Colorado Secede: Northern Counties May Form 51st State

    July 13, 2013
    Emily Greene
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Will the American flag soon need to be altered? Adding a 51st star to Old Glory may be a possibility if counties in northern Colorado are able to secede from the state.

Ten of the state’s rural counties – Cheyenne, Kit Carson, Lincoln, Logan, Morgan, Phillips, Sedgwick, Washington, Weld, and Yuma – are petitioning for a November ballot proposal to secede from Colorado and create North Colorado. Though during a recent meeting in Washington County, some voiced their opinions for a less costly alternative.

Dubbed the “Phillips County Plan” because of its submission by Phillips County administrator Randy Schafer during the Monday meeting, the plan would seek better representation for the rural areas of North and Northeastern Colorado in the House and Senate. Currently the Colorado General Assembly bases its decisions on population, not area. However if the state legislature does not approve the plan, the counties could look into a citizens initiative to reach the same goal.

Though the divide between the representation for the rural and urban areas of Colorado are evident, many citizens are concerned about the obstacles the counties would face in creating a new state. These include the cost of creating new statewide systems for the courts and law enforcement, highway funding, critical water agreements, as well as getting the approval of the United States Congress, the Colorado General Assembly, and voters. Even with these worries, Weld County commissioners would like to move forward with both the ballot to secede and the “Phillips County Plan.”

Whether it be better representation in the state, or the creation of a new state, the people of the rural communities want to be heard. Weld County Commissioner Sean Conway told CBS4 in Denver, “We need to figure out a way to re-enfranchise the people who feel politically disenfranchised now and ignored,”

The move toward a secession gained momentum with Weld County after state bills regarding rural energy, oil and gas development, and gun control were signed. Though this is not the first time some Coloradans have wanted to secede, this time the citizens are taking larger strides to achieve change.

  • notta

    isn’t everyone looking to secede from urban decay?

    • Jim7368

      The problem isn’t so much urban decay as it is the politics of trying to fix urban decay being forced upon rural areas that do not have those problems and the policies being attempted to fix urban decay are contrary to the norms and customs and even detrimental to the needs of rural life.

      Example: a person in an inner city walking home at night fears crime and feels gun control will make him/her safer. In rural areas walking home at night means possible encounters with dangerous wildlife. Not having a gun is insane from their perspective. Having Urban laws apply to rural areas does not make sense. Creating an area with similar situations makes sense. It is how some of our states formed in the first place. My concern is we may end up expanding considerably. Illinois, Pennsyvannia, Texas, and Tennessee are all good candidates for seperation. This may become the next big political realignment.

  • James Bakula

    This is not going to happen. If Texas cannot Secede from the US what make you think this is going to happen

    • The Truth

      Oh but they can if they want to. Texas’ Constitution and the deal they set up upon statehood allows them to secede whenever. Look it up!

      • Jim7368

        Not true. Texas has the right to form 5 seperate states. Not the right to secede despite what many people believe. YOU look it up.

    • Kelli

      Read a little closer. They aren’t trying to secede from the U.S. They are trying to split the state. The northern part of the state wants to secede from the rest of the state, becoming it’s own state. It didn’t say anything about no longer being part of this country.

    • Jim7368

      Not talking about seceding from the union. Big difference. Looking to seperate into 2 states like West Virginia from Virginia. Texas does not have the right to secede but they do have the right to break into as many as FIVE seperate states. Part of the terms of their joining the union.

    • Patti

      They are not seceding from the US. They are simply making an additional state in the US and seceding from Colorado. I wish them well. It is sad that many of the large cities have been able to run entire states with rural people left unrepresented. I think ALL OF THE LARGE CITIES should be their own states.

    • http://yahoo Rich Hough

      Just wait,obama will give Texas back to Mexico,just like he gave part of Alaska back to Russia!

  • Patty

    I doubt this can work for Colorado,but wish them well. I am doubting it because Oklahoma (where I live) has threatened it several times and I have recently read that there is something about the Constitution that makes it not possible. Best of luck to Colorado and all the rest of us that would like to secede.

    • Kelli

      The Constitution makes it impossible to secede from the union. These people just want to make Colorado into two states…which is allowed by the Constitution. Otherwise we would have South Dakota and North Dakota. It would all just be one big Dakota.

      • Kelli


      • Jim7368

        Not quite true those states were never one state came into the union as seperate states.

