CNN Camerawoman Assaulted At GOP Convention

    August 29, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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An African-American camerawoman who was attending the Republican National Convention for CNN was assaulted yesterday by a man who threw peanuts at her and yelled loudly, “This is how we feed animals”. He was promptly escorted out.

Journalist David Shuster was the first to announce the news that something had gone down by posting it on Twitter. He has since updated his feed with confirmations from CNN that an incident did occur and that one other person was eventually ejected from the convention.

“CNN can confirm there was an incident directed at an employee inside the Tampa Bay Times Forum earlier this afternoon. CNN worked with convention officials to address this matter and will have no further comment,” the network’s statement read.

While CNN’s statement on the matter was decidedly vague, officials at the convention also released a statement which said, in no uncertain terms, that they would not put up with such behavior.

“Two attendees tonight exhibited deplorable behavior. Their conduct was inexcusable and unacceptable. This kind of behavior will not be tolerated.”

Image credit: Evan McMorris

  • William Everett

    And that, my friends, is the base of the Republic Party. They can deny it all they want but everyone knows that, deep down, all Right Wingers are ignorant bigots.

    • anthony

      Yep moron thats the republican party… Here is a list of racist bigots.. hahaha..


    • Gary

      You are a very sad person indeed… May I suggest you find a hole and hide in it… You might be safer from all these people… Narrow minded people like you are what’s wrong with America today…

  • nick nichols

    um, why is this surprising. white people have acted worse than animals for the last 5,000 years. this isn’t news.

    • Ralph

      That’s because the 5000 years before that, they felt leftout and started to follow the example everybody else gave them! I thought that if I was to be as ignorant as you are, I would follow your example and comment as you did!

    • gwendolyn


      • Steve

        Gwen: I take it you’re from Detroit. I think stating ALL people in Tampa are racist is an false statement.

  • jeff black

    those repubs are some racist S.O.B’s….

    • gwendolyn

      No; it’s Tampa that is racist. It’s too bad that is what this election has turned into–a war of the races.

    • Gary

      Buddy do pin it on everyone… Sounds like you have a problem of your own…

  • Robert O

    what part of Afrika is she from anyway?

    • gwendolyn


      • kim

        but i bet u like black dick lol

        • hazel

          Kim, that sounds like another racist comment. And the subject shows your education level, also.

    • Dee

      It doesn’t matter what part of Africa her ancestors are from. It’s easy to see your a$$ if from Stupidville. You people really need to get some better lines. That is why the comment was considered racist, you all love to call black people animal. How very sad and ignorant of you. You are low class, ignorant and probably mad becuase you only have 3 1/2 inches.

      And just to be clear yes that was a racist comment. What country are your ancestors from? You probably don’t know, just a typical mutt.

  • anthony

    How is this a racist comment?? Because she was black it is automaticlly racist.. Give me a break, if it were two black people throwing peanuts at white reporter would they call it racist? I doubt it. They said animal, not monkey or something awful like that.

    • Pamela Green

      Anthony are you really that ignorant to believe this was not a racist comment (in case you didn’t know – racist is pure ignorance and most racists don’t under the correlation). If it were two African Americans throwing anything at a white person, it would be called ASSAULT.

      • anthony

        And that is simply what it was a assault. We are so quick to call something racist when it’s a different color doing it to another. IMO the media and the public in general perpetuate racism for headlines. It’s sensationalism, so everyone can say “Hey republicans are racist” come on really.. Maybe they were being racist but maybe they were not. But we are so quick to jump to that conclusion.

    • Joe

      Really Anthony? How is this racist? Even an elementary school child should realize this is racist. Shame on you.

    • Victoria

      The fact of the matter is, WHAT THEY SAID!! If I was to throw peanuts at you and said about a redneck etc… how would you have took it? retaliation by calling me out my name and justified your actions by calling me racist. Shutup, YOU GUYS are still in denial of what this country was and is still built upon.Racism.

  • http://www.chubbypenny.com tolbert

    escorted out? i certainly hope there was an arrest involved. suppose this had been directed towards ann romney instead!

    • gwendolyn

      arrested for what?

      • kim

        a lady GOT ARRESTED for throwing flour on Kim Kardashian…so what do you mean for what?

      • Steve

        I can’t wait for the DNC!! I am heading there and throwing cottonballs. TAKE THAT!

  • George Metz

    Any follow-up on who the heckler(s) was/were? I heard Marco Rubio’s speech was interruppted by protestors also, so there are lefties in attendance. This sounds like the sort of thing the left would do to try to paint the RNC in a bad light. It reminds me, at first glance, of the lie that Tea Party Rally attendees spat on, and hurled racial slurs at the Congressional Black Caucus memebers (Democrats) on their way to vote for Obamacare.

    Also, was anything else ‘racist’ said? “The animals” could have referred to CNN instead, though that is usually reserved for MSNBC. As always, more information would be better than merely sensational headlines.


  • koolbreeze24

    That’s why most Republicans hate Obama. Deep down inside they are still all racists. This race has nothing to do with state we’re in, it has to do with color of the man’s skin. Just an adder. I am white.

    • gwendolyn

      No it isn’t, and it is sad this upcoming election has turned into a racist fest

    • gwendolyn

      …and anyone who thinks what happened has nothing to do what state you live in, then you’ve never visited FLORIDA in the Summer. The rich people live in Florida in the WInter, while the poor hibernate. In the Summers though, the rich people are back up north, while the poor racist trash come out and act the way they do

      • anthony

        You are right about that, I lived in FLA for over a year and it’s half snowbirds and the other half are the most backwood ass rednecks i’ve ever met in my life.

    • Suzy

      I happen to be a Republican and don’t like Obama but have admired J.D. Watts, Condalezza Rice, Mia Love, Hermen Cain..all people I would love to work with and would easily fight for their rights! Its so easy isn’t it, to say its all about Obama’s skin but he is half white and I don’t like that side of hime either. I think his mother was a poor excuse for a mother and his life and thought processes show it..and that has nothing to do with his color.

  • Tannisa Fairchild

    I was trying to focus on all the ISSUES especially one that effect my family & me before I make my decision on how to vote for. But, because of the behavior of the GOP and all of the racist I am casting a “just because” vote. Just because you all are a bunch of racist I am voting for the Democratic party.

    • Tannisa Fairchild

      who to vote for

      • J


      • MARK BAHRS

        Vote for the guy who can get this country back to where it was.Enuf of the moochers,lazy fricken getting handouts fro the government and us hard workin people have to pay for the lazy,moochin Obama clan. Enough of the B.O. It’s time for some R.& R. (Romney/Ryan)

        • Dee

          You probably can’t pay your bills, let alone someone else’s. We are supposed to take care of those who can not take of themselves. It’s called community and being your brothers keeper. And a little more education for you, most government handouts as you call is SS and Medicare for seniors, programs that they paid into during their working years. Research that and quit being lazy, stupid, and believing whatever garbage R&R throw at you. I bet you don’t have a job only an idiot would hire you.

        • hazel

          you from Kentucky? I see the brainwashing and lying has gotten to you

    • Mike Shall

      please look up youtube videos of Joe Biden and tell me who the real racist is

  • BcdErick

    I have no idea if this is true. But throwing nuts at a CNN employee? “The least trusted name in news”? Yeah, so what? It should happen more often. But what if they had thrown her a banana or two? Then this would HUGE news.

    • http://YAHOO MELODY


      • Addison DeWitt

        Are you not well, Melody? Get well soon.

        • Suzy


  • j

    some left retard trying to pee on the republicans party.

    • gwendolyn

      That’s right, who is probably a DEMOCRAT !

    • BAte

      The party does not need any help being pissed on. Just b the party that you are and you are Piss…

  • Mike Shall

    All of you that want to take the actions of a couple of idiots and make on overly broad and ignorant generalization about half of the citizens in this country are honestly more disgusting than what this numbskull did. How about Joe Biden when he said their gonna put yall back in chains and when he also said that you cant go into a 7 eleven without having an Indian accent. He’s actually on the ticket and in THE WHITE HOUSE!!! Or how about Robert Byrd the Longest Serving Senator in U.S. history and former Senate Majority and Minority Leader guess what he was a democrat and he used to be the head of his Local KKK chapter. I am tired of Republicans being labeled racist yet when democrats make statements or have held actual positions with undeniably strong racial ties it gets swept under the rug.

  • Don

    No working person should be taunted by insensitive jerks, BUT, CNN is making this racial when it is not. The man’s stupid comments were directed at CNN, and would have been the same if she were white, yellow, red or green. This is typical CNN attempt at making news from garnered crap.

    • BAte

      Really??? NOT Racial??????? Typical….OMG….

      • Suzy

        So why didn’t they throw peanuts at Mia Love or Condalezza Rice? Get a life people, they don’t like your politics, not your skin, unless those two things are mutually exclusive?

    • J

      Thats CNN !! they need to make a BIG NASTY STORY out of nothing ! NOBODY WATCHES THEM ANY MORE THEY ARE A JOKE !

    • Alfred Smith

      are you for real? You think he was referring to the station and not to the fact that she was Black? are you THAT naive and innocent? Welcome to America, friend. You have a LOT to learn. If it was CNN and not her, why didn’t he throw it at a white man working the same network camera? Grow up.

    • hazel

      didn’t this first get reported by David Schuster in a tweet and not by CNN news? And then he followed up on it. Vague response by CNN, so how can you say this is typical CNN attempt at making news.

  • Ziggy Barone

    These two morons do not represent any Party except the moron party. CNN should file assault charges to set a precedent and protect its’ employees.

    • Suzy

      From peanuts?!? That would make you the ultimate in weaklings! I think that’s an excellant idea, I dare the Dem party to do that…lethal assault by peanuts!!!

  • J

    You ALL have SMALL BRAINS ! You think all the Repubs are Rasicst because of 2 ASSHOLES, please WE DONT NEED OR WANT YOUR VOTES ! YOU SHOULD OPEN UR EYES & SEE HOW BAD THE COUNRTY IS HURTING & IN DECLINE, WE NEED a new PRES to get things in ORDER ! Sorry Obama wasnt anything other than another Regular guy that Blew smoke up ur butts & you fell for it NOW the rest of us that VOTE WITH OUR MINDS NOT HEARTS have to clean up the Mess !

    • Carl Rover

      You should really have your small brain examined.

    • Reynardine

      You impress me with your literacy.

  • j

    And they say black people make up these racist taunts. Ha! The republicans have a lot of work to do before I ever think they are decent.

    • Suzy

      So I guess Mia Love was wearing some sort of skin covering that I didn’t see. She was one of the best speakers at the convention and by the way…she is a black American woman and Republican. Get a life.

      • Dee

        I am a black conservative woman with Republican leanings, but I am not stupid enough to vote for this Republican party. The last Republican party put us in this mess and dropped in President Obamas lap. I was pretty done with Republicans when they said their only goal was to make him a one time President. The totally through with them when that remained their only goal for 3 1/2 years. They have done nothing to help Americans. Even now the platform is all about helping bib business, giving them all types of tax cuts. How is cutting taxes on dividends and capital gains going to help lower & middle class people? How many of these peolpe get dividends or have capital gains?

        Any fool who looks at the Republican platform and any way think it is going to benefit our middle and lower class is delusional. What absolutely kills me it that stupid voters want to vote for Republicans because they think they are giving handouts to blacks and illegals when 70% of handouts go to white people.

        • Larnettra Banner Richardson

          Now this is a Republican I can respect- Black, white,or polka dot! Its just time that we start thinking about each other and WHO we are rather than WHAT we are. No one man could destroy a county’s economy and no one man could build it back up alone. As long as there are those that we elect who refuse to “reach across the aisle” to work together we will sink or swim together. We’ve got people there who won’t wven support their own ideas, if they are included as a part of something that may make that idea better.


    Why is this considered assault. Throw some peanuts at someone and its an assault.She was probably a very biased news reporter and should have been escorted out herself for not being truthful.

    • Tim

      It is idiots like you who think racism isn’t a problem in this country. You are a total ignorant moron and are too biased yourself to see the truth. Same goes to you Steve. People like you are why the Republican party is becoming extinct.

      • Suzy

        Hate to break it to you but there are more people polled who ID themselves as conservative then liberal..just because you whine and have a big mouth doesn’t make you a majority.

    • Reynardine

      ‘Scuse me, boy, is that sawdust pouring out your ears?

    • Reggie

      She was a camera woman you moron. Do you know what a camera is?

    • Larry

      Your an Idiot….The Lady was a Camera person….they normally dont report the news

    • Me

      First, she wasn’t a reporter…she was a camerawoman.

      Second, assault is defined as:

      “an intentional act by one person that creates an apprehension in another of an imminent harmful or offensive contact.”

  • Addison DeWitt

    They were prolly drunk and were thrown out and their behavior labeled deplorable. What more needs to be done?

  • Steve

    I was thinking a machete or a knife. But, peanuts? Then saying it was a racial situation. PUHLEASE!

    • Reggie

      You sir, are a complete idiot and probably a closeted bigot yourself.

  • John Kova

    I got mugged by a black guy 5 years ago-are all black people muggers? Ridiculous. These were two AHs out of 20k.

  • unknown

    No doubt a demobot planted there to stir the pot

  • Gary

    May he should of thrown a banana instead.

    • Effie

      You should HAVE stayed in grammar class!

    • charlie

      You think you’re a better person because of skin color? How sad!

  • DDaLuca

    Been a lifelong Republican, but their behavior and remarks on national platforms the past few months has caused me to feel embarrassed to admit it…first, “legitimate” rape? Then Iowa’s politico backing up that thoughtless remark with a few of his own? And now this, and the comments on this site which reflect bad manners and ungracious behavior all the way around. I am an American, proud of it and fortunate to be born and raised here. Ya’ll should take a hard long look at yourselves. To not be indignant about such ignorant behavior is clueless. Whether or not CNN is the best, worst or indifferent news station, the woman had a job to do, and in no way deserves such horrible treatment!

    • Anne

      I read no further than “legitimate rape.” Why not evaluate each person individually instead of assigning such a comment as “legitimate rape” to an entire party. Would one expect Rev. Wright’s comments to be assigned to the entire Democrat party. There are ignorant politicians in every party and ignorant supporters of them in every party.

      • DDaLuca

        I’m a Republican. When one is in politics and elected by a constituency, public remarks must be weighed before spoken, since they represent everyone who voted that person into office. That’s common sense. It’s the pattern of behavior among my fellow Republicans that concerns me. And rightfully so. Ignorance knows no class or political boundaries, which is the point of my previous post.

      • Karen

        It doesn’t help that several other Republicans, when asked to comment on the “legitimate rape” line, did not reject it as wrong. They instead worded their own comments as “I wouldn’t have worded it that way.” Then you have people like the Republican Senate nominee in Penn. who likened pregnancy from rape with pregnancy out of wedlock. Republican Sharon Barnes from MO. commented that God “chose to bless” some women with pregnancies resulting from rape. I could keep going on but I’m sure there is a limit that I will exceed. In a nutshell, the recent comments by several Republicans concerning women’s issues have made the party seem fanatical, out of touch with reality, and more than slightly misogynistic.

    • http://webpronews.com ron

      Anne “read no further” before she made up her mind and judged. That might be the biggest problem. People taking part of the information and judging. Then using that as their reasoning.

    • L. B.

      THANK YOU DDaLuca! By the way I am a Democrat and we certainly have our share of idiots, but really, you shouldn’t feel embarrassed. You sound like you are quite able to separate politics and our different political platforms from the fact that this was totally out of line and nobody, regardless of politics, or job, or race, or whatever deserves this kind of treatment. I swear it just feels “bad” to me that there are people out there who believe it is okay to treat another human being this way…and then the people here posting about who is “more racist” or trying to explain away what happened as some kind of “plot.” I’m beginning to wonder if our political system and the two parties with all of their rhetoric and attacks and inability to talk about the real issues plaguing our country – i.e. a Congress who can’t pass a bill that would benefit American citizens because they are too busy trying to eff with one another and “win” the ultimate prize (the White House) isn’t just making us lose sight of the fact that no matter the politics and no matter how vehemently you disagree and no matter how much you cling to your party’s ideology and need to be “right,” we should not forget that we are flesh and blood human beings who should at least try to treat one another with a modicum of respect.

  • richard genco

    Booze related I would bet

  • Chris

    There’s no room or patience for idiots who make racial comments or throw anything at others. The best revenge is voting Obama out in November. God bless our country.

  • K Sick

    They should have thrown bannanas at him instead of nuts!!!!!

    • tomtom

      you are just as stupid as the comment. um, can you read??/ it was a female camera op.

  • Cary Simmons

    Zero percent of the African American vote? This might help…

    • tangofox

      All this after the RNC chairman swore to the Chris Matthews the party was not racist. This is a party undertone.

  • L. B.

    Wow. It’s amazing the back and forth ranting and pointing fingers about how racist Republicans are and/or how Democrats are racists too and giving examples – Joe Biden, Robert Byrd. I have one question – are you people effing “human?” How about some sympathy at least, since none of you sound like you can empathize, with the black woman who had to deal with this? I mean, can you for one minute, put yourself in her shoes and imagine how it felt to be so utterly disrespected and embarrassed like that? What if that woman had been you, your mom, your sister, your aunt?? Could you so easily train your focus on the politics and overlook the victim?

    I have no idea if this was a racist taunt or some kind of lame attempt to taunt CNN as a whole because of their “liberal” bent, however I do know that as human beings, no matter our party or politics, we really need to do better.

    • http://n/a gymbow

      You will find out these two were planted by some left wing democrat extremist to try and discredit the RNC. Another failed attempt to bring racism and the war on women into play by the dem’s. Dem’s can’t talk about the ecomony cause it sucks!!!!!!!!

      • L. B.

        Did you even read my post? Why are you and just about everyone on here trying to make this an indictment of Republicans or Democrats? I don’t care who these idiots were or their politics, or if they were racists or not, or if they were planted by “left wing extremists” or if they were just idiotic trolls. I don’t care about using this episode to validate what I think about Republicans or Democrats. I care about the woman this happened to and so should you! You and others here who use what happened here as a means to point fingers merely validate how polarized we have become by political ideology – something that seemingly is de-humanizing us and making us sink to new lows.

  • larry

    Alinsky tactics in full force.

  • Rusty T

    Unfortunately this Racist behavior (and it is racist) is at the core of the Republican Party. And you can deny it all you want ,but for a large part of the Republican Party it is how they feel. The Republicans want to control the Country because of they need to feels Superior and actually believe it. The Democrats want to control the country because of how terrified they are every time the Right gains control. We are still suffering from President Bush and his complete failure of this country. And if you think this is slow growth. Could you imagine McCain Palin running things. And if Romney can figure out a way to just borrow a shit ton more money and then file bankruptcy to China. Then i guess he has a shot. But you can not use the tactics he used in the private sector with our Country.

  • http://yahoo dennis plitt

    At long last can you apologists stop the idiotic rationalizations? If you refer to feeding animals, and the person you are addressing is black, and you’ve also thrown peanuts at them, as a previous poster noted even a little kid in 1st grade knows its racist. The mentality shown in some of these posts is precisely Selma Alabama circa 1963 – an overt racist assault, then the usual tired old backtracking about how they didn’t really mean it, it was really directed at CNN, the people complaining are the ones making it racist (the old blame the messenger trick), etc. Only numbskulls of your own ilk would buy that.

    • Obamo

      Why are peanuts racist?? I would think of an elephant so my question is how large was this woman???

  • RKeitch

    I am a teacher. Last year a student threw me back onto a desk; resulting in severe back pain and an onset of migraines. That, my dear friends is assault. Outcome??? He is still in school, my resignation was demanded due to being on disability to long (6 months)! Peanuts is not an assault, hurt feelings maybe, but not an assault.

    • Dr Truth

      Next time when a student attacks you, hit him in the growing. Don’t let him man handle you. What was you teaching college?

  • tomtom

    people acting this way are the true animals and anyone supporting their actions need to find Jesus. or an island at which to relocate. a remote island of misfits!!!!

    • clive collins

      Whoever threw the nuts is the one who needs to evolve.

  • steve

    Why are such comments automatically being viewed as racist? I assume the woman was somehow identified as part of CNN. Insofar as CNN has been one of the leaders in the left-leaning fluffery that passes for journalism these days, I could easily see the comment directed at her as part of CNN, and not because of the color of her skin. Without more information, I honestly can’t tell. I’ve heard may conservative commentators call CNN reporters worse. I any event, the idiot who threw peanuts at her should definitely have been removed as there is no place for such crass activity at the RNC or anywhere else for that matter. And yes, he should be charged with assault and battery.

  • Vicki

    Fox News is the least trusted. If people think Romney will save this country they are wrong. All he is for are the rich. And he is against a lot of the rights of women. Ryan wants to destroy medicare.
    All they both care about are the rich. Heaven help us if they are elected.

  • DSteele

    Ignorance is ignorance! Racism and prejudice of any kind is pure, unacceptable insolence. But here is food for thought – if the woman was not targeted because of her race, then why weren’t any of the other CNN employees assaulted? Surely, she was not the sole representative for the company. And some of you with your off reasoning should consider being more mindful of your words. Your true colors are showing.

    • steve

      Just because the man who threw peanuts had not yet had a chance to throw them at other CNN reporters prior to being removed doesn’t mean he specifically selected this woman because she was black. Again, we don’t have enough information to know. She could easily have been the first CNN employee to be in his vicinity last night. Perhaps she stood out because she was carrying camera equipment and that made her more noticeable. Anyway, why argue about all of this until all the facts come out. Bottom line – could it have been racially motivated? Yes – but it wasn’t necessarily recially motivated. I’m sure we’ll know more as the facts become available.

    • Rich

      he should have thrown some Banana’s

  • Pip

    It’s a GOP convention, what do you expect?

    • clive collins


    • Rich

      is that why they are not called the people’s party

  • Magnatron

    This is absolutely anathema to the GOP. Republicans do not tolerate bigotry.

  • Truth

    I bet it is a plant that threw the peanuts. Sheep actually believe this story. Or the Liberal Braindead.

  • http://wwwWarOnWeThePeople.com Revolution Television

    This sounds like a ploy by Obama’s camp to have an infiltrator commit these acts to gain more votes.


    It could be CIA COINTELPRO to stir up more hate and divisions.

    • Joe

      ..and YOU sound like you could be from the ROMNEY camp making these comments as a ploy to stirup more hate and divisions.

  • Bob

    This is what being a Republican Conservative is to be. I have yet to meet a true conservative that didn’t display racism and bigotry when they thought no one was listening!This is the hallmark of GOPism!

    • Dr. Julie Moskal

      Sure, just keep telling yourself that “Bob”.

    • geo hanover

      Are you as ignorant in person as your post implies?

    • george

      you are right.

  • Magnatron

    A little more on this story… the person who threw peanuts was not a GOP convention guest. Apparently this was a Democrat who crashed the convention in order to cause trouble.

    • clive collins


    • DCB

      Agreed. Plus, if they can’t keep the enemy out of their own convention, we sure don’t want them in charge of national security! 😉

    • exxonmobil4prez

      @Magnatron – Let’s see some proof of your denial of GOP’s racism.. PROOF

  • Dr. Julie Moskal

    Typical Republican. Why anyone is shocked is shocking to me.

  • jake

    im not suprise all the republicans i know are bigots. that and a vote for romney is a vote for evil. ya know he will take your guns and forve morminism on us. so ya only retards would vote for him

    • jaye

      You are joking right?

  • alani

    The party of Abraham Lincoln is officially dead!

  • American Dad

    Rude behavior does NOT have to be racist in nature…

    Maybe, just maybe, there was NO racial overtone involved… I see this as an attack at the Mainstream Media… The media have often acted like animals and gone out of their way to portray a slant in their reporting…

    • Zoo Keeper

      You would think that.

