is extremely adaptable and can evolve quickly when environments change so it just might be possible that it could be hanging on some where on the planet, just waiting to teach us the secrets of how to live and survive on an alien world.

  • Vance

    Please exuse the typographical errors in the following message.
    I will be buying a new keyboard soon.

  • Jon

    1st thing that comes to mind is who in the **** would want to leave earth to be stuck on a planet with nothing surrounding them? to also live in such a small living area would be insane

  • http://www.marsdrive.com Frank

    No aerospace engineers, no mission design, no financial backers. The idea of “we”ll just pay someone and they will get us to Mars” shows how truly ignorant Mars One people are. To pay for this they would have to sustain Double the revenue of the worlds highest earning reality show American Idol (at 18 million per 30 min) for 20 years with no dips or falls in viewer interest. It’s a nice idea, but the areas of ignorance are everywhere, and their evasion of questions only confirms how out of touch they really are.

  • Lanny


  • cpi

    I want to go to Mars, just take me and lady gaga

  • http://Yahoo T.K.Jayantha Rathnakumara

    It will very difficult to do without USA .They destroy the Russian mission to Mass.This will face the same