Chuck Norris Anti-Obama Ad Invokes God, Reagan

    September 4, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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It looks as if Mitt Romney might have another aging movie star on his side. Well, that may not be true, since Chuck Norris‘ new anti-Obama ad doesn’t mention Mitt Romney at all. In fact, it it only name-checks President Obama once, and doesn’t explicitly endorse a candidate. The entire video is more of a wink to conservative Christians, to let them know that Lone Wolf McQuade is on their side.

The ad features Norris and his wife, Gena O’Kelley standing in what appears to be the couple’s home dojo. With a prominent American flag in the background, the couple speak about the importance of the election and the doom that awaits America if it doesn’t “change direction.”

“We’re at a tipping point and quite possibly our country as we know it may be lost forever if we dont’ change the course our country is headed,” said Norris. “…we can no longer sit quietly or stand on the sidelines and watch our country go the way of socialism, or something much worse.”

The couple go on to heavily quote President Ronald Reagan, warning of 1,000 years of darkness and that freedom could be only one generation away from extinction. Of course, this Reagan rhetoric is from the height of the Cold War. Perhaps someone should remind Norris that he is not actually James Braddock and that the Cold War ended two decades ago.

If there is one bright spot for Romney in this news, its that this ad is likely to hit its mark. Since Norris has weighed in on political issues as a conservative Christian before, his message is likely to go ignored by all but its target audience. Also, while Clint Eastwood’s speech at the Republican National Convention was ripe for parody, Norris’ ad is fairly straightforward, if a bit inflammatory.

  • Bill S.

    Chuck Norris needs to go somewhere and sit his old butt down. He is locked into one of his old Vietnam movies. He and Clint need to get together and talk about how much they hate Obama and the Dems. At 6:00 p.m got back to the Rest Home and play checkers.

    • JF

      Thank you for that insightful comment, Bill S. Move over Hemingway, there’s a new guy in town ……

    • http://yahoo darren wells

      I dare you to say that to Chucks face.

  • http://yahoo pierre

    Who in the F#%K is Chuck ??

    • Kenneth Bentley

      Is this the best that you can articulate, is with profanity? I’d be more inclined to give attention to your thought…if you had one that could be taken seriously. These blogs provides a medium for you express your views, and this is what you have to say? DO BETTER!

  • Kenneth Bentley

    How True! I want everyone to understand that Obama knows that he is leading our country down socialism row. He believes in the “big government” takeover.

    • Paul

      Ken do you like your Police,Fire,Highway,Parks Departments? that is Socialism, so you must be a Socialist, lol

  • craig

    Chuck Norris destroyed the periodic table. Chuck Norris only believes in the element of surprise.

  • MRB

    I think that both Clint and Chuck have been around long enough to see where we were and where we are. The rough times and the good times and I think they can see where we’re headed and it’s not good. I agree with the 100% and those of you that don’t see it, don’t cry about it later when it’s too late.

    • Paul

      The problem here is, President Clinton left the country with a surplus, Dubyah squandered that surplus, got us into 2 foreign wars, and cut taxes so that we couldn’t pay for those wars, and his economic policies (very similar to Mitt Romney’s) sent jobs overseas, creating massive unemployment, which in turn cut tax revenues, creating more deficit spending. Now the people who wouldn’t vote for a Democrat even if it was Jesus, (he was a liberal) are trying to blame all of this on President Obama. No matter who is President the next 4 years, it will probably take another 10 years before we come out of the mess that Dubyah created.

  • jimmy locks

    He’s got it backwards, it’s 1000 years of God’s rule. He’s as nutty as Reagan was now.

    • JF

      Nutty … really??? I know Reagan died of Alzheimer’s but there was never any evidence of him being insane or not in control of himself or his decisions before that terrible disease manifested itself. I’d love to read any evidence you have to back up that assertion …

      • Paul

        Just because there is no evidence, doesn’t mean he wasn’t in the early stages of Alzheimers. Nancy made all the decisions anyway, lol

  • craig

    Chuck Norris can make a woman climax, just by simply pointing at her, and saying “booya”!

