Comedian and Impersonator Steve Bridges Dead

    March 5, 2012
    Shawn Hess
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Best known for his impersonations of President George W. Bush, Steve Bridges was found dead in his Los Angeles home on Saturday. He was 48 years old and had just returned from a comedic tour of China. Authorities say that his death appears to have been from natural causes, but an autopsy is still pending.

It seems we keep losing celebrities at a younger and younger age. I though t being rich and famous was healthy, I guess stress is getting to everyone these days. It is a sad loss. Here’s some reaction to his untimely passing from folks on Twitter:

Here’s a clip of Bridges as Bush:

I am sure many fans will miss his spot-on impersonations and bold humor. Rest in peace Steve Bridges.

  • Christy Englund

    Steve, doing impressions was part of his nature.from a young age!God gave him a gift!God did use him to reach the world!Our serious world at times, was able to be united in laughter,thanks to Steve Bridges.Our prayers our with his sweet, caring family.

  • http://www.carytrivanovich.com Cary Trivanovich

    Steve Bridges was a good friend of mine for many years. He did over 100 voice impressions and was a master. Remarkably hilarious on stage. Saying that Steve was the best in the world would be an understatement. He definately left his mark.

  • Sonia

    Mr. Bridges was and always will be the best of the best. He was, is a GENTLEMAN like no one on the whole UNIVERSES rest in peace Mr.Bridges i and everybody that knows you will miss you forever.


  • michael

    he was just great..just finding out..so funny..rip..48..so sad..how do i watch all the other impersonations of the other presidents..send email plse..thank you