      • Jim

        Secession is not mentioned in the US Constitution, period. Therefore Amendments IX and X apply;
        “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”
        “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”
        Therefore, Article IV Sect. 3 paragraph 1 of the US Constitution applies, “New States may be admitted by the Congress into this Union; but no new State shall be formed or erected within the Jurisdiction of any other State; nor any State be formed by the Junction of two or more States, or Parts of States, without the Consent of the Legislatures of the States concerned as well as of the Congress.”

        • Peter S. Chamberlain

          Hey, somebody actually looked this up in the Constitution before proposing this or posting on it. No way the existing State of Colorado would ever give the required consent, even if the liberal U. S. Senate might but they wouldn’t because it would give conservative North Colorado two Senators.

          Texas has always claimed to have been promised permission to divide itself into up to five states, but like most political promises that one was deleted from the record and broken. Hey, we in Texas have Congressional and judicial districts that have always been Gerrymandered with Plano and Beaumont in the same judicial, etc., district, which makes for fun in federal district and bankruptcy courts. The rub is that this (Hunt) county northeast of Dallas used to be solid “yellow dog” Democrat until the Christian Coalition tipped it and other places conservative Republican before that ended, and the change has stuck. States of course must be contiguous territory, making putting the big liberal cities in one and the real Texans in the other impracticable even if if could be done.

          I’ve lived in north and south New Jersey and two Mob families would have to work out a deal with both North and South Jersey, in addition to getting the consent of the existing state, and Congress, and that’s two other things that will never happen.

          The real problem would be that both would remain liable on state debt, bond issues, etc. In Colorado, and Texas, you would have wars over mineral resources, too.

          Now if the people could just scare the politicians of both parties into resigning and fleeing to some Soviet style Socialist Utopia/Hades, and return to the basic principle of government functions and powers at the closest possible level, we wouldn’t need to do this, and could have county option on pot, guns, and a hundred other such things.

    • Jim7368

      West Virginia seperated from Virginia

      • Billy1234

        Kentucky was once part of Virginia as well

  • K Hare

    as they said in the 60s and early 70s “Love it or Leave it!” don’t ruin the State for all of those that disagree with you, just leave the State and go to one that you’ll be happy with. of course I hope that none of you will be victims of gun violence. that would be a shame.

    • jon monk

      No n*****s = no gun violence just freedom from government

    • http://yahoo rick


  • scout

    Best of luck to those in Northern Colorado. I live in Illinois and wish Chicago would sucede fom Illinois,but that isn’t going to happen.They are to busy running the entire state.It’s a shame that If I’m correct our past three goveners are jailbirds. Sad.

    • TJ

      I live in Illinois and I agree with you scout

  • Margaret

    Forming a new state is not seceding from the union. There is one county in Missouri that secedes from that state all the time. All the people of the Northern Counties want to do is leave the liberal political structure of Urban Colorado and take their land with them. More power to those folks.

  • jon monk


  • Jordan

    There is no need to become an entirely new state just redraw the boundary of Wyoming or Utah. They are both great states with all the amenities now lacking in “OCCUPIED” Colorado. COME ON OVER!!!

  • Kathryn

    No problem, Obama already thinks we have 57 states…that means there’s room for 6 more secessions after North Colorado. He’ll never know what happened.


  • Ray R

    This is history repeating its self. What California is doing to Colorado, New York has done to Florida. I lived in Florida for 12 years and moved out. These northern counties in Colorado should be commended. Tell those liberal bastards where to go.

    • Samuel Long

      We out-number you.

  • Elmer Fudd

    Bottom line is the real people of CO are tired of Chickenpooper and his cronies ruining a once wonderful place to live. John Morse the Dumbocrat state senate leader is being recalled, but you don’t see it on the evening news do you?? He will be thrown out of office, then we will start on Hickeypopper.

  • tom baley

    Maybe the eastern shore of maryland can break away from the western shore (baltimore)

    • Samuel Long

      I want to declare my yard a separate state. Why Not?

  • gobacktoCA

    Can Mesa County join the secession party, please?

    • Douglas

      It would be nice if Routt County joined them as well!!!

  • Big B

    I am always amazed at the arrogance of those who democracy seems to work for until things happen that that particular group disagrees with. Then it’s secession this and separate that. Get a life!!!!

  • Tchiock

    We are a Republic! The sooner the Administration realizes it the better. Go for it Colorado and encourage more states to do the same!

    • http://Yahoo Barry

      Let them go and soon they will see that they have much less revenue to handle the day to day living expense’s. But hey who needs paved roads, stop signs, and red lights? Who needs clean water and air?

