Clint Eastwood: How Justin Timberlake Got On His Bad Side

    July 27, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Clint Eastwood has been in the business long enough to know when a project is going to work and when it won’t; he famously ended his Western career after wrapping “Unforgiven” in 1992 and has judiciously selected his films since then, working mainly for…himself. As a director, his career took a whole new turn with successes like “Mystic River”, “Gran Torino”, and “Million Dollar Baby”, and he starred in several of the films he helmed. But now, he’s been asked to star in a film by Robert Lorenz about an aging baseball scout, and Eastwood trusted his gut enough to sign on as the lead character, Gus.

The film also stars Amy Adams as his daughter, who agrees to accompany him on a trip to see a baseball phenom in action, and John Goodman, who plays his boss. And, in something of a departure for the young actor, Justin Timberlake shows up as Johnny, a young rival scout who strikes up a friendship on the road with Gus. Of course, after he insinuates himself into the relationship between Gus and his daughter–and ultimately begins to look at her as more than a friend–Eastwood throws on that famous scowl and does the scary-dad thing.

Lorenz says of “Trouble With The Curve“:

“He (Goodman’s character) recognizes that Gus is at risk of losing his job. There are younger people at the organization who think it’s time for new blood. Gus is old school, and they want to move him out.”

Lorenz and Eastwood are old pals, having worked together on films like “Mystic River” and “Letters From Iwo Jima”, so it’s no surprise that the grizzly actor decided to do the project. The film premieres in September; no word yet on how Timberlake felt when confronted with Eastwood’s angry-face.

  • http://yahoo Harold

    I am a big fan of Eastwood, and I think The Duke is the all time western star. Love both men for their acting.

  • http://cheapautoinsurancemn.com terry

    Nice to see Clint is still working he will never quit.

  • Mrs. Mehegan

    I admire Eastwood’s work. He has established the phonomena of movies without nudity. While many of his movies have shown violence, there seemed to always be a clear cut “good guy vs. bad guy” theme to them.
    As I get older, I see more and more of our awesome actors & actresses passing away, many of whom are not replaceable. The younger actors/actresses seem to lack the elements of respect, ability as well as believability to their work. So many newer actors/actresses are type cast into romantic comedy, comedy (much of which is not good comedy),or violent roles. Eastwood broke out of his type cast at a fairly early age, moving away from the westerns to true dramatic roles such as “Bridges of Madison County”. I hope he continues working until he is 120. Thank you, Mr. Eastwood, for a variable & honorable career which has brought many hours of true entertainment to the American people.

    • NRNS

      “He established the phenomena of movies without nudity.” Ha ha ha ha! How old are you? – 20? How ’bout all those films from the 1920s through the 1960s that didn’t have nudity? Educate yourself please.

      • Willene

        He is indeed a true icon and you expressed it so well by pointing out that his movies have been successful without all of the nudity and vulgarity that is so much a part of the movies on the big screen today. Mr. Eastwood is so appreciated by the moviegoers who left the theater after a viewing of his movies of having been entertained. He has always “made my day”…..Thanks Mr. Eastwood.

      • Paul

        Some of Clint’s movies has shows T&A! His ex gf Sandra Locke even appeared nude in a couple of his movies.

      • brian

        It should be believability *IN* their work

  • http://None Don Porter

    There will never be another “Dirty Harry”.

  • http://yahoo Kayla

    My man “Clint”! He’s a bad dude!

  • Joseph Townes

    Clint Eastwood is a true man of the people. No phony here!

  • renswank

    Clint is the very best of the best. He is a real man amongst mealy mouthed Hollywood want ta be’s. You get down with your bad self Clint we love ya..


    do you feel lucky well do you punk. classic eastwood

  • Michelle

    Damn, 82 and he is still hot. And I am half his age.

  • Clint


  • Clint

    I was named after this badass dude! I’m 21 and proud to be named Clint!

  • Nick

    Well what can I say other then I wish I was born in his generation, because I see dim and lesser energy now and only forces to forever dim and lesser whatever energy you did have.

  • Dick Spray

    How did Justin get on his bad side? Justin rolled him over. Uggghhhh, can you imagine what a tangle mess that would be?

  • Gary

    It’s good to see Clint Eastwood acting in movies, hot damn!

  • Big Robi

    Clint Eastwood, Clint Walker and Clint Howard….

    The biggest names in Hollywood…

    If your named Clint

  • eric volpe

    one of the main sayings i have lived by for the last 20 somethin yrs comes from a the movie outlaw josey whales “dont piss down my back and tell me it’s rainin” clint is an a american icon just like john wayne was .we need more people to have his vision in hollywood!