  • cassandra

    Sounds like a set up to me.

  • John

    I call foul. Guaranteed plant by obama team.

    • Joe

      You’re an idiot.

  • Rich

    Should have thrown bannanas

    • DCB

      Make that two idiots.

    • http://yahoo Sam

      Rich…did your wife get gang-banged by some brothers?

    • Walter Mc Millan

      I would love for you to say that to me in person you coward.

    • http://Cnn Michael

      you sir are an a##%&)*, maybe someone should throw you something.

    • Peter

      There you go Rich…real nice touch! Maybe people like you need to grow up and get a life.

  • DCB

    I am no fan of the GOP — quite the opposite, in fact — but this is not what the GOP is about. (Civil War, anyone?) The incident was ugly and troubling, but it was one person and not the whole organization.

    Chalk it up to stupidity. And possibly alcohol.

    There are plenty of differences to debate without getting distracted by one idiot’s 15 seconds of infamy.

    • S-Black

      It gets harder and harder to think up excuses. At some point you have to ask why the GOP attracts so many flies like this.

  • biff

    Peanut throwing is not assault. Grow a thicker skin.

    • http://yahoo Sam

      says the bigot

    • Walter Mc Millan

      It is Assault you idiot. What is your bar number?

  • hellinahandbasket

    there are some pretty bigoted and untrue remarks on here regarding republicans…all are NOT racists and in fact there are many african americans within the party, herman cain, artur davis, condi rice and myself to name a few. this is why i left the democratic party, there is too much ‘us against them’ rhetoric within it and too many that jump to conclusions based on either lies or a few that are idiots. i think before assuming this is a racist attack vs cnn being a largely liberal news station we ought to all calm down and get the facts. too how do we know this person was not a ‘plant’ to make the gop look bad? i know of several instances within my former party that were staged to make the other candidate especially if they were republican look bad.

    • eric

      Don’t paint the democratic party alone as “us vs them”; this whole nation is us vs them, democratic, republicans, teabaggers, etc. We need to blow the whole system up and start over

  • Jess

    So because this happened at the GOP Convention, that makes all people there racist? What about the people going onto the Wikipedia page of Mia Love calling her a dirty worthless whore and a House N#&$*%&…does that mean all people that disagree with Mia Love think this way??? YOU CAN’T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS!!!!

  • Arthur D’Amario III

    Republicans represent wealthy, affluent, suburban white men. If you want to know their position on minorities, just look at the federal judges they appoint. All are old, angry, white hardliners who dish out unduly harsh sentences to blacks that are jacked up on ridiculous technicalities fine-printed in the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines Manual (a racist manifesto). White Republicans are using their biased judicial system to transport young, black males from the inner cities to federal prison labor farms. It’s an untold dirty secret.

    • hellinahandbasket

      so the fact i’m a black woman and a former democrat turned republican i’ve suddenly switched gender, skin color and mind set?

      no the reality is i got weary of my former party using these tactics to alienate us. i refused to use my skin color as an excuse for every slight i received over the years because contrary to popular belief blacks can be just snobby, rude, selfish and racists as any white person. you whites or blacks need to really get over your obsession with race because it really isn’t all about that. and to add i keep reading how the south is so racist and bigoted and can tell you that i had lived up north (chicago, ny) for many years and there is where i was faced with racism the most, both outwardly and underhandedly. i moved to the south 15 yrs ago and have had only one instance of a drunken BLACK male outside of the varsity in atlanta call me a ‘n’ word bitch. so all of you jumping on the bandwagon to attack republicans…please put aside YOUR bigotry.

  • http://kenwiezer.com kenneth wiezer

    Possibly staged deception.

    • Char

      No these were GOP Delegates. I just want to know which state.

      • Magnatron

        Ouch. Now that we know that the perp was a democrat operative on the White House payroll, you owe the GOP a huge apology.

  • http://yahoo Sam

    Because that is the behavior of Republicans….racists and bigots.

  • John

    to say the perpetrator was person was planted by the Democrats or this was not an act of racism is just a clear sign of white, right wing conservative/tea bagger denial. i bet if a black person assaulted a white person at the DNC, you same people would flip the scrip like a sonofabitch.

    • Magnatron

      Well, well… since we now know that the perpetrator was a Democrat operative, do you feel even a little bit ashamed of your own people?

    • Adam

      I agree with John. It is a propaganda plot. The Obama team is really playing the race card this election. Shouldn’t be an issue in this day and time, 40 years ago maybe, but not today. Wake up America and smell the propaganda. Let’s all pull together and elect a THIRD party president and watch the BS come to a screeching halt.

    • Lazybum

      lets get names and expose these turds for whoever they are. Please keep in mind that the KKK were typically Democrats, although that history seems to be forgotten. If the racist remarks were made by a member of the GOP, they will be loudly condemned by the GOP.

      Can you say the same about the racist who attacked conservative Mia Love on wikipedia? The electronic lynching by the race-baiters in the Democrat party is yet another in a long series of hate crimes against blacks by liberals that have gone unanswered. But I am guessing that liberal umbrage is selective based on party affiliation, not on the color of the skin.

  • the voice of reason

    obama and his cohorts are notorious for this kind of thing. it was a plant pure and simple taken directly from his buddy bill ayer.its worked before because people like many on here are too stupid to research facts or wait for the truth so they will believe anything.

  • Nemoque

    One person acted like an ass, and he was evicted from the convention. Those that believe that the action of a single person represents the attitude of millions of people already believe that anyone not supporting Obama is a racist. If the GOP were running a black for POTUS, it would still be accused of being racist.

  • Dr. Truth

    Them GOP’s was throwing their nuts around! LOL I’m black and proud but skin tone doesn’t make the person you got some bad African americans and you have some bad white americans. If you hate me for my skin I don’t care as long as it is not affecting my progress. So tell them fools to keep throwing their nuts because they can’t eat them. Remember,you are what you eat!

    • Melinda

      Dr. Truth..I like your comment! I’m definitely not racist…far from it, not towards any race anywhere. But, I’m not catching on as to why the word “black” keeps being brought up. Serious question, because I’m just not getting it. How is the fact that he threw nuts at a reporter racist? Did she just happen to be black or was it BECAUSE she was black? Would it have made such headlines if it was a white reporter? It would definitely be just as classless. Again, these are serious questions. I’m not being sarcastic.

  • kumar

    Pleople still keeping racism in their inner heart.What to do ?
    Martin or Gandhi can born again but it is very difficult to change these type of attitude from human mind. Sorry .

    • RIVEN

      Thank you Kumar, i’m black living in a white society, and i expect racial remarks from anyone anytime. Why? because i’m not where i’m supposed to be. I belong in Africa not America. So if you’re black eat the fact that you weren’t one of the core pillars that built america.

      • rick

        @Riven: I pray for brothers and sisters with that mindset…This country is not white…and the slaves that were held captive and fought the wars were crucial to the building of this sorry nation…..At the last count that I have seen I belive white is the minority now…..

      • bongz

        poor you,abe lincoln gave your race freedom in what 1865,and your still blamein the whites….it shows how lazy y all are…pull your pants up getta job and pay your own way,i have since i ve been 17…and no help from this govt….if I can do it i hope you can too

  • S-Black

    It’s 2012. I am 45. I thought by now these people would have gone extinct.

    But these are the same people that want to abolish the Department of Education when education is the only weapon against our country losing yet another generation of Americans to bigotry.

    We will never get there unless we stop it cold and right now!!! I for one would love to see Obama in action with a DEM congress and no more elections to win!!!! I think we would transform this country and indeed the world.

    I have written that if you are a racist, it is fine for you to vote for a color best suited to your sensibilities. However, if you are honestly weighing facts and judging what you here with merely a justifiably jaundiced view…please ask yourself some question and answer them honestly before you pull the lever.

    • Steve

      I would like to see Romney have a complete Republican Congress and to see him in action.
      Obama did have a democratic congress when he was elected and look what happened. Nothing.

      • bill

        NOTHING YOU MEAN NOTHING your crazy the frist two years obama told the world that we were sorry for everything we did for them. he let millions of americans lose their jobe and homes. he gave us a medical plan who will kill american when the 15 person panel tell you that you cant have a transplant or medical needs caus your to old or worthless.
        the goverment has increased and know tells you what you can do he has divided the country into many parts as rasce and wages. he gave the car union everything and the stock holders nothing personally i lost over 4,ooo in that deal now i have to work harder and longer to make that up while the union lost nothing must i go on
        Nothing that right he has done NOTHING for america

    • http://Fatandforty.Tv Thomas Wernet

      Your kidding yourself !! 98 Percent of Black Americans voted for Obama, if that’s not racism then I don’t know what is ! It’s not a Color thing it’s a stupid thing. So your saying anyone that is Black and a republican is a Uncle Tom? Once again completely foolish ! Obama and his actions in less than 4 years have increased the debt by 4.3 Trillion Dollars, can’t you see there is no more money left? Why can’t the DEMS even produce a budget? Why do they spend more then is coming in? Why won’t they stop the madness? Because they hold no accountability for there actions ! I am a Independent, I would vote for Hillary, Powell or Rice two of which are Black but no way JOSE, Obama has to go !!!

    • bongz

      he already had a dem. congress,they didnt do shit but spend all the money jackass,pull your head out dude, herman cain would have been a better pres. than obama

  • http://Cnn Michael

    someone remind me why in the world do i still fight for this country.

    • Paul

      Because despite its problems, you still love your country

    • bill

      we all fight for the country cause we are the greatest country in the world that is why people from all over the world wants to come here instead of staying in their own country and make it better.

      GOD BLESS AMERICA the only country who will drop everything and help the helpless in another country who cant help themselves


  • Paul K.

    why is EVERYTHING racial to Liberals?? Could it be because she works for CNN perhaps? Oh yea, without topics like racism or abortion, they would have nothing to talk about without people realizing what the Democratic Party has done (or not done) for this Country!

    • David

      Since when do we refer to CNN camera people as “animals?” Oh, yeah. Silly me, that sounds like a reasonable explanation.

    • Karen

      No, it’s racist because the camerawoman is black. There is no other way to interpret this.

      • Paul K.

        No, silly me! I was thinking about FOX camera people! Now it all makes sense to you huh?

      • bongz

        karen,its not racism,its stupidity on 2 individuals,just because she was black doesnt mean it was racist….start thinkin for yourself

    • Bill

      Paul K: The Republicans Took a Huge surplus,and turned it into a huge deficit,under the pretense of national security. Tough to fix in just 3 1/2 yrs without a magic wand. As far as the racism in Your “Party”,it’s undeniable,and by having your convention in Florida,where most of its residents are still fighting the Civil-War in their pea-sized brains,an incident like this one was inevitable,though predictable. Get Your Facts Straight. Get A Clue. Or Get Off Our Internet.

      • bongz

        our internet,how retarted are you william imean bill 4 short,you probably believe gore invented it ;),stop reading @ believein’ everything you hear from your lib. or dem. radio stations @ start thinkin’ 4 yourself

    • Topher

      Gee Paul – you’re awfully sensitive. I believe it was a Republican that brought the abortion issue forward last week. But I’m sure you will easily deflect that fact with something UPPERCASE.

      • Bill

        Your asinine attempt at a response is humorous,though be it a saddening reflection of the small-mindedness prevalent in YOUR party. When I mentioned OUR internet,I was referencing NORMAL People with a grasp of reality…Not just Democrats. Go back to pleasuring yourself to Fox & Friends,while they fill your head full of fantasy’s about how Your Bain Capital Billionaire Cult-Leader who believes that Jesus rode dinosaurs,The American-Indians came here from Israel,AND wears Magic Underwear…Is going to “Save our Country”. Ron Paul was the only Descent person running in Your party.WAY too descent to get its nomination,Obviously. So Vote for Your Moron/Mormon,You simple-minded CLOWN.

  • Victor

    A little alcohol and the GOP shows its colors.

  • Thor

    actually, peanuts was a representative of the Carter campaign that was thrown around my college campus during his campaign, by people who did not like Democrats. wow! where is CNN’s research team now?

  • Dave

    Though this does not reflect the view of most at the convention, it is hard to over look the anti-minority leaning of the Republican party and the hate that is spewed by rightwing talk radio across the country.

    • Paul K.

      But of course the ‘left wing’ talk show hosts are always bias, correct?

      • Topher

        Gee Paul – do you justify your bad behavior by pointing out that someone else is behaving badly? Seems kind of childish.

  • louis perez

    And they say it isn’t about color.

    • Paul K.

      I would like you to support that ‘FACT’ you talked about. Enlighten me please.

  • Brad

    I will be voting for Obama… Do I believe all Republicans are Racist? Of course not… Now, do I believe many (not all) Republicans leaders don’t care about black people? Yes!! You don’t have to be racist not to give a damn. TO ME, the proof is the push by republican leaders and governors to make it harder for demographics that don’t support them to vote (Black people), A FACT that they’re not hiding. This action is just low, beyond low, and to think there is nothing wrong with it is crazy. Everyone that complains about Obama and the state of the nation today should ask themselves what Republicans did for the last couple of years to make it better. I’ll tell you… NOTHING!!! GRASPING FOR POWER, fighting for control of the nation…not caring about you and your issues, or the economy. Do you really think that Obama has more power than the most powerful vehicle in politics…The Americans for Tax Reform? They control the Republican Party… and that’s why I would never vote to make that force stronger.

    • bill

      nobody is against the african american than obama just take a look at thier unemployment rate almost 15%. Its funny the rich african american who are millionairs where are they and what are they doing to help the “black people” why are they not giving money to them so they can start their own business and have a better education??

      i have alwasy beleive that we are all AMERICANS

      • bill

        sorry hit the wrong key

        as i was saying that we are all AMERICANS and that everyone has a chance to make themselves better by getting a good education and a goal in life instead of depending on the goverment to provide everything for them

        i grew up with parents who lived on SS barley making it everymonth witht the bills and now after years of learning and experecne i have my own business. if i can do it everybody can

        • Larnettra Banner Richardson

          Great that you have your own business. Have you done research to see what these rich African Americans are doing to help? They are like most folk- some are and some are not doing all they can. I don’t think you mentioned what you are doing to help with your business. Hope your efforts are in the right place.

      • Aaron

        You are a shining example of what is wrong with our country today. What have Republicans been doing? Drafting a budget, and trying to get the Democrats to allow it to come up for a vote. They have been bringing our slimy Attorney General to justice. They have been trying to open a dialog with the stonewalling Democrats regarding the deficit and our financial standing in the world.
        For over THREE years the American people have been waiting for this scheming administration to draft a budget to no avail. You state that the Republicans do not care about us or the economy?!?!? More than 49% of Americans recieve some form of government assistance due to the fact that your President (not mine) has destroyed the job market ON PURPOSE!! Obama has made it very clear that the groups of people he most despises are successful white men, and conservative black people.
        Because you are willing to ignore facts, and place your vote for the man responsible for destroying American businesses and the middle class, I will now double my effort to get the word out that we need conservatives running this country. We will silence ignorant souls such as yourself by returning this country to it’s former, proud self.

        • Larnettra Banner Richardson

          Where were you during the previous administration and the last three years that the Republicans had conntrol of the house and those in the senate refused to listen to or support anything that came from the “other side of the aisle”, even when a lot of it included their own ideas? No one person can destroy an economy and no one person can build it back up alone. We need to stop worrying about “who” is “what” and start working together to fix what “is.”

    • Jim

      Brad, well put. Only republicans would do this. You would never hear of democrats throwing peanuts at a black person and then say “this is how we feed animals.” Repuklicans talk a big game about love of country but then show hatred and intolerance for their countrymen. Check this out:

    • Steve

      you my friend should get off the Donkey Kool-Aid

  • http://Fatandforty.Tv Thomas Wernet

    Why dig for straws? Lets just come out and say all republicans are Racist. You people are just plain stupid !! I have got harassed by Black Americans on many occasions that does not all people are raciest ! I am beginning to see the desperate tactics of the Liberal Media, CNN, shame on you and your reporter for not taking action and crying like a damn babies. The right thing to do is fight against that kind of crap at the moment it happens not blast B.S through the media. Lets see, I have just one thing to call CNN and the reporter, STUPID !! I hate people that cry, stand up for yourself !

    • Larnettra Banner Richardson

      Its stupid that you think its stupid to let things like this happen and nothing be said. Its racist and wrong and would be a further wrong to not acknowledge that things like this still occur. So, you’ve been harassed by African Americans? Well, now maybe you can understnad how we feel as we face racism everyday. We can’t hide our skin color (and don’t want to) and we are taunted, degraded, harassed, and put down in situations everyday and in to many situations. We’re not crying about it, but when it occurs in a setting like this, its derserves to be made public, or maybe you feel it should be hidden to keep a racist from looking bad. It happened, so stop your crying and own up to the fact that there are still people like this in our world.

      • bongz

        larnettra,thats how ignorant you are,theres no such thing as an african-american,either your african or american….the combined word was made up by the liberals….which “they call ” politically correct…which doesnt mean shit….so keep listening too those folks and become even more ignorant or start thinkin 4 yourself

        • gus

          hey rush why don’t you use your real name…

    • jac

      @ Thomas Wernet

      Could you possibly be this stupid. You think the camerawoman should get into a fight right at that moment, with a camera in her hand and a job to do. Does that make rational sense. That is exactly why our country is in the situation it is in. People make silly comments and want to take the law into their own hands. Let me guess, you support stand your ground. She was very professional and did her job. Maybe you can learn a lesson.

  • Keith Field

    Could this have been a plant, or a set-up??

    That it was handled by ejecting the person who did that, they dealt with it, but every comment that even talks about skin color is a racist comment. When will we stop this???

    • gus

      and we didn’t land on the moon..and tha mafia killed jfk…

  • gw

    to piggy back on this, that’s why akin’s apology is hollow. he spoke his heart when he said “legitimate rape” now ryan, using obama’s words, say “rape is rape.” i don’t trust what akin, romney, or ryan believe in their heart of hearts, let alone what’s said campaigning. and i blame romney for keeping racial issues alive.

  • Hobart Freen

    Will the media pick out the racist at the Demo convention? Robert Byrd, a long time senator, was a member of the KKK. Did the media out him as a member of the Democratic Party? The media must get over its obsession with trying to paint the Repubs as the racists when the reality is that the Demos have a hold on that title.

    • bobbie

      No one was picking racist out the racist outed themselves by committing a racist act. They were thrown out for their behavior!!

    • don beachler

      Out Byrd as a Democrat? Everyone knew it,,,silly comment

  • http://www.arbitelcommunications.com/ Maxine Ardman

    How can people be belittled and differentiated because they have a different colour skin? Especially because their own president is African American himself. To call anyone an animal is unacceptable even if they were not being racist, and were just expressing their hatred for the CNN party.

  • Gee Miller

    What is in anyone’s heart is a private matter and no one’s else’s business. Racism is alive and well in just about every living person over the age of 3 on the planet. So what?
    It is a private part of what makes us who we are, and if I don’t like Strawberry Ice Cream it’s my business, not yours.
    It only matters if one acts on a feeling or preference in the common area, like a store or a town hall meeting or a face to face with someone over any subject. Then it becomes a problem of law, fairness, and the rights of all people to pass through this world in freedom and with equal opportunity; that is for the most part accepted by all as a given.
    But…weak minds seem to need to use race as an excuse to bypass personal failings, or to keep an opponent busy answering false accusations and not able to bring logic to bear in an discussion.
    The most rampant racism in American society is the La Raza Latino solidarity racism against Caucasians, and the dominant Black racism which is everywhere but ignored by Liberals and the timid. Not unnoticed but ignored by PC fools.
    A Black Caucus? How is that American? Special classes for the weak Latino kids who can’t seem to keep up with others speaking English? Sure, why not…they can’t make it on their own with hard work and studying a bit harder, right?
    I am weary of racists always pointing to someone else as the guilty party ’cause there is no other reason they (the racist) could not have succeeded…hello? Stupid is as stupid does…what goes in is what comes out…school isn’t important, just more racist BS, etc…then blame everyone else for bad pay for a shitty job and 3 babies before 22 years old.
    I have no real hope that welfare will produce anything but entitlement babies who are committed racist buttholes. Whatever race they are, they will always blame whoever takes away their free stuff as the cause of their failure.

    • John


      No… racism is not that common anymore and its something that only weak minded idiots subscribe too..

      The media and our retarded government loves to serve it up with a extra helping of fear and change but the fact is we are no were close to how it used to be.

      Hell even back in the 60’s Obama would have been killed for trying to run for president. Today enough people would vote him into office…

      being a person of race paints a good picture on how it is now.. Biggest offenders is our Gov. followed by people who preach this reverse racism crap and then by retarded white people.

      Others are told to feel bad about crap they are not even a part of.. They shame people into thinking all this crap is getting huge and soon we will have a civil war again..

      doesn’t matter how you look at it.. racism is for weak minded people who are scared..

      • http://webpronews.com John smith

        Be careful 3 babies before 22 can be anyone….don’t you be stipid!!!

      • Patricia

        John, speaking as a minority, you dont live in my world. Racism is alive and well. It is exhibited not just against those of color but against the disabled, obese, mentally challenged, etc. Your words show your own prejudice by calling people names. Sad.

  • bill

    soon the republicans will evolve back into monkeys

    • Michael

      And someday Bill you’ll grow a brain. No one said this was a GOP member or a Dem, who cares, I’d like to see both sides ran out of the country and replaced by AMERICANS, not black, or white or of any color, Just AMERICANS that have only one goal to do what’s best for the country for a term or maybe two and then go back to the real world and pass the stick along, not ask for life time dues and meds , just serve yo9ur country and then go home, noval idea isn’t it.

  • John

    completely #fail news reporting. Only the most retarded news reporters would try to run with this story.

    Hell there was females rapped at some of the occupy movements so I guess that makes them all rapists?

    Hell whats even better is the fact people have no clue about political history. how about the president who ended slavery.. our how about the side who voted on the 15th amendment..

    I guess the democrat’s think other than white is cool now but there history speaks differently. I guess fooling people for votes is ok for people who dont understand their history..

    • Larnettra Banner Richardson

      You need to check your history, too. The president who ended slavery didn’t do it to save a people, but to save a nation. Had nothing to do with the Negroes.

      • Mark

        And YOU need to read KILLING LINCOLN. Even the slobbering liberals in the media said it was historically on the money….

    • Jennifer

      Iam sure John you watch FOX which Iam sure makes you so smart. Are you sure you know history because you can not spell worth shit. Our – meaning we I think you meant or a conjunction. Rapped is a verb for rap. I think you mean raped. I am so glad you are a republican and I hope you are a republican who is not regeistered to vote. Thank you for you very intelligent rant. We are all the better for your knowledge. I wish we all could be as smart as you and G W Bush and Iam sure he has nothing to do with this.

  • alan

    Judge people(Mitt) by the company they keep …..

    • Mark

      So you’re saying guilt by association ? Happened in Hitler’s Germany my friend. Get a life. Your inference is Romney knows this person ? You don’t know Mitt then. Liberals love to be holier than thou in these things. No worse than what has come out of Biden’s mouth time and time again. Even the “F” bomb right behind the Presidential seal and into the president’s ear.

    • whyshouldIcare

      Ok, like William Ayers and Rev. Wright? They are not personal friends of the candidate, just a couple of a**holes that were with some delegation. Who knows, maybe they aren’t republican at all? Oh and before you call me out for my politics, I am not a republican.

  • josh

    you ever think this wasnt a racist thing… maybe its because she works for that piece of crap cnn… but since shes black its obviously racist righttttt???????