  • Terresa

    Keep on keeping on chuck. The only one telling you to sit back and do nothing is the ones counting on this countries nose dive. Bill S. you’re shy of brilliance but sharp with insults. Don’t you care about our nation or do you like socialism? Do you know socialism? If you know it..you ain’t gonna ;like it.

    • ron

      love you chuck……and i am not gay either…..

    • Paul

      Theresa, do you like your Police Dept.? do you like your Fire Dept.? do you like your Highways, Parks, that is socialism.

  • http://cheapautoinsurancemn.com terry

    he didn’t bash Obama and you can watch this and not think he is pro Romney?
    I think this video is 100% support for Romney/Ryan

    • Christina

      Why does it have to be Romney? He could be voting for Ron Paul!

  • Dan

    True words. Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom. Thank God for people like Norris and his Wife!

  • anna

    AMEN!! GOD’S will be done!

    • Mike Thrash

      @anna – what does ‘god’ have to do with the election? Please explain, in great detail please, as I honestly don’t understand. I’m not being snarky, just asking a question.

    • Jared

      @ Anna who’s God voting for these days anyway. I’m just curious and certainly a little snarky.

      • Paul


  • Joe Mudder

    Chuck R U Serious? Just vote Obama out. We don’t need your 1950 scare tactic to vote this idiot out. He’s an arab what do you expect.

    • mjlarsen

      Unless you have had your head burried in the sand for the last three years, you should know that these comments are not scare tatics but the truth. Thank God for chuck and his wife and their willingness to stick their neck out (by hollywood standards) to try to save this country!! They are two great americans!!!

      • Paul

        Seriously??? Stop watching FOX(fake)News and drinking their Koolaid. People like you that can vote, really make me worry for the future of America.

    • Mike Thrash

      @Joe Mudder – Arab? Come on? Please tell me you really don’t believe that? You honestly can’t. Even if you don’t like the man or his policies, you can’t really beileve something that has been proven over and over again to be incorrect. Besides – when did being half KENYAN (which truly makes him African-American) come to mean ‘Arab’?

      • Teresa Colvin

        when you proclaim it

      • Paul

        Mike these idiots that think he is Arab, no U.S. birth Certificate, part of the Muslim Brotherhood, subscribe to the, “if you hear it said enough, it must be true” even tho the facts prove otherwise.

  • Mike Thrash

    ‘Ol Chucky boy hasn’t been relevant since the ’80’s, just like Nugent hasn’t been relevant since the ’70’s. If people are going to base their whole political opinion on a couple of has-beens, then they deserve whatever happens to them. Do your own research – read. Don’t listen to guys who have as much political clout as Tony the Tiger.

    • Mr Guy

      Good point about doing your own research, but I think you are missing the point of Norris’s statement. He’s making an appeal to conservative Christians, not the general voting public. His relevance is contextualized in the ideological proximity of this particular group of Americans. To that end, what he says is relevant to this group. Norris retains a cult status following and has revived it some in recent years with new lines of apparel and fitness products. He’s not the action star he was 20 years ago, but just the mention of a Chuck Norris cameo in an Expendables sequel gets the fan base buzzing.

      Ted Nugent is nuts. I love the guy but he’s crazy. To that end, his relevance in political discourse is framed by his intensity and nuttiness.

      Making an appeal to conservative Christians to not sit this one out is huge if it has an effect. They represent a 30 million vote shift in the 2008 election. Obama won by 10 million votes. That particular group could have had a decisive effect on the election’s outcome. Norris is trying to make sure they don’t have the same effect (or lack of effect) on this one.

      To that end, I have to applaud the manner and tone of the message. It doesn’t make direct attacks at Obama, and doesn’t specifically mention Romney either. It just calls on Christians to vote. It doesn’t even call for them to vote for a specific candidate, just to be active. To that end, Norris is giving very similar advice to what you did.

      • Christina

        Couldn’t have said it beter myself.

