Colorado Shooting: Holmes Appears Dazed In Court

By: Amanda Crum - July 23, 2012

James Holmes, the 24-year old man who went on a shooting rampage early Friday morning in a Colorado theater, appeared court today after being arrested for the deaths of 12 people and shooting injuries of more than 60.

Holmes sat quietly in the courtroom, his fiery dyed hair a jarring spectacle among the somber colors surrounding him, and appeared almost to be drugged. Certainly, he looked distant and exhausted as he was read his rights and was informed that he is being held without the possibility of bail due to the nature of his crime. His behavior during the proceedings was strange enough for newscasters to wonder whether he will be declared competent to stand trial, as will his failure to speak even one word, choosing instead to communicate through his lawyers.

Holmes’ parents are reportedly not being cooperative at all during the investigation, so it will be interesting to see how their roles in the trial will play out, as well as what we may learn about Holmes in coming weeks.

We will update this article as news is given.


District Attorney Carol Chambers says there is no such thing as a “slam dunk case” and that they will work diligently in an effort to give Holmes a fair trial as well as work with the victims and their families. She also says this will be a lengthy process and that any talk of the death penalty will be carefully considered, because it will affect so many people. It could be a year before the case goes to trial, she says.

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  • take2la

    Why isn’t the press asking the question, “What psycho-tropic medications was Holmes on prior to Fri. July 20, 2012 and for how long.

    • JohnGalt

      Because the Press is incompetent and bought and paid for by Big Pharma. They also have no integrity or conscience… they just want to instill fear into society so that we’ll keep watching.

  • greenconverse

    I think he was almost certainly drugged. I read reports that all he has done since being put in prison (or jail) is spit on everything and everyone he’s come into contact with, so that’s probably why.

  • robert harper

    So all the honest people left their guns home and thi criminal lived

    • JohnGalt

      In Aurora, gun control laws keep honest people from carrying and firing guns within the city limits. So criminals, who don’t care about laws, get to have and shoot their guns – that is the flaw with all gun control laws.

  • robert harper

    So all the honest people left their guns home and this criminal lived

  • ericjerome

    i think it is all a plan for him to try and use the insanity plea. all the spitting and the quietness is just a way for the defense lawyer to say that he is mentally unfit to stand trial and that he was not in his right state of mind when he did what he did. hopefully the justice system will do the right thing and not allow an insanity plea seeing as though he spent months buying bomb making materials and weapons, weeks setting up his apt.,and took the time to put on a lot of riot gear/body armor before committing the crime.

  • Another Joe

    The press doesn’t bite the hand that feeds it. Look at the advertisements that fund your news sources and count how many drug ads you see..

    Amazing how blatant the money connection is. But look no further than this as to why a media outlet will not question this topic of psychiatric drugs and how they cause violence.

    We know media outlets LOVE a good scandal right?

    Well. What about drugs causing violence and Prozac having more adverse reactions than any other drug EVER and still being allowed on the market. What about people becoming murderous or suicidal when on the drug and then reverting back to normal when stopping the drug. That’s a huge scandal. But. It’s a scandal they won’t touch because they won’t bite that hand that is always willing to feed them when they trash drug free approaches and forward lies.

  • Jp

    An other question, is who or what cause benefits from this tragedy?
    What law will be passed – and never read or obeyed by the next such criminal?
    Who financed the movie?
    Remember, an effect always has a cause, not only sad thoughts! However sad our thoughts can be!