    RIGHT turn CLYDE lol

  • Derek

    In an era of deceptive headlines this one takes the cake.

  • dave whitmill

    clint eastwood has always been my main man; my hero. he is no hollywood phony-assed, nambe-pambe like these new clowns are. he is 5 years older than my dad, but clint doesnt believe in retirement. i hope i can still be productive when i reach 80 years.

  • http://yahoo Shannon

    I’m with ya on that one Derek!

    • http://www.jamaloholic.com Jamal

      I assume they’re referring to their characters being rival scouts…not Timberlake actually pissing him off.

      • Dave

        Thanks Jamal, thank God someone else gets it. Your assumption is 100% on point.

  • twinstick


    So, how is it exactly that Justin got on Clint’s ‘bad’ side???

    • Dave

      If you read the last sentence of the 2nd paragraph you will see how “Justin” got on “Clint’s” “bad side”. References how they strike up a friendship “in the movie” then starts hitting on his daughter causing Clint to “throw on that famous scowl and do that scary-dad thing”….that’s how. Read and comprehend people before you start bashing the author. It’s only a movie, Clint is not really angry with Justin..ok?

      • jojo

        No, that’s how the CHARACTER played by Justin Timberlake gets on Clint Eastwood’s character’s bad side. By using the names of the actor Amanda Crum falsely implies that there is some tension stirring between the two. Nice try though Dave.

        • Dave

          It was meant to be that way to catch your eye, not a statement of fact as to the relationship of the actual persons, only the characters they played. They really ‘acted’ but they are still themselves, so therefore no falsehoods are implied. Everyone is confusing real life with fictional life..QUIT IT!!

  • http://yahoo.com ed

    justin appears as a fake to clint probably

  • Douglas Blackcreek

    Amanda Crum, you lying sack of $#it! You lied with this headline.

  • Eliza

    Why does Hollywood keep giving Justin Timberlake acting gigs? He couldn’t act his way out of a box. He should just stick to singing & dancing. None of his roles have been outstanding. There are actually great actors out there that deserve these roles over him, but I guess he has a great agent.

  • Paul Dickerson

    one of the best he is as good as my all time favorite paul newman

  • No Romney EVER!

    Clints the best! Grew up with him, hope he keeps working. As for Timberlake, he needs to give it up. He should stick to the music only!

    • Jan

      He was actually pretty good in that out of time movie he did and I’m not a fan, music or otherwise!

  • Tim

    The headline for this article is a complete LIE

  • Dave

    This is for Tim, Douglas, Twinstick, et.al; You are like ambulance chasers with your morbid desire for scandal and totally missing the point. It is not a real feud between the real Clint and the real Justin. READ the last sentence in the 2nd paragraph then you will see it was in the “movie plot” not REALITY where Justin’s character gets on Clint’s characters bad side. I mean for God’s sake, you guys are like the looky-lou’s on the freeway gawking at accident scenes and backing up traffic, trying to see the gore and destruction. And bashing the author when you don’t even take time to read and comprehend the story. Headlines are made to be catchy so people will READ the story. In this case it was meant to be tongue in cheek as anyone that has ever seen a Clint Eastwood movie ‘portrayal’ knows what it means when he gives you that “scowl”. Stop with the conspiracies already!!

  • jacob

    Yet another misleading title to get hits. FU

  • Scott

    Amanda, where are you going with this. is there a point? was there a point? just a webheadline. oh well. Journalism reaches for a story and occasionally fails to find a story to support the webheadline.

  • Jan

    Aren’t you like 128 years old Clint? JUST DIE ALREADY..YOU’RE JUST OLD, ONEROUS, AND GRUMPY and everyone WILL GET ON YOUR “BAD SIDE”!

    • Dave

      With an attitude like yours, your soul is already dead. Seems to me you’re the one with the bad side. Maybe you should finish dying since your hate has killed your ability to think rationally. Clint Eastwood is one of the best persons one could know or work with or act/produce/direct your movie. He is legend and you’re not, Jan. Just pathetic.

    • Gregg

      Jan so what if Eastwood is 82, good on him eh!..are you jealous???..this new baseball movie will make a ton of money, despite what shits like you Jan will no doubt ‘type on’ Twitter and or Facebook!. Sad bugger you are!.

    • Mike

      No Jan, you got everyone else on your bad side…
      SO why don’t you just die instead.
      Go ahead, Make Our DAY! (;>

    • cherry carruth

      Who the hell is “Jan” ??

  • Barry

    Jan your a stupid cunt ! Plain and simple.