Cincinnati Gunman Scares University of Cincinnati Campus

    November 6, 2013
    Sarah Parrott
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As a college student, this writer can attest to how scary it is to hear about shootings on college campuses and face the reality that such threats could become a reality at nearly any point. Those fears also surfaced for students, faculty, and staff at the University of Cincinnati when reports of a person with a gun were called in on Short Vine, a street near the campus. The campus police sent out an alert, telling people to stay out of the area, and began a search for the mysterious gunman.

The campus police began their search for the gunman, but never issued an official lockdown, though they did encourage students to stay where they were and to avoid the reported area. The police searched the buildings and area around where the gunman had been sighted, and found nothing, so they issued an “all clear” alert, telling students it was safe to move about. The police reported that the suspect, described as a fifteen-year-old black male, ran into a neighborhood across the street shortly after being spotted.

Though no campus-wide lockdown was issued, certain buildings were locked down as the search was conducted. The police focused on Proctor Hall, a building that was not technically on campus, and surrounding areas to ensure that there was no threat after the gunman fled. The campus police officially reported that no gunman had been found, no shots had been fired, and no injuries or deaths had occurred in the process.

There has been no statement issued concerning whether or not the suspect will be pursued or kept on lookout for. The story ends on a happy note, however, that there were no injuries or deaths as a result of the scare, and everyone present was able to walk away from the scare with nothing more than a frightening story to recount to their friends, family, and loved ones back home.

[Image courtesy of University of Cincinnati’s Facebook page.]
  • TJ

    Considering where the University of Cincinnati is located, aren’t there ALWAYS gunman close to campus? I’m just sayin’…

    • Herb

      A 14 year old was gunned down on a playground half a mile from there last week. People are routinely robbed at gunpoint in the areas adjoining the UC campus.
      Shootings are common on Burnet just blocks away.
      No lockdowns there. I guess it’s different when white people are threatened.

      • Rob

        That’s the most ignorant and racist comment. We never heard that comment before. Actually, I’m tired of hearing it to tell you the truth.

      • Thomas

        The “Race Card” that keeps being pulled IS BOLOGNA!!!!!! GET OVER IT !! If you expect all the whites to accept and not discriminate then stop doing the it YOURSELF YOU HYPOCRITE!

      • Richard

        There was a lockdown in the Bay Area recently. I think the difference between Cincinnati and the Bay Area incident was an ICE agent was shot and killed

  • Herb

    To all you crying “ignorance” and “hypocrisy” – this is my neighborhood. I see it and live it every day. While we, as a community, are striving to quell gun violence, especially among the youth, the fact is black on black violence is back page news and effectively swept under the rug while a simply perceived threat against the white establishment makes the national news. Can anyone else claim this is not the true hypocrisy?

  • Stop Being So Afraid

    We have to stop in this nation. Stop being afraid. We have become a nation of cowards that are afraid of their shadows. Your odds of being killed in a school shooting is slim and none.

    Sarah, the reason why you are so afraid is because you see enemies everywhere. Just look at your small bio. You speak about dismantling the “Patriarchy”. You are going to spend your whole creating division among men and women because of something that really doesn’t exist. The vast majority of men don’t go around thinking about how to hurt women or put women down. The vast majority of men simply adore women. Nothing is every perfect, but really the average man does not wake up thinking of ways to make women suffer. You simply want to assume the professional victim role.

    I have lived in some of the most brutal places in the world. Where literally people were falling dead around me every day. There are two universal truths that I can tell you. One — if you leave other people alone, generally respect others, and mind your own business, your odds of ever getting attacked is extremely slim. In violent confrontations, most of the time both parties are responsible in some way. Things escalate and one person gets hit. Two — when it is your time to go. It is your time. There isn’t a damn thing you can do about it. When your number is up, it is up.

    Stop living in fear and looking for enemies everywhere. After a while, it doesn’t matter if there are real enemies or not because you will create them for yourself. You will create them out of thin air.

    America doesn’t need to worry about terrorists because Americans are now terrorizing themselves every day.