CNN Camerawoman Assaulted At GOP Convention

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An African-American camerawoman who was attending the Republican National Convention for CNN was assaulted yesterday by a man who threw peanuts at her and yelled loudly, “This is how we feed animals”. He was promptly escorted out.

Journalist David Shuster was the first to announce the news that something had gone down by posting it on Twitter. He has since updated his feed with confirmations from CNN that an incident did occur and that one other person was eventually ejected from the convention.

“CNN can confirm there was an incident directed at an employee inside the Tampa Bay Times Forum earlier this afternoon. CNN worked with convention officials to address this matter and will have no further comment,” the network’s statement read.

While CNN’s statement on the matter was decidedly vague, officials at the convention also released a statement which said, in no uncertain terms, that they would not put up with such behavior.

“Two attendees tonight exhibited deplorable behavior. Their conduct was inexcusable and unacceptable. This kind of behavior will not be tolerated.”

Image credit: Evan McMorris

CNN Camerawoman Assaulted At GOP Convention
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  • William Everett

    And that, my friends, is the base of the Republic Party. They can deny it all they want but everyone knows that, deep down, all Right Wingers are ignorant bigots.

    • anthony

      Yep moron thats the republican party… Here is a list of racist bigots.. hahaha..


    • Gary

      You are a very sad person indeed… May I suggest you find a hole and hide in it… You might be safer from all these people… Narrow minded people like you are what’s wrong with America today…

  • nick nichols

    um, why is this surprising. white people have acted worse than animals for the last 5,000 years. this isn’t news.

    • Ralph

      That’s because the 5000 years before that, they felt leftout and started to follow the example everybody else gave them! I thought that if I was to be as ignorant as you are, I would follow your example and comment as you did!

    • gwendolyn


      • Steve

        Gwen: I take it you’re from Detroit. I think stating ALL people in Tampa are racist is an false statement.

  • jeff black

    those repubs are some racist S.O.B’s….

    • gwendolyn

      No; it’s Tampa that is racist. It’s too bad that is what this election has turned into–a war of the races.

    • Gary

      Buddy do pin it on everyone… Sounds like you have a problem of your own…

  • Robert O

    what part of Afrika is she from anyway?

    • gwendolyn


      • kim

        but i bet u like black dick lol

        • hazel

          Kim, that sounds like another racist comment. And the subject shows your education level, also.

    • Dee

      It doesn’t matter what part of Africa her ancestors are from. It’s easy to see your a$$ if from Stupidville. You people really need to get some better lines. That is why the comment was considered racist, you all love to call black people animal. How very sad and ignorant of you. You are low class, ignorant and probably mad becuase you only have 3 1/2 inches.

      And just to be clear yes that was a racist comment. What country are your ancestors from? You probably don’t know, just a typical mutt.

  • anthony

    How is this a racist comment?? Because she was black it is automaticlly racist.. Give me a break, if it were two black people throwing peanuts at white reporter would they call it racist? I doubt it. They said animal, not monkey or something awful like that.

    • Pamela Green

      Anthony are you really that ignorant to believe this was not a racist comment (in case you didn’t know – racist is pure ignorance and most racists don’t under the correlation). If it were two African Americans throwing anything at a white person, it would be called ASSAULT.

      • anthony

        And that is simply what it was a assault. We are so quick to call something racist when it’s a different color doing it to another. IMO the media and the public in general perpetuate racism for headlines. It’s sensationalism, so everyone can say “Hey republicans are racist” come on really.. Maybe they were being racist but maybe they were not. But we are so quick to jump to that conclusion.

    • Joe

      Really Anthony? How is this racist? Even an elementary school child should realize this is racist. Shame on you.

    • Victoria

      The fact of the matter is, WHAT THEY SAID!! If I was to throw peanuts at you and said about a redneck etc… how would you have took it? retaliation by calling me out my name and justified your actions by calling me racist. Shutup, YOU GUYS are still in denial of what this country was and is still built upon.Racism.

  • http://www.chubbypenny.com tolbert

    escorted out? i certainly hope there was an arrest involved. suppose this had been directed towards ann romney instead!

    • gwendolyn

      arrested for what?

      • kim

        a lady GOT ARRESTED for throwing flour on Kim Kardashian…so what do you mean for what?

