CMA Awards 2012: Taylor Swift Gets Snubbed

    November 2, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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The CMA Awards were full of tears and elation last night, with married couple Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert taking home several statues, including one for a song they co-wrote about Shelton’s brother, who died in a car accident when the singer was just a teenager. The couple took home the award for Song Of The Year for that one, and made CMA history, as well; while three other married couples have been nominated for the award, they were the first to actually win.

There was some controversy surrounding the show, as well; Toby Keith, who was nominated and won Music Video Of The Year for “Red Solo Cup”, refused to attend on the grounds that the Association has snubbed him for several years in a row and said he feels “abandoned”.

“Your industry can get behind you and crank you up and make you a household name, help you get there. Or you can be abandoned like I was,” Keith said. “I’m not going to leave it up to this industry that I’m in to give me any support.”

But one thing that has people talking today is the fact that Taylor Swift, who is usually an awards show darling, didn’t take home any statues last night.

Swift was nominated for two awards, however, and performed a new song for the occasion.

  • Andrew Gall


  • PNS

    Taylo is on her way OUT. All her songs sound the same and are always about the same stupid thing. Blake deserved the award. Plus she needs to learn how to carry a tune.

  • K. Saunders

    Just shows what is already apparent….she is overrated, and has no talent. She didn’t deserve to win anything!

    • j brown

      AMEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!! K Saunders, I agree with you whole heartedly… I didn’t watch the CMA’s because she was going to be on…….. Sad sad sad, there are much more talented singers out there instead of her.

  • Patricia Hammons

    Taylor didn’t win because she has abandoned the “country music” genre which she chose to use as her entryway into the music field because it was easier than trying to get a break in the pop field. It didn’t take her long to go pop and that is why she needs to stick with the pop field as she is definitely a bubblegummy singer and I used the word “singer” loosely there because she can’t carry a tune in a bucket. Actually, those CMA judges were right on in ignoring her. Sorry no one got to see her “Bambi in the headlights” look if she had won.

    • http://Yahoo reece

      People who criticize all the time are just jealous and mean spirited to dispute Taylor Swift’s talent

      • Nicole

        It’s not that. It’s just people know when you can’t sing. If I became famous for singing — and I KNOW I can’t sing that well — and I was winning awards over people who should get them, I would enjoy it, be honest, and know for a fact that people are either deaf or blowing smoke up my ass. Taylor Swift sings the kind of songs that little girls like to sing into their hairbrushes whether she sings them well or not, which in my opinion she doesn’t. All little girls are angst-riddled and she is the poster girl for it, but in Barbie doll wrapping. For us, it was Alanis Morrisette because it was okay to be a raging bitch. Grunge was popular at the time.

  • http://yahoo Donna

    I think the award’s went to who really deserved them. I love the song “Over You” we lost our son Jason in an automobile accident 12 yrs. ago he was just 24 yrs. It is truly a heartache that never goes away! Congradulation’s Blake and Miranda you truly are blessed.

  • http://yahoo james

    Some of those who typed in about Taylor Swift aparrently are musically inclined. You are aparrently jealous of the fact that she can sing, and you CAN’T. Taylor should have at least won one award, but there’s always next year.

  • http://aol Joseph E Vargos

    I watch the CMA awards to see Taylor Swift,bottom line she got robbed. i felt her pain she a real star,she held it in.i hope i will have the chance to see her red concert,but these ticket prices are out of control,blame it on the ticket robbers,we know all of them dont,just to make a large buck,pjoe

  • Donna DeSpain

    I wish I would have watched now, just to see the sorry look on her face…KUDOS CMA.. The reason I didn’t watch was because of Taylor Swift. She can’t carry a tune in a bucket…
    No I am not JEALOUS I can not sing, but I do have a GREAT ear for MUSIC. Taylor Swift is on her way OUT deffinatley,I continue to wonder why it has taken so long.

  • R. Ward

    The CMA is not about country music, mainly because this music is far from true country music. The association should be renamed “Western Pop Music Association”. To honor these individuals is a disgrace to true country musicians like Hank Williams, Jim Reeves, George Jones, Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette, and many others to numerous to mention.

  • Shirley

    So glad Taylor Swift did not receive any awards. Sick of her bubble gum music about old boyfriends. Maybe if she wasn’t so self centered she could keep a boyfriend.

  • piper

    Taylor is a very talented artist, but many other entertainers are as worth… But if she deserves to be recognized she should be…..

  • Amanda

    Taylor is a pain in our A– !!! She is ugly & her dad paid to get her into country music & has done a terrible job!!!! Our country music has been saved with our winners!!!!!

  • baaxie

    I’m tired of her, and her stupid relationships. She needs to go away.