    • Charles

      Josh, what does Alabama have to do with it! Assualt..HA…peanuts thrown…that happens at ball games! Animals??? Why would compare and “Animal” with color!!!

    • aallen

      Josh why wasnt the peanuts thrown at the reporters instead of the camera-woman??

  • Chuck

    Having a few peanuts thrown at you is NOT an assualt, please stop over dramatizing things. Nothing racist here either. Just a jerk guy who did something stupid.

    • gus

      hey chuck wake up it’s the 21 century and you’re not in alabama!! maybe you and todd akin should get together for a good old fashioned lynchin’..the true colors of the GOP are standing tall…

  • Cliff

    I doubt color had anything to do with it. CNN has left the middle since it affiliated with NBC and it shows with how they headlined the story. Bad manners are everywhere. Let’s see what takes place at the Dem convention where one of Obama’s men started a shoving match with Fox four years ago. Does that mean all DNC members hate white people? Just asking!

    • kim

      cliff sorry but color had everything to do with it… read it again

      • bongz

        kim your ignorant ,so read it again

        • lynn

          Um, “Bongz”, it’s “you’re”.

  • Mark

    If you think this incident was created by anything other than the DNC planting someone at the RNC convention….. then you’re a COMPLETE IDIOT!!!

    • gus

      mark relax..no need for name calling..oh wait that’s what the GOP is all about…

  • Janet

    WHY can’t we act like civil human beings and treat each other with respect. So many adults act like children especially when involved in anything political.

  • R.

    The CNN and the Republican Committee handled it correctly. There is no need for anyone to comment. But, of course we do have a right to say stuff.

  • steed

    Plainly put those guys that did that were racist as hell. and only another racist would defend another racist. its that simple..

    The exhibited that behavior becuse they were either drunk or felt that behavior was condoned in that environment..

    • Patricia

      “would be condoned” in that environment?! You need a shrink.

    • Steve

      Steed, No person should be subject to this treatment ! You are the one making this racist. Learn to use spell ckeck.

    • Annette

      you are so right ,out of all the the people holding a camera the racist directed the comment at a black woman. They were not drunk!

  • Patricia

    I suspect this had nothing to do with racism, and everything to do with the fsct that she had a CNN canera. Frankly, the two people were wrong regardless … But I dont appreciate the media trying to make a racial issue out of it. Thst is the whole reason people have lost faith in the media.

    • aallen

      Really! She was a camera-woman not a reporter!!

    • Isaac Lovely

      You don’t taunt the camera person for hating CNN. If you wanted to dislike the TV station, you’d stand in front of the camera and make your statement that way, not taunt the person that just doing their job. As a Christian and a conservative, I am getting sick and tired of people justifying hatred for the sake of their party. If you read James 2, you know that God will have no mercy on those who treat others with a respect of persons. You will not have any mercy on the day of judgment if you side with these people. You know to condone sin is to sin in itself and sin is to deny the “law of liberty.” If you haven’t learned that, read your Bible again. Start with Galatians. If you do the whole law and teach the whole law then you have the right to judge. Paul says you don’t qualify cause none is righteous. Your only hope for salvation is to speak mercy and right now I don’t see it.

      This lady has been wronged, and I don’t care what race she was. She was a working class citizen that deserves the same respect as everyone wither you agree or disagree with her opinions. And we should all defend her on that right and not bicker about why it happened.

  • Joe

    The Conservatards responding to this article are clearly warped if they believe this is not a racially motivated incident. Crawl back into your hole, trailer, whatever, and cuddle up with a bottle of your finest budweiser and listen to pearls of mirth from Sean Vanity, morons. P.S. Did you know he was gay, LoL.

  • http://Yahoo Jim

    Racism is alive and thriving in America and Obama knows it. He won the first time because, A: ALL blacks voted for him, even if they didn’t like him. Not one black voter wanted to go against their race in the first chance for a black man to up whitey at his own game. Come on. B: Most white people who voted for Obama wanted to prove to themselves, their friends and OBAMA that they weren’t racist. So they voted for the black man, who had no qualifications, just so no one could call them racist. And Obama, better than anyone, knows this, and used the reverse racism in America to win. Very slick, but will it work twice? I don’t think so.

    • john

      Your nuts,,,, I’m white and I voted for Obama simply because I thought he was a better canidate than John McCain. That’s all. I still think that.

    • Marc

      It might work. I gotta keep my non-racist image alive and vote Obama again

  • Yvette

    I think this has more to do with the liberal media and CNN falls into that group. These two people saw this person as part of the liberal media. The hateful vile from MSNBC last night was terrible. The anchors practically spit at Mrs. Romney after her speech. I was shocked to see educated journalists on TV acting the way they did. Wonder what other countries think of our news media?

    • don beachler

      Of course its racial…..face it modern American conservatism is rooted in racism….when did the white South go Republican?

    • Josh

      You mean how anchors on Fox News make snide comments about Michelle Obama, anytime she does something? Like when they tore her to shreds for joking with Gabby Douglas about eating an Egg McMuffin? Fox is just as bad as MSNBC.

      • Yvette

        Michelle Obama should not have told Gabby anything even if it was a joke. My goodness the young girl trained so hard for years and she finally won. Let her enjoy herself for once.

  • kim

    wow… these people are very racist but not surprise.. it was at a redneck republican national convention for romney and ryan. the red devils right in front of your face..they are not men and the monkey that did that was a puke so … think

    • kim

      he need to be put in jail

  • http://yahoo rachel lee’

    people suck!

  • maggie

    Shows the stupidity of people.

  • http://webpronewstech douglas

    The inference is that the person was a valid representation of a typical GOP member. Since there was no follow-up as to who the persons actually were that made the stupid comments I can only assume that it was a Democrat operative or supporter.

    • jd


  • MP

    This is completely racist. Since slavery whites have called blacks animals it can be used as a racial slur. I’m not saying all whites and republicans are racist I’m sure these were just some ignorant clowns acting inappropriate. However I do believe that blacks pull that race card at any given moment… even if its over a sandwich the card will be pulled. Its time for blacks to get over it and move on there will always be somebody that dislikes you for whatever reason and that goes for Whites, Asians, Indians and Hispanics. We all have some sort of racism in us….. PS Im black

  • Terry

    Probably a set up by Obama’s camp. Trying to persuade the Afro American vote. Make the Republicans look bad. Paid Peanut assians

    • James

      AS Fred Sanford said you big dummies!

      • http://yahoo r. goad

        set up,huh?maybe fat bastard karl rove could come up with something this twisted,but i don’t think so.republicans’immaturity have been reflected by newt,rudy,st. santorum,good ol’ w,and the hitler youth (excuse me,young republicans).in studies on alcoholism and drug abuse, it was found that early consumption of intoxicants often led to an adolescent emotional state extending into adult years.all u cool teenagers out there having a sniff or a beer while assaulting anything not white,male,or proper sexual orientation should think about this.you’ll always be assholes.luvxxxx che 2

      • SHERRY


    • al

      they don’t need any help looking bad…..and stupid as $#*!

  • http://Yahoo.com ruthterryesq

    Mr. Romney should speak out about this incident, not just the committee–he is the Leader of this party and he should make a strong statement about this behavior and how it reflects upon his party; his silence speaks volumes. I know who I will be supporting this November–This incident merely reaffirms what I already firmly believe–Barack Obama is the only candidate with the integrity to continue to lead this country. On a separate note, CNN should have stated exactly what happened, who they were, and questioned them on why they did what they did and said what they said–People need to know who they are–So we can all avoid them in the future–

  • gan

    Thats exactly whats going to happen if Romney take over this country.

    • biffkowabunga

      Yeah, gan, I understand the peanut growers are working ’round the clock to mass produce peanuts so there’s enough on hand for people to throw at others who do not agree with them politically. Peanut butter prices will surely skyrocket.

  • http://WebProNews/Life Jesse Delgado

    The RNC incident was “deplorable”, “unacceptable”, and dipicts a reflection of the “Kind” of people the Romney/Ryan ticket attracts and represents.

    The CNN News person assaulted was merely doing her Job!

    The Chris Mathews article was just “Validated”………and “Verified”

    This Romney incident proves that R/R are creating and recreating “Racism”…..like It was mentioned before, that Republican Party is discriminating against the Presidential Family. America doen’t need this “behavior and mentality” in the “White House”.

    • antiglobalist

      What a lame, insecure attitude coming from a whining crybaby libterd.

    • Scott

      Jesse…Why do you keep using quotation marks? It makes no sense. Besides that point, this RNC incident does not reflect at all the “kind” of people Romney/Ryan attracts or represents. The people who quickly removed these idiots are the types of people this ticket attracts. I’m a Romney supporter and I don’t think someone should have nuts thrown at them followed by racist comments. It is depolorable and unacceptable. Your comments make it appear that Romney and Ryan supporters feel this is OK and that this type of action is allowed, or even supported. You are way off base. If you don’t like Romney, say that. Don’t say that because some idiot did something in the crowd, that’s how all Romney/Ryan supporters think. That type of comment makes you look silly. It would be like me saying that since you don’t agree with Romney, you must be just like Jared Loughner. If you don’t know who that is, he is the left-wing liberal who shot Congresswoman Giffords.

  • David

    I like the comment “People suck”. Good one and some certainly do. These two were ejected from the convention. Case closed.

  • Glenda Schirmer

    This year’s pre-election political messaging has born this fruit. Being (mad dog) Republican with dogmatic outlook in speach and action, Michelle Bachman style has encouraged pulling any type of hate out of party die-hards. The Republican Party needs to seriously look at what it is messaging if this type behavior comes out in attendees of their National Convention.

    • BarrysHypocrisy

      Yeah, like the democratic party is soooooo “tolerant”. They are the first to use racist and hateful comments.

      But, the liberals are OK with racism and hate as long as they are the ones doing it.

    • antiglobalist

      You just tell themm how to run their business. Libtards always let their mouth overload their mental capacity. IQ= 4.0

    • Glenda Schirmer

      Obviously responses from would be peanut throwers. I rest my case. The political season is full of hate, name calling, hard party lines being drawn. It’s very unchristian and I’m not voting.

  • BarrysHypocrisy

    Come on liberals….play the race card…..you know you want to do it…..come on…..it’s the only argument you’ve got……..it’s just killing you to not play it……..

    • http://yahoo D Coleman

      I can tell you are an a__hole by your comment, you can’t really think her race had nothing to do with it?

  • al


  • kristy

    The Teabagger movment = American Taliban

    • antiglobalist

      You can tell a libtard by the way they post. It is always none topical name calling. What an emberassment to the adults here.

    • biffkowabunga

      I gotta tell ya, Kristy, that’s a good one! I haven’t read that lame comment in what, 30 minutes? Be a little more original, would ya?

  • Bob

    News reporters are not “SPECIAL” folks .
    white, black, oriental Hispanic makes no difference.
    IF you cant take the fallout from the other side, (makes no difference what side that may be) then find another line of work.
    IF you get your feelings hurt because of something someone says or does, then obviously your in the wrong profession.
    WHY is it necessary to continually play the race card???
    Makes no sense to me .


    As for the ones taken out of the convention , YOU definitely need to GROW UP JERK’S

  • Bobby

    I really don’t think it was meant to be racist. Republicans and CNN go together like oil and water….I think theres 2 were wrong, but they were referring to the liberal stance CNN takes and referring to CNN as animals. The fact that the woman was black is just proving the point that the liberal media can spin anything.

    • pdh

      CNN is not liberal. Pay attention to the newscasters and the people they interview. They are very often all members of the Council on Foreign Relations. A bunch of CFR members interviewing each other. I would question whoever it is who is calling CNN liberal. Because they are either lying or not paying attention.

  • antiglobalist

    Yaaaa. So does your attitude. LAME, Lame, Lame. Most likley a libtard!

  • john verlin

    while the racist tone is deplorable–i’m curious as the how/why this was reported at all. With all the noise of a convention center–who heard this and who went to the media to file a report about it? Why weren’t other behaviors reported that may have happened? Sexual slurs, other racist comments, political finger pointing, etc. ? It just makes me suspicious when an isolated crowd incident gets national exposure. Why hasn’t this been reported in the wall street journal? What’s more–check out the CNN website…www.cnn.com. This story isn’t even on their website!

  • jeff

    As a Republican, and more importantly an American, I am completely embarrassed by this incident.

  • J Roo

    people dont suck, racist people suck, and these are the types of people the Republican party attract, now why would we want to turn the counrty over to anyone who associates and attracts these racist types

  • Robert

    I don’t see what the big deal is he merely verbalized how the GOP has been treating the middle and lower classes for years!

    • SHERRY

      Let’s just do this to you then.

    • Judy

      All the more reason why I refuse to vote for Romney and his bigotted party. He looks like a pediaphile anyway. Will he clean his suit for once. It must smell by now.

  • Stephen Petrechko

    This incident is just one more example of what the far right wing of the Republican Party represents and will do if elected. That there ar knuckle-headed, knuckle-draggers like BarrysHypocrisy, Terry and Douglas going after this incident as if “liberals” are somehow part of it shows the same hypocrisy (this time using the term correctly)and that Nazi’s, who would also fit in with the far-right Republicans, would feel right at home with since they also blamed everyone they attacked for initaiting the conflict.

    • alan leddon

      In any reasonably unbiased politics textbook, the difference between Republicans and Nazis is only a matter of degree. The Nazis followed a belief system that was so extremely far right that only sick people would follow it. Far Right Republicans are a little left of that, and Moderate Republicans more so.

  • Barney Rubble

    It is well known that most Republicans are from or have Southern roots. It is also well known that Southerners, the white ones, tend to be racist. I am a white person saying this.

    • Fred Flintstone

      That is, unless you’re not actually white lol. That’s despicable you would call most republicans generally racist and from the south. That quack was escorted out apparently as he should be.

      • twiggysue27

        And you are discriminating against anyone saying most white republican southerners are racist?

    • Scott

      Jesse Jackson was born in South Carolina. He’s about a racist as they come.

    • http://brez@1522 larry sanchez


  • Peter

    Looks like CNN planted the fake racist person just to create a fake news!!!

    • Bruce Guier


      You got to be kidding me. You actually think that? If you do you are a perfect example of a reptard.

  • Peter

    I think the racist person is Joe Biden!!!

    • SHERRY

      Your the Racist

      • Scott

        You are = you’re.

      • Justice Scalia


        YOU’RE borderline illiterate. Thank you.

    • alan leddon

      I think this is a TOS violation.

  • Gary Teague

    As Usual, the media in general lets everyone know how stupid they are. “This is how we feed the animals”; Where is the racism in that taunt. If the morons are going to report something, they should at least get everything right.

    And for the record, there should be quotes from two different sources verifying the same information.

    This is pure sensationalism. I hate this political BULLSHIT!

    • Jason

      You cant be serious. You cant be unaware that the basis of chattle slavery and Jim Crowe laws in the south were based on the idea that black people were actually sub-human, animals that white people could do with as they pleased. Not to mention one of the most common racist tropes is to call black people monkeys or apes. This incident was the kind of blatent unabashed racism that we usually don’t see any more. Most of the time racists have the good sense to keep that kind of rhetoric to themselves, and only speak in coded language. For instance just about ever Romney political ad of the last 2 months. Oh and by the way, whoever said that this guy was a plant by cnn, you really need to reevaluate your life. Even if this were an outcome CNN wanted, there’s no reason to plant someone in there. While not all republicans are racist, nor all democrats not racist, the Republican party has spent a great deal of its time money and energy since 1968 courting the racist/biggoted portion of the electorate. This is just another case of those chickens coming home to roost.

  • Bob Hebee

    Idiots come in all shapes, sizes, races, religions and yes people… all Political persuasions. This guy is not a Republican or a Democrat; he is an A”hole. For someone to assign some sort of responsibility to all Republicans (because of the event’s physical location) makes these Lefty accusers even dumber than the peanut chucker.

    • http://brez@1522 larry sanchez

      You can thank Romney,Gingrich,Santorum,Trump,Limbaugh,R Perry,FoxsNews,that parasites like these have taken over your GOP party.Romney’s”JOKE”, about him not been asked for his birth certificate,was the perfect crap to draw the racist bigots that have overtaken your political party.It’s time for America to overcome our racial divides and make the GOP and THE TEA BAGGERS,just another bad painful memory in our short history.OBAMA-2012!!!

  • Nik

    I’m nonpartisan here, and regardless of affiliation, this kind of behaviour is disgraceful. ZERO TOLERANCE.

  • Peter

    Joe Biden -“Put you back in chains!!!”

    • SHERRY

      That will never happen not enough sheets in tehe world.

    • alan leddon

      Odd that you’d pin this on Biden, when it has been Republican candidates and supporters making racist comments all year. Say…doesn’t Biden work for someone who might not appreciate him saying this?

  • tonto

    i was there and this never happened. complete bs from the communist news network!

    • alan leddon

      In the unlikely event you were there…could you possibly have seen every event that occurred in a crowded stadium? Really?
      Perhaps you’ve erred on the side of untruth, as do most GOP supporters that I know?

    • Destiny

      It did happen.

  • Liam Bradshaw

    Typical… Obviously the GOP hasn’t learned that equal rights are the rule of the land. & about the convention; another excuse for a bunch of rowdy, mouth-breathing bigots to gather & spread hate & ignorance.

  • Anne

    They threw peanuts….as if feeding the peanut gallery? Are we all over re-acting. I’ve read a couple of articles about this and they threw peanuts to feed the animals (which appear to be the news people–have to agree news people are mostly sensationalizing everything–where is the news???) in the peanut gallery. It appears that we are all assuming since the camera person was black it had to be racist. I am a Demarcate and enjoy seeing Republicans take heat — but not sure this is what the sensationalizing news organizations say it is.

    • Tom

      Anne, I’m sorry, but you couldn’t possibly be a Democrat if you spell it “Demarcate”.

  • JJ

    Cant blame everyone for what one stupid Racist person does!!

  • Peter

    Dirty Harry is a dirty liar!!! “Romney never paid taxes”

  • Yolo

    So where does the fact that she is black play into the story? Am I missing something? I highly doubt that you would add the fact that she was white to the story if she was. Another instance of trying to stir up the easily racially obsessed. Perhaps theses hecklers just don’t like CNN? Although I do not condone their behavior, I can empathize with them not caring for CNN. I think the more suitable column you should have suited was how the left hijacked Mia Loves Wikipedia page calling her a “house nig**r” and “Aunt Tom”. Oh wait, the left is the party of love and tolerance right? WRONG. I am so glad I left the Democrat party years ago. They don’t even remotely resemble what they used to stand for. Now they are so radically left that the average people between Manhattan and Malibu simply cannot relate to them. They are now the true party of hatred ad intolerance.

    • Peter

      Yolo, right on!!!

      • Della

        The reason it was mentioned that she was black is because white people have never been referred to has any type of animal. Blacks, historically, have been called coons, monkeys, jungle-bunnies etc. On the other hand it is equally wrong what was done to Congress woman Mia Love. Each party is guilty of name calling and down right meaness. Our political system is in a sad state of affairs.

        • Jonathan

          HIGHLY AGREE!

          • Margaret

            You are so right! Did you read that Cynithia?

    • Jake Howell

      Your username is Yolo. Your comment is invalid.

  • Friant loonblocker

    What mmakes you think it wasn’t done on purpose by someone outside the party? It certainly swells like an NBC/MSNBC type of hit.

    • Peter


      • bigpopa

        i agree to i lke the news and occasionaly flip to msnbc and EVERYTIME i turn them on ITS ALWAYS ABOUT RACE .
        then THAY hired a no name as a reporter shooting him straight to tha top ,with a salary topping the ed show .
        and wala his show is always about race , al sharptons show
        has taken over and the ed show is being produced now under al’s desk in a small cut out in tha floor for ed to stand in ,what has msnbc come too

    • Jonathan

      Cause you are an idiot, that’s why. You people think everything is conspiracy, but guess what, you guys have more racist people following your Republican party than you realize. It’s juts a matter of time before it all spills over and it’s all out in the open.

  • http://webpronews michael

    I’m just waiting to hear how the RNC tries to blame this on President Obama.

    • Peter

      I’m waiting to see Obama blames on Bush again.

      • JnC

        @Peter…really? really dude? come on…how about you come up with a nice witty comeback using that nice little brain you have, not something that has been regurgitated a million times before…
        @michael…damn all far right and far left wingers piss me off…shut the hell up already!

  • Cheryl Downs

    What did we ever do to each other to make so much hate against each other? When will this world mature and grow up…we say we are leaders and grown ups but why the heck are people acting like little school kids fighting on the playground…..guess we haven’t evolved as much as they say we have. …can we not get along ever… is it so hard to be nice to each other?! Is there so much hate between humans?Please someone set a good example for my children and grandchildren PLEASE!G ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!

  • Robert Kunz

    Oh please. Does this surprise anyone? It’s just the Country Club gang, acting like they do in private. These two broke my rule: No hard liquor before Noon. Jack Daniels got the better of them and they could not control themselves and pretend that they were normal. Will happen again. Happens daily at “Private Clubs” all over, North and South.

  • tncarter

    I think it’s a shame how desensitized this country as a whole has become. The incident was racially motivated and I don’t care who reported CNN or ABC it was news worthy. Things that should not be tolerated are and things that should be are not. How in the world does the saying “peanut gallery” in any way relate to that person being singled out simply for standing there doing his/her job? The racist fool should have been removed and it could have been a stunt to draw attention but it was uncalled for and deplorable. It was not an over reaction, anger is just the natural reaction from those of us who actually care about our fellow Americans and the state of this nation no matter what color or political party.

  • Karrie

    What a bunch of BS! This is totally orchestrated. Can’t they think of a better way to win … like improve the economy. Remember: “Its the economy stupid!”

    • Peter

      Agree!!! It’s orchestrated by CNN!!!

      • Cynthia

        The person’s behaviour in throwing peanuts was ridiculous but referring to the camera-person as an “animal” most likely had nothing to do with the fact she was black . CNN is a disgrace, pre-digesting news and feeding back slanted garbage. Conservatives have very little repsect for whatever CNN would report.

        Also strange, since when do we refer to female camera operators as “camera-women?” We say camera operator… mail carrier (not mailman) or police officer (not police man). This whole story stinks to high heaven and the sooner it goes away the better.

  • rick wright

    you always can tell how ppl feel when someone else does something or say’s something racist,,,,and someone make excuses for them!!!!!

    • bigpopa

      rick wright is always wrong . cnn reporters are animals ,there pushy and change the facts to put a spin on the news to fit there agenda .
      some people dont like cnn and the oppurtunity arose for two to make a pun and as usual the feeble minded jump on tha race card /wagon lookin once again for a frees ride

  • Eric

    Yolo is crazy, and much of the repulican party has become crazy too. This coming from a 30 year republican. I’m voting for Obama, so far I havent seen him do anything som left, maybe he will in second term.

    • Peter

      Democrates say your a murderer, a felon, a racist, a women hater, etc. Do you agree what they say about you?!?

    • Cynthia

      I do not believe you ever were a republican. Honestly? You want us to believe that Obama turned you into a Democrat?

      • Serius Lee

        Someone get Cynthia a job. Idle hands – stupid comments.

  • Krimeny

    Let me guess, CNN reports that the assailant was a member of the tea party, right?!?!?

  • Jerry Cantu

    These are typical republicans. They hate blacks and hispanics. Furthermore, the republican convention is a joke. Romney and his VP pick are such liars. They will tell you anything to get elected. I guess there a bunch of dumb white middle class people that are so dum that they will vote against their own self interest.Case in point take a look at Medicare. People actually beleive that the republicans will do a better job when it comes to Medicare. Wake up what the republicans will do is cost you more $$$$ ou of pocket. Take a look at Welfare. Do you honestly believe that they will do a better job? BS, all they will end up doing is puttiing more people in welfare with no means of support. You call that being a good christian?