    • Jared

      Or as much political clout as say, Mike Thrash for that matter. The guy has a voice and an opinion, back off, or catch a round house to the face coming right of the mid-80’s. I do agree with doing your own research however.

    • Paul

      Mike, congratulations. You are the first liberal I have seen that has used the word “research”. Most liberal’s throw garbage out with no substance what so ever.

      I am truly impressed.

    • Paul

      Mike, well said.

  • Murphy

    They said it all so well!!! WTG Chuck!!

  • mike

    When God said Let there be light-Chuck Norris said, say Please!!

  • mike o.

    Let’s not sit on our hands any longer…..now is the time to stand up and be heard for the USA. Obama used the platform “TIME FOR A CHANGE”…what has he changed???? Get out and vote what is right!!!!

    • Paul

      President Obama was not able to change much because of the Republicans in Congress, they voted in lockstep against everything the Democrats in Congress or The President proposed, whether it was good or bad. It is a slap in the face to this country, what the Republicans in Congress have been doing. They have for 4 years been solely focused on getting President Obama out of the White House, instead of trying to solve the problems this country has, that is the real problem in America, not the President. I would say the same thing if it was the Democrats doing it. They are elected to Congress to HELP America, not hurt it.

  • bruno

    Chuck are you drinking???????????????

    • http://yahoo darren wells

      Chuck Norris doesn’t need to drink. He is a drink. 2 shots of WHOOP ASS straight up!!!!

  • Teresa Colvin

    As you known Our country is being eaten up by the snakes of evil, greed,dishonesty, and too many others to name. As we silently sit and watch our country keep sinking I am glad to know some people are getting sick of only the idiots having a voice. Start standing up for what we believe in OUR COUNTRY. Not the government it is evident they don’t give a damn. Greedy assholes. Americans united have a voice, lets start using it.

    • Christina

      Absolutely, Teresa!

  • Darrel

    Thanks Chuck, all the comments about Mr. Norris’s age are dispicable, same as saying blacks are lazy and stupid.. A man and his wife have a belief and are fighting for what they believe, good for them, if you agree or not that’s your decision, but to make ANY reference to his age is as bigoted as using the N word when referring to Obama..

    • Paul

      Good for you Darrel

  • http://yahoo julie

    What is he talking about…Regan???? Our country hasn’t been in good shape since Clinton was in office!!! It’s not Obama’s fault for the way this country is …seems to me it was when good old boy Bush was in..and alot of us lost alot of money!!!! Obama went into a big mess. Don’t think we need some rich ahole getting in office…the middle class and poor will be in awful shape!

    • dan

      Wonder if Norris know that “a lot” is two words, Julie.

      • Jim

        Great! Things go your way you can give grammer lessons to the other Socialist!

        • http://yahoo darren wells

          I don’t think Dan is voting for Obama. That would make him a socialist and an idiot.

    • Tom

      Your an uneducated idiot. Please don’t vote. If you ran a major corporation that was loosing Trillions of dollars, who would you want to turn it around? A successful businessman who’s done it time and again? or a community organizer who’s lied to us time and again?

    • Jim

      A rich ahole is in office already, and do you really know what has been happening during the Obama admin, just like the Clinton Admin?

    • Dan

      Obama went into a mess but the pres after Obama will be in an even bigger mess!

    • alan cassette

      Don’t forget Obama and Biden are rich assh%les as well, they are the 1% ers , numb nuts!

      • Paul

        Alan, you are so ignorant, Stop watching FOX(fake)News, President Obama has already said he would pay higher taxes to help the country, that is a true Patriot. Has Mitt Romney said he would pay higher taxes, NO. Paul Ryan’s budget would allow Mitt and his friends to pay less than 1% in taxes, I bet you aren’t paying less than 10% in taxes and you can’t afford to pay taxes as easily as them, so why are you so willing to agree to their greed?


    I vote for President Obama; your comments is like an asshole everybody got one, but you should keep yours shut; you fool

    • Shadow

      You should take your own advice.

