Coming in April: No Sex for Anyone

    March 7, 2012
    Chris Gabbard
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At around 400 BC, Greek women withheld sex to force their husbands to end the Peloponnesian war. At least that’s the story from Lysistrata, the play by Aristophanes about these events. Fast forward to the 2000’s and you see this non-violent strategy has been adopted in countries like Belgium, Columbia, Kenya, Liberia and the Philippines as a way to call attention to various social, political, and women’s rights causes.

Most recently, some American women now think a sex strike could make a difference in the political battle over women’s reproductive rights. Liberal Ladies Who Lunch, a social and political group founded in Austin, TX has launched a movement dubbed the “NO ACCESS SEX STRIKE” to encourage women to cut off sex with their male partners for one week, April 28 – May 5, 2012, to make their point. “If our reproductive choices are denied, so are yours”

“Access to affordable family planning is key to a woman’s liberty,” says Annette Maxberry-Carrara, the founder of Liberal Ladies Who Lunch. “But this is also an important issue for men. American men enjoy the benefits of women making their own choices about when to get pregnant. Men get the advantage of free, easy access sex with young women of child-bearing age. It wasn’t like that sixty years ago. If women can’t get reliable birth control, they will just have to keep their legs crossed to prevent pregnancy–even married women. I don’t think anyone wants that.”

Objections to the strike from men are expected, but Maxberry-Carrara was surprised by the women who have voiced their disagreement. “You would think I had asked them to abstain from sex for years. Women are screaming at me that their men support their reproductive rights, and they don’t want to deny them sex. So don’t. Nobody is forcing anyone to stop having sex. It’s a choice.” She continued, “But if you can’t avoid pregnancy or you have to give birth to a child you don’t want or can’t afford, then you don’t have that choice. That’s the point. The very outrage of these women proves that we have sex for pleasure. It’s not just a biological act for reproduction.”

The group encourages women to join their public event on Facebook, here’s the reaction on Twitter…

If a sex strike ended the Peloponnesian War, maybe it can end the #waronwomen. No more pussy for men who don’t support women’s health.(image) 9 hours ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Pinay who led ‘sex strike’ among world’s ‘150 fearless women':
MANILA, Philippines – What do Lady Gaga, US Sta… http://t.co/YzblcQuq(image) 1 hour ago via twitterfeed ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

@jeremysarber I think there was a “no sex” strike in Thailand. Changed some laws in like 2 weeks.(image) 2 hours ago via Twitter for Mac ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Any man that supports legislation that denies contraception to women will be denied sex. Sex strike April 28-May 5. http://t.co/N45WFBAd(image) 12 hours ago via Camera on iOS ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

#SuperTuesday is when Santorum’s wife goes on a sex strike. #sexstrikeapril28tomay5(image) 11 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

  • http://louisesor.wordpress.com Louise Sorensen

    Men wage war.
    Women carry babies.
    If men carried babies, birth control and abortion would be a non-issue.

    • Joseph

      How about if women had to pay for dates, rape would be a non-issue?

    • http://veblengoods.co.uk Sam

      No… if men carried babies then they wouldn’t be able to fight wars because they’d be all pregnant and they’d be stuck at home while women did everything in the political sphere.

  • Linda

    A week of no sex…I wonder if he’d notice.

  • http://deekaman.blogspot.com Steve


    My hot CONSERVATIVE wife and I will make up the slack for all y’all.

    “Wonder if he’d notice”. What kind of a limp-d!ck, sorry excuse for a man are you with? Find a good, hard Conservative man who reveres and appreciates his woman (We all do. To claim otherwise is to not know us. We love strong, independent, intelligent women. Those who whine about the government supplying their needs? Not so much. It shows weakness.)

    “Men wage wars”. Yeah, they do.

    You want the government out of your bedroom, but you also want it to pay for what goes on there. What absurd rubbish. Have all the sex you want. Use all the birth control you want. Just pay for it yourselves.