    The Tea Party peolpe only beleive in hate and keeping tax breaks for the rich at the expense of the middle class.

    These are liars and not worthy of being called human beings. Take a look at the two individuals that were ejected.

    • Trenton Wozniak

      Mr. Cantu –

      You are an ignorant fool! Your reply only confirms that you are nothing but a filth mongering Liberal! Do your research before you open your big mouth. Clearly, you are a member of the MSNBC team!

    • Peter

      You’re crazy!!! So you agree that Romney is a murderer, a felon, a women hater, etc. The rich is helping the poor. Welfare money comes from wealth people, not from poor people.

    • Cynthia

      HONESTLY? You wrote “These are liars and not worthy of being called human beings”



    • John Pruitt

      Damn!!!! you drank the cool-aide without even bothering to stir it up !!!!! just look at the Senate(progressive…….er……..socialist………er, i mean Democrat controlled) voting record on Medicare, and Social(?) Security over the last 3 years (when your boy Barry(and no racial slur intended) was in charge of things………..waiting for a comment

  • David D

    This happened because of the GOPs acceptance of reprehensible behavior from those at the highest echelons of their party. Idiots see, idiots do!

    • Trenton Wozniak

      More than likely, this person is a Democrat and a Liberal. It is amazing to me how Liberals are supposed to be such compassionate people, but in reality they are all filled with such hate!

      • ray

        Trenton, you’re an idiot. Go back to watching jackass and leave the rest to literate people.

    • John Pruitt

      do you really believe someone in the street was a member of their “higher echelon”? he was just another drunk partier, and if the truth should ever come out, probably a registered Democrat

    • April

      SO Cynthia and friends are pulling the perverbial, “Throw the Rock, and Hide your Hand” game… Her kind have mastered this tactic of “DENY DENY DENY… and half truths.

      (1) True , the Republican Party USED to be the party of morals and values and the GOD GIVEN ability to fight for inalienable rights. The rights of black people and in fact “ALL” people to be free. But the Cynthia forgets that “Goldwater” changed that history by fighting “AGAINST” civil rights…. you know, the things “STUPID RACIST PEOPLE DO!” — and all the people who shared his beliefs linked arms and joined the republican party.
      – of course black people were smart enough to abandon the party that abandoned them. READ THE REST OF YOUR HISTORY … and make intelligent statements. Buh Bye :)

  • http://www.humanevents.com/2006/08/16/why-martin-luther-king-was-republican/ Frank

    For anyone that is African American reading this, dont let one idiot decide this party is not for you. Read the real history on the republican party and you will see that most blacks at one point in history, where Republican. Martin Luther King was one of them in fact.

    In the end, choose based on true facts and dont let idots like this fool at the convention decide for you. Black and White is for stupid people that need to make themselves feel better because they are losers in life. The real issue has been and will always be control of money and power.

    This country is moving down the tubes unless we all pull together regardless of color.

    • D. A. Siggers-Bey

      With regard to many African-Americans being Registered Republicans over three decades ago, you must note that the Republican party was as different then as night and day. In fact, it did, in large part, closely resemble the democratic party of today.

    • Peter

      Agree. Republicans voted for the Civil Right Acts.

      • Morticia

        And Abraham Lincoln was a Republican who emmancipated the slaves.

    • akd

      I am trying to understand what you are taloking about.Are you mad that this lady was called ‘AFRICAN AMERICAN’ or what was done to her? You know what you are,you are ashame of it.If she was called IRISH AMERICAN OR CHINESE AMERICAN I bet you you wouldn’t have had any problem with it.If you don’t know what you are you are not fit to live son.You are dead among the living.

    • Cynthia

      Totally agree Frank. History proves it.

      • Margaret

        The problem is that he called her an animal and if you didn’t see that being a problem,You are part of the Problem!

  • Larnettra Banner Richardson

    I was told by “Bongz” the there is no such thing as African American, its term made up by liberals to be politically correct. Well, if my father was born in Africa and my mother is American, I think I can call myself African American. I’m more apt to try and figure out white or caucasian- (Anthropology) of, pertaining to, or characteristic of one of the traditional racial divisions of humankind, marked by fair to dark skin, straight to tightly curled hair, and light to very dark eyes, and originally inhabiting Europe, parts of North Africa, western Asia, and India. Now I think that is something! Some of us don’t have a clue what we really are. Its more important to know Who we are- people who should be about taking care of our fellow man, helping when we can, not putting each other down, and striving to better each other with every opportunity we get and with full efforts always. I think of the world like a pendulum clock. Evey movement in one direction will result in an equal andpposing movement in the opposite direction. We had better start working together and put race, bitterness, and distrust aside. We need to give everyone a chance.

  • Wendy

    It doesn’t matter what race the camera person was the behavior is still unacceptable in 2012.

    • Cynthia

      But throwing peanuts is not “assault”

      • Michael Fisher

        Actually Cynthia it is. The legal defination of assualt is ANY unwanted physical contact, and throwing something like that, which could hit someone in there eye and injuring them would be assualt and battery.

      • noninetofive

        Remember that the next time a woman is in court saying that she was “verbally” assaulted!!!

  • JL

    A Democrat operative. They do it all the time. Obama is running one of the Dirtiest campaigns in American History. Chicago politics at its finest.

    • Cynthia

      I agree! That was also my initial thought

    • ray

      get a grip. it was the RNC and it was an RNC delegate. Why can’t you people accept the truth?

    • Linda Collins

      how strange it is to say who’s running dirty politics. He has pulled all of the covers off or the bed and now everyone’s mad. get over it and own up to how yall messed up life for the hard working people as we know it!

    • p lyon

      you are as sick as the two people that was throwing the peanuts shame on you

    • Michael Fisher

      Oh, and I suppose you’re trying to tell me that the Republican party doesn’t send people to democratic fund rasier or events to heckle at those events. I seriously doubt these people were plants, more likely just drunk and feeling even more self rightous then usual.

  • JL

    How Convenient a CNN REPORTER? Really.

    • tangovelocity

      My, what incisive wit you display. I’m sure your mother is very proud…

  • JL

    It was probably Rachel Madow disguised as a man. Oh, wait she wouldn’t need a disguise.

    • Peter


  • http://yahoo Tito Jackson

    Im still living on the high that we all came together and whipped the rest of the world at the olympics. After proving to the world that a diverse country is a model for the world to follow!

  • Ralph

    Since Democrats like to say that Republicans hate minorities,I would be surprised if it comes out to be plants to make headlines. Wonder if the Republicans retaliate. I doubt they will as they tend to act more like Christians.

    • nonya

      You are an idiot, they aren’t plants, it is well documented that the republican party is a bunch of racists.

      • John Pruitt

        a plant? by the Progresssives? surely not……….next, you might suggest the sun rises in the east?

        • John Pruitt

          yeah,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the first Republican President was very racist…………..he signed The Emancipation Proclomation

  • alice

    Im not shocked

  • Morticia

    She was assaulted with Peanuts? LOL

    • Cynthia

      That’s what I thought :)

  • Al

    For those of you who didn’t know, the Mormon religion had very racist views spoken by their leaders. It is all very well documented. The Mormon religion had or has very racist views because it originated in North America when racism was accepted.

    • John Pruitt

      racism is accepted by individuals, not by “governments”

  • virginia russell

    I would have slapped the f–k out of him…But what do we all expect. The GOP don’t like black people. I can’t understand why that Nia Long

  • John Pruitt

    just another example of how the socialists are manipulating us, just as they laid out in their doctrine. it does not matter what color the camera person is, just the fact she works for Communist News Network was enough to incite bad feelings. if everyone one would be honest, and look at the way things have been going in this country for the last 40 years, and take the time to research how the Communists really plan to take over this country, then the true Americans would realize what we need to do is hang 99% of our current politicians on our local courthouse lawns, retake our power back from the government, which according to our Constitution , should never have had it in the first place, and put it back where it belongs, in the hands of the people, where it would be properly supervised

  • Philbill

    A good photographer would have gotten a shot. Hit by peanuts? JOY! What better could have happened?

  • virginia russell

    I would have slapped the f–k out of him…But what do we all expect. The GOP don’t like black people. I can’t understand why that Nia Long was up there last night. Condi Rice and all the other black GOP they are just niggers to the majority. Now smoke that!!!!!!!

  • oO

    I’m surprised that they only got 2.

  • Obamacare4life

    I never pegged Mitt Romney for peanut eatter.

    • http://CNNCamerawomenassulted Jennifer Jones

      Hmm Lets get to reality not the politically speaking guess who invented the peanuts George Washington Carver, also known to our our American history. Just historically point of view a little ignorant and hypocritial if you ask me.

      • http://yahoo Keen

        GW Carver for all you people who don’t know was a Black man. JJ good point!

  • Tent Camper

    The peanut throwers were protesting the 1% and how little the 99% wages are. They were Democrats wearing 99% t-shirts. The convention is not meant to only accept rebublicans. Lots of democrats attend also.

  • Jerry Perez

    This is the results of a devided nation. Its been over 200 years and we as a nation can not come to the realization of the american dream. Lest stop dreaming and start doing. Be it repubucan or democrat, red state or blue state, elephant or donkey, the gangs of Washington DC are putting the american people in the line of fire socialy, economicly, religiouly, and racially. are we as american so nieve that we can not see what history has taught us. United we prosper, devided we fall

    • Diva M.

      Jerry, your post contains numerous misspellings! While I agree with the content, the lack of correctly spelled words is a turnoff.

      • Jerry Perez

        My anger affects my spelling sorry, I am an honors student

      • Jerry Perez

        Though the message is not spelled correctly I hope you will respond to mthe message and not the spelling. Do you think we have a bigger problem in this country than just spelling. Please do not be turned off by the message but recognize the problem. In the end you are no dillerent than everyone else. We may not have come over on the same ship but we are in the same boat……..CAT……KAT

  • Gina Mosier

    The whole country has gone “nuts” if you ask me!

  • http://webpronews Joy

    This is pure BS.show us the proof lairs. there’s cameras everywhere and no one seen anything ??? sure ??? all made up bull. those lib’s would do anything to take the focus off the real importance’s of this convention.they said loud and clear that if there’s no dirt they’d find some or make some up…well there been true to there promises.

    • mike

      are you serious you are just as bad as the peanut thrower….get a grip you as a woman are about to lose all your rights if you elect this fool. do your research, stop listening to your husband….hes wrong

      • http://yahoo Keen

        Women about to lose all their rights?……..OMG you really are a fool Mike. This is nothing but pandering to people who are less intelligent and gullible.

    • george bush

      Joy, u’re an AHO. Now shut the fish up

      • http://yahoo Keen

        Really GB? There is absolutely no proof this ever happened……liberal spin and lies to get people to believe political lies from the left. War on women? That is about as pea brained as it gets! And I see you must be a screaming liberal because you have the inability to actually make a rebuttal without using profanity or jumping up and down whining.

    • vera

      HEY joy
      you are absolutely correct,and the article says she was a camera
      woman!! I’m with you SHOW US THE TAPE

  • Carole

    This is despicable, no matter if you’re Democrat or Republican. To insinuate that this was a conspiracy or part of some ploy or CNN maneuver is pure idiocy. Some people are a$$holes and act like a$$holes. Some people are racists and it simply doesn’t matter to them what the political positions are, they’re just supporting Romney because he’s white. Unfortunately, this country is still bigoted, even after all these years and some whites feel so threatened by minorities and can’t bear to see them as equals or in positions of power. It’s jerks like that who throw peanuts at blacks.

  • brian

    democrat operatives for sure

  • bob

    this is bull, i was there and nothing was going on… has anyone see what happens at the Democratic convention in the past, talk about racist.

  • http://Yahoo Jerry Walker

    A source says “they were identified as “Wall Street Occupiers” anarchists.

  • george bush

    This is typical and expected behavior from the fringe element of the republican party. The republican party will suffer in november for these racist types of comments, amongst many other nasty caricatures and comments posted for all to view. This is nothing more than a continuation of George Bush’s legacy: Incompetence and hatred. November 6th will be the day republicans get a spanking for all of its negative behavior that does not fit within mainstream America’s beliefs !!

    • Nobama

      One term fiasco.

      • me

        u call ur self george bush,a great american,u lie,ur an ass,u cant even use ur real name,what a loser,if u talk trash,use ur real name!

  • http://www.humanevents.com/2006/08/16/why-martin-luther-king-was-republican/ Frank

    Im going to upset everyone but I truly believe both parties have sold us all out period. We can go around in circles all day about Republicans this or Dems that and I believe we all have some valid points because no party is perfect but at some point in the past, everything became about big money and buisness.

    Most of you work like I do (everyday) to put food on the table for your families. For most of history, no such thing as the middle class ever existed. Your had money or you didnt for the most part and you either worked hard for someone or people worked hard for you. The invention of the middle class was the best idea created. If I let you think you can have this dream, you will be docile and happy. Im somewhat young I guess but somewhere in the 70’s-80’s the middle class became cattle not people. And I hate to say it but to some degree, backdoor deals have been and continue to be made by both parties without the best interest of the people.

    The people in Washington are to serve us “The People”, they only serve themselves. This is in my estimate the problem. We shouldnt be fighting each other, we need to fight them.

    I read all the time about the mobilization of European groups that shutdown the courty for all manor of things. When do we as the working class people do the same? I dont pretend to have answers but they need to feel scared from us “the people” and not secure that all blacks will vote this way, all hispanics this way and whites making X amount this way. I dont like feeling controlled. Sorry for rant ( – :

    • Ezoangelofdeath

      I’m sorry to say, such a good comment as you have made, doesn’t make sense in todays society, because the sheeple, and the lemmings out number those that think for themselves, blacks didn’t even care Obama was half white, they just cared he was black, in all reality, Bill Clinton did more for the black community then Obama will ever even think of doing, the Mexicans will just vote one way, because they think they will be able to get away with breaking the law if a certain person is in charge(get mad but thats the truth)and the rich will vote for whoever is going to give them a better chance to become richer, which isn’t the democrats as they want to take the hard earned rich peoples money, and give it away, to people that are not rich, and haven’t earned their own money(that’s how they see it) it’s called agendas, and I believe agendas are really just a base for selfish people and selfish train of thought to serve who else? themselves, when Black people and Hispanics, and low income Americans and all other that fit the description, decide to indulge themselves in actually researching what a certain politician stands for, then I will be happy to acknowledge them and give them respect, but as long as they vote on a person simply because of their ethnicity, or the probability that they will overlook a law so they can break it, they will always be the flat tire on the car, that prevents the car from reaching it’s goal, when they can realize that none of the politicians are worth peeing on if they are on fire, and none will do anything to further are country, and they make their decision on that, then I believe we will have a common cause to unite, and rebel against the bullspit government, whose only interest is their agenda, and believe that we are all lemmings, so they will never care what we want, when certain Americans stop acting like lemmings, and start voicing and speaking out against the state of the government, I believe the government will then realize and become worried that it’s not a good sign for them, the races are banding together and rebelling against one cause, the government, then we will see true change, and not a second sooner!

  • http://yahoo carl

    this is irresponsible rubbish, the president is acting in desperation, what a dirty man.We don’t need another race war.

  • What?

    African American? Wow, to immigrate to America AND become a citizen. Then, to work for CNN. What an accomplishment! Oh wait, she isn’t from Africa? Oh, that means she is black. African American does not mean you are black, ask Charlize Theron.

  • http://Yahoo J. Byden

    It is assumed that the Scranton (Pa.) Times news reporter that yelled racial slurs at an Obama rally in Scranton during his 2007 – 2008 campaign was the culprit in Tampa.

  • tom

    well, there’s always at least one in every crowd. if i’m honest, i would have to admit i am predjudice. maybe not at skin color. but, maybe for something else. i really think everyone has some in them. these people tho did act badly, no self controll combined with idiotic viewpoints. but,, like i said, i really think we all are predjudice against something. even if you’re tolerant of other people’s beliefs, skin color, or worldview. and, you get intolerant over intolerance, than yup, your predjudice.
    i just proved i’m intolerant by calling those people names. now, didn’t i?

  • dale miller

    could it be because she was with biast cnn and not cause she was black ,didnt hear of any other black people getting nutted

    • j

      Are you freaking serious? Why weren’t the other CNN journalist targeted then with your same logic?

  • Patricia

    Are we certain that the jerk who threw stuff and said what he did wasn’t referring to the fact that the woman is affiliated with CNN? I would have been more upset at having those people at the RNC than the fact that she is black (what’s the big deal with that anymore?).

    • j

      Are you freaking serious? Why weren’t the other CNN journalist targeted then? It was racist…pure racism.

  • Zac

    It was not the color of her skin, it was the letters on her camera.

    • j

      Are you freaking serious? Why weren’t the other CNN journalist targeted then? It was racist…pure racism.

  • Joe

    I’m sure the guy could have found a white person to do that to, but he didn’t…People don’t be silly and don’t be fooled, AMERICA WILL ALWAYS BE A RACISIST COUNTRY…and thats what makes us great.???

  • Dave

    People, I smell a rat. Liberals posing as GOP to make them look bad. Look at it closely, the target was “A CNN Camerawoman” in order to insure that the media picked up on it. She was black in order to invoke the race card.

    This is such an obvious set-up it’s unbelievable! Typical Marxist/Communist type propaganda. When you have no proof of wrongdoing to tar and feather your opponent, make something up! I think it’s funny that so many of you fell for it. Just like you fell for all of Obama’s lies. You are a bunch of sheep!

    • Chris

      You’re a complete idiot…

      • http://none Richard

        Smell all the rats you want. They invited them. You would either have to be a member of the media, a Republican delegate from your respective state, or a high-profile Republican. In order to be considered for a delegate, you must be a registered Republican voter and apply to be a candidate for delegacy and follow their procedure process. Otherwise you’ll have to be a well-known Republican who either used to hold office or who will give a speech, etc. to be invited. It is not open to the public.

    • Trevor

      Uh so let me see if i understand this….CNN picked a white guy to throw peanuts at it’s African American employee so they get get a “news” story to make “Repulicans” Uhhhh did you “education” stop at the elementary school level?

      • Trevor

        “Make Republicans look bad”?

      • Ann marie

        Do you really think the Democrats need to have a set up? I suppose you believe the Kennedy assisination was a conspiracy too!

    • bob

      Like you are an ass

  • Joe B

    Well gee if this actually happened that is just to bad. This is what needs to be done to every so called news team. All of the news is just the same junk and all they do is take what is the actual truth and TWIST it into some kind of stupid story to confuse the public. Any news is such a joke and the only way to ever get the truth out of this country is to be there. Everybody relies to much on the news…oh wait news just means lies!!!!

  • http://topwhitepapersandresources Dolores Aquadro

    why do some dumb people ruin everything?

  • pego99

    Wow. Did Mitt Romney throw the nuts?

  • Ty

    This how Republicans act, why am I not surprised?

    • Michael

      UM, because your brain dead?

  • ron seiler

    lets face it, it REALLY happened! I hate to say it, this is the kind of people attracted to the Republican party. I’m also not shocked to hear it was a liberal set up!

  • Jim

    Shouldn’t that be “assalted” by salted peanuts? Really, assulted by peanuts? What injuries

    • Joe




    • Michael


      • Ann marie

        Now now gentlemen. Let’s not start calling each other names. I’m an independent and I try to live as if i were the other person. Maybe we should all do that and not think only of ourselves.

    • k

      was the woman a republican or democrat? i’m a black republican and now i’m confused.

      • http://NONE PHILLIP BANKS


      • http://NONE PHILLIP BANKS


    • vera

      Hey Bonzo
      She is a Camerawoman how come it’s not on tape?
      where if the tape Obonzomite

  • Bill Kaminski

    clearly this was staged ……anyone attending the RNC knows the spotlight is on them and the sharks are circling .what depths the libs will goto

    • http://yahoo Mary

      Never thought of that but unfortunately you may be right. This would be exactly what the liberal media would thrive on. Fox will end up checking into this to see who exactly these two people were. Then Fox will report on it. If it was staged, you will never hear another peep out of CNN or BSMBC!

    • Dude

      With the very tight security, I doubt if any, as you say Mr. Kaminski, “libs,” could even get in the convention center. I suggest you take a spoonful of reality.

    • Albert

      You really believe that.I guess all Reps. are perfect people who would never do a thing like that.

  • Joe

    What kind of animal was it?

  • vera

    This is total BS if it was true there would be video,
    especially since the supposed victim was a Camerawoman

  • marilyn

    My how the party of Lincoln has changed, it is now the party of bigots, fat cats, tax evaders, drug companies, insurance companies, and big oil, strange isn’t it, those are the things middle class Americans are hurt by the most.

    • Ann marie

      I couldn’t have said it better. Thanks Marilyn.

    • Ron

      The party of Lincoln changed right after Lincoln himslf was assasinated! Because he “Freed the slaves” the republican party changed. What are considered Dems now would hav been the GOP during Lincolns time. Now it’s a complete flip flop with the ideas of the parties.

    • Dean

      @Marilyn – The party that has not changed are the Democrat racists.
      Still enslaving Blacks, but under a different scenario.

      • Janet

        Dean, that’s an interesting comment. Could you be more clear about how you believe this is being done?

        • Tee

          yeah, Dean, go ahead and give ole’ Jane some talking points about how the Dems are making black people slaves by keeping them on welfare. Love to hear that one again.

  • Trevor

    The “Repulicans” could care less about the “Idiot” that did this to the Journalist…they use these people to get votes and once they’re in office…they will “disregard” them like yesterday’s garbage…on the “off” chance that Mitt Romney get’s elected…he will cut programs that affect them too…he doesn’t care if they’re “white” and middle class or poor…. his target for making sure people succeed are the “Wealthiest people” in this country and their families….it’s AMAZING….how incredibly “Gullible” and poorly Influenced!!!! in this Country!

    • Ron

      True that!

  • Jim

    This, if true, is clearly offensive, disgusting, and wrong. Yet, I find one thing interesting. Why identify the cameraperson as African American? Does this make the comments any more or less offensive? When a news article identifies a criminal as a minority, comments will appear identifying the mention of the minority as a racist comment. Would (should?) this be as big of a story if the cameraperson was any other ethnicity including Caucasian?

    • Ann marie

      Well, we do have a black president don’t we? I’m as white as the snow and I don’t see color…or race. It’s a shame that any of us even have to address it today. This goes for white, black and every other person of a different ethnicity. We all need to stop for the sake of our country.

      • Albert

        As a white AmericanI agree with you 100%

        • Albert

          I mean to you Ron

      • L

        I agree.

    • Missy

      Really?? I wonder where people like you live because in the America that I live in when a criminal whether African American, White, Latino, Asian, etc commits a crime their race is always mentioned. Just out of curiosity, would your rather have the news article say a man threw peanuts at a CNN camerawoman and yelled at her that “this is how WE feed animals?” If your answer is yes, then you, like most who don’t care, are missing the point which is that most of the republicans especially the tea party diehards are RACIST and that’s a fact. They did it four years ago, they are doing it now, and they will do it again.

      • http://www.teaparty.org/about.php Jim

        You wrote “the tea party diehards are RACIST and that’s a fact”. And you know this because what? You can go to their website and read: “We believe that the responsibility of our beloved nation is entrenched within the hearts of true American Patriots from every race, religion, national origin, and walk of life who share a common belief in the values which made and keep our beloved nation great.” Does that sound RACIST? I’m sure it will to you but it is not.

  • Jody Hart
  • Johnny

    I think it’s shameful that none of the TV “pundits” have guts enough, as yet, to forcefully speak up about this reality in regard to today’s republican party.

