Claire Danes Almost Had A Very Different Career

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Claire Danes, who is the cover girl for the newest issue of Vogue, says she was "stuck" after doing the film that won her several awards and accolades from her peers. In fact, she almost changed her career altogether.

The 34-year old actress said she came away from "Temple Grandin"--in which she portrayed the real-life autistic doctor of animal science--on a real high, but for whatever reason, the movie didn't pave the way to more roles.

"It was confusing. I got a lot of plaudits, and it didn't translate into more work. I was really, really struggling during that time," she said. "It was grim. I was very hurt. Two years of not working was brutal. And a point came where I thought, 'I really like interior design.'"

For fans of the show "Homeland", a world without Danes as Carrie Mathison seems almost unthinkable. She says she was offered a few roles, but none matched up to her ideals after coming away from the award-winning "Temple Grandin". And then, she says, she remembered why she started acting in the first place, and it wasn't for the fame.

"There's the movie star that plays herself and the movie star like Meryl (Streep) that has this wonderful, glamorous persona intact and is undone every time she takes on a new character. I think I'm astounded and titillated by that."

Amanda Crum
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