Colts’ Bald Cheerleaders Raising Money

By: Amanda Crum - November 26, 2012

Two cheerleaders for the Indianapolis Colts made a deal a while back with the team mascot, Blue: raise $10,000 for cancer research, and we’ll shave our heads in support of Coach Chuck Pagano.

Blue held up his end of the deal, and over the weekend, the cheerleaders did, too. Megan M. and Crystal Ann both sat down for the clippers on the sidelines and held hands as their hair was buzzed off, then returned with their team to cheer on the Colts to a 20-13 win over the Bills.

“Blue challenged any of us cheerleaders,” Megan said. “If he would raise $10,000 for cancer research, he asked if any of us would shave our head at the next game.” The reason she accepted, she said, was “Because of myself having friends who’ve been affected by cancer. And family members and my volunteer work, it was just something I absolutely wanted to do.”

Pagano made an appearance at the game; he is currently undergoing chemotherapy for leukemia but is in remission. The team raised over $22,000 for cancer research.

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  • jean deaux

    she’s still a cutie even with the shaved head. love what they are doing. Go Cheerleaders!


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