      • http://yahoo darren wells


      • SEMPER-FI

        You are as sick as that muslim thats destroying this country. hussain obama

        • Obi-1

          I don’t understand people like you who are obvious racists! And possibly sexist! But how can you give a thumbs up to a man who believes in god and jesus but yet changes his appearance with a horrible wig and bad plastic surgery! I mean if he believes what he preaches wouldn’t he have left what GOD and JESUS gave him?! He’s a hipocrite!

          • SEMPER-FI

            I’m in the Marine Corps and far from racist I think your all equally worthless. Marines of all color don’t even compare them selves with you civillians. But keep on thinking HOMOS,ABORTION,AND SAME SEX MARRIAGES are ok GOD will deal with all of y’all not me. Good luck and you better HYDRATE your body, your gonna need it if you don’t change your ways……

      • chris

        CSM, go take some grammar classes please. Tired of your ebonics corrupting young minds. Obama has screwed this country, just accept it. Another 4 years and we all will be living on welfare.

        • Paul

          Chris, I would bet you make less than 100K a year, if so, how can you vote for someone who is going to reduce taxes on the 1% and increase taxes on you, take away Social Security, and Medicare, which ARE NOT entitlements, you pay for them from your taxes. And if you are looking for the culprit that screwed this country it is your boy Dubyah, and the Evil Empire Chaney. Taking the country into 2 wars and cutting taxes, an idiot could tell you that cutting taxes while increasing spending on 2 foreign wars would bankrupt this country. Stop blaming President Obama for the mess the Republicans have put this country in.

      • Christina

        Yes, he should!

    • http://yahoo.com Rodney

      If you voted for President Obama, you’re part of the problem and YOU are the fool, fool. What an idiot. Try to seek some help for your lack of grammar skill too. I wouldn’t talk crap about Chuck Norris either, he once shot down a plane by pointing his finger at it and saying “bang”.

      • http://yahoo darren wells

        Love the Chuck Norris jokes. Chuck is right. Vote this clown out!

      • Paul

        Rodney, every time you open your mouth you show your ignorance, see my post above to Chris. The Republicans will make you pay more taxes while cutting taxes to their mega-rich friends. You should Google, Koch Brothers Exposed, and see how big money is controlling this country, and trying to remove the middle class so their is only the rich and the poor. STOP WATCHING FOX(FAKE)NEWS.

      • http://yahoo darren wells

        What did you do? Print out a page of the left winged liberal nut jobs talking points? It’s a bunch of BS. They should bag the whole tax system and go to a national sales tax so that everyone pays. YES Paul, EVERYONE! It doesn’t make sense that the harder you work, the higher the pecentage they take. Why do lower wage earners hate rich people? Jealous? I never got a job from a poor person.

        • Paul

          Yes, and all those “Job Creator” friends of Mitts make most of their money off investments, that doesn’t create jobs but boy does it create tax loopholes so you are not paying your fair share. Yes that Job Creator Mitt Romney wanted to let GM, & Chrysler go bankrupt that would have created a lot of jobs. Do you only open your mouth to change feet?

    • chris

      Freedom of speech B!

    • http://yahoo.com Bill Rubinosky

      The country is headed for a black hole with the biggest black a-hole (named Obama) driving the bus.

      • Paul

        Bill, how more ignorant and racist can you be?

  • nc_writer

    When men who deeply believe in respect of others speak like this, you can be sure it’s exceptional circumstances. We no longer have the luxury of sitting back and staying out of it. Get out and get involved.

  • Dan

    I vote for Chuck!

    • Paul

      Dan, you’re a moron, and you need to stop drinking the koolaid

  • Debra

    What the matter with these over the hill actors? The American people
    will do the right thing and re-elect our current Pres.

    • Dawn Anderson

      Amen Sister!!

      • Jim

        Hi Dawn, I guess I will see you in the work camp in a couple of years….

        • Paul

          Jim, you’re a moron, and you need to stop drinking the koolaid

          • http://yahoo darren wells

            I think you cornered the market on koolaid Paul. Pull your head out of your ass for a second and try to come up with a few things Obama has done to improve our country.

