Clinton Falls Asleep During Obama’s Speech?

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Hillary Clinton is earning some notoriety among web trolls today as a video makes its way around the circuit of her apparently catching a few z’s during President Obama’s speech in Myanmar on Monday.

The president was the first American leader to visit Myanmar, as well as Cambodia, and gave an inspirational speech to the audience at the University of Yangon.

“You’re taking a journey that has the potential to inspire so many people,” Obama said.

Apparently, jet-lag was enough to keep the Secretary of State a little sleepy during the oration, as it appears she nodded off for a moment.

Clinton Falls Asleep During Obama’s Speech?
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  • http://patwallace49@yahoo.com pat wallace

    To all the nay sayers, ask yourselves, what have you done for your country……Mrs. Clinton has dedicated herself to the betterment of OUR country. I say, God bless her. I’m sure she’s exhausted after all of the travel/work. She’s not young so it’s much harder, but she continues to give…for all of us. Sure, she could go home and give up, but who would take her place? No one as smart, knowledgeable or dedicated I am aware of!

    • lukkymee

      Yeah..she’s done much for this country. Benghazi for ONE! She’s a moron and a massive failure for the american people. What a joke..

      • remmy

        simply put you are a coward

  • Smita

    Mrs. Clinton has done fantastic job at Gaza and is the best secretary of state we ever had. Kudos to Mrs. Clinton. Congratulations!!!

  • Luke Stinson

    She is not asleep! Her has altered vision and eye muscule twitches followed by disorientation involuntary eyelid convulsion.

  • http://yahoo john

    i say someday maybe soon we will have a woman for the presidential office but its not hillary or that alaskan freak .

    • Nancy


  • Luke Stinson

    Lol She has, not her has**

  • Steph Stuart

    You do realize that she travels constantly from time zone to time zone, and is over 60 years old? I doubt any of you naysayers could do any better with her schedule.

    Congratulations on the peace treaty, Secretary Clinton. You are an amazing woman and I would definitely vote for you in 2016.

  • CJ

    He will be your president for the next 4yrs. Why don’t u run in 2016. Move on with your life quit putting all that energy into Obama u might wake up black.

    • patricia daher

      BIGOT! Fortunately she was re-elected by citizens more intelligent than you that will prevail in 2016 – Hillary for president. She deserves being the first female president in US history.

  • Chris

    WOW!!! So much ignorance on display!! This woman is horrible!


    Hillary Clinton is human. Anyone can tap a nap at any time. Its nature. Bravo Hillary. Don’t fail to run for 2016. That is the time for you to make history. Obama is on your side.

  • Luke Stinson

    Trick photo: They caught her blinking!

    • Luke Stinson

      A long blink, while she reads the inside of her eyelids…

  • Harold Smith

    Most journalists are asleep for just about any topic of importance- they just have their eyes open. The media message: “READ and SLEEP”.zzzzzzz

  • Cheryl

    A. Hilarly is human.
    B. Obama is boring.

  • Gary

    I love Hillary!!! If she nodded off for a minute, it’s because she’s human and probably does not sleep much these days. I supported Mr. Obama in 08, but, if Hillary decides to run in 2016, she will have my full support. If anyone is qualified for the job, its Hillary. Her life has been an open book for the past 21 years and history has shown that she’s always done the right thing. Hillary, you have far surpassed your heroes, Eleanor Roosevelt and Jacqueline Kennedy. They’re rooting for you, too. You are the greatest woman in US history.

    • William

      Gary, you are one crazy dude.

    • patricia daher

      AMEN Gary!

  • Sam Mehra

    What a rubbish news!Why Hillary can’t fall asleep if she is too tired?She is human and at this job she is travelling a lot all over and do her things.Idiot media want her to stay away no matter what?Was she posing for the photographer?

  • Dave

    Obama has been, and always will be a bore! Good for you Hillary.

  • Sam

    She is just as nausiated with him as everyone else

  • Carl Rody

    She spends her life jumping across the globe. She can fall asleep where ever and when ever she wants. Shes an outstanding woman.

  • Charles Sidden

    Wow, I wish I could fall asleep when Obama opens his mouth. It sure beats vomiting. Funny thing though, back in 2008, some of his followers use to faint when they heard his Hope and Change hot air.