  • robin

    I think it was all a set up and I am so tired of people calling the GOP a bunch of Black haters. Dems are really trying to start things and they are more Violent when they protest.

    • Ann marie

      reallY Robin?? Are you that ignorant? It’s sickening that my taxes protect people like you!!! If you really feel that way…MOVE the Hell out of my America

      • Liam Bradshaw

        Well, it appears to be working. Give a redneck a gun & they’ll shoot themselves in the foot every time. Perhaps they should adopt Randy Newmans’ song “Rednecks” as a party theme & cease the charade of equality & tolerance.

      • Janet

        I’m with you, Ann marie. I really tried to be polite and respectful in my other post, but for heaven’s sake, those of you who think this was some kind of set-up are making yourselves look absolutely moronic. As a Democrat, I am sure that the majority of Republicans are nice, upstanding people who find this act as deplorable as I do. It was not fake; it was not a plant; and it was exceedingly likely the moron was a Republican. That doesn’t make all Republicans bad. The RNC took the appropriate action by ousting the individuals responsible. I feel certain that 99 percent of Republicans find this act of racism to be intolerable.

    • Ron

      If the shoe fits….

  • Lynn Holmes

    So…right about now…I am picturing this young woman (let’s face it most of the camera people are young)…carrying on her job in the face of heart breaking ridicule…and probably not so much angry, as hurt beyond belief. I can imagine that she cried…if not outwardly, then in her heart. Although I imagine she did, at some point, have to slip away.

  • Jon

    First of all this was not a set up CNN Fox NBC (yes NBC for all the dimwitted that think this is an attack on CNN) ABC are there for coverage of this event. Own up there is a ass in every class and these foolish persons carried out the act. Second CNN did not play up this event the RNC anounced the tom foolery of these individuals. IT is best to say these asses were at our event but do not represent the majority of the people at this event. Would they had thrown peanuts at former Secretary of State Rice? Choose better deegats next time.

    • Sherri

      I have to agree here, Jon. It is simply a deplorable act by morons. It isn’t a reflection on the entire GOP, it was an act by idiotic individuals. It wasn’t a ‘plant’ by democrats, it was an act by idiotic individuals. We need to stop focusing on these isolated incidents, as much as I know this young lady had to hurt, and move on to what our political leaders are saying and not saying. This diversion from the overall news is just as deplorable as this incident. BTW, I am a democrat….sorry to have seen this happen anywhere and not a good reflection on the delegates that are chosen to attend the event.

  • ProBlack

    Let’s be real. All of you that said that this wasn’t necessarily an act of racism are delusional. This was a blatant and disgusting display of bigotry and it’s reprehensible. Gotta love those GOP conventions. No place for minorities, especially African-Americans like myself. Stupid “conservative” republicans don’t realize that having more support from minorities might actually win Romney the election.

    • Phil McKann

      @Pro, you obviously see racism in every interaction between races

      The story does involve some kind of creep throwing peanuts at a camerawoman, the fact that she was black is only known because Shuster made a point of pointing it out, time and time again.

      And then you react because you have a chip on your shoulder. You are the racist.

      • Nick F

        And you’re delusional…

      • Sydney

        Phil, for a long time I have been referring to most of the GOP as men in sheets. They have traded in their sheets for suits but it is what is is. You cannot comprehend what most black people know from the age of 10. There are many, many racists in amerika and there is no disguising their hatred. You can try and make excuses but the plain facts are this woman was targeted because she is African-American. You know in your gut that many members of the GOP are prejudiced but because white sheets are out of style, they find other ways to express their distaste for the Americans who built this country. I don’t know if President Obama will be reelected but I certainly hope so. He’s the brightest and most honest man for the job.

        • http://www.joanisdumb.com Joan the Mongoloid

          It’s becuase of joackdonkeys like you, this country is in the toilet.

      • James A.

        The peanuts alone isn’t racist but when combined with the statements, it’s totally racist and for you not to think so is delusional and dishonest.

      • bobb

        lol! you’re right, they did it because she was what, a Democrat? Catholic? a women? Drives a Toyota? Right again on your other lame point, they should of left out that fact she is black. Phil, go throw peanuts at Pro and call him an animal, see what kind of initial reaction you get and think fast about an excuse of why it wasn’t racial.

  • chris

    basically we as americans try to go on thru life like racism don’t exist but it do. I’m a republican and I don’t have anything against african american because the point is that they are americans also but reality is, im gonna vote for an republican just because it was the way I was raised even tho I know we are only for the rich getting richer

    • Sherri

      Sorry to hear someone admit that they will vote against their own best intersts just because that’s what they’ve always done…..

      • chris

        reality is, that is how alot of americans are . When you are raised up a certian way most of the time you continue it thru out life. Take church and faith for example. Mostlikely where ever your parents took to church as a child is pretty much what most people continue as they become adults, politics isn’t far from that truth.My parents didnt raise me not to like african americans and i’m not raising my kids not to like african american. We are all humans.

      • http://yahoo Lovie

        You and your party will not always be rich. This is the reason so many people black and white despise the Republican party.

        • chris

          I’M a republican but i didn’t say i was rich, and i alone said what the truth is about our party. You know it and I know it. Im not scared of change but im not going to change parties because i don’t agree with everything that someone in my parties think. For example, I’m pro-choice not pro-life. I just feel that we as republicans have to open our eyes more to this ever changing world around us.

        • chris

          I’M a republican but i didn’t say i was rich, and i only said what the truth is about our party. You know it and I know it. Im not scared of change but im not going to change parties because i don’t agree with everything that someone in my parties think. For example, I’m pro-choice not pro-life. I just feel that we as republicans have to open our eyes more to this ever changing world around us.

  • L.A.B. Report

    Is there some reason that the offender(s) was/ were not arrested? It is not as though s/he burped and forgot to say,”excuse me.” This was an act of assault. This is not merely indiscreet,
    impolite behavior; it is criminal behavior. “Escorted out…” SERIOUSLY?????????

    • Sherri

      Might depend on whether she wanted to press charges.

  • Albert

    I’m a Democrate and all I have to say is it only takes one idiot to make everyone else look like one.Hope the Rep.ban this fool from everything

  • Liam Bradshaw

    If I were Black I would shun the GOP.

  • John Jones

    The Republican Party, while not overtly racist, continues to bring racists into their tent. The Republican racists will always, sooner or later, reveal themselves to the world. Sadly.

    • patrick travers

      Why do you automatically make the assumption that it a was a racist attack. The person that made this attack called her an anaimal he could have refered to the media being aniamals not to the fact that she is african american there are many more slurs that racist use that would have been more clear.Do you want it to be racist?

      • bobb

        Try this test. Go into any black neighborhood and throw peanuts at the first black guy you see, then call him an animal. While he kicks your ass tell him you are a good Republican and try explaining to him why you think it wasn’t a racial slur

  • http://www.webpronews.com Brad

    The Dems are really scared and are sinking to new lows !!!

    • http://wwe jenny penn

      not really it shows they are fucking stupid and scared of all black people. Bunch of asses.

  • Todd

    Why is CNN not commenting on this deplorable incident? Why are the two perpetrators not identified? I’ll bet if the camerawoman was from any other network other than CNN they would cover this story for all it’s worth. Is CNN trying to protect the Republicans from an ugly story that reinforces the impression of a large segment of the Republican Party being made up of bigots.

    Have any of the other major news outlets followed this story? Shouldn’t news organizations report the news and let the viewer/listener make up their own mind?

    • Donna

      Phoney story, phoney or set up, but not likely to actually have happened. These are the tricks of the DNC, not the RNC.

      • Disappointed

        Ignorance is bliss…

      • http://wwe jenny penn

        I know that republicans are all phony. More fake then santa.

        • http://www.joanisdumb.com Joan the Mongoloid

          republicans aren’t as phony as obama’s birth certificate.

          • Keep it Real

            Joan the Mongoliod,

            I am not going to insult you tell you how stupid you sound because you al ready know that. But it realy gets to me t hear ignorant people like you talk about the president.Repeating what you heard from another ingnorant a–. I am Africa American male and like Chis Rock said, ‘even being rich white people wouldn,t want to be me. To hear ignorant people talk about his birth certificate, knowing that most of white familiy wouldn,t have anything to with him. To hear you call him a muslim when he has attended a A.M.E churh for 16 years. Excuse ME. AME= Afrian Methodist Episcopalian……. He is a Christian you a–… But go ahead vote for he Morman. But I,m not going to do the homework for you this time, you look up what it means and more inportantly what they believe….

      • Janet

        Really, Donna? There are misguided and ignorant people in both parties. As a Democrat, I am almost certain there are individuals in my party with whom I’d rather not associate. The person was a Republican. Not all GOP members are as law-abiding and as full of integrity as you may be.

    • Mike

      How many people are at the convention? I would say that 2 people being involved in an incident hardly qualifies as a large segment. It is nice that you are such a bigot towards Republicans that you would call 2 people doing something a large segment. Get real moron.

      • david

        All of the comments by rnc supporters just goes to show,
        you don’t have to be a democrat,to be a jackass.


    GOD invented the peanut! i’m glad he is still in control!

  • ikihi

    probably was some democrat trying to make republicans look bad.

    • Donna

      Absolutely! Couldn’t agree with you more. These are DNC tricks.

      • Joan

        sorry, but it is not the DNC but the Repulican Party that has brought the USA back to the 50 & 60 era & your remarks show it.

        • http://www.joanisdumb.com Joan the Mongoloid

          Dear Joan, if you could read between the lines, or even read at all, you would understand what ikihi and Donna were saying. It was DNC members that infiltrated the RNC and staged the incident. A republican would have thrown bananas. Now go bow to ikihi and Donna.

    • styler

      The Republicans are doing a great job by themselves they sure dont need any help!

    • http://wwe jenny penn

      I hate all republicans and that just shows you how they act. Like pussy’s.

    • http://wwe jenny penn

      probably some stupid republicans looking the truth which is trash.

    • Al

      You are a total ass. There are a lot of individuals out there that think its the 1950 and they are the republicans.

  • styler

    Rodney King said it best “Can’t we all just get along?”

    • http://www.joanisdumb.com Joan the Mongoloid

      Rodney King’s not saying much these days….

  • chris

    set aside politics for a second , dnc and rnc , racism does exist , i’m a republican and i’m also and white american and reality is there is still alot of racism in our party. Most of it come from people who are scare of change. And that’s just the hard truth of the matter. I really wish that our party would acknowledge that and let those type of people know that we don’t want there vote cause their isn’t no room in politics for that because that will never get America back where we need to be. We are suppose to be the greatest country in the world. It’s about time we started acting like it. EVERYONE

    • http://yahoo Dee

      Amen, Brother. That’s the biggest problem the Rebulicans have: They won’t love. If they would joined forces with other conservatives, likes Afro-Americans and Hispanic, we, WE, could run this nation. The Rebulicans have a problem with “WE”.

    • Tom

      Chris, I agree that there are many Republicans who are scared of change, and that many of these people are racist. Others are sexist, or classist, or biased against some religious group or another.

      While I admit that not all Republicans are so extreme in their views, but I have to say… the entire idea of “conservative” suggests fear of change. The origin of the terms “conservative” and “liberal” are based on a parties views of the power structure in our society. One group wants to “conserve” the status quo, and the other is more liberal in accepting and promoting change.

      Unfortunately, much of the status quo the conservative platform wants to preserve is to keep the power within a specific group – white, rich, Christian, straight males. The group that has ruled the country since it’s inception. And they fear the possibility that anyone of women, people of different races or from other religions, or anyone from the LGBT community might rise to power if they are treated equally.

      Look at many of the divisive issues that people rip the GOP about – limiting women’s rights to choose an abortion, limiting legal status of gay couples, tough anti-immigration policies, preventing poor families from accessing resources to help them afford better education and health care… or giving MORE tax breaks to the wealthy… ALL geared at maintaining power in the “old school” power group!

      It’s the definition of “conservative.” “Liberal” does not mean socialist or Marxist… it refers to opening access to the seat of power to segments of society that have been denied that access.

      I hope people on the fence will read this and think about it seriously. Unfortunately, most people on these sites do not see that open to serious discussion about what the parties really stand for.

      • chris

        you are very correct Tom

  • BetterOffNed

    I’m one of every three people that make a comment: “I think it’s all a big conspiracy because Obama is a socialist, black, nazi muslim, and I think that might be the worst kind of muslim. And he’s not an American, because Donald trump tells me what to think.” Bunch of childish, self centered, “I’m the victim” type punks…

    • chris

      you must get that hatred out your heart. It’s one think being a republican but all that isn’t caused for. SERIOUSLY

  • http://wwe jenny penn

    Repulicans suck, and if ya’ll want a mormon in the white house then go right ahead. At least when he cheats on his wife he can say don’t worry america at least it’s one of my many wives. Rommney=epic fail.

    • http://www.joanisdumb.com Joan the Mongoloid

      I’ll take a mormom over a muslim any day.

      • http://wwe jenny penn

        that’s sad and you’ll see that you will not get anything done just like the bush era which left us screwed.

        • http://www.joanisdumb.com Joan the Mongoloid

          that’s probably the only time you got some. You’re sad.

  • Zoltan Zalapski

    It was Rush and Glenn Beck. Proud members on the RNC.

  • chichi

    Did we really expect that these people will rise above their racist ways…I am not at all surprised.

    • Carl

      I am Republican and I am not racist and do not associate with anyone who is…….yet, just meeting people; I know more Democrats that are racist than I do Republicans

      • Megan

        You are a racist! People who aren’t bigots, don’t waste their breath defending them. There is no “yet”!

        • john

          it seemes to me most people who call others racist have thier own race issues

  • ProBlack

    I want to make it clear that I wasn’t addressing the incident mentioned in this article but more the social issue and the response to it. People are using “gray” areas to defend racism here. It’s very Republican.

    @Phil What chip do I have on my shoulder? And how am I racist?

  • Ronnie

    This absolutely sounds like a stunt that a demacrate would do. The reporter said it was a vague article. If it was a real republican (or person for that matter) Dems would have no problem publishing names and addresses of the two people like the Zimmerman guy. I am completely convinced that it was an implant and staged for the reporteer to report. Total BS.

    • chris

      set aside politics for a second , dnc and rnc , racism does exist , i’m a republican and i’m also and white american and reality is there is still alot of racism in our party. Most of it come from people who are scare of change. And that’s just the hard truth of the matter. I really wish that our party would acknowledge that and let those type of people know that we don’t want there vote cause their isn’t no room in politics for that because that will never get America back where we need to be. We are suppose to be the greatest country in the world. It’s about time we started acting like it. EVERYONE

    • chris

      hey ronnie set aside politics for a second , dnc and rnc , racism does exist , i’m a republican and i’m also and white american and reality is there is still alot of racism in our party. Most of it come from people who are scare of change. And that’s just the hard truth of the matter. I really wish that our party would acknowledge that and let those type of people know that we don’t want there vote cause their isn’t no room in politics for that because that will never get America back where we need to be. We are suppose to be the greatest country in the world. It’s about time we started acting like it. EVERYONE

    • bobb

      these 2 nut throwers were taken off the convention floor by security. since everyone in there goes through screening to get an enty badge you know they were identified and their badges revoked for the rest of the convention. convention officials said it happened but haven’t released who they were. Why not? Protecting who from what? Think they would tell the world they were democrat plants to discredit the otherside if that was the case ? bet the farm on it, red meat for FoxNews

  • chaz

    its amazing to me how many racist americans are in this country. we speak about america this great melting pot. this is the biggest lie and joke ever told. whether we show prejudice against blacks asians arabs indians etc. it still is racist and is not acceptable period. all those who claim to be americans should be ashamed. we are all part of the human race and those of you who think who think you are better than the next person i have news for you YOU ARE NOT. now the way i see it our politicians are not doing their job and also spreading hate and you have some of the pathetic responses i have read i have only one thing to say. GROW THE HELL UP!

  • http://yahoo Teddy Manes

    Thats all CNN and liberals have?? peanuts thrown? how about unemployment? 17 trillion $ in debt? democrats taking billions from medicare, democrat led senate without a balanced budget passed in over three years! Obama care taking the choice of the private citizen away when it comes to health care. CNN doesn’t talk about those things.. Hmmm ?????? ya, thats what i thought!

    • http://www.joanisdumb.com Joan the Mongoloid

      why work when barry o will provide??? he should just about be out of the republicans money by now.

      • chris

        excuse me set aside politics for a second , dnc and rnc , racism does exist , i’m a republican and i’m also and white american and reality is there is still alot of racism in our party. Most of it come from people who are scare of change. And that’s just the hard truth of the matter. I really wish that our party would acknowledge that and let those type of people know that we don’t want there vote cause their isn’t no room in politics for that because that will never get America back where we need to be. We are suppose to be the greatest country in the world. It’s about time we started acting like it. EVERYONE

    • Blue Collar

      I think this financial debacle started along time ago, say maybe when we all believed in trickle down economics! The working class has spiraled downward and we just keep drinking the kool aid that Washington and Wall Street pour.

    • Megan

      You are too stupid for words. Maybe you should’ve read the headline, cause this aricle was NOT about unemployment, debt, democrats, or any of the other nonsense you spewed! Stick to Faux Noise, anything else is above your mental capacity.
      To break it down for you:
      One of your disgusting like-minded kind, threw nuts at an African-American woman who was doing her job, and that piece of trash insulted this woman for NO REASON!

    • There is no GOD

      Relax, the world has enough racist rednecks like yourself. If you dislike the country, leave. Trust me, no one will care.

      Elders need medicare to survive. The last time a looked all parties were profiting.

      I see all that you mention is democrat this, democrat that. The last time the budget was somewhat balanced was when Clinton was president. I assume you voted for Bush, which was clearly a smart choice.. wink, wink..

      Unemployment is a joke. Go get a job and stop being lazy.


  • Joan

    We do have a black president & just look at how he as been protrayed. Pictures with him looking as a monkey, questions on his birth, governer shaking finger in his face, a house of representative that have planned to say no to everything he tries to do whether good or bad, just to make him look bad, disrepects him daily, a do nothing congress, run by thugs & no credit for his accomplishments. GOP run by Grover N. make them sign a pledge not to raise taxes even if our country fails to hold up. Sounds like were in Russia,Iraq or any other dictatorship. Gop like the Dems used to put our country 1st now it is run by crazies, the ones who put us in this mess in the 1st place. What if both parties would have used the billions used in campaign ads on the deficiet or job creations.

    • http://www.joanisdumb.com Joan the Mongoloid

      He’s accomplished nothing except to bow to everyone he has met. Worst president ever. Makes Carter look like a genius.

    • Lynda

      ThankmumJoan for your intelligent post. Too many racists in the Republican party. Im sure they’d be glad if all blacks would vanish from the face of the earth. It’s a great thibg to know that not everyone in our beloved country feels that way.

  • Brian

    This would never happen at the DNC. Just sayin’

  • Benita

    I am ashamed of those racist who are also Americans, wish I could ship them back to their ancestors country of origin.

  • Donna R.

    I don’t think it was staged. There are a lot of racists out there. That said, please note the wrongdoers were thrown out. That kind of behavior is just as abhorrent to Republicans as to Democrats. It’s time we all put our big boy/girl pants on and acknowledge that every group–EVERY group–has its share of a**holes.

    • Robert Blohm

      Well put, Donna. No one can approve of such behavior. They were tossed out very quickly, too. Staged? I don’t know. The nore I think about, the more I wonder. . .

  • Tom

    WOW!!! I’m so depressed after reading these posts. America has become fat and stupid. For a start, go back to school and learn the English lanuage then worry about politics. Most people posting to this can’t even string together proper sentences and either spell words wrong or don’t use them properly. Let’s review a couple examples: “There” shows location, “their” shows belonging and just in case your wondering, “they’re” is a contraction of the words “they are”. Oh and the word an should be used in front of a word that begins with a vowel, as far as I know Republican starts with a consonant. “Alot” is not a word, it’s two words. The word I and American should be capitalized, don’t is do not, doesn’t is does not, learn when to use them. And to finish… tho is not even a word, try though. I’m so depressed you folks get to vote for the President of this great country.

    • stoogie

      What about “your” and “you’re”? Looks like you should take your own advice.

      • Robinson

        Tom see what happens when you point fingers? Stick to the Topic! This isn’t English 101.

    • LaNell

      Tom, language is spelled the way I just typed it

    • Jimmy

      Dear Tom,

      “Wow” is not a coplete sentence, so don’t end it with “!!!.”

      For a start, go back to school and learn the English lanuage (AND) then worry about politics.

      There” shows location, “their” shows belonging and just in case your wondering…Tom, it’s “you’re”…and NOT “your.”

      Maybe you should take an English grammar class.

      Just sayin’ :)

      • Jerry


        Teaching grammar is a hazardous profession…to my knowledge, “coplete” is not a valid word in the English language.

        Just sayin’

  • justsurfedin

    This is deplorable. I just heard the Condi Rice speech at the RNC. She is way smarter than most of the people there, don’t know why she’s wasting her time. Apparently, she doesn’t think it’s a waste of time, so I will respect her decision.

    But, after her speech, which I mostly agreed with, I heard a lot of applause, and some boos.

    What’s with the boos? Can’t people come to terms with women of color, or are they still living in mideaval times?

    • jimi

      The Republican Party does not want Black people at any of there events. So stop attending them.

      • homie

        The boos are from the democrats that are there to spy and start trouble. Of course you dont hear about what the woman did to get the peanuts thrown at her

      • Dnice

        Every since obama got into office certain race had done went crazy! Wow if he gets re-elect they might start blowing their brains out. I guess they forgot thay jesus said to love our neighbors as he have love them

  • Ed in Connecticut

    No reponse from Romney or his cohorts, no apology. They are sending their message loud and clear. No response is just like throwing the peanuts.

  • KimWilson

    This is the reason why the Republican Party gets labelled as racist. Condi Rice wake up!

    • Peter

      I think u should wake up!!!

  • prainva

    Did anybody get a video?> Remember, when the teabaggers were accused of racially taunting a black civil rights hero in DC, they said it never happened because no one had a video. Do they say the same thing here?

  • foxmulder241

    I bet the one who threw the peanuts was either a Democrat that was just there to cause trouble for the republicans or was government/police provocateurs.

    There should have picked a network to insult that people watch rating shows no one is watching the Communist News Network

    • stepper

      I’ll take that bet. I’ll also bet your GED looks lovely hanging on the wall in your double wide.

      • Chris

        There is nothing wrong with someone getting a GED or living in a Double wide. Takes a better person to try and put down someone…. oh wait no it does not! A better person helps and not try to make someone feel like having something means nothing. It means nothing if you do not use it right.

      • Debruno

        Third grade completion certificate & shack.

        • foxmulder241


          I finished High school unlike you who decide reproduction and leech off the tax payers was the way to go

      • foxmulder241

        Not everyone lives your life style welfare queen

  • obama 2012

    why am i not shocked? o yeah this is the REPUBLICAN National Convention of retards.

    • crystal

      Oh shut the f*** up Obama 2012 wants to hear your response beside speaking of stereo type and racist .. u need to stop calling mentally challenged people Retards.. we don’t use that word anymore and besides the republican party aren’t what u called Retards! which is unacceptable and honestly you have something mentally wrong with u wanting to vote for the undercover muslin which isn’t Christian

      • Terry

        Was that an intentional pun? “Undercover muslin”? Muslin is a cloth. You really need to educate yourself- this country was founded on SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE; voting has nothing to do with what your religion is. It has to do with who you think will do the best job of leading this country.

        • Justin

          And a mormon would do a better job? It’s pretty sad, even after all these years, there’s still ignorant people that just refuse to believe Obama’s a Christian. You want a conspiracy theory? Look into why 9-11 was an inside job, and how your “saints” Dubya and Jebby Bush were in on it.

