Coma Request: Bob Seger Concert Wish Granted

    April 12, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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A Michigan woman who was in a coma for over five years has had her waking request granted: she has gone to a Bob Seger concert.

According to a report from CBS news station WNEM, a woman named Evie Branon, who fell into a coma following a stroke, recently awoke and issued an odd request. After the 79-year-old turned the page on the coma chapter of her life, she woke one morning and issued a request: “I want to go to a Bob Seger concert.” The staff at the nursing home where she was staying took the request to heart, and arranged for Branon to take a limousine to Thursday’s Bob Seger concert in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

Branon told WNEM that she has seen Bob Seger in concert before, but that she was hoping the rock star will grant another of her requests on this occasion.

“I’m learning how to stand up so I can hug him, and I wanna hug him and give him a great big smooch,” said Branon


(Image courtesy Adam Freese – Mitchell, SD/Wikimedia Commons)

  • rick

    After 5 years in a coma my first request would be “Wheres the bathroom?”

    • mike

      Worst partial sentence ever.

      “After the 79-year-old turned the page on the coma chapter of her life,”

      Chapter of life….and coma really dont work together very well…

      • ss

        the partial sentence was a reference to “Turn the page” one of Seger’s best songs.

  • Lala

    Um, this is remarkable. How many would have pulled the plug. Terry Shiavo anyone?

  • http://yahoo rene

    the story toiuched myheart itwas exciting forheer cause shea boobsdseeger fan she desrved the s[pecial night