  • Joe

    Any one who travels around the globe understands Jet-lag.

  • tom

    WOW this is so bizarre…..every time I see Obama I get sleepy and as soon as he opens his pie hole I crash. Now that’s a real gift.

  • PeterDykes

    To be married to Bill the bluebeard rapist and survive it is by far her most outstanding achievement.

  • its me

    this woman should of ran for President!!! wish we could Obama doesn’t say anything worth stay awake for!!

    • Ross

      Your English and grammar skills are just atrocious. Please leave the country if you live here.

    • Jesus Christ

      She DID run for president. Lay off the Socialism please, it damages your memory and you end up doing the same failed policies over and over.

  • http://yahoo.com Tina Goodson

    Well, Hillary. At least u called it rite. I now support u cuz I don’t think anyone who stays awake while POTUS talks has a brain. Good goin’ and good time to take a nap!!! Us workin’ moms must take it where we can get it, huh?

  • http://yahoo Mark

    Seems like this administration is always asleep. Just consider how the Bengazi attacks have been handled. I don’t know sir was it a video? or was it a reaction to the video? was it an attack by an angry mob? was it a Alquida attack ? I don’t know tell Rice it was an interesting film that started the violenec and the Terroists just jumped on board with RPG’s and gun fire. Oh no lets just tell Rice to stay with the video scenario yeh thats it the video Scenario ok lets roll with Hillary tell Rice.

    • coskid

      I’d prefer this administration asleep than the previous (Bush) administration wide awake and working hard to scare the bejezus out of us every time we turned around. It was very hard to sleep well during the 8 years of Bush because I was being frightened and looking for the boogy-man every where I went!!

      • patricia daher

        i agree – Republican scare tactics. I am sick of them- thank God the American people re-elected Obama!! Now, I can sleep at night and I wish the same for our tired Sec of State, a good nights sleep.

  • amanda

    She wasn’t sleeping she was resting her eyes!

  • Lisa

    Even the best of us need sleep.

  • helen aguilar

    She’s exausted people! I’m pretty sure, the President understood. They’re also on a different time zone, a world away… she’s up probably 24 hours a day… remember this was when she was working the Israel/Gaza mess, then having to be here for this… don’t be to quick to judge. I am so proud of her.

  • Jesus Christ

    They all have been asleep for the last 4 years. The end is near!

  • Monte

    Hillary has been the hardest working Sect’y of State that our country has had in a long time.

  • Jesus Christ

    Now that you Demwits have gotten over the”vote for a black man” hype, you see he is just as ineffective and boring as the rest of the socialist morons you have elected to the presidency.

  • http://yahoo.com Paul Bonkowski

    Hillary…..I am with Ya. Obama puts me to Sleep even during his State of the Union !

    • pns


  • http://WEBPRONews Connie Schreiner

    I could almost swear I was watching CNN all over again……Never has anyone stood up to such disrespect as this President…..you all need to get a real life……and realize and accept the fact that he did get re-elected…..and sour grapes are sour grapes……….Get a life and act like your Momma taught you !!!……….

  • David

    I have nothing but praise for this woman. She has been working hard, and so what if she catches some Z’s after traveling across the globe.
    America should be proud of her and her accomplishments!

  • Prezident Omuslima

    she was praying, after all the prez was speaking about freedom of religion

  • Ram

    Mrs Clinton is a rare gift to the country. She has been working tirelessly and her contributions the Secretary of State is unique. If she is tired like any one of us, there is nothing wrong in falling asleep! Look at what she has done for the nation not just falling asleep.

  • Prezident Omuslima

    Typical woman, pics her nose and goes to bed. (no not you wife)

  • tafakot

    She made a visit to the “wood pile” and got hammered for hours by her Muslim boyfriend the previous night. Anything to get back at Bill and secure her spot as the “other” American Hater for election in ’16.

  • http://yahoo Albert M Catlos

    I’m not a fan of hers, but she is a loyal servant. She deserves praise for her efforts. Falling asleep during an Obama speech is the right time to sleep; not much can be gained by staying awake.