      • Ruth

        The fact that u think President Obama is a muslim just goes to show that u have less intelligence that someone who was born with mental challenges. So what is your excuse?????? So sad for u.

  • Mink DeVille

    Couldn’t have been Ron Paul supporters, They were all kicked out of the convention yesterday.

  • Daniel Bice

    According to script! Fine job fellow democrats! This ploy worked in the past so why not try it again and again. Burden of proof falls on the shoulders of the republican party! More hoaxes to follow….by any means necessary brothers!

  • paul daniels

    You lefties are so stupid and full or shit. Even though you see all (R)s, conservatives, TeaParty people doing and saying this kind of stuff, it was actually from one of you…it was an obvious plant. If you morons had half a brain, you would figure out how staged saying something that stupid to a media member with a camera during a convention is…I know you lefties hope this kind of thing happens, but wake up. Just try thinking for yourselves just once.

    • Justin

      Yeah, a plant-job… that makes me almost laugh. Well, it would if the excuse wasn’t so pathetic.

    • Robinson

      Paul Daniels- Where you the one who threw the peanuts?

  • TJ

    Uf it were staged, RNC would tell us all about it but they have been silent.

    • Josh

      Um, it’s a liberal media covering this for the most part. They’re not going to cover it unless the message says what they want it to say.

  • Willow

    They were plants. Read the DNC playbook.


    That is very bad for the republicans

  • Kathryn Reesman

    Sums up repuglicans in a “nutshell”: male, (assumed) white (this IS at the Rep. convention, after all!) partying, shows how his Party treats non-male, non-white, Working people. Says it all.

    • Peter

      Did u listen to Condi tonight?

      • Appalled Black Woman

        The one thing not being discussed by the Repugnantcans is George W. Bush’s left over debt and mess he left. Perhaps that is why he failed to attend. But he did send his paramour spokesman,”Condie”. She is truly an “uppidie” Negra.
        And Ann Romney was so plastic, she did not reach me. Reminded me of a rerun of a Reagan B-movie.

        • Peter

          At least she traveled the world and u are stuck in the ghetto.

  • David

    Obvious plant…….Whoever did it should be ashamed. Im not saying that there are not people in that building that may feel that way, but they are not that stupid to say it … Obvious plant

  • Joe

    Assaulted? With peanuts? Really? Grow a pair CNN!

    • Joseph

      I’m pretty darn sure Jackie Robinson was also assaulted with peanuts. But hey, what harm can peanuts do?

  • Natalie

    I doubt that the incident was staged. If so, there would be much more press about it. Without the outrage being played out in the press, it would serve no purpose. I agree that every group has its share of people that the rest of the group wish they could disown. The bigger issue is to determine the pathway forward.

    • Natalie

      I doubt that the incident was staged. If so, there would be much more press about it. Without the outrage being played out in the press, it would serve no purpose. I agree that every group has its share of people that the rest of the group wishes they could disown. The bigger issue is to determine the pathway forward.

  • Truth in Action

    Many Republicans are racist. They hate the US having a black President. It drives them nuts :)

    • Natalie

      Truth in Action: You are right! The fact is, this new form of racism is cowwardly and underhanded. At least you could respect the hatemongers of ‘old’ for having the courage to stand behind their beliefs. As BASS-ACKWARDS as their thoughts were, they were “ride or die” in defending them.

      • Natalie

        Truth in Action: You are right! The fact is, this new form of racism is cowardly and underhanded. At least you could respect the hatemongers of ‘old’ for having the courage to stand behind their beliefs. As BASS-ACKWARDS as their thoughts were, they were “ride or die” in defending them.

    • Josh

      Maybe he’s just a bad president? Maybe that’s why I don’t like him?

    • Carrie

      I am certain this was about either CNN (known for their emotional and factless reporting) or the behavior of the woman which no one has reported, suspiciously. Republicans want empowerment and independence for minorities. Democrats are the ones trying to re-enslave them by making them dependent on the government.

  • Jennifer

    I don’t know why everyone assumes this is racist. I would like to point out that the republican mascot is an elephant. I have watched Dumbo and know that elephants like peanuts. I actually believe this was meant to be a jab at republicans, not African Americans.

    • Justin

      Nice try, sycophant, but not buying it.

      • vic

        then you are a fool

    • Robinson

      Are you Drunk!! Wow!

    • K

      Yes- I’m sure that what there upper level thinking- throwing peanuts on the floor and she jumped in the way while they were pretending to feed the Republican Elephant. I mean really? I’ll give you an E for effort but that’s it..lol

    • Demon X

      Jennifer, you should be proud of yourself to be an airheaded dumbass!

    • Serena Scott

      So if I throw crackers at you (supposition only)and you’re caucasian would that be okey dokey w/you? Of course no harm, no foul ’cause this could also mean “Polly Want A Cracker (the parrot.) Get real, please!!

    • Ms. Hurst

      Come on now u, everybody else knows it was a rasist remark. Does not have anything to do w/freaking elephant. Hasn’t this gone on for long enough? Because if a black person walked up to any of u white and calked u a cracker u would get all bent out of shape. Hasn’t thus gone on long enough. Me myself think is time for u all to grow u.

  • Juliet M

    Reading the commentary that followed makes me sad to be an American. So many people acting like elementary children in playground politics. Looks like there are clearly representatives from both parties on this site whose behaviors are not far off those exhibited at the convention….

    Hopefully I am not in the generation that witnesses the demise of democracy over small-minded name calling and diversions from real issues.


    • Peter

      Sorry! Obama started it!

      • Demon X

        Peter, Obama didn’t started it you dumbass troll!

        • Peter

          OK! Joe Biden started it!!!

    • Serena Scott

      Small minded name calling? O.k., you’re an a-hole and I sure hope that sits well w/you and doesn’t cause any division between us!

  • Stephen


    grow some balls and suck it up…. and how is “this is how we feed animals” racist? by any means calling someone an animal is not racist…insultive no doubt but racist? how do u figure that from animals… I can call a random man at a bar an animal… is that racist??? no I was just calling him loud/rude/barbaric…. et cetera, If the guy at the convention said anything like slave, N word, et cetera, then thats a no no but otherwise it was just an insult.

    • Me

      D I C K

      • Serena Scott

        The outcome of your physical wellbeing would depend on the neighborhood and the bar you are in when you make your insulting/racist comments! Please, come to my neighborhood (not Mr. Roger’s)bar and try your luck. It’s much too easy to downplay an incident when it happens to someone else!

      • Joe

        Who? You?

    • rion

      Throwing peanut on the woman and calling her an animal was racist. It don’t take a rocket scientist to know that the asshole was referring the the woman as a monkey and your a dumbass for trying to pretend otherwise.

      • Serena Scott

        Exactly and very well put!

    • Demon X

      Stephen I feel sorry for you for being a waste of space in this world.

  • Josh

    The whole thing sounds set up.

    • Peter

      I think so also!

      • Serena Scott

        If the incident was indeed staged as you say, it was just another dumb, attention grabbing, asnine act on the part of the ReTHUGlicans! The Democrats and President Obama don’t need and would not tolerate or propogate such rash antics…period!

        • Peter

          What about Joe Biden antics “Put u back in chaaaaain!

    • Peter

      Set up like Dan Rather’s fake story.

  • Butchiecola

    this convention is full of RETARDS & IDIOTS…….vote republican and join their ranks

    • Peter

      Like Joe Biden’s comments

      • Joe

        Sorry pal, it’s your party that’s the freak show on steroids.

        • Peter

          DNC will be the freak show on weeds!!!

  • Blake

    Obviously not staged. Republicans are all staged.
    Tom is an arrogant and ignorant @ss.

    • Peter

      Like Obama’s Greek columns!

  • Me

    Oh I’m gonna laugh so much when Obama wins again. I’m so happy USA has a BLACK president.Yes BLACK. I say it again BLACK not white blaaaaaack. A “negro” in your face you primitive white America!!!!!!!

    • Peter

      You mean half white president!

      • http://feedinganimals tex

        Your name its peter and you say black? Grow some balls peter, um i mean dick and use the n word … Yeah i said it GER.

        • Peter

          I don’t get what you’re saying. Anyway, Obama is half white if u didn’t know that.

  • Michael

    …White People………biggest problem in the WORLD

    • Peter

      Are you sure it’s not Arab?

  • lady k

    what is wrong with american’s right now. people are acting like they dont have any sense anymore. racial slurs are coming out, and people think its okay, well its not. people throwing peanuts seriously.

  • http://feedinganimals tex

    He should have said this is how we feed monkeys… Geez. It would have made sense and not caused a rucus.

  • http://feedinganimals tex

    Peter is a white guy in ghetto outfit.no brothers named peter..

  • zaxxir

    He didn’t care she was black. He was commenting on her working for CNN.

  • RJay

    In the hope that this creates a new conversation; The entire incident, whether real of staged, shows what strdes we have made in this country…. the true result is exactly what’s happening now, comments, news coverage, media blast, and both sides will spin everything to their advantage, while we sit at home and watch things unfold like a bad version of days of our lives…. the best thing to consider is that of what in the world did we miss if there was such a focus and misdirection…..what are all the media hacks trying to cause us to look away from…. and why is everyone in this generation so fixated on what goes on and media posting about it instead of just doing….no seriously…just doing…what’s right, whats moral, whats common sense…. have a feeling if the government in all regard was more like that instead of just talking like that’s how they are, things would be a hell of alot better…. for u, me….crap, for the woman who suffered trauma from the peanut bashing….just about everyone. Online world, I leave you with this being my 1st ever post on anything, Talk about this old and outdated system of choosing a leader for our country, take just 10% of campaign donatoions and feed the hungry, cloth the homeless, actualy care about one and other…. (just a thought)…. why do so many people spend and donate all this money to just have someone take a position they wish they could have….oh yes, because everyone has some type of agenda for self preservation and capital gain….oh yes….almost forgot that great human trait of greed, and selfishness… where would we be without that??? Isnt it funny that when a person refers to anything outside of actual politcs, for example corporate politics, it’s always negative, but we look to these few donated and elected leaders to make us believe that politcs is such a positive thing….. Politics….even the word makes you feel like nothing can be accomplished without it taking a long time….. I promise online world…. I will NOT hold my breath and hope that I will see a change that will affect my or anyone else’s life in any major way….I suggest you dont either.

    • Merlin

      HEAR HEAR!! now I just hope I don’t hear about you running for office.

      • RJay

        lol, nn F-IN chance in hell, too busy doing what maters, taking care of my family, doing what i love at work, and helping people.

    • http://Advacarehealth.com Ronkdavis

      Reasonable others should display such insight

    • ZZZZ

      Couldn’t of said it better. These campaigns end up being a bunch of adults acting like little kids, performing in the very same ways that they taught they’re kids not to—lies, slander, deception, immaturity, politics.

  • wevster

    I agree! I wonder if she was white would this have received the same time of publicity

    • OrchidIslander

      You two are pathetic in trying to make light and deny what happened.

      Wyatt, I’m almost pretty sure that most black people from Africa are glad that they have never met you.

  • wyatt

    It is absolutely amazing to me that racism still exists in this country. Not because this man threw peanuts at an African American woman, but because the media still thinks it is necesary to include someones ethnic back ground in a story. I think it is funny actually that this guy threw peanuts at her. He probably has no idea what country she is from. And I am curious to know how this reporter knows the camerawoman was born in Africa. All the “Africans” I know are white. And I have never met a single black person from Africa. Most the ones I know are from Detroit Mich. Thats just a fact.

  • Cliff Doyle

    I heard that this was set up by Democrats,because they know the people that vote for them are so stupid that when they hear news of a racist incident they will vote for Obama.Pretty sad when you will vote for somebody strictly on the basis of race.That to me truly is RACISM.

    • Yomammasbehind

      I heard that you were the one that was throwing peanuts and shouting racial obscenities. I should throw bread at you and tell you, that’s how honkies eat wonderbread.

      • OrchidIslander

        Cliff, you had some stiff competition, but as far as I’m concerned you are awarded the stupidest comment ever award.

        Share it with your fellow Republicans. The ones who are telling Hispanics to get over their biases towards the GOP – without a clue as why those biases are there.

    • ZZZZ

      True, it’s also sad when you won’t vote for somebody strictly because of race. Can’t pull that reverse racism trick on anyone with sense.

  • john

    this whole thing sounds madeup and the confirmation is so far suspect

  • Cliff Doyle

    Oh and one more thing if you want to bring the infrastructure of a whole nation down by playing the “Race Card” pretty sad indeed Democrats ,pretty sad indeed.As well are the pathetic people that follow you.

    • http://Advacarehealth.com Ronkdavis

      Be reasonable

      • OrchidIslander

        You tell em! A couple of white racists at the Republican Convention (go figure!) show their, pardon the pun, true colors and you blame the Democrats, not the mental morons who started it all.

        I would rather follow the “pathetic” people who follow the Democrats if they call out those who exhibit unacceptable behavior and not dismiss it as lightly as you do.

    • Yomammasbehind

      Cliff Doyle must be a kkk member.

  • Mary

    If this happened to a white woman instead of an african american woman, would it still be considered racist?

    • Dina

      Only if it was another race. Other than white. Why do people become stupid when trying to deny racism. Get over it.. .it was racist… and it was no SURPRISE…

    • Derek

      First and foremost, kudos, bravo, etc. to the guy who said they were referring to “vulturistic” (new words..I like) paparazzi. You have officially gotten so high, or so out of touch with reality, I doubt we will ever see you on this planet again.

      She was with CNN. I think they have a right to attend the GOP since so many of us across the world cannot.

      That’s a HUGE “if” Mary. I don’t believe that has ever happened before to a white woman- maybe if you forcefully took the home she’s lived in all her life or made her your “personal assistant”- maybe then it would be racist.

      Classic, white racism- blatant and at it’s best– oh but no, it’s just the negroes over reacting again. And I am not saying all whites are racist, or that no other race contains hatred toward another. I just wonder when people of all colors will ever take responsibility for their actions instead of pointing the finger at someone different.

    • ZZZZ

      What do you think? I don’t even know why I responded to your nonsense. Don’t talk about what you don’t know or have never felt. Getting bad service at Sears doesn’t come close.

  • http://Advacarehealth.com Ronkdavis

    It does not happen to a majority member

  • http://Yahoo Joseph

    He said ‘animals’, undoubtedly referring to vulturistic journalists, it had nothing to do with being black. Quit pulling the race card.

    • OrchidIslander

      Yeah right, he was undoubtedly referring to vulturistic journalists. Seeing how you were not there, how do you arrive at “undoubtedly?” There were a far sight more white journalists there to accost – who, by the way, are actually journalists – than singling out a black woman who is a camera operator – and not a journalist.

      You – and all the deniers – posting herein know exactly what this was about. If you want to be taken seriously call it for what it is, show some legitimacy.

      That this happened at the Republican Convention should come as no surprise to anyone.

    • ZZZZ

      It’s easy to say when you’re white and have no clue about racism. Comfortable huh.

    • Vision67

      And you know this because??

  • lovespicy

    CNN should make an action to protect its employer. I am wondering if the man still threw the woman if she is light-skinned. What a moral!

  • Baden

    Whats the big deal, at least he wasent shooting her, and of course thye are animals, they are the second class citizens.

    • ZZZZ

      But i bet you won’t way that to the a black person’s, educated or uneducated, you will see an animal. Racism is the highest level of stupidity.

    • rebec

      Sounds to me like Baden is leading the charge of the “animals”. Although I digress, I don’t want to insult the real furry animals of the world by lumping you in with them.

  • scott

    ok…someone threw peanuts and ranted at a CNN employee….and people think it was a plant (no pun planters peanuts), or that it had nothing to do with her being black. You make the call….

  • http://,thanmost myzellm

    we all responded to the article because ‘race’ evokes some kind of emotion within us, more so, here in the U.S.than other places in the world. We have ‘history.’

    • carla

      Yes, we all respond differently to any statement with “race” used in any form. However, would you all feel the same if it were a white camerawoman and white men who did the same, yet made crude sexual comments? Or a white camerawoman and black men making comments and throwing objects at her? I wonder if it would receive any air-time? While my 4 children were very young, when among our friends, their friends in school, church and in our community, they DID NOT know color! I am proud they see all people are created equal and as important as the other. Three are in college, and they have friends of every race, financial status, religion, etc.

  • http://Yahoo Leroy

    I don’t know what to think. The democrats spend just too much money yet the republicans are just too weird. I’m not sure what to do.

  • http://yahoo Write-in -Ron Paul

    Sounds typical to me. Absolutely racist. If Romney wins get use to it.

    • Gerald

      Here is whats wrong with society…everyone is missing the biggest picture of this story. It should be focused on these two individuals having their asses whipped number one for throwing shit at any human being and second a defenseless woman in her work environment. Who gives shit about race…at the end of the day we have to put all the finger pointing and hatred aside and say what made them think it was ok to throw any objects at a person. Wish that would have been my mom or a family member of mine…that would be the last time those S.O.B’s would ever even see a peanut. Respect your fellow man…respect your fellow American and their views.

  • ZZZZ

    Unadulterated racism. Get used to it. Ever since 2008, closet racists have come out. It’s crazy because we make big deals about the stupidest things happening in Hollywood, but something like this will be forgotten by tomorrow. Whoever says it wasn’t about color might want to be tested for retardation, No, sorry, that’s an insult to the down syndrome people.

  • rs

    GOP = Racism. It is this simple. So far I haven’t heard any one in the GOP comment about this.

    What are they hiding?

    They should have denounced it immediately.

    • Chase

      rs, Your commment is such generalization that is obviously idiotic and reeks of race-baiting. To bring such a thing up during the convention would give fodder to the leftist media which is looking for any excuse to cover any other news than Obama’s failures, which are being pointed out by almost every speaker at the convention. If the GOP denounce it, people like you would not change their minds about conservatives, and more focus would be brought on this minor, albeit terribly offensive incident. There is nothing in the article that shows this was a racist incident; the article simply implies it.
      A few possibilities:
      1) Conservatives, but stupid: they could have been simply mouthing off out of aggravation about how CNN is so far to the left, that they should not bother to try to cover the convention.
      2) Plants from the occupy movement, Democrats, or unions, trying to make conservatives look bad and distract from the GOP getting its message out to the American people. After all, when hurricane Isaac became just another storm, something had to take the headlines away from “OBAMA’s FAILURES BIG FEATURE OF GOP CONVENTION”.

    • rebec

      With such an ignorant statement, I doubt if you looked hard enough to find a comment from them about it, you’d skirt around it anyway.

  • Gerald

    Here is whats wrong with society…everyone is missing the biggest picture of this story. It should be focused on these two individuals having their asses whipped number one for throwing s*** at any human being and second a defenseless woman in her work environment. Who gives s*** about race…at the end of the day we have to put all the finger pointing and hatred aside and say what made them think it was ok to throw any objects at a person. Wish that would have been my mom or a family member of mine…that would be the last time those S.O.B’s would ever even see a peanut. Respect your fellow man…respect your fellow American and their views.

    • HimBytheStairs

      I believe you have totally missed the point, if my memory and reading serves me correctly. “We don’t feed animals here” is the comment stated during the intrusion that alone makes this a racist assault punishable under the government judicial guideline of a hate crime. Not only do I hope that they are prosecuted but also they or he should be reamed by the Criminal and Civil judicial system of this country. I find that you have taken an elitist approached to this unfortunate infringement upon this lady doing her job; you have the right idea in that they should be punished but not by the circumstances you are advocating, justice is not yours that’s why we have a courts and jails. Until you walk into the shoes of a person of color, you have no right to dictate how we should feel and what our recourse should be, you keep on trying to sweep the indignations and bigotry under the rug but you fail to forget, it not up to your race to determine how we as a people should react to your cavalier disregard for our feelings and basic human rights. I can’t help but think that your perceptions are that unless we are dragged behind a pickup truck until our skin is scrapped from our bodies should we be allowed to claim the act to be racist in nature.

      • kkk

        bla bla bla.. You your self are racist. The VP would put you back in chains if his boss would let him. I dont see how this is racism.. throwing nuts at a reporter can also mean reporters are animals or CNN reporters are animals. Unless you consider people of color animals, then you your self might find this racist.

        • Vision67

          You exemplify the image of the ignorant angry white male, age 30-45, lower middle class (if your lucky), with a sense of entitlement b/c your “white”. Your world view is shaped by your perception of white supremacy. You vote republican even though you dont benefit from it’s policies. You might wanna rethink your position.

  • ZZZZ

    Conoleeza Rice is a highly educated woman but at the end of the day, she’s a pawn for more of the black vote, simple and plain. The only people that will help better the country are the youth because they are only ones that have gotten past racism for the most part. The white youth are beginning to breaking away from all the hatred their parents instilled in them. The black youth need much more help and guidance but all in all, the youth are pushing past the devilish ideas set in motion centuries ago. YES it’s a beautiful thing.

    • ZZZZ

      And nobody can do a thing about it.

  • Jim Johnson

    Every Republican is Racist. No exceptions. That’s what Maddow and Matthews said on TV so it is definitely true.

    • rebec

      Very ignorant remark to make a blanket statement. There may be some republicans that are racist, as well as some demos that are racist. Hell just fill in the blank and by some degree or another, someone will fit the bill. But a blanket statement is just stupid.

      • http://www.raycurt.com Roy James

        The message is clear and not altered or disguised. We are not welcomed in this new millennium of the FIFTH REICH of AMERICA. Un Civilized war is the norm. Ask Homeland security. these people have an agenda and we are not included. GENOCIDE!

    • rebec

      Or I will give you the benefit of the doubt that you were just being sarcastic.

    • bubba

      what are you smoking? Allowing people to see how ignorant
      you are about history! Dr. martin Luther King was a republican!
      please learn something before exposing your brain to the world…L.M.A.O…….

  • MD

    This could have been a racist act…… Or it could have been a set-up to look like a racist act.
    In ANY event, the act itself was no more racist than most of the comments I read before making this comment myself.
    There are a lot of real sick puppies making comments on this article!!!

    • HimBytheStairs

      Dont recall anyone requesting your permission to think or be opinioned about peceptions of racisist acts of violence. You dont have the right nor deserve the autonomy of concluding what dictates or fits the criteria of your one dimensional mind. As a person of color, you dont have the right to think for any of us.

      • rebec

        The OP was stating an opinion, not asserting that you had to ask permission. Just like you, which makes your comment highly hypocritical. Only you have the right to an opinion on this article. Get off your high horse.

      • Bob

        But,she has the right to her opinon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • elnora

    it is so sad those people did that to the lady ,because she is black they were others there why her it is because she was black,why did they put them out if they didnot do anything rong ,and people is trying to defend them .because theythose who is defending them think just like them ,god make all of us black and white,we feel pain ,we all get sick ,dont care how much money u have we all have to dye black or white we are all the same,difference is the out side color of our skin.so try love and think about we are all huma being.

    • Nita


  • idigVampi

    There was a couple of @ssholes who made fools of themselves and were tossed out of the convention for throwing peanuts.I doubt if this was a conspiracy by the rnc or the democrats.The world is full of people like this.Frankly i am more concened about the reporters getting killed in combat zones.Of course it was a rude act but it was handled the way it should had been.It really doesn’t matter if the target was selected because they work for cnn,because it was a woman,or because she was black.Anyone who does this sort of thing is just a rude,stupid person and about all you can do with people like this is kick them out.

  • elnora

    baden i will like to know what class are u my father did not make any second class citersons we are all his children ,do you think thease polititions have time with you all they want is your vote .when you say black people are animals what are you an animal god make all of us in his own image and likeness.so dont think you are better than black people that is not so .