        • Christina


          • Paul

            Darren Wells read some of my other posts about how the Republicans in Congress have done everything they can to stop anything that might help this country, and are only focused on getting President Obama out of office. If you voted a Republican into Congress only to get President Obama out of the White House and not to help get the country out of this crisis, I think you are the one with your head up your ass.

    • http://yahoo darren wells

      For our countries sake, I hope you’re dead wrong!

    • Darrel

      Making remarks about one’s age is dispicable, you should be ashamed, but your not because your a fool….

    • J Kitty

      How far in the dark are you? Have you not read the Executive Orders Obama has written, and that he will use them? Americans will have no Constitution. That means we will essentially become slaves to the government, with no freedom.

      • Paul

        J Kitty, stop watching FOX (fake) News

        • http://yahoo darren wells

          What do you watch Paul? CNN? With all those unbias reporters? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

          • Paul

            No matter what I watch I don’t take it all as truth, I watch and read a number of different news outlets. It has been proven over and over that FOX(fake)News is not “Fair and Balanced”, they put out what Rupert Murdoch tells them to. And tell me what you thought when even FOX(fake)News had to say the Paul Ryan lied and Misrepresented facts during his speech? Yeah that is someone I want a breath away from being President. How do you like Ryans’s budget that will have you pay more taxes while Mitt and his friends pay less than 1%? President has committed to paying higher taxes to help the country, I haven’t heard Mitt or any of his friends make that committment.

        • Ed

          Paul, even the liberal news has stated the facts you idiot. The Senate is the do nothing fool. They haven’t passed anything since the Republicans took over the Senate. The House has passed a budget every year and the Senate has not. The House has passed bills and the Senate has not. Wake up Demonrats are the problem; they control the Senate. MSNBC, NBC, CNN, HLN all liars.

      • Christina

        J Kitty, you’re absolutely right!

    • alan cassette

      The Current POTUS is a absolute failure and will go down in history as such,even worse than Jimmy Carter, His policys of tax and spend have prevented small business owners all over America from hiring new workers. His Obama nightmare healthcare act will create more job losses as employers will be forced to pay 1/2 the same amount as their workers and will be forced to pay the monthly premium, or both will be fined $750.00 each, what about 42 months of over 8 percent unemployment, How about first lady that spends money for her vacations and takes 50 plus friends costing taxpayers over $400,000 per trip! . How about a Preseident who plays more golf than any other president, while the middle class suffers, a president who in his first year spent most of it flying all over the world bowing down and apologizing to heads of the European Nations . A president who added 6 Trillion more debt in 3 1/2 years, and only bailed out Crooked Bankers, Car companies.

      • Paul

        Alan, stop watching FOX (fake) News. Dubyah took more vacation in his first year than most Presidents take in 4 years, and I bet you had no problem with that. You call President Obama tax & spend, that is better than Duyah cutting taxes and spending on 2 wars that we shouldn’t have been in. The reason President Obama is spending is trying to bring the economy out of the mess Dubyah and the Evil Emperor Chaney left this country in. It would be really nice if the Republican Representatives, and Senators would start doing their jobs of helping the country, instead of since Jan 20, 2009 ONLY focusing on getting President Obama out of the White House, while the country is in dire need of help. When are you going to start blaming them, instead of accusing President Obama of all the problems in the country? Seriously all that crap in your comment, straight off of FOX (fake) News, Unfair and Seriously UnBalanced.

        • http://yahoo darren wells

          You still haven’t pulled your head out of your ASS Paul! You buy into every left winged ,socialist BS propaganda that the ABC,NBC,CBS and CNN media delivers to you. Grow a brain.

          • Paul

            nice to see someone who has probably ONLY Voted
            Republican in their entire life tell me I buy into all the left tells me, lol

  • Sage

    I used to like Chuck Norris but he has become a fear based nut.
    This is not the kind of consciousness America needs. He sounds like he is already in darkness. Pres. Obama will set him free.

    • Name

      You pathetic lost soul. You are truly a communist and dont know the meaning of being an American. I wish I knew you