Cody Walker May Finish Movie In Place of Late Brother, Paul Walker

    December 15, 2013
    Val Powell
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The kid brother to the “Fast & Furious 7” star Paul Walker has been asked to step in for his late brother in the final stages of the movie, according to rumors.  The 25-year-old Cody Walker, bares a close resemblance to his brother Paul (the reason why he was given the offer) but is yet to make his decision whether to accept the offer or not. Various media outlets are reporting that Cody has already agreed to the role.

Paul Walker died two weeks ago in a car crash while shooting of the movie “Fast & Furious 7” took a break. He was 40-years-old when he died.  This prompted Universal Pictures to stop production of the movie indefinitely. If Cody Walker accepts the supposed offer, it means that the film will eventually be completed. However, it is not known whether the producers are still targeting July 11, 2014 as the release date.

A source close to the production team said Cody looks like a younger version of his deceased brother. The two have similar hair color and facial characteristics. If Cody agrees, it would help them finish the movie despite Paul’s death. It would also make for a good tribute to the deceased actor.

Cody, who lives in Oregon, has previously worked in the motion picture industry as a stuntman. Universal Pictures has not made any specific comments about Paul Walker’s possible replacement but say that they are committed to providing support to Walker’s family and the “Fast & Furious” cast.

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  • Lee

    RIP Paul walker
    You would be missed
    I love all your fast and furious movies
    Hopefully Cody walker would say yes and finish of the movie
    I can’t wait to watch it
    I watched all the series

  • josephine

    his loss made us sad… he is somebody who is compassionate beyond his accomplishments as an actor… we will miss his smiles and kindness towards others….GOD will take care of you this time, paul, rest in peace in heaven..