  • Sue

    Dem plant. Nothing more. Can’t win by presenting your own case. You have to be underhanded

    • http://www.raycurt.com Roy James

      The message is clear and not altered or disguised. We are not welcomed in this new millennium of the FIFTH REICH of AMERICA.

    • doc

      Nothing more than racist rednecks in Tampa – great job GOP

  • JJeff D

    A CNN employee with “CNN” logo in the camera.

    Did anyone check to see if the man who assaulted-with-peanuts (bad built-in pun, not my pun) was a CNN employee?

    Would it have been too much trouble for ace reporter Shuster to find the man an ask him what the meaning of his stupid act was, or is Shuster afraid of peanuts?

    In the end: it is more convenient to spam the internet with the word RACIST than it would be to do any actual investigative journalism.

    • Joseph

      CNN wants to say he was the first to report. I read the story a day ago on HuffPost.

    • niko

      does it matter what its motives were?

  • Lewtx

    what a stupid Republican..everyone knows you throw peanuts at elephants and bananas at a monkey…..

    • Joseph

      You Stupid xfuxkea dixth.

  • ed fortner


    • http://comcast william

      lol thats a very good question , ill have to member that one

    • marcus


    • Mike

      replying to ed fortner..really? Maybe the part your ancestors kidnapped them from.

      • jj

        well, since most african slaves were sold by other africans, are you saying his ancestors are africans?

    • MimiNonna

      I agree that we are all Americans….period and the sooner we see each other this way, the sooner we treat each other this way, the better off this country will be.

      • andrew anthony

        Two drunken clods showing their true feelings in a racist,misogynistic,and ignorant way;they were perhaps emboldened by their surroundings into doing something they would otherwise NEVER have the guts to do! PS***There are some black women here that even the drunkest black man wont trifle with!!

  • Leslie Ann Warren

    Thank U Ray J 4 Ur Comment Blessings!! I Think It Is Sad 4 A Man 2 Ever Treat A Women That Way By Callin Her An Animal & Thrown Sumthang @ Her, I Guess It Shows How They Father Treated There Mother When He Disliked Wat She Had Done or Doin?? Men Are So Disrespectful 2 Women These Days That They Thinks There Fault 2 Get Pregnant When They Are Raped Cause They Have Cut Off Mechanism When They Are Sexually Abused?? They Dn’t Want Us 2 Have Abortions But They Want 2 Take Away Birth Control?? They Want 2 Take Away Welfare That Help’s Women That Doesn’t Have A Good Father Figure @ Home Helpin Raise & Take Care Of The Children (sometimes there are good men in there life who could of lost his job 4 a moment who needs help 2 get them bck on there feet again until they find another job)?? 4 Instance Like Me My Daughter’s Father Died Frm Heart Failure @ The Age Of 31 “Military Officer” Amonth Be4 My Daughter Turns 2yrs. Old She Is Now 10yrs. Old & They Treat U Like Crap Jus Askin 2 Apply 4 Help & She Doesn’t Get The Full Beneficiary Amonth Cause She Has 2 Split w His Other Child & I’m Injured Parent They Think Hard 2 Help That Been Workin Since I Was 13yrs. Old Goin On 41yrs. Old They Think Ur Lazy & Have More Than One Kid?? When I Tell Them It’s Only One Child Need Help 4 Till I Get Bck On My Feet They Dn’t Believe & U Get Laughed @ When U Walkin Out The Door In Pain??!! Tell Me How U Feel If U Was Treated Like Me When They Call My Name & They See Is Black Girl Name “Leslie Ann Warren” Everythang They Promise 2 U Over The Phone or Paper Work Cause I’m Not White or Spanish Get Thrown In That Thrash or Out Door Tell Me How U Feel Abt Me & Life Again??!! Blessings 2 Us All w Grace & Luv In Jesus Name!!

    • Really??

      Leslie, you are not helping Obama nor are you helping the democratic party with this nonsense you’ve written. You are the face of what conservatives hate and associate with Obama. You are 41 and cannot string together a simple articulate phrase. As a fellow member of the democratic party and Obama supporter can you kindly NOT post anything else in public forums? You are setting us back and quite frankly are an embarrassment. Thanks.

  • b

    bet they were sent in by the democrats to disrupt the convention

    • Scott

      Republican colored glasses? Don’t forget the stacks of Tupperware body bags, the black helicopters, and the thousands of Russian shock troops. There coming to get you! Oh and don’t pay any attention to the man behind the curtain!

  • memberoflife

    Why are we all filled with such anger? I would really like to know why these two men were even prompted to do something like this? What is their story? I am not saying throwing anything at anyone is okay. But to go off on the race issue or maybe even a gender issue needs to be reserved until all the facts are in. Now the issue of throwing something at someone unless it was in self defense is just plain wrong. And to pit dems vs repubs is also shortsighted. People just seemed to be fueled by so much anger no matter their political views, gender or religious/non religious views. People need to take a deep breath and relax! Hate only begets more hate.

  • Dan

    I myself do not like talking about race and never thought of myself as racest. Untill my daughter was asked if she had any black friends. she said no I don’t, wich was strange because she has alot of friends. I asked her about her friend Kisha. She told me that yes Kisha was black but she’s my friend first. then she told me I don’t have any black friends Just friends that happen to be black. So the only thing I can say about any of this is, Thank you for opening my eyes for me sweetie your god father would be proud of you. That haveing been said. I guess alot of us are dumber than we thought

    • Jay

      Really Good story Dan. Glad your kid sees people for people not for color and any other none important factor.

    • Frank

      I’m sure an investigation will show that the peanut thrower is a democrat operative . Chicago politics .

  • Michael Gambino

    Why does it matter that she was born in Africa? Not sure why this is part of the story. Are you asserting this person is a racist against African people?

    • Jeff

      Are you saying that the idiot that threw the nuts at the woman isn’t racist?

  • proud canadian

    Only at the RNC do these types of things happen…..imagine that? Is anyone really shocked?

    • MimiNonna

      Wow! Only at the RNC? Ever been to a school playground?
      Give me a break. Unfortunately, there are people of every race, color, and creed who have no personal dignity. The world spends too much time chewing on the wrong to figure out how to do it right.

      • Scott

        MimiNonna I would hold adult representatives at a national convention chosen to stand for the constituents of a state’s political party to a higher standard that a 5 year old on a school playground, and I would correct the five year old on rational misbehavior But sadly I have experienced this kind of thing at work too, and corrected it then too!

      • Frank

        Mark , One more thing , Canadian beer sucks .

    • Proud American

      You must be kidding? Either you are biased against the Republicans or the media blackouts in Canada have kept you from seeing some of the ridiculous acts committed by the “union thugs” at the tea party rallies or the racist tweets from Clay Aiken or the idoit from Yahoo. There are idiots on both sides but to say that this is an RNC thing is either a misstatement by an uniformed Canadian, of which there are usually not many, or a biased statement by someone with an axe to grind.

  • Frank

    Obviously plants by the Democrats to discredit the RNC . The Democrats will sink to any low .

    • Mark

      Denial by a fellow bigot.

      • Frank

        Mark , you know nothing about me . I’m no biggot .
        You are an idiot .

        • Mark

          You and your party are bigots.

          Your actions speak louder than words, bigot.

  • Preston

    It’s funny how Yahoo will have this trending, but not the stupid and crass comment by David Chalian’s comments about how Mitt and his wife “They are not concerned at all….They are happy to have a party with black people drowning”. REALLY?? He has been since fired.
    I’m not condoning the remarks by these two dumb “you know whats”, but if you are going to think this is only an RNC thing, look to your bias and liberal media who are still race baiting this election.
    David Chalian anf the two idiots with the remarks go under the same tent; Reubplican or Democrate…they have stupid people on both sides!

  • Mark

    Let’s face it. The Republican Party are chocked full of bigots.

    They (The GOP) have been reported from various news sources to be over 93% white. Given that Romney can’t win without win without some minority votes and he has to bite his tongue to pander to the groups he hates.

    Remember: this is the party that had supported clan member and former Louisiana Senator David Duke. If it quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, and acts like a duck…

    • Proud American

      Are we not mentioning a KKK grand wizard from WV? Biased…much?

  • Fredrica

    American history , including modern day history is repleat with thousands of images created by whites equating black people with apes… READ for goodness sake! READ!!! Research!!!! (And not just the crap you pick up at the grocery store checkout)! Despite the clarity of what took place in terms of this incident, and many such incidents that take place every single day, many whites, are quick to deny, deny, deny.

    • Ron

      Probably overly optimistic, assuming that these cretins can actually read or, if they can, comprehend. From my transatlantic perspective, Republicans don’t seem to be overly bright or particularly well evolved.

      • http://yahoo You Wish

        BUT we are WELL endowed !!!!



    • SansDeity

      Unless I’m an amputee or a starving child in Africa of course.

  • Brian Smith

    Lot of republicans are cowards so I am not surprise something like that will happen at their convention. To prove they are, read the comments on here. If the native Americans threw peanuts on us, non of us would be here. Almost everyone of us here are all strangers or outsider.The native American could tell me and others go back to Europe

  • Mark

    CNN Poll conducted last week.

    Obama: over 90% African American voters polled to vote for him.

    Romney: 0% (Poll had deviation of +-4%.

    The bigot party better “pray” for votes from minorities or Romney’s sunk. It’s no matter, he’s a tax avoider who hates our police and teachers.

    • dbassurance

      Blacks are the most racist people on earth. The only time they are not is when they want a hand out. Like what are president is doing.

      • http://yahoo me me me

        You tell’m brother !!!!!

        • I AM I AM

          Greetings All,

          It’s very SAD that we as people can not see what the devil is doing to us. God said in the last days we would be acting like this. Imagine, someone doing something like this to your Mother, Sister, Brother or Father. What would you do???? Think about it, everyone. One day we all will meet our Creator!!!!

        • andrew anthony

          Enslavers’remorse?Mayhaps my spear-chuckin’ forebears should have been left alone to their own devices rather than transported here to toil for an elite population that dispised work! Who is LAZY now?Oh,and by the by, there are more white people receiving assistance and food stamps than blacks…Just the facts ,Jack!CHECK IT OUT

          • http://yahoo You Wish

            Hang in there Andrew. The first of d’month is just around the corner so your food stamps will be available soon.

      • Arlene

        And you’re a narrow-minded asshole.

        • andrew anthony

          Crikey,Dude!!I need them NOW..my chicken and watermelon cache was stolen last night while I was out copping some weed!ED.note:they’re on EBT cards now…..SHIZZLE MY NIZZLE…

      • Scott

        Reverse racism is definitely rampant. It’s ok for blacks to openly hate whites, but not the other way around.

      • Ignorance ISN’T bliss!

        Blacks are the most racist people on earth???? If Obama was white, you WOULD vote for him because he is intelligent and articulate. Everyone knows he is the best candidate. NOTHING intelligent has EVER came out of Romney’s mouth! The reason you don’t want him in office and give him a difficult time IS because he’s African-American. That speaks volumes. Remember, this is being displayed world wide. I have been blessed to travel outside of America. Other countries are observing. This doesn’t set a positive image. You say America isn’t racist. However, you disrespect him every chance you get. If the POTUS (who happens to be African American) is being disrespected by his own, they’ll think you’ll treat them the same? No one said he’s perfect. But, he did inherit a massive debt. Although he’s the POTUS, he still needs approval from the other 2 branches of government. Like Obama said “it’s time for change”. The next time they decline his proposal. Try being apart of the soulution vs part of the problem. Offer some good suggestions to help fix this country. DO IT FOR EVERYONE REGARDLESS OF RACE, GENDER, AGE, DISABILITIES etc!!! Hard times doesn’t discriminate!


        In regards to your comment “The only time they are not is when they want a hand out”. The Pilgrims got a handout from the Native Americans. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have survived (hint Thanksgiving). Your forefathers took Africans from the wealthiest place on Earth to take care of their plantations, kids etc. If we research our ancestory, some of us are desendents of Kings and Queens. Therefore, we would NOT need you!(hint the Pyramids based in AFRICA!) Since we never received reparations for slavery, your forefathers received a hand up from our hand out! Therefore, we learned it from your forefathers. LMAO!! Since I don’t like mules, give me my 40 acres and a mustang w/interest!

      • Sunni

        More than 45 million people – about one in seven Americans – received benefits from the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, the most ever. Fewer than 31 million people collected the benefits about three years earlier. How that breaks down is 49 percent of recipients are white, 26 percent are black and 20 percent are Hispanic, according to Census data. The number speak for themselves.

  • Tim

    Politics in this country have risen or stooped to the level of show business just like sports, movies, fashion, etc. Until we get the money and freakish personalities out of politics the show will just get more and more weird. Sad that we all are willing to settle for such a broken system.

  • http://yahoo Nathaniel Semel

    The man is most certainly is a racist. This is the mind set of the entire Republican party. Instead of uniting they divide. Abraham Lincoln should be rolling over in his grave.

    • SansDeity

      Um, so you complain about the Republicans being divisive by generalizing an entire group of tens of millions of people? Oh yeah, that’s very uniting of you. You’re not being bigoted or divisive at ALL.

      • J Noknock

        She isn’t a leader with blind followers!

  • http://yahoo me me me

    WAH! WAH! WAH! SHUT UP DemocraPs!

    • Mark

      Bigot = GOP.

      Funny thing is Romney can’t win without BEGGING to minorities for their vote.

      • http://yahoo You Wish

        BIGOT = MARK

      • tbonczewski@yahoo.com

        All this talk about racism is more crap from the left. Your president has nothing to run on except scaring the hell out of people and lying about everything else. First, it was a white, Republican president who died for freeing the slaves and second the Civil Rights Act wouldn’t be law if Johnson didn’t have Republican support. Al Gore’s daddy voted no on this one! The Democrat party sees people as victims and wants the least informed electorate, then they can be controlled every 4 years.

  • roxann williamson

    This isn’t about black or white, Democrat or Republican. Why couldn’t we take the money that was spent on this red, white and blue farce, and feed some people, give medical attention, or help this dying country. The government is entertainment to take our minds off of the real issues. This election charade will not help us. Awareness will.

  • John

    Why are we assuming they are racists? Just becuase she was black? Maybe the intent was refering to the Media in general was the intent? Personnaly I beleive the media is a bunch of animals for what they do. The media does not care about anything other than getting the story first and stirring up controversy.

  • http://yahoo Proud American

    This is not a racist issue but that’s what the Democrats want you to think. There are crazy people that do crazy things and the Democrats are fighting for their life in this election so they are stooping to new lows and taking advantage of anything that they can turn against the Republicians and try to make Obama look good (impossible).

    • Realist

      Not a racist issue? wow. I guess they didn’t get all the racists when they threw out the two losers at the convention.

      • Michael S

        Obviously some people do not have a clue, and I guess you think that is part of being a proud american.

        • CLeftwich

          Are you people serious??!!! Not a racist issue??!! Since when was throwing peanuts at a black person not trying to say they are monkeys. Come on…I guess this is another ploy for people to keep Obama in office. Knock it off! It is what it is! It’s wrong. Whether it had been done to a white, black, or purple man or woman, it’s dehumanizing. No one deserves to have trash thrown on them. If people stop tip toeing around the issue the world would be a better place. Racism exists and is still rampant. It may not be as blatant as segregating schools and restaurants but it definitely has progressed and transformed into a entirely different beast. After all…Confederate flags are still being put up. May God have mercy on all of our souls! The end is coming near…and we are going to hell in a handbasket.

    • Mark

      maybe it was sexist?

      Bottom line: GOP party is against women’s rights and chocked full of bigots.

      Action speaks louder than words.

      • Pam

        You hit the nail on the head….

    • Jae

      Oh come on!…The fact of the matter is that 2 men that were attending the convention purposely chose that particular cameraperson because of her race. They would have no idea if she was a Democrat or a Republican. I am pretty sure that the only identifying part of her was that she was a woman and African American and some type of CNN I.D.
      For all the people living in today’s world that think that there are not people who judge other people simply by the color of there skin, are sorely mistaken. Unfortunately there are ignorantly uninformed people that think that comments and actions made towards minority people are not hurtful or harmful, “What’s the big deal?” I can tell you as an African American woman, I am totally offended at what these to men said and I know what they meant. Not too long ago in history it was an acceptable mind thought that A.A. people were compared to monkeys and anything but human beings. I don’t know why people think that this mind thought does not still exist. It does and it’s raring it’s ugly head every single day all over the free world out of the ‘spot light’.

      • Ignorance ISN’T bliss!

        PREACH Jae!

    • Tom Johnson

      Yes, lets go back to the old day’s where the Woman were stuck in the kitchen, Gay’s were in the closet, Priest molested boy’s and the men drank at the country club and drove home drunk. I’m sure your a Proud American!!!!!

  • http://yahoo JD

    “BELIEVE half of what you SEE,NONE of what you HEAR!”

    • Mark

      Denier of a racist act. Typical republican.

  • cueballbrad

    here is my “liberal” interpretation, I cannot say the comment was racist, but it was definitely dehumanizing. The men referred to a woman as an animal; in other words less than themselves. The woman who happened to be African American was there doing her job; working for a news agency. Whatever their intent it was purposefully demeaning to a woman who was simply there to work.

    • http://yahoo.com Eileen

      Thank you for looking at the whole picture,he picked the wrong camer and person to send a message to the DEMOCRAT

  • birdie

    i would told him this is how we feed your mama

  • Lynne Presley

    I don’t care who she was-she is a human being, and unless she was a monkey in a zoo-no one should be throwing peanuts and saying what was said. Some people make me sick. But then alot of people don’t care about others, so this is what you get. It doesn’t matter where it happened, it is the fact it happened at all.

  • BrianCK

    Was it because she was black or was it because she was from CNN? I’m guessing CNN.

    • Mark

      I’m guessing it could have been sexist, could have been racist (GOP is cited being over 93% white), or against CNN.

      I’d lean that it was against CNN. They have been far more unbiased than other stations.

      What stations have I seen biased? Fox (leaning to right) MSNBC (Leaning to the left).

      CNN has been reporting both sides, independently.

    • Larry

      r u blind r stupid………..

  • Wilma Griffin

    Hatred and ignorance breeds violence regardless of the degree! Let’s face it and deal with it just for what is. There were numerous reporters there, so why choose this reporter to throw peanuts at and to make those demeaning statements to. Everyone knows what his comments means and why it was directed at her, so stop pretending!!!

  • joel

    make no mistake about the GOP party will reach for every and ALL people on the fringe with little upstairs
    in an attempt to gain back control of the white house!!

    that guy should have been BEATEN!

    obtw Ryan Lied last night about more thing! the ultimate red neck USED CAR salesperson

    • FredTex

      Your comments really represent who you are!

  • Sandra

    This incident was absolutely deplorable. Shameful. It gives the Republican Party a bad name, especially since the convention seems to be made up of mostly caucasians. If I noticed this, others also did, and an unwanted connection (by the Republican Party{ will certainly be made.

    This is not to say that all Republicans are bigots, or that the party is made up of mostly whites.

  • Scott

    This is definitely a racist action, however, reverse racism (blacks toward whites) runs rampant in our society and it is unreported and apparently acceptable. Last election it was fuddy duddy vs the black guy, now it’s a stuffed shirt vs the black guy. What do I do? Abstain and watch it get worse. Obama has made easier for people in this country to do nothing and live as good if not better than people who WORK.

    • Ruth Ryan

      It’s time you and anyone else realized that “reversed racism” is a racist term.
      Racism is racism ALL THE TIME..there is no normal racism..black people can be racist to whites. I am white and have experienced racism. Show your intellegence and never use that expression again!

  • Steve

    This is was a case of rowdy idiots doing something stupid and then getting thrown out. The RNC handled it appropriately and it shouldn’t be blown up into an indictment of the RNC by hand-wringing liberals who know their guy is on the way out.

  • Scott

    Make no mistake about it, the blacks and the young urban white girls who like black guys are voting Obams…just because he is black. That’s racist too.

    • Joselyn Smith

      Ohh so that makes it ok for ignorant a holes to do things like this.

    • Nicole

      No not necessarily, being racist is to believe that a certain race is superior to another. Just because a white women likes black men does not mean she is racist or believes they are superior to white men.

      • Joselyn Smith

        Totally agree, it’s about personal preference. Love knows no color at least in a perfect world it wouldn’t.

    • Earl

      Scott, racism is defined as a person with power or authority who uses that power and authority to hold or keep people down based on race. People who do not like people because of race are not racists if they cannot harm you in any way. The mere word Racism is Racist. Once we define that word clearly then we can move forward, but since this country will not have that conversation then as a nation will stay ignorant of the subject.

  • ANN

    Stupid republicans. Im white and i like Obama because he cares about the people he is down to earth.

  • Keep it Real

    Truth, I live in Tampa Bay. my father is a cop hear an is part of secuirty detail. IT HAPPENED,,,, TPD escorted them of the convention grounds, took there passes and made sure they stayed away. Trust me every agency in the justice department is hear, along with every local law enforcement ageny and the national guard. They have snipers on every roof top for 2 quarter miles. And I think to myself I thought that the GOP was for small goverenment….. And yes they were registerd attendees of the convention both republicans, its belived they were intoxicated to what level i do not know. But that was no excuss to assult this young women, while doing her job.

  • FredTex

    There is more to this story than what’s being told… Since when does CNN not comment on news worthy stories, who are these idiots and do they have a connection with CNN or someone else? RNC took the high road and threw out the bums but did not elaborate either. Notice how the CNN commentator blew up the Racist aspects of this with no additional information. This could be not more than race-baiting and if it happened to be a black on black or white on white confrontation, would it have gotten any notice at all. Don’t buy into all this crap put out by the media. Wait until next week at the DNC and see how many incidents don’t get reported at all!

  • Maa Shepsu Menab Nuiriankh

    Was the person placed under arrest by the police?

  • http://virginmedia.com mike wootton

    You have a great president in Obama,let him finish his tasks

  • http://virginmedia.com mike wootton

    Obama is a great president

    • http://yahoo You Wish

      Hey Mike Wooton ………..roll over and get’cha another drink of that Kool-Aid.

      • Josie Mrs C

        You may want to give him a little more crack while you are at it.

      • BROOKE


  • John Barleycorn

    How long before we discover that the two perpetrators are actually Obama supporters who sought to lend credence to the “Racist Republicans” meme parroted by the media and the Democrat party?

  • Turtle

    I think the woman didn’t give in to the sexual advances of the white Republican male, and she was hungry for some nuts

  • Blackness Lives 4ever

    well what she should have did is picked the peanuts and stuff them into his eye and yelled this how we feed the pigs!

  • chinaka

    What do you expect? There are still a lot of Republicans who are still living in the era of slavery. Grow up folks!

    • Kpmil1967

      That’s funny it was the GOP that freed the slaves and passed the civil rights bill of the sixties. It’s the Democrats that keep people enslaved.

      • chico999

        Yeah right, just like the Quakers before them their fore fathers they’re trying to keep us enslaved. But some blacks for some reason can’t seem to figure that out.

    • Kpmil1967

      I do agree the individual (Key word individual) should be punished and put in the public spotlight and made to make amends. No place for that anywhere.