      • Chris

        Just declare war after seceding and the surrender immediately. Think of all the foreign aid and handouts from the USG they’ll get! It will be the richest state in the Union…

      • pete

        Dear Barry… if the important things in your life are paved roads and stop signs then you are living in exactly the right place. USA has more paved roads and stop signs than any other country. Red lights??? Clean water and air??? Do you own a passport? Time for you to visit Mexico City or Bangkok or Cairo.
        submitted with kind regards… Pete

  • Steve

    Good luck and success to the sucession!! We here in South Jersey have wanted to succede form New Jersey for over 40 years!! North New Jersey is more like New Yorkers with a really bad attiude. Also, North jersey is more polluted and less open space than us in the South. The worst is that ALL the Jersey polticians….even the “beloved” Chris Christie, only find the South when they need foto=ops…like the Stronger Than The Storm BS which is a waste of time and money but puts free campaign advetising for Christie. But the need for help to recover from Sandy is still very high and not being recognized. Freedom for the Sovereign state of South Jersey!!!!!!!! Camden, Gloucester, Burlington, Salem, Cape May, Cumberland, Atlantic, and Ocena counties will comprise the 51st state. If Mercer or others want they can join too

    • Bill

      We in Ca. have voted once to split in 2 and once to split into 3 states. Both passed.I feel Co’s pain having lived there but it will never happen

      • frickfrack

        california,aka soviet socialist republic of the west.only difference you are allowed to temporarilly make money and kid yourself that the sun will always shine.your votes dont count.only the agenda of the hippie government(instituted by communists as was the hippie movement)matters.there are enough children of flower children around to make sure that you will always matter and the sun will always shine.its the agenda that makes you special,not the sunshine.

      • Samuel Long

        Northern Virginia would make a good state.

  • Roger

    No need to secede. Just get rid of the politicians who won’t do as they have promised.

    • Isaac

      Yeah, because that’s so easy to do.

  • myself

    Yeah, you only support democracy when you are in the majority. If you are not you want to take your toys and go home.

  • Dannie Frazier

    I have lived in Colorado Springs and in Denver. Though only 60 miles apart, it’s already like living in two different states. Colorado Springs was so friendly and Denver -Boulder area was a bunch of jerks. I can see why the northern counties want to secede.Denver is like New York City. They vote for the entire state because the population is so great and the rural areas are totally left out. Go for it! I look forward to living in North Colorado. I’m sure if Colorado Springs was in the north, they would join you.

    • jesse

      I hope CS dont get part of it. I just moved away from there to Greeley. huge difference. way nicer up north

    • frickfrack

      north and south states of america sounds good anyway you look at it.beats the heck out of civil war 2.

  • pete

    The Californication of CO is well underway. The good news… the process is NOT irreversible. Case in point… NC. 1st “red” state legislature in over 100 yrs. GO BRONCOS!

    • frickfrack

      northern california would make a great state

  • Brandan Porter

    WHY?! this is a stupid idea!! That’s just going to cause more problems.

    • frickfrack

      cause more problems?hopefully its the beginning of the solution to the liberal(progressive)(there is no such thing as a democrat anymore)problem.100 states would be even better.lets get the ball rolling in that direction so decent people can be referred to as americans again.Godless perverted libs can leech off their own and live in decadence to their hearts desire.much better than civil war solution.we can live as constitutionally governed people and the progressives(chumped democrats included)and naturally all libs and the various assortment of goofs and doofusses can live together and worship their worthless degrees and man made wisdom ,passed off as truth,based on their sickening logic,lies and perverse tendencies.go northern colorado.hopefully it will inspire the decent people of the other 49 states.

      • john

        Speakin’ of duffusses . . .

      • gringo vejo

        Because they secede, does not mean they can become another State. It actually means that they are no longer part of this Nation. I am all for the low life trash calling itself Republicans, today, along with any others, from whatever political bent, Nazi, Stalinist, etc., to join in with these
        morons and get out. Take the entire more than 34% of …”simply stupid, ” with you. Build your very high walls, and keep everyone else out. Feed yourselves, build your stockpiles of guns and ammo up and, as ‘expert survivalists, you won’t be need anything from the rest of us, so we can live in peace and you can shoot anyone who comes on your land, looking for food, fuel, etc. Think of it, you can ave that elusive form of government that you always thought was Democracy, but is more appropriately called, Fascist Anarchism. Without special permits, you will not be allowed, back in this Country, so kindly stay on your side of the Fence. I think that this is a great idea and IF enough of your type of people want this, we could set aside, reservation type areas, as we did with Native Americans and force you to move to one of those areas. IF it winds up cutting the Country into 1/3rd(based upon scientific research of the more than 34% of Stupid) and 2/3rds normal, so be it. You will be happier and so will the rest of us. So Please do Go for it.