  • Ben Walburn

    I find this hilarious. Not only is their method of striking the method we’ve been suggesting to prevent pregnancy, but the strike itself will do nothing.
    Any woman crazy enough to do this most likely is with a man who has the same views, therefore the strike will do nothing. It won’t hurt me if some entitled liberal idiot and her mate don’t have sex for a while

  • Lollerific

    Me and the wife are trying to have a baby, and her egg should be dropping about that time… So… I will just have to gigle a little at the idea of you poor little progs changing the world by denying your husbands sex.

    What is it with you Progs, anyway? Why do you all think that your sex is so incredibly important that the WHOLE WORLD revolves around it? Newbs. Lulz.

    • Bitch

      Freud. Lulz.

  • Gil

    When I was in college the Feminists I was around were very gay, so how does this hurt men again? My wife thinks you people are so stupid, shut up and pay 10.99$ for a month’s supply, if you can’t figure it out, ask a Pharmacist, my wife is one. She is a real feminist, she has an amazing degree, really good job and gets paid the same or more than a man.

    You people are an enigma rapped in an irony burrito.

    • Christine

      WOW $10.99?? mine is $65!!

  • Colby Heyer

    Real women don’t use sex as a weapon, or their bodies as bartering tools. There’s a word for that.

    • Carrie

      Well said!!

      • Dave

        There’s another word for women who use their bodies as weapons: Ninjas!

  • Carrie

    Funny, guys will just look elsewhere—many of these feminists are lesbians anyway—this will have the opposite effect, I guarantee you!!
    If you want birth control—-pay for it yourself—if you can’t afford $20/month or get your sex partner to pay it, you are pathetic. This is NOT about “reproductive rights”—women have that! This is about forcing OTHERS to PAY FOR YOU TO HAVE SEX! If you want to play grown up, you must act like one!

  • Dave

    So, women I wouldn’t want to have sex with anyway, are going to withhold it from….who?

  • Johnathan Galtman

    I can see the movie tagline
    “Lysistrata: What if they held a war and nobody came?”

  • May

    If anyone should know what title 10 is and how, by federal law, it makes birth control free across the country, you’d think it would be feminists.
    So, either they are intentionally leaving that out of the discussion as a lie, or they are the saddest, most ill-informed feminists ever.
    Speaking of ill-informed- they should research the events in the other countries mentioned in this article. Here’s a hint- the women in those countries weren’t protesting a thirty year old law student’s inability to manage her own reproductive health—they were solving real problems. That’s why it worked.

    • http://2012.ak4mc.us/ McGehee

      “…they are intentionally leaving that out of the discussion as a lie…”


  • Pablo

    #SuperTuesday is when Santorum’s wife goes on a sex strike.

    Does she know this? Or have you just decided it for her?

  • Richard

    This is so childish. First of all, contraception is available in every drugstore in the United States, with most costing less than $10.00 a month. It is not my duty to keep you from getting pregnant, it is yours. Maybe we should have free condoms, too. At least that would help to prevent STD’s. Secondly, all those who think the above sex strike is a good idea, should have free contraception, because I don’t think they should reproduce and add more leeches to the gene pool. For all of you who think that it is governments responsibility to support you, get a life.

  • JS

    It’s doubtful that any man would want sex with any of these ‘protesters’ anyway.

  • ETS

    Could they move the date forward to coincide with the NCAA tournament?

  • Robin

    Hope there are are no lesbians in this little group. Can you say “conundrum”? Additionally, I would question the dedication of these ladies. One week? Really? Do they really think one week of poon denial is enough to break the will of man and change the world? That must be some good, good stuff.

  • http://www.google.com Google

    So is this strike only fortifying the views as ‘Women are only seen as sex objects?” If so great job feminists you really have progressed women with this. Also why should the man by birth control? Surely the woman and man are equal why can’t she buy them herself?

  • sam

    I can honestly see where everyone is coming from, but what you aren’t realizing is that they’re trying to also get insurance not to cover it. So that 10-20$ a month, with insurance, comes to over 50$ a month FOR THE GENERIC KIND without insurance. And what about those women who can’t take it in pill form? Who can die from the side effects of the extra estrogen, me being one of them? And have to have an IUD. Costing around 100$ with insurance. Buying one outright is over 800$ plus the cost of insertion, which insurance also covers, leaving around 150 for you to pay.. Without the insurance covering it? Another 800$.