      • Steve

        I can’t wait for the DNC!! I am heading there and throwing cottonballs. TAKE THAT!

  • George Metz

    Any follow-up on who the heckler(s) was/were? I heard Marco Rubio’s speech was interruppted by protestors also, so there are lefties in attendance. This sounds like the sort of thing the left would do to try to paint the RNC in a bad light. It reminds me, at first glance, of the lie that Tea Party Rally attendees spat on, and hurled racial slurs at the Congressional Black Caucus memebers (Democrats) on their way to vote for Obamacare.

    Also, was anything else ‘racist’ said? “The animals” could have referred to CNN instead, though that is usually reserved for MSNBC. As always, more information would be better than merely sensational headlines.


  • koolbreeze24

    That’s why most Republicans hate Obama. Deep down inside they are still all racists. This race has nothing to do with state we’re in, it has to do with color of the man’s skin. Just an adder. I am white.

    • gwendolyn

      No it isn’t, and it is sad this upcoming election has turned into a racist fest

    • gwendolyn

      …and anyone who thinks what happened has nothing to do what state you live in, then you’ve never visited FLORIDA in the Summer. The rich people live in Florida in the WInter, while the poor hibernate. In the Summers though, the rich people are back up north, while the poor racist trash come out and act the way they do

      • anthony

        You are right about that, I lived in FLA for over a year and it’s half snowbirds and the other half are the most backwood ass rednecks i’ve ever met in my life.

    • Suzy

      I happen to be a Republican and don’t like Obama but have admired J.D. Watts, Condalezza Rice, Mia Love, Hermen Cain..all people I would love to work with and would easily fight for their rights! Its so easy isn’t it, to say its all about Obama’s skin but he is half white and I don’t like that side of hime either. I think his mother was a poor excuse for a mother and his life and thought processes show it..and that has nothing to do with his color.

  • Tannisa Fairchild

    I was trying to focus on all the ISSUES especially one that effect my family & me before I make my decision on how to vote for. But, because of the behavior of the GOP and all of the racist I am casting a “just because” vote. Just because you all are a bunch of racist I am voting for the Democratic party.

    • Tannisa Fairchild

      who to vote for

      • J


      • MARK BAHRS

        Vote for the guy who can get this country back to where it was.Enuf of the moochers,lazy fricken getting handouts fro the government and us hard workin people have to pay for the lazy,moochin Obama clan. Enough of the B.O. It’s time for some R.& R. (Romney/Ryan)

        • Dee

          You probably can’t pay your bills, let alone someone else’s. We are supposed to take care of those who can not take of themselves. It’s called community and being your brothers keeper. And a little more education for you, most government handouts as you call is SS and Medicare for seniors, programs that they paid into during their working years. Research that and quit being lazy, stupid, and believing whatever garbage R&R throw at you. I bet you don’t have a job only an idiot would hire you.

        • hazel

          you from Kentucky? I see the brainwashing and lying has gotten to you

    • Mike Shall

      please look up youtube videos of Joe Biden and tell me who the real racist is

  • BcdErick

    I have no idea if this is true. But throwing nuts at a CNN employee? “The least trusted name in news”? Yeah, so what? It should happen more often. But what if they had thrown her a banana or two? Then this would HUGE news.

    • http://YAHOO MELODY


      • Addison DeWitt

        Are you not well, Melody? Get well soon.

        • Suzy


  • j

    some left retard trying to pee on the republicans party.

    • gwendolyn

      That’s right, who is probably a DEMOCRAT !

    • BAte

      The party does not need any help being pissed on. Just b the party that you are and you are Piss…

  • Mike Shall

    All of you that want to take the actions of a couple of idiots and make on overly broad and ignorant generalization about half of the citizens in this country are honestly more disgusting than what this numbskull did. How about Joe Biden when he said their gonna put yall back in chains and when he also said that you cant go into a 7 eleven without having an Indian accent. He’s actually on the ticket and in THE WHITE HOUSE!!! Or how about Robert Byrd the Longest Serving Senator in U.S. history and former Senate Majority and Minority Leader guess what he was a democrat and he used to be the head of his Local KKK chapter. I am tired of Republicans being labeled racist yet when democrats make statements or have held actual positions with undeniably strong racial ties it gets swept under the rug.