  • http://FinalWordAboutN.Colorado cliff

    **America was founded on the idea that you can succeed if the
    government fails to listen to the people. Go for it and know that
    the people of this nation back you 100%.

  • tim

    For the people, of the people! doesn’t that mean the majority here’s a tissue for your tears

  • Wayne Bell

    Every city over 200,000 should be required to become a seperate state like the mid-esat in Bible times. Then they could become like Sodom and Gomorrah and God would take care of them.

    • Wes Reddish

      That’s illogical, impractical, and unGodly. If you claim to follow Christ, you might bother to spend time reading Christ’s words so as to represent Him His Way, not according to your own human desires.

  • Wayne Bell

    I think it would be better if they divided East and West.

    • Ron Miranda

      I disagree with your East/West idea because we would be stuck with California and they would be stuck with New York both of which are major losers.

      • Samuel Long

        I like New York. Rural New York is a pretty place, too.

  • JeffJ

    Wow! Interesting discussion. To Jim and Peter Chamberlain: thank you for your informed and thoughtful comments. I live in Salt Lake City, (SL,UT) Utah where, surprisingly perhaps, the center of the city and my area (9th & 9th/Liberty Park) are full of heathens, fags, and, worst of all….LIBERALS!!!!! Now I apologize for the slur, please don’t rush to judgement b/c I AM BEING IRONIC. These are the terms the other 90% of Utah might use to describe us here in the city. My point is, somehow we co-exist. The Mormons wouldn’t have their vast wealth-generating revenue streams without “outsiders” moving here for jobs. We heavily depend on tourism, which invites all types to come here and play, leaving their cha-ching behind. Therefore, they tolerate us and in fact Salt Lake City always elects a Democrat for Mayor. Fact is, we need each other. Agriculture produces revenue, so do brew pubs, and we all need revenue.

  • Vox

    No one wants to be flooded with illegals anymore. Time has run out for the Obama dictatorship. The American Spring is coming. DHS will open fire on unarmed Americans and likely kill thousands if not millions but White taxation and enslavement without representation will not stand.

    • johnbgood

      What scares me more than anything is uneducated people like you running around with guns.

    • Bob Wilcousky

      Ha Ha……North Colorado…..You all are worth about 0.01 in the electoral college, but at least you can fill all of that empty space with more valueless red on the electoral map. The US has always been a joke and what goes around is coming around. Time to give the Natives, Hispanics and Great Britain their territories back.

      • johnbgood

        I just finished ancient world history and anthropology class. Humans migrate. That is what they do as a reaction to population, resources and poor management.

        • johnbgood

          Like they should move to Texas as long as they are not planning on getting an abortion!

  • Ron Miranda

    I agree with Colorado 100%. We live in northern California / Southern Oregon and because of the largest portion of population is in Southern California and Northern Oregon they make all the decisions via the vote for the whole state. They have no concept as to what it is like to live in a rural / frontier area yet they tell me how to live my life according to their city standards. Just let us make our own decisions and live our lives as we exist.

    • Samuel Long

      Fine. Then stop telling those of us who live in cites how to live our lives. While we’re at it, let’s make DC a state, as well.

      I presume you want two Senators; to keep the Senate fair, for every new rural state, we will need one new city state.

      • Wes Reddish

        That’s the same plan used 1820-1850 or so to ‘maintain a balance’ between slave and free states. I’m sensing a pattern here…

  • earth

    don’t expect the browns to do anything. they feel it’s the whites to take the burden. Be honest, don’t lie here.

    • bob

      if I had a son, he would want to secede from Denverfornia

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    Therefore, after spending much time on the internet finally We’ve uncovered an individual which definitely really does know what they may be discussing thank you a great deal fantastic post

  • Colorado

    If they are breaking away from CO – they shouldn’t have Colorado in the name. Just say’n. If they decide on Northern Colorado, what about the other northern part of Colorado? ugh – so crazy…

    • Wes Reddish

      You mean like West Virginia? That happened when several Virginia counties disagreed with the move to secede from the Union.