  • JBC

    Hillary wasn’t sleeping. She was looking at the insides of her eyelids.

  • http://www.lyong.com lyong

    i dont believe my eyes .In fact,Clinton was not falling asleep,she cling ed her eyes for relaxing her eye tiredness

  • Nichol

    You have to look at it, im sure she did not mean it as a sign of disrespect to the President, but she is constantly traveling and on the move.. why get on her case cause she nodded off. How many of us could do the job that she does and say we would not have done the same exact thing. Criss crossing time zones your doday has to adjust to all of that and when your body is tired it will shut down wether you want it too or not.

  • Maia

    I’m diabetic. Sometimes I fall asleep, unintendingly.Perhaps, Sect. Clinton needs to have her bloodsugar tested. After all, I want her to answer that phone in 2016. You know: the red one that rings at 3:00 a.m. at the White House. Oh: and, when she wins the White House in 2016, I want the Grandmother’s suite.

    • Tomas

      That phone doesn’t exist anymore. Since Obama took office, no nation thinks we’re worth calling at 3 AM…that’s his solution to the 3 AM phone call!

  • http://yahoo Linda Whisler

    Didn’t this happen to her husband a few years ago? I don’t know who he was listening to , but the photographers got a picture of him sleeping, while somebody was giving a speech. That’s funny. These two , well age is getting them along with all the travel that goes with the job. But they are still the smartest couple on the set, and I’m so glad, they are on our side. I bet they look at themselves and just laugh.LOL Good Quality to have.

    • patricia daher

      i agree with you 100% Wouldn’t it be great to have this dynamic political duo back in the White House again with the roles reversed? Go Hilary in 2016

  • Corrine

    Hasn’t anyone else noticed how exhausted this poor woman has appeared to be lately?

  • Tomas

    She didn’t miss anything…she needed the sleep more than to hear Obama’s “Pearls of Wisdom”…She was probably only resting her eyes, thinking, “I worked 80 hours a week so he could travel half way around the world and sprew this empty drivel?!?!?”

  • CWKnotts

    When photographers took pictures of Reagan, GHWB, and GWB with their eyes closed libs roundly criticized each of them and pointed to each being either, “too old” or “too disinterested”. Now Ol’lady Clinton falls asleep and it’s endearing to the same people.

    • http://yahoo.com Margaret

      Mrs. Clinton is doing a magnificent job as our Secretary of State. She works very hard and is tired. Give her a break.

    • Wendy

      I am with you onf6 this……. If it was a republican, he would be crucified!

  • Grace S.

    Good for her – she needs her sleep and his speeches are boring anyway

  • rene

    Love her. I fall asleep when he reads from the teleprompter too.

    • zipper

      she,s a great person and very good at her job and so is the President so get over it (stew head,s)and leave the 11 year old alone idiot.

  • http://Msn.com christopher charles

    give her a break. Cmon, do you know how hard it is to travel like tha. She is a great senator of state. Stop being trolls and try to say thankyou.[this is for people that tried to make an bad comment] Anyway this is coming from a 11 year old kid that has one of the most highest overall grades in brooklyn

    • http://yahoo boppa

      If an average Joe fell asleep at his job that pays many times less than hers he would be unemployed

      • dorothy fahsel

        “You’re right-on!!!!”

      • patricia daher

        i don’t really think that your “average joe” has the same kinds of demands that someone in her position has to face traveling over different time zones, meeting with world leaders, trying to bring peace to warring factions, etc.,etc.,etc. Give her a break! Whatever her salary is, she deserves it, and more. She may just be unemployed when she leaves her post as Secretary of State. Hopefully, she will be busy preparing herself for a run at the presidency in 2016.

    • David Hampton

      She’s SECRETARY of State. Evidently your good grades are being given to you despite not learning anything… Just like all the other public school children!

      • patricia daher

        If the public school boy hasn’t learned anything, then why in the world would he be getting into a political discourse on line instead of playing video games, vegetating in front of TV, or fighting with his brothers and sisters. These are the type of students we want in the United States – thinking and reacting to the issues of our time. I agree with the other comment “leave the 11 year old alone, idiot”!

  • http://yahoo boppa

    Thats how our goverment represents us

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