  • Don

    No working person should be taunted by insensitive jerks, BUT, CNN is making this racial when it is not. The man’s stupid comments were directed at CNN, and would have been the same if she were white, yellow, red or green. This is typical CNN attempt at making news from garnered crap.

    • BAte

      Really??? NOT Racial??????? Typical….OMG….

      • Suzy

        So why didn’t they throw peanuts at Mia Love or Condalezza Rice? Get a life people, they don’t like your politics, not your skin, unless those two things are mutually exclusive?

    • J

      Thats CNN !! they need to make a BIG NASTY STORY out of nothing ! NOBODY WATCHES THEM ANY MORE THEY ARE A JOKE !

    • Alfred Smith

      are you for real? You think he was referring to the station and not to the fact that she was Black? are you THAT naive and innocent? Welcome to America, friend. You have a LOT to learn. If it was CNN and not her, why didn’t he throw it at a white man working the same network camera? Grow up.

    • hazel

      didn’t this first get reported by David Schuster in a tweet and not by CNN news? And then he followed up on it. Vague response by CNN, so how can you say this is typical CNN attempt at making news.

  • Ziggy Barone

    These two morons do not represent any Party except the moron party. CNN should file assault charges to set a precedent and protect its’ employees.

    • Suzy

      From peanuts?!? That would make you the ultimate in weaklings! I think that’s an excellant idea, I dare the Dem party to do that…lethal assault by peanuts!!!

  • J

    You ALL have SMALL BRAINS ! You think all the Repubs are Rasicst because of 2 ASSHOLES, please WE DONT NEED OR WANT YOUR VOTES ! YOU SHOULD OPEN UR EYES & SEE HOW BAD THE COUNRTY IS HURTING & IN DECLINE, WE NEED a new PRES to get things in ORDER ! Sorry Obama wasnt anything other than another Regular guy that Blew smoke up ur butts & you fell for it NOW the rest of us that VOTE WITH OUR MINDS NOT HEARTS have to clean up the Mess !

    • Carl Rover

      You should really have your small brain examined.

    • Reynardine

      You impress me with your literacy.

  • j

    And they say black people make up these racist taunts. Ha! The republicans have a lot of work to do before I ever think they are decent.

    • Suzy

      So I guess Mia Love was wearing some sort of skin covering that I didn’t see. She was one of the best speakers at the convention and by the way…she is a black American woman and Republican. Get a life.

      • Dee

        I am a black conservative woman with Republican leanings, but I am not stupid enough to vote for this Republican party. The last Republican party put us in this mess and dropped in President Obamas lap. I was pretty done with Republicans when they said their only goal was to make him a one time President. The totally through with them when that remained their only goal for 3 1/2 years. They have done nothing to help Americans. Even now the platform is all about helping bib business, giving them all types of tax cuts. How is cutting taxes on dividends and capital gains going to help lower & middle class people? How many of these peolpe get dividends or have capital gains?

        Any fool who looks at the Republican platform and any way think it is going to benefit our middle and lower class is delusional. What absolutely kills me it that stupid voters want to vote for Republicans because they think they are giving handouts to blacks and illegals when 70% of handouts go to white people.

        • Larnettra Banner Richardson

          Now this is a Republican I can respect- Black, white,or polka dot! Its just time that we start thinking about each other and WHO we are rather than WHAT we are. No one man could destroy a county’s economy and no one man could build it back up alone. As long as there are those that we elect who refuse to “reach across the aisle” to work together we will sink or swim together. We’ve got people there who won’t wven support their own ideas, if they are included as a part of something that may make that idea better.


    Why is this considered assault. Throw some peanuts at someone and its an assault.She was probably a very biased news reporter and should have been escorted out herself for not being truthful.

    • Tim

      It is idiots like you who think racism isn’t a problem in this country. You are a total ignorant moron and are too biased yourself to see the truth. Same goes to you Steve. People like you are why the Republican party is becoming extinct.

      • Suzy

        Hate to break it to you but there are more people polled who ID themselves as conservative then liberal..just because you whine and have a big mouth doesn’t make you a majority.

    • Reynardine

      ‘Scuse me, boy, is that sawdust pouring out your ears?

    • Reggie

      She was a camera woman you moron. Do you know what a camera is?

