Clown Terrorizes Town in Britain

    September 18, 2013
    Erika Watts
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A clown is terrorizing a town in Britain. Yes, you read that correctly. Called the “Northampton Clown,” someone is dressing up in a clown costume and is creeping out the residents of Northampton. Not to fear, though–another Northampton resident has decided to become the superhero “Boris the Clown Catcher” and catch the Northampton Clown.

There is a Facebook page for the clown where users can discuss Northampton Clown sightings and post pictures. Some people have reported that the creepy clown says, “Beep, beep” when it approaches people, which is a line from Stephen King “IT” miniseries that features a child-killing clown.

While the idea of a clown walking around that isn’t on its way to a kid’s birthday party is strange, some people are genuinely afraid of the Northampton Clown and say they would shoot him or “run him down” if they see him. It’s a good thing the clown has decided to remain anonymous.

The Facebook page mentioned above was started on Friday the 13th, and the creator of the page claims to be the clown in question. There have been three police reports of a clown knocking on people’s doors at night, which the clown on Facebook denies.

To make a bizarre story stranger, there may actually be two clowns hanging around Northampton. According to the clown behind the Facebook page, “Its not me in the papers! I don’t terrorise people I just want to be spotted.” The clown from the Facebook page also said, “Too much hate, not enough love. No, I don’t have a knife on me. That’s just stupid rumours spread by stupid people.”

So there may be one run-of-the-mill clown who just enjoys creeping people out and another clown who has a knife and perhaps more devious intentions. Plus, there is Boris the Clown Catcher. Hopefully for the residents (and Boris) there is just the one clown, with no knife, and people’s imaginations are getting the best of them. Either way, between a clown prowling the streets and a superhero whose purpose is to catch clowns, it must be interesting being a resident of Northampton.

What do you think about the Northampton clown–do you find it humorous or creepy? Add your comments below.

Image via Facebook

  • Aaron Ververs

    Pretty damned funny.

  • Pongo

    a clown roaming the city creeping people out? on this side of the pond, we refer to such creatures as “Anthony Weiner”

  • Deke

    Now if that headline said “Clown Terrorizes Town in America” we’d know they were talking about Washington DC as in OBAMA!!! Lol

  • http://yahoo Angelina

    I don’t get it if they want to catch the clown what about the person with the camera?

  • Snakepliskin

    .3 5 7 Yawn…Love my Second Amendment…Oh! Wot’s That? Don’t ‘ave one of those? Pity….

  • H. hunt

    well that’s sure not Pennywise, hes not wearing the right costume, looks freaky though if clowns really scare ppl-_-

  • Phyllis Stutler

    I would be scared to death to see a clown walking around. Have seen too many scarey stories about clowns killing people. I would definitely hit him with my car if possible. Self defense.

  • Dixie Hernandez

    Very creepy,yes,don’t be fooled be careful,there are people who are sick.

  • Reality

    What is funny is I pull up this story and scroll to the end, I see a video clip with Obama’s face on it. I wonder if that was done on purpose.

  • John

    Where’s the Doctor when you need him?

    • Poot

      Keep Calm and Squirt Seltzer.

  • Olive the Magic Talking Hamster

    I always knew to never trust clowns…

  • Roger Barber

    Honestly if that clown got too close to me I would beat the living heck out of him, I can’t stand clowns..

  • Kenny

    If that clown was standing on a corner in Trenton, he would’ve already been shot!

    • yournotathug

      No he wouldn’t, Trenton isn’t shit.

  • Poot

    24 Northampton policemen were spotted climbing out of a very small police car….

  • http://whatreallyhappened.com Scott

    No doubt its some scumbag British banker doped up on SSRI’s

  • http://att.net Chris R.

    Maybe he just having fun.

  • Digital.Gods

    Isn’t a Clown terrorizing people, redundant?

