Church Pastor Killed With Electric Guitar in Texas

By: Sean Patterson - October 30, 2012

A church pastor was beaten to death with an electric guitar Monday after his attacker crashed a car into the wall of a North Texas church.

According to an Associated Press report, the suspect crashed a car in to the side of the Greater Sweethome Missionary Baptist Church in Forest Hill, Texas at around noon on Monday. He then got out of the car and attacked Rev. Danny Kirk Sr., chasing him into the church while a church secretary called 911. Police found the suspect beating Kirk with an electric guitar and used a taser to subdue him.

Kirk died from his injuries soon after, and the suspect was “found unresponsive shortly after being detained,” according to the AP report, which is based heavily on a statements from Forest Hill Police Chief Dan Dennis. The suspect was pronounced dead at a local hospital, and an autopsy will be performed to determine the cause of his death.

Dennis stated that it is unknown why the suspect had attacked Kirk, whether he attended the church, or whether he even knew Kirk. Forest Hill is a suburb of Fort Worth, Texas.

According to the AP, Kirk was the founding pastor of the church and had started building his congregation in a strip mall location before the church was built.

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  • Cacao

    this is a win win situation, both died, it means to be this way, God has mercy.

  • Leola

    I hate that this occurred. God bless his physical and spiritual family. There’s something about this whole situation that just isn’t adding up. People don’t just break into a church and beat a minister of a church with a guitar. I don’t know?????????????????

    • Graham

      I totally agree.

      Anyone know what kind of guitar it was?

    • Graham

      It’s Texas, so I’m figuring well… Stevie Ray used a Stratocaster. The guys from Los Lonely Boys – same style, very much that Texas Blues on a Strat.

      But then again… It’s the great state of Texas. You have Billy Gibbons’ (ZZ Top) “Pearly Gates,” perhaps the most valuable guitar on the planet – a 1959 Les Paul that came from Houston. Ditto, Duane Alman’s beautiful LP Sunburst – that guitar, if not in the Rock and Roll Hall of fame, would probably change hands in the $500K range. Houston has produced some great Les Pauls.

      BUT… Then again, you have the Austin Scene – so obviously… say it with me… TELECASTER.

      I’m just curious. Texas has produced some great guitars across the map (Collings, literally produces some of the greatest guitars in the world in Austin). So this tragic situation really begs the question.

      Best to All and I do pray for the Pastor.

    • Graham

      After giving it some thought… definitely a Les Paul. I don’t know if anyone out there is familiar with how HEAVY a LP is. VERY Heavy. You play 2 sets with one of those and you need a good rub of tiger balm, a couple whiskeys and a flip over to feel better.

      If I had to defend myself and if I didn’t have a ball bat or a sand wedge or maybe a mag light flashlight – though I hate the thought of ruining a really nice guitar… if I HAD to bludgeon someone out of this world and into the arms of the Almight… I’d do it with a Les Paul.