  • Richard

    This guy was in all likelihood the product of black ops covert activity, probably groomed for the event over a long period of time, one of many in a stable of such potentially psychotic murderers, using psychotropic drugs, with some pain and hypnosis thrown in. His behavior is calculated to keep him shut away and shut up, and the media is doing its best to avoid anything like actual investigation. POTUS is out there cheerleading for the UN arms treaty and taking the heat off his criminal justice dept attorney general Holder, who recently got his knuckles rapped caught with his hand in the cookie jar and ought to be behind bars right beside James Holmes. They want your 2nd Amendment, folks. And as many people have to die under the knife of “the ends justify the means” will die. The correct investigative procedure is: 1) what psych or other drugs is this guy on? Bloodwork will tell you. 2) The equivalent of Woodward and Bernstein need to follow the trail of this guy’s life for the last year at least and find out what spooks made contact with him 3) They particularly need to find that point in time where he began to change from who everyone thought he was, whether a month or a year or more ago, and concentrate on every bit of material in that time period: what his friends noticed, what his teachers wondered about, his phone records. And there you’ll find traces of the spooks that recruited him and groomed him for any upcoming role. Of course, this is all just conjecture. But so is the idea that people just wake up one morning and dye their hair orange and pick up their military-look alike hardware and decide to light up a movie theater. “–it” doesn’t happen, it gets manufactured. It’s not for no reason that the leaders of this “civilization” spill crocodile tears over such events and then bend over backward to promote every degraded form of behavior among the people–especially young people–hand out Academy Awards to movies glorifying the most putrid and violent and psychotic themes and philosophies. And have for decades now. Every form of “acting out” a violent, destructive lifestyle is encouraged and exalted, in films, video games, “art” and entertainment. In Washington, D. C. these pale 500+ “legislators” sit on their hands and consciences while the corporate military-industrial complex and international bankers take the reins of control and massacre as many people as they can in pursuit of their lawless, psychotic greed. Every day this administration sits by while their policies tear the life out of innocent human beings with horribly mutilating weaponry with our tax dollars. They kill almost wantonly in pursuit of world domination, toward the end goal of a world police state where they think (these type of people) they can finally relax and sleep without terror of eventual retaliation for their crimes against humanity. Against this backdrop, and with their lives at stake, what’s a few dozen people mowed down by a few dozen manufactured psychotics in movie theatres, malls, businesses, highways? Hey, what’s money for, and murderous spooks to throw it at? The answer is to insist on investigation. Not to lock this guy up and call it all the evil that guns do (which is the obvious goal). Investigate and holler until it all sees the light of day. Otherwise, this may not be the last Batman movie after all…

    • Brad

      Amen! This guy will not be allowed to speak a sober word. Gotta love our corrupt Nation.

  • Songbird

    A frickin’ YEAR to take this to trial. That’s some serious BS. The amount of tax dollars it will take to ‘treat him’ and house him and feed him should be charged to his parents. The whole d _ _ _ bill!

  • Starker

    It’s the XANAX, stupid!

    It’s known to cause hallucinations and personality changes. He clearly had both.

    It’s known to cause sleepiness, which we all clearly saw in Monday’s court appearance.

    Others here have asked good questions. But the answer is that he was a kid with a normal set of emotions–up until he got is prescription for Xanax–or some other prescription drug.

    But if you’re part of a drugged society, and you love your semi-comatose, somnambulant state, you’ll fabricate a “reason” to look for some other cause.

    …Like guns that magically transport themselves to theatres and fire of their own volition.

  • Liz Hunter

    The thing that I’ve noticed but not enough reporters REPORT on is that after all is said and done in the media and every detail of their lives have been PICKED through with a fine tooth comb, the reporters seem to miss the fact that these “suddenly crazy” shooters were on a psychotropic drug.

    Yet, in every single instance of sudden insanity such as this, we eventually hear about the drugs taken. Often it’s on the back page of the newspaper as an “afterthought”. Strange.

    It’s strange because if you read the Black Box WARNINGS on the backs of the prescription bottles you see that these drugs cause the exact symptoms and reality breaks that lead to highly destructive behavior.

    Might it be that the purveyors of psychotropic drugs, Pharmaceutical Companies, are the media’s LARGEST advertisers??????

    I think people need to know the dangers of these drugs and I’m very happy that People Magazine has a front page story on the subject just out.

  • Tina

    This Holmes scene may be a detour “orchestrated” due to more obvious and glaring destructive acts by our current administration BUT make no mistake about it ONE HAS TO BE ON SOME MIND ALTERING DRUGS TO DO SUCH A THING TO ANOTHER HUMAN BEING. Yes you are right the media is governed by their sponsors or owners or bankers the boys and girls that pull their strings so of course they are going to cover up the truth about this guys psychotropic drug history! How many shootings like this do we have to endure before the authorities decide to FACE AND CONFRONT THE CRIMES OF THE PHARMA COMPANIES PUTTING OUT THESE DRUGS THESE DRUGS DO NOT CURE ANYTHING !! THESE DRUGS MAKE MONSTERS out of your best friend or brother or son SPEAK UP AMERICA !!!!!

  • Lee

    Drugged? YA THINK??? The media isn’t going to say anything that will jeopardize the money they get from the pharmaceutical companies for advertising. Anyone remember when drug companies weren’t even allowed to advertise? Now it’s a mega-bucks endeavor to rake in more addicts — oops, I mean customers — Wait! I meant to say “patients” that have been diagnosed and treated. Where are the whistleblowers from these drug companies? Where are the medical doctors who will stand up and say what they are seeing in their patients? Any of our billionaires willing to offer a reward for these people to come forward? I can hardly wait for the ambulance-chasing attorneys to bring down the drug companies with class-action lawsuits. However, that won’t help the millions of people who have already had their lives destroyed by these awful drugs. But just maybe, it’ll save millions more from getting on these meds. People, there’s a REASON these horrid toxic pills all have black-box warnings on the box!!!