  • OceanDreamer

    Sometimes Jesus gives you gifts….intangible gifts of true comedic treasure…gifts that make you feel glad that you are alive at this very moment in time…this story is one of those gifts.

    Funniest “freaking” thing I’ve heard in a long time! A classic.



    • http://yahoo Lisa Stone

      What is the opposite of HATE…That’s right buddy, It Is LOVE! So You Really mean you LOVE clowns! admit it…;) What is to hate a clown? When this world truly hates a child’s thing then it will be trouble…Imagine Hating a clown…Face your fear <3

      • JMO

        @Lisa**Actually, the opposite of love is indifference, not hate. Hate is still an emotion. Indifference is you just don’t care at all.

  • Army_guy_of_1

    Does anyone else smell some shameless movie promoting for the Stephen King remake of “It”…….

    • http://yahoo Lisa Stone

      NOPE, For Once this is about so so so much more than that! LOL>>>What is this world coming to when the world wont laugh at a clown! Laugh People!!!!!!!
      Ya know, a sense of humor goes a long way!!! Face Your Fears!

  • http://yahoo Lisa Stone

    Face Your Fears with kindness, compassion and love…look beyond the mask <3

    • Ellen

      Really……….what if he were a serial killer like “Gacy” was? You are one foolish trusting person.

      • Jeremy

        Ellen, I’m american. Your nuts. I think your a serial killer. Your stalking the clown…

  • William

    spray him with mace

  • Annie

    I LOVE this article! Just wish I would have thought of this….lol

  • mbeebeelove

    sounds like a bunch of politicians to me :-/

  • Ellen

    Doesn’t anyone remember “Gacy” the clown serial killer???? You people are all nuts!! He shouldn’t be allowed to do this.

    • Trickapotamus

      Ellen, you must be American, because Gacy was a serial killer in the United States, and not across the pond where this is happening. That would be like warning the elderly here in the states about Harold Shipman.

    • Courtney

      Gacy was not a clown serial killer. He was a serial killer who also happened to dress up as a clown for children’s birthdays, professionally. He didn’t kill people or even target victims as a clown.

  • Cindi

    It! It! IT!!!! Pennywise the Clown!!! Stephen King story becomes real!!

    • tyler

      if u r stupid enough to believe a mere novel of fiction that i indulged in when i was 17 and though it creeped me out i realized the things in that novel were the phantasms of another man’s imagination and though he could surround them with bits of reality neatly woven in believably authentic characters one must understand that the clown who is terrorizing that town has deep-seated issues that he could only make manifest to others by using Pennywise as the nefarious chimera of his own dementia– this
      most likely induced by the stgma of growing up in an enviroment where more and more every day we are told that who we are as already unique individuals isn’t enough to be qualified as interesting and deserving of any attention.
      all i can say to this particular individual is if u come to san fran california and find me I’ll listen to your horrible childhood and how u were still never recognized as an adult.
      I would tell you to seek a professional but they have all turned into new age quacks. good luck in coming to terms with your disfunctions.

  • Northampton Clown

    Thanks for the love!! BEEP BEEP! https://www.facebook.com/thenorthamptonclown

  • Northampton Clown

    Thanks for the love! BEEP BEEP! https://www.facebook.com/thenorthamptonsclown

  • Scott Bruce

    Doctor Who will show up & straighten it all out.

  • Lou

    Any clown knocking at my door in the night , better be able to outrun hot lead .

  • george milton

    sooo it is Bigfoot with bad teeth and big royal dumbo ears? WEIRD!

  • http://Yahoo Trouser Snake

    Slow news day?

  • http://Facebook sharon

    Creepy and sad. Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.
    I won’t take it into my own hands. Call the police.

  • Jane

    The British people are lucky to live in a place where a clown is considered “terrorizing!” I think it’s pretty funny and would happily trade that sort of terrorism for the things that are going on in America daily!

  • shamriz

    you mother fucking clown come to accrington you’ll get scared instead of scaring other people.