    • Larry

      Your an Idiot….The Lady was a Camera person….they normally dont report the news

    • Me

      First, she wasn’t a reporter…she was a camerawoman.

      Second, assault is defined as:

      “an intentional act by one person that creates an apprehension in another of an imminent harmful or offensive contact.”

  • Addison DeWitt

    They were prolly drunk and were thrown out and their behavior labeled deplorable. What more needs to be done?

  • Steve

    I was thinking a machete or a knife. But, peanuts? Then saying it was a racial situation. PUHLEASE!

    • Reggie

      You sir, are a complete idiot and probably a closeted bigot yourself.

  • John Kova

    I got mugged by a black guy 5 years ago-are all black people muggers? Ridiculous. These were two AHs out of 20k.

  • unknown

    No doubt a demobot planted there to stir the pot

  • Gary

    May he should of thrown a banana instead.

    • Effie

      You should HAVE stayed in grammar class!

    • charlie

      You think you’re a better person because of skin color? How sad!

  • DDaLuca

    Been a lifelong Republican, but their behavior and remarks on national platforms the past few months has caused me to feel embarrassed to admit it…first, “legitimate” rape? Then Iowa’s politico backing up that thoughtless remark with a few of his own? And now this, and the comments on this site which reflect bad manners and ungracious behavior all the way around. I am an American, proud of it and fortunate to be born and raised here. Ya’ll should take a hard long look at yourselves. To not be indignant about such ignorant behavior is clueless. Whether or not CNN is the best, worst or indifferent news station, the woman had a job to do, and in no way deserves such horrible treatment!

    • Anne

      I read no further than “legitimate rape.” Why not evaluate each person individually instead of assigning such a comment as “legitimate rape” to an entire party. Would one expect Rev. Wright’s comments to be assigned to the entire Democrat party. There are ignorant politicians in every party and ignorant supporters of them in every party.

      • DDaLuca

        I’m a Republican. When one is in politics and elected by a constituency, public remarks must be weighed before spoken, since they represent everyone who voted that person into office. That’s common sense. It’s the pattern of behavior among my fellow Republicans that concerns me. And rightfully so. Ignorance knows no class or political boundaries, which is the point of my previous post.

      • Karen

        It doesn’t help that several other Republicans, when asked to comment on the “legitimate rape” line, did not reject it as wrong. They instead worded their own comments as “I wouldn’t have worded it that way.” Then you have people like the Republican Senate nominee in Penn. who likened pregnancy from rape with pregnancy out of wedlock. Republican Sharon Barnes from MO. commented that God “chose to bless” some women with pregnancies resulting from rape. I could keep going on but I’m sure there is a limit that I will exceed. In a nutshell, the recent comments by several Republicans concerning women’s issues have made the party seem fanatical, out of touch with reality, and more than slightly misogynistic.

    • http://webpronews.com ron

      Anne “read no further” before she made up her mind and judged. That might be the biggest problem. People taking part of the information and judging. Then using that as their reasoning.

    • L. B.

      THANK YOU DDaLuca! By the way I am a Democrat and we certainly have our share of idiots, but really, you shouldn’t feel embarrassed. You sound like you are quite able to separate politics and our different political platforms from the fact that this was totally out of line and nobody, regardless of politics, or job, or race, or whatever deserves this kind of treatment. I swear it just feels “bad” to me that there are people out there who believe it is okay to treat another human being this way…and then the people here posting about who is “more racist” or trying to explain away what happened as some kind of “plot.” I’m beginning to wonder if our political system and the two parties with all of their rhetoric and attacks and inability to talk about the real issues plaguing our country – i.e. a Congress who can’t pass a bill that would benefit American citizens because they are too busy trying to eff with one another and “win” the ultimate prize (the White House) isn’t just making us lose sight of the fact that no matter the politics and no matter how vehemently you disagree and no matter how much you cling to your party’s ideology and need to be “right,” we should not forget that we are flesh and blood human beings who should at least try to treat one another with a modicum of respect.

  • richard genco

    Booze related I would bet

  • Chris

    There’s no room or patience for idiots who make racial comments or throw anything at others. The best revenge is voting Obama out in November. God bless our country.

  • K Sick

    They should have thrown bannanas at him instead of nuts!!!!!

    • tomtom

      you are just as stupid as the comment. um, can you read??/ it was a female camera op.