    Making it harder for women to protect themselves is unfair, because we’re using sex for pleasure. If it’s so wrong why do they allow condom sales.. Condoms that are marketed specifically for pleasure. Oh, this ones ribbed. Oh, extra lubricant. This ones super thin and ultra-realistic feeling. I’m sorry, but if men can use sex for pleasure than so can we.

    However, I don’t think the sex strike will do much. My boyfriend shares my views. He thinks I should be able to protect myself however I need to. Condoms alone don’t make me feel safe enough. And while I am old enough to have a child, I can’t afford to raise one. I’m on my way back to school. I work two jobs. Adding a child into the mix would be unfair to the child and giving it up for adoption could take an irreversible toll on my mental health.

    This shouldn’t even be an issue in my opinion. No, I don’t think birth control should be free. However, I do think it should be partially covered by insurance. Having a baby is covered. Why wouldn’t it be the same for people who don’t want to have a child yet? Why should my rights be taken away because I’m not ready to start a family?

    This just shouldn’t be an issue. There are so many other fucked up things that need to be dealt with I don’t understand why women are being attacked for wanting to enjoy sex. First its our fault we’re getting raped, and now it’s wrong for us to enjoy sex. When is something we’re doing actually going to be right?

    • Miguel

      “When is something we’re doing actually going to be right?”

      When you realize if you want equal rights, then you will be treated as an equal. This means, you pay for dates, hold doors open, and buy things for us. Does this sound stupid? Yes, because women will always want the benefits of having everything handed to them, but still being treated as a complete equal… It will never make sense.

      My wife is liberal and thinks this idea is stupid. I supported her on a retail salary so she could finish school and get her teaching degree. Now, she supports me so I can finish school. She is an actual equal.

      • sam

        I’m all for paying for my own dates, getting the door for myself, everything. My boyfriend however, isn’t. He always has to be a gentleman. But that doesn’t keep me from constantly trying to pay for dinner. Just because I’m blessed with someone who wants to do all those things for me, doesn’t mean I demand to have them handed to me. Next arguement, please

  • George

    This strategy is fairly nonsensical in my opinion:

    1. These women are their very own worst enemy as they are suggesting people should pay for their goods in exchange for sex. This ideology reduces women to mere sex objects.
    2. If you believe sex is that important to men that they would give up or change their morals, then what is to stop men from giving up their morals to stay faithful and just sleep with women who disagree or unaware of this strike?
    3. Couples often see eye-to-eye over most points, this is part of being a couple. Couples who already agree with the proposal will benefit nothing from abstaining, as their minds doesn’t need persuasion. Couples who disagree with the proposal (and the consequential strike) will just keep having sex so the strike wouldn’t affect them at all.

    It’s true men makes war but the only reason women don’t is because they could never agree upon what color the uniform should be, who should lea the charge, what weapons they should use, who they should ally with, etc.

    (Note: the last part was just a joke in poor taste, don’t use it as an excuse to circumvent my points above it.)

  • David

    At first I thought this was some sort of sick joke. Then i saw it was a feminist protest…so i wasn’t too far off.

  • Gaybram

    Sex strike will do nothing nowadays only because hands, porn, and lies. Also if the government is paying for a woman’s birth control then they should also pay for a man’s condoms. Don’t just make it a woman’s thing cause sex takes 2 not 1.

  • Sadie

    This isn’t feminist. This is a fucking joke.
    Also, not all feminists are lesbians, you judgemental ignoramuses.

  • Harry

    I seem to remember feminists stamping their feet saying women are not sex objects. Now they’re using sex as a weapon. Feminists are bigoted, hypocritical and unreasonable

  • Timmy

    So… violent rape it is!

  • RJ

    So let me get this right. To get the people who arent on your side, on your side. Your going deprive the people who are presumably on your side (husbands and boyfriends) by not having sex?

    where does this make sense?

    “So this lady I dont know or care about isnt having sex with this guy i dont know or care about… better sign this bill.”

    This cant be true im being trolled

  • Serge

    anyone who supports this should be raped to death