    • Jim

      Just to set the record straight:

      The South was all Democrat in the era of slavery.
      The Republican Party was founded on the number one issue of the 1860s, slavery. Their purpose was to abolish Slavery.
      Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican President.
      After the Civil War when the slaves were freed, the Democrat Party founded the KKK to terrorize the Black people to keep them from voting and claiming all the rights given to them.
      The Southern Democrats pushed through the “Jim Crow” laws to keep Blacks from owning property, or voting, or sitting at a lunch counter, or drinking from a “Whites only” drinking fountain.
      During the civil rights era, all of those governors standing in the schoolhouse doors were Democrats, all of those sheriffs ordering the fire hoses and dogs turned on demonstrators were Democrats, most of the Congressmen voting against the civil rights act were Democrats (Al Gore’s father among them).
      After the Civil Rights Act was passed, the Democrats saw the value of getting Black people to vote for them, took credit for all the good things that happened, and convinced the Black people that the Democrat Party has their best interests at heart, and started giving them “free” stuff to buy their votes. It worked.
      Most Black people today have never been told the story, or they ignore it to keep the free stuff coming.
      The government has ruined the black family by making the government the father in their families. They have ruined your culture.
      When you see a black woman with 6 children by 6 different fathers, you can thank the Democrats who convinced her and the fathers that it is normal.
      Think about that the next time you want to call the Republicans racists.

      • http://yahoo You Wish

        THANK YOU SIR! I couldn’t have put it better myself.
        I’m an AMERICAN Indian. Cherokee and damn proud of it. And a Proud Republican. These people want to whine about THEIR rights. MY people got the shaft. Probably by people that have evolved into what we know now as the Democratic PARTY.
        Nuff Sed!

  • Keep it Real

    Joan the Mongoliod,

    I am not going to insult you tell you how stupid you sound because you al ready know that. But it realy gets to me t hear ignorant people like you talk about the president.Repeating what you heard from another ingnorant a–. I am Africa American male and like Chis Rock said, ‘even being rich white people wouldn,t want to be me. To hear ignorant people talk about his birth certificate, knowing that most of his white familiy wouldn,t have anything to with him. To hear you call him a muslim when he has attended a A.M.E churh for 16 years. Excuse ME. AME= Afrcian Methodist Episcopalian……. He is a Christian you a–… But go ahead vote for he Morman. But I,m not going to do the homework for you this time, you look up what it means and more inportantly what they believe….

    • Josie Mrs C

      Obama is have a 2 HOUR MUSLIM PRAYER preceeding his Convention. In his book he chronicles his Muslim studies. Go see 2016 based on Obama’s book Dreams of My Father.
      Christian?… baloney, he is not Christian, he just plays one on TV.

      • Josie Mrs C

        Incidentally if you won’t vote for Romney because he is a Mormon than YOU ARE THE RACIST.

      • Ta

        Yo Josie. are you a men or women? because I cant tell. If you are a men grow a ball. Go back to school learn staff. don’t run your mouth like its your ass. Mouth is not an ass. don’t open your mouth. sometime its wise to say nothing. when you don’t know.

        • http://yahoo You Wish

          Well people. THIS is your typical Obama supporter.
          Cant’t talk, can’t spell. Still want’n to be Mr. Bad.

  • http://www.boaterstalkradio.com Smith

    The Dems will use this as ammunition at the DNC and it will work. Fact: Most Republicans are white and most of ALL other races will NEVER trust whites, Euro or American, so yes, anything like this that happens will become mainstream news. Also, this was an action by immature drunk youths and I am sure, 1st time convention attendees. I won’t counter with anything else – this was just wrong.

    • Josie Mrs C

      The RNC has had numerous Black & Hispanic SPEAKERS at their convention. This is NOT TYPICAL Republican behavior but is very typical of the Liberal Left.

      • http://yahoo You Wish

        Whupped’m again Josie!!

  • Jim

    Somehow I get the feeling there is more to this story than what is reported.

    At first it was an attendee, then it was an employee of the arena. That’s a HUGE difference!

    Did the Camerawoman do something to provoke the act? Did she say something, or step on someone’s foot? Did she set up her camera in front of some attendees, blocking their view?

    Could this person be a “Code Pink” plant like there was on Wednesday night? The Left will stop at nothing to try to make the Republicans look bad.

    CNN is so biased against the conservatives, maybe they asked a misleading question, or said something offensive.

    Lets wait to see if CNN can cover it up or if the truth will come out.

    • Rigo

      typical republican response, Blame the victim.

      • Lady


      • Jim

        I am not “blaming” anyone. I just think we should not pass judgement on the “attendees” or the Camerawoman. We just need to find out what happened before we start using the race card. Just because they threw peanuts at this woman and said something mean, doesn’t mean that it’s racial. Maybe the guys were just jerks.

        • M L Allen

          we don’t need to find out anything about what happened before this incident these fools decided to show their ignorance for the working class: this woman was doing her job and this racist bum wanted her to know that she was still beneath him… Give me a break…
          I guess it’s okay to act badly as long as you’re NOT BLACK, right???

        • Sandra

          What could the Camerawoman have done to cause anyone to respond to her like that? The only thing I would like to see is the PICTURE and the names of the low-life attendees.

          • Maurice

            Jim you are an idiot. There is nothing this woman could have done that would have given those racist white people to do what they did. Stop making excuses for them. Just admit that they did something wrong and stop trying to come up with a reason to blame the victim. You sound like people that say, a woman deserves to get raped because of what she was wearing. That is stupid and so are your comments.

      • Ta

        Hey Jim. Do you live under the rock? Because you sound stupider then my Fish.. Yeah you sound stupider then my fish. Because there is no way someone should do such act. No Way. So are you giving him a free pass. What an ass. Jim is an ass. there i said. Go see a doctor Jim. you need help.

    • Alex

      Even if she did provoke the guy in some way, that automatically gives him the right to do what he did?
      Good thinking

      • Jim

        Nobody said that he was “automatically given the right to do what he did”.
        The difference here is that the Republicans escorted them from the building, and took their credentials and badges.
        If this happened in the Dems convention they would be given front row seats.
        When a Dem congressman gets caught having sex with a young boy, he gets re-elected, a Rep would resign in disgrace.
        When a Dem president rapes at least 3 women and has sex with a page, and takes illegal campaign contributions from a hostile foreign government, he gets re-elected.
        We have a current president who nobody knows anything about except what he has written in his autobiography, who has spent his life surrounding himself with Marxists, felons, terrorists, tax cheats and other assorted low-lifes, the Dems rally around him and attempt to get him re-elected. A Republican would have been in jail 3 years ago for this.

        • Pam

          Jim, You are a sick person.

        • M L Allen

          You know what, You’re just IGNORANT!!!

        • charles l

          george bush shoule be in jail then because no one lied and cheated more

    • Josie Mrs C

      It COULD most definitely be a Liberal plant to make Republicans look racist. A typical move by the Left.

      • Lady

        LOL! YOu are funny!

      • Cleveland Chico Holt

        No one has to “make republicans look like racists” Their history, idological agenda,congressional inemptitude and social-economic plans speak for them.

    • Mike

      Jim, you are one ignorant person. The country would be better if they our society with scum like you. She was working doing her JOB!!!

      • Jim

        Am I “ignorant” or “scum” just because I believe that a man is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. That’s in the Constitution, remember that. It’s that “irrelevent” (Ruth Bader Ginsburg) document that has protected your rights for over 120 years. Re-elect Obama and we will have a couple more goofball Supreme Court Justices on the court who will do away with the Constitution completely. Then see if you can say anything bad about your government. You would disappear during the night, never to be seen again like people in other countries do.

        Typican Democrat, can’t debate on the issue or form a complete sentence, so just call them names.

        • http://yahoo You Wish

          JIM FOR PRESIDENT !!!!!!!!

    • Z

      UPI Biased as well? Convention attendees did this & multiple witnesses observed.

      We know it’s all a conspiracy by CNN to make the GOP look bad. BTW @ least CNN has a world view when it reports news and certainly is more “fair and balanced” in its reporting. As an employer they should certainly let people know that one of their employees who was doing their job was mistreated.

      TAMPA, Fla., Aug. 29 (UPI) — Two Republican convention-goers were ejected for throwing nuts at a black CNN camerawoman and saying, “This is how we feed the animals,” the U.S. network said.

      “Multiple witnesses observed the exchange” at Florida’s Tampa Bay Times Forum, the news network reported. Convention security and police immediately removed the two people from the arena, CNN said.

      Read more: http://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2012/08/29/Black-CNN-staffer-taunted-with-nuts-at-RNC/UPI-10541346257921/#ixzz252r2IQRM

    • Chris

      Jim, when will “you people” understand that this situation doesn’t address the issue. Racism is REAL and it happens EVERYDAY! Americans are not defined as caucasian or any other specific ethnic group. We are all Americans, face it. Those that are racist, OWN IT! “You people” will understand what it feels to be humiliated…

  • lizziebob

    This is a stupid story. A better story would be all the gay hijinks going on in the hotels by GOP members. Calling all ye closet homos. It’s not any better with the democrates either, that one is under age prostitutes and farm animals. Lets all walk away from the meaningless puppet shows and sow good seeds in our own communities.

  • Lady

    When will people learn…being stupid and ignorant doesn’t help you out in the long run. Taunting black people is not going to make you look any better. Who cares if you don’t like us…get over it! WE ARE HERE AND WE AIN’T GOING NO WHERE! Don’t get mad…get like us! Hell yeah… we work elbow to elbow with you and living in “your” neighborhoods. As a matter of fact we own half of this ish! So stop hating and get over it! It is clearly 2012!

  • P Poplaw

    What angry, ugly people on here. Try doing the right thing in Life. This is not it. keep an open mind, it will release you from the hate, and anger. I used to be just like you. Now I am free of all this hate. I help People make this wolrd a better place, by not careing what they think. I only know that they need help, and I help when ever I can.

  • Jim Odom

    “Me and my wife were standin’ upstairs,I heard a white man say “I don’t want no Niggers up there,in a bourgeois town”-Hoddie(leadbelly)Ledbetter from his song Bourgeois Town circa ’40’s to ’50’s-ain’t we come a long way by saying”This is the way we feed the animals” authored by 2 RNCC attendes,I appologize for all the white people in the USA,I am sorry,that someone(two in this case)could say this in 2012 !

  • Wil

    White americans at their finest. There are no excuses for this nonsense so quit making them. What you have here are a bunch of phucking beasts.

    • jamaal

      I agree, there are some idiot white people, but there are an equal amount of idiots of african american descent too. this situation may not have been racially motivated at all, but the way the media spun it, along with the racial comments made by African Americans toward the person that through the peanuts, is the reason that the racial tension still lives on. Get over yourselves feeling sorry for your so-called oppression. Always looking to blame someone else. I got jumped by a group of African American men in my neighborhood because I had a Republican sticker on my car. Does that mean I should group their behavior in with every African American? No, everyone is an individual and should only be judged based on that individuals actions. Until African Americans(I am black) start doing that, dont expect things to get better…just sayin

  • Bill

    OK Troglodites. If we are animals, and we are your Fathers, of civilization ie (SPAWNED YOU) Then what does that make you… FOD FOR THOUGHT!

  • http://YAHOO.COM Gabrielle

    I am a Black woman and a day does not go by that an incident like this does not happen in my life. It is very common because of the White people (and their idolizers) that are sadly living such miserable, disappointment filled personal lives. I understand their pain and pity them. Why? Because,I am very lucky not to be “accepted” by such worthless human beings. Who needs such crap in their lives? Besides, their frustration is so obvious because they see that there is nothing that can keep a Black woman down. Absolutely nothing. I salute the Black female camera woman and wish her all the best in her dynamic, trailblazing career. I also hope that she remembers to thank those two goons for her future 15 minutes(or more)of fame and fortune. By the way, who is she? And, where is the law in this matter?

    • Tanga

      As an African American I deplore ignorance! Ignorance has no discrimination; it crosses all boundaries of race, sex, and religion. It hurts to see that this form of ignorance is still so very alive and well in a society that is so open minded. Open minded to homosexuality and interracial marriages. Yet the ignorance cannot bear to be in the same space with another HUMAN Being. The ignorance has to continue to label us as animals! Don’t fall for the ignorance, be above it! I understand your pain Gabrielle, I just don’t agree with the delivery.

    • Blunderbuss

      Hahahaha! I love comments like this….. You say you are the target of daily racial taunts by whites, and you are lucky to be above racism. Then you go on to say that whites are “frustrated, worthless human beings”……hmmmm I wonder if that would sound racist if someone like Rush Limbaugh or Don Imus said it? Well, good thing for you that you are a Strong Black Woman, because that means you couldn’t possibly have a racist bone in your body! The horse you rode in on is very high and mighty, you might want to get off it soon!

  • J. Nichols

    Republicans and their minions will soon have to wear clown makeup, they just can’t let the past die gracefully. The America of the 40’s and 50’s is gone. You’ll someday have to accept this fact and learn to coexist with your neighbors instead of excluding them attempting to marginalize them. Love Your Neighbor

  • Ken Bradshaw

    This feels like a set up to me, somebody wanting to create a controversy that would reflect unfavorable on the Republicans. Has anyone researched it or is it being taken at face valuse?

    • AnnaD

      I tend to agree with Ken here.

      • rayboyusmc

        Right. It was a set up by people who had GOP credentials. What a denial of reality.

        • Jim

          Did you see the “lady” from Code Pink trying to unfurl a banner Wednesday night during Mr. Ryans speech? Do you think she had “credentials”? How do you think she got in? Oh, I don’t know. maybe she stole some, or forged some, or was given them from a Ron Paul supporter, or maybe she worked at the Center. She sure wasn’t a Republican because Republicans don’t let Communists join their party.

    • lloyd

      this is how all of you tea-party people act.

      • Jim

        You can tell there is a bigot speaking when he starts a sentence with “This is how all of you ______ “(fill in the blank with your current insult).

        Do you have any pre-conceived notions about Blacks, Jews, Polish, Puerto Ricans, Christians you want to share with us, Lloyd?

    • JohnCF

      Of course it was a setup. The Democrats have long demonstrated their propensity and skill at resorting to dirty tricks, smear and innuendo to discredit republicans any way they can. Going all the way back to Nixon, republicans have been victimized time and again by underhanded activites such as this. No doubt this camerawoman is having lunch at the White House as I write this, scheming with Obama campaign staffers for her next disruptive move at the convention.

      • MattP

        you have to be invited to attend the GOP Convention… And have a lot of money. How on earth would ANY democrats get in? Keep screaming “OH!!! Controversy!” all you want. Both parties are guilty for tarnishing each others reputation. The GOP doesn’t have 1% of the black vote and A LOT of red states have a horrible history of racism. Sure… it was the democrats. Keep living in your fox news fantasy.

    • Rik

      REALLY…Assaulted, CNN is just trying to make a news story, What a joke, he was throwing nuts.
      eject the guy and call it day….

    • Casey

      I’m fully away of how crazy this sounds, but maybe, just maybe some Republicans are actually racist! I know, it’s kind of hard to believe. It’s just a thought.

      • Blunderbuss

        Casey, I’m sure you are aware that there are some Dems that are racist too! Every party has them, and they aren’t always white like the media presents. This kind of thing happens ALL THE TIME. Remember the Tea Party incident where two supposed “Tea Partiers” beat down a liberal heckler? Turns out those same two “Tea Partiers” were sent there by the DNC to create an incident that would make the Tea Party movement look like a bunch of intolerant, racist, redneck, anti-abortion, homophobe hillbillies with guns! You do remember that, right?

    • jamaal

      totally agree, and i’m black. African Americans keep setting back any chance of positive racial relations by looking for something to blame their oppression on. Get over yourselves black people. stop looking for excuses to be ignorant.

    • John

      I agree !

  • MidRoad

    Maybe there was no racial motivation. Maybe the animals they were talking about related to CNN being seen as liberal press. Maybe it WAS a couple of drunk convention goers that were throwing out racial taunts. Who knows? They are a couple of jerks and needed to be tossed, but out of all the derogatory words for black, I don’t recall seeing animal high on the list. They may be guilty, but oh how quickly we all rush to judgement.

  • http://Yahoo Casey Brown

    That`s Funny!

  • Edward

    I have a new white woman as employee and manager of my business, and just recently during an informal lunch meeting she told me a derragotary joke about black people, thinkinhg that I as Hispanic would appreciate a joke like that..
    I have been thinking over and over to let her go as she is approaching her 7th week on the job. I have black people in my staff and it bothers me very much that I have someone overseing them who feels that way.

  • Eddie

    Not saying all republicans are racists. I am saying that most racists are Republicans…

  • claydog

    Why does it matter what color she was? Ask yourself why was that stated? Unless someone is trying to start something ‘news worthy’ to some people looking for problems. It doesn’t matter what color/race they were does it? It was an idiot, planted or not. Why did they say, black camerawoman..unless you are trying to start something. Why do they say first black president, first black to do this or that…. who cares? It’s an accomplishment of a person, period. Unless someone wants to keep the separation b.s going….. you can’t let it go, unless you let it go. Yes, things happened in the past, it’s getting better. I can’t imagine what it is like being a minority in this day and age much less when it was ‘acceptable’ to be racist. Are there still problems? yes. But the only way to heal is sometimes bite the bullet and heal instead of propagate it. Is it unfair? yes! But it can’t get better until you let it go. I’ll take all the blame for the past, there, I owned it….I was wrong, it was wrong. Don’t let the few ignorant people, from both ‘sides’ f it up for the rest. Do you want to be like the muslims that hate everyone not muslim and kill people because of religion? Why is that crazy to most Christians/Americans when our problems comes down to the same fact of ‘us and them’…. Try it once, instead of reacting, don’t hate. Easy for me to say I know. Be the bigger/better person to these idiots. Think for yourself, don’t follow blindly. Look at the big picture for all, don’t be selfish making all about you/me.

  • claydog

    I didn’t think of that….instead of all these people trying to make it racial comment….it was a ‘CNN animal’…THAT makes sense! Most animals don’t think for themselves, and liberals don’t …so it’s a LCNN comment. I get it now.

    • Eddie

      Ha Ha yeah, because when everyone thinks of animals, they think of CNN.

  • Carol

    Usually when something like this occurs, it turns out to be a set-up by the liberals…i mean, CNN?! Really not worth the time…think of the things that were omitted on CNN. I really don’t know where they get racial. If this is true, the men should be ashamed.

  • Nancy

    Why hasn’t anyone covered the Raub arrest and committal to the mental institution in the state of Virginia? People need to hear about this, not some idiots’ stupid behavior at the RNC. You would have a real interesting story and many opinions. I have learned much from it and the lack of coverage says a lot about our networks.

  • Dakota Derringer

    Sounds like a preconceived set up to me – Isn’t it ironic how these things always seem to happen when Obama starts losing ground in the polls ???? And, to your left wing radical liberals who will curse me for posting this comment, I am a Libertarian, & have ZERO use for Obama or Romney. Although, from an outsider’s view, if all most people care about are jobs & the economy (which all the polls state, correct ???), then one would vote for Romney, as that is his specialty. Just sayin… Enjoy calling each other names, U political extremists…..

    • j. arnall

      I agree with you whole-heartedly! IF it happened, it was a set-up!

  • John

    Nice “Made UP” Story!! What Bulls**t!!!

    • j. arnall

      I agree, see my comment.

      • http://Yahoo Patricia Hardimon

        j.arnall, you are the true pits.! Arm pits !!I bet you arer are over 60,too ! Don’t botherto reply, we know what the answer will be.

      • http://Yahoo Patricia Hardimon

        j.arnall, you are the true pits.! Arm pits !!I bet you arer are over 60,too ! Don’t botherto reply, we know what the answer will be.

      • http://Yahoo Patricia Hardimon

        j.arnall, you are the true pits.! Arm pits !!I bet you arer are over 60,too ! Don’t botherto reply, we know what the answer will be.

      • http://Yahoo Patricia Hardimon

        j.arnall, you are the true pits.! Arm pits !!I bet you arer are over 60,too ! Don’t botherto reply, we know what the answer will be.

      • http://Yahoo Patricia Hardimon

        j.arnall, you are the true pits.! Arm pits !!I bet you arer are over 60,too ! Don’t botherto reply, we know what the answer will be.

  • TONY

    A lawyer asked the LORD, What is the greatest commandment, and JESUS replied, love the LORD thy GOD with all of your heart, soul and mind. The second is the same, LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS THYSELF. On these 2 commandments hang all the law and the prophets(The Word of GOD),Matthew 22:35-40. This is NOT a choice for humanity, it is a Commandment from the ONE who created mankind, TAKE HEED.

  • Chris

    Some people should read the definition of the word assualt before using it to decribe what is clearly not! She was hardly assaulted!

    • Gordon

      An assault legally does not require a physical interaction, it can also include any unwanted language or psychological abuse. In this case peanuts were in fact thrown at her, along with a racist comment; this was in fact an assault.

  • Ignorance ISN’T bliss!

    Bottom line racism IS WRONG period! Regarding this situation, it was pure racism all day…everyday. Thousands attend the GOP. However, the assailant(s) picked an African-American woman. It’s wrong for the following reasons:


    The victim is African-American. Throughout hiSTORY (yes…it’s from your history, we were referred to as monkeys and apes. When they threw the nuts at an African-American, they were insinuating she’s an ape/monkey/chimp. HELLO!!!! According to Genesis 2:7 state, “And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” There wasn’t cement in those days. Ground is the Earth which is brown. Also, KJV Genesis 1:27 GOD created us in the image of HIM. Doesn’t KJV Revelation 1:14, 15 state “His head and hair were white like wool, as white as snow, and His eyes like a flame of fire; His feet were like fine brass, as if refined in a furnace, and His voice as the sound of many waters”. Sounds like a man of color. Didn’t say African-American. Man of color not white. The places mentioned in the Bible are in Africa. Also, wasn’t the oldest bones discovered in Africa? We are the only race who can produce a rainbow of color including white. So why would you think we were apes??? If that is the case, do you think GOD was one? HE said we were made in the image of HIM. That’s DISRESPECTFUL not only to us but to HIM!

    Sexiest no; but, poor excuse of a man YES!

    He selected a woman (not a man) to attack. If it was a man, the headline would be different. CNN camera man was attacked at the GOP last night. If it was an African American camera man, a CNN camera man (who is African-American) is in custody for beating the he## out of a white man for allegedly throwing nuts at him. The story would have made headlines every where. Then, they would ask Obama to comment. Next, Rev. Al Sharpton would organize a protest.


    YES, the act is degrading and humiliating to be treated as an animal. OOPS!! CORRECTION. They wouldn’t treat an animal like that. They wouldn’t have thrown food at an animal. Otherwise, animal rights activist would be all over them.

  • Chimp

    Right ~ should have thrown fire on her!

    • jeff stanton

      now i know why you call yourself chimp.

  • j. arnall

    How low will the democrats stoop. I would bet any amount of money that these idiots were paid by the left to cause this so-called racist incident! This administration (with all the busy little czars) have done some deplorable things, so this really shouldn’t surprise anyone!

    • jeff stanton

      i’ll bet you j.

    • FrankL

      You can’t get into the convention hall without a badge. Why haven’t the republicans released the name of the person they threw out and whose credentials were confiscated. Certainly if the person was not a duly elected republican delegate Fox would have told us by now. Get over your conpiracy theory.

    • http://Yahoo Patricia Hardimon

      jmail, you are one stupid *^%$#@1! What this proves is the kind of people in the Rep. party.! Instead of you taking the high road and saying “we don’t approve of anyone being treated this way, you blame the Dems ! You Jack___!! You insult all Rep. and they should hunt you down and find you and tie you to a tree and throw wlanuts at you !!






  • Robin

    Democrats planted this or it would be headline news that they would broadcast all day n night. They don’t broadcast bc they know that it would be uncovered by the real reporters. How lame. Peanuts ? Give me a f…break!

  • Maxi

    Really she was assaulted because all that he did was throw peanuts. Just WISH I would have been the camera woman, the story line would have been quite different! Responses like some of these clearly explains why some choose to do what they do for retaliation to the Caucasian race.

  • Maxi

    I wouldn’t be the least bit upset if God allowed Isaac to come through and wipe the entire convention out and that the President takes as long responding as Bush did with Katrina!!!