  • Cary Simmons

    Zero percent of the African American vote? This might help…

    • tangofox

      All this after the RNC chairman swore to the Chris Matthews the party was not racist. This is a party undertone.

  • L. B.

    Wow. It’s amazing the back and forth ranting and pointing fingers about how racist Republicans are and/or how Democrats are racists too and giving examples – Joe Biden, Robert Byrd. I have one question – are you people effing “human?” How about some sympathy at least, since none of you sound like you can empathize, with the black woman who had to deal with this? I mean, can you for one minute, put yourself in her shoes and imagine how it felt to be so utterly disrespected and embarrassed like that? What if that woman had been you, your mom, your sister, your aunt?? Could you so easily train your focus on the politics and overlook the victim?

    I have no idea if this was a racist taunt or some kind of lame attempt to taunt CNN as a whole because of their “liberal” bent, however I do know that as human beings, no matter our party or politics, we really need to do better.

    • http://n/a gymbow

      You will find out these two were planted by some left wing democrat extremist to try and discredit the RNC. Another failed attempt to bring racism and the war on women into play by the dem’s. Dem’s can’t talk about the ecomony cause it sucks!!!!!!!!

      • L. B.

        Did you even read my post? Why are you and just about everyone on here trying to make this an indictment of Republicans or Democrats? I don’t care who these idiots were or their politics, or if they were racists or not, or if they were planted by “left wing extremists” or if they were just idiotic trolls. I don’t care about using this episode to validate what I think about Republicans or Democrats. I care about the woman this happened to and so should you! You and others here who use what happened here as a means to point fingers merely validate how polarized we have become by political ideology – something that seemingly is de-humanizing us and making us sink to new lows.

  • larry

    Alinsky tactics in full force.

  • Rusty T

    Unfortunately this Racist behavior (and it is racist) is at the core of the Republican Party. And you can deny it all you want ,but for a large part of the Republican Party it is how they feel. The Republicans want to control the Country because of they need to feels Superior and actually believe it. The Democrats want to control the country because of how terrified they are every time the Right gains control. We are still suffering from President Bush and his complete failure of this country. And if you think this is slow growth. Could you imagine McCain Palin running things. And if Romney can figure out a way to just borrow a shit ton more money and then file bankruptcy to China. Then i guess he has a shot. But you can not use the tactics he used in the private sector with our Country.

  • http://yahoo dennis plitt

    At long last can you apologists stop the idiotic rationalizations? If you refer to feeding animals, and the person you are addressing is black, and you’ve also thrown peanuts at them, as a previous poster noted even a little kid in 1st grade knows its racist. The mentality shown in some of these posts is precisely Selma Alabama circa 1963 – an overt racist assault, then the usual tired old backtracking about how they didn’t really mean it, it was really directed at CNN, the people complaining are the ones making it racist (the old blame the messenger trick), etc. Only numbskulls of your own ilk would buy that.

    • Obamo

      Why are peanuts racist?? I would think of an elephant so my question is how large was this woman???

  • RKeitch

    I am a teacher. Last year a student threw me back onto a desk; resulting in severe back pain and an onset of migraines. That, my dear friends is assault. Outcome??? He is still in school, my resignation was demanded due to being on disability to long (6 months)! Peanuts is not an assault, hurt feelings maybe, but not an assault.

    • Dr Truth

      Next time when a student attacks you, hit him in the growing. Don’t let him man handle you. What was you teaching college?

  • tomtom

    people acting this way are the true animals and anyone supporting their actions need to find Jesus. or an island at which to relocate. a remote island of misfits!!!!

    • clive collins

      Whoever threw the nuts is the one who needs to evolve.

  • steve

    Why are such comments automatically being viewed as racist? I assume the woman was somehow identified as part of CNN. Insofar as CNN has been one of the leaders in the left-leaning fluffery that passes for journalism these days, I could easily see the comment directed at her as part of CNN, and not because of the color of her skin. Without more information, I honestly can’t tell. I’ve heard may conservative commentators call CNN reporters worse. I any event, the idiot who threw peanuts at her should definitely have been removed as there is no place for such crass activity at the RNC or anywhere else for that matter. And yes, he should be charged with assault and battery.

  • Vicki

    Fox News is the least trusted. If people think Romney will save this country they are wrong. All he is for are the rich. And he is against a lot of the rights of women. Ryan wants to destroy medicare.
    All they both care about are the rich. Heaven help us if they are elected.

  • DSteele

    Ignorance is ignorance! Racism and prejudice of any kind is pure, unacceptable insolence. But here is food for thought – if the woman was not targeted because of her race, then why weren’t any of the other CNN employees assaulted? Surely, she was not the sole representative for the company. And some of you with your off reasoning should consider being more mindful of your words. Your true colors are showing.

    • steve

      Just because the man who threw peanuts had not yet had a chance to throw them at other CNN reporters prior to being removed doesn’t mean he specifically selected this woman because she was black. Again, we don’t have enough information to know. She could easily have been the first CNN employee to be in his vicinity last night. Perhaps she stood out because she was carrying camera equipment and that made her more noticeable. Anyway, why argue about all of this until all the facts come out. Bottom line – could it have been racially motivated? Yes – but it wasn’t necessarily recially motivated. I’m sure we’ll know more as the facts become available.

    • Rich

      he should have thrown some Banana’s

  • Pip

    It’s a GOP convention, what do you expect?

    • clive collins


    • Rich

      is that why they are not called the people’s party

  • Magnatron

    This is absolutely anathema to the GOP. Republicans do not tolerate bigotry.

  • Truth

    I bet it is a plant that threw the peanuts. Sheep actually believe this story. Or the Liberal Braindead.

  • http://wwwWarOnWeThePeople.com Revolution Television

    This sounds like a ploy by Obama’s camp to have an infiltrator commit these acts to gain more votes.


    It could be CIA COINTELPRO to stir up more hate and divisions.

    • Joe

      ..and YOU sound like you could be from the ROMNEY camp making these comments as a ploy to stirup more hate and divisions.

  • Bob

    This is what being a Republican Conservative is to be. I have yet to meet a true conservative that didn’t display racism and bigotry when they thought no one was listening!This is the hallmark of GOPism!

    • Dr. Julie Moskal

      Sure, just keep telling yourself that “Bob”.

    • geo hanover

      Are you as ignorant in person as your post implies?

    • george

      you are right.

  • Magnatron

    A little more on this story… the person who threw peanuts was not a GOP convention guest. Apparently this was a Democrat who crashed the convention in order to cause trouble.

    • clive collins


    • DCB

      Agreed. Plus, if they can’t keep the enemy out of their own convention, we sure don’t want them in charge of national security! 😉

    • exxonmobil4prez

      @Magnatron – Let’s see some proof of your denial of GOP’s racism.. PROOF

  • Dr. Julie Moskal

    Typical Republican. Why anyone is shocked is shocking to me.

  • jake

    im not suprise all the republicans i know are bigots. that and a vote for romney is a vote for evil. ya know he will take your guns and forve morminism on us. so ya only retards would vote for him

    • jaye

      You are joking right?

  • alani

    The party of Abraham Lincoln is officially dead!

  • American Dad

    Rude behavior does NOT have to be racist in nature…

    Maybe, just maybe, there was NO racial overtone involved… I see this as an attack at the Mainstream Media… The media have often acted like animals and gone out of their way to portray a slant in their reporting…

    • Zoo Keeper

      You would think that.

  • cassandra

    Sounds like a set up to me.

  • John

    I call foul. Guaranteed plant by obama team.

    • Joe

      You’re an idiot.

  • Rich

    Should have thrown bannanas

    • DCB

      Make that two idiots.

    • http://yahoo Sam

      Rich…did your wife get gang-banged by some brothers?

    • Walter Mc Millan

      I would love for you to say that to me in person you coward.

    • http://Cnn Michael

      you sir are an a##%&)*, maybe someone should throw you something.

    • Peter

      There you go Rich…real nice touch! Maybe people like you need to grow up and get a life.

  • DCB

    I am no fan of the GOP — quite the opposite, in fact — but this is not what the GOP is about. (Civil War, anyone?) The incident was ugly and troubling, but it was one person and not the whole organization.

    Chalk it up to stupidity. And possibly alcohol.

    There are plenty of differences to debate without getting distracted by one idiot’s 15 seconds of infamy.

    • S-Black

      It gets harder and harder to think up excuses. At some point you have to ask why the GOP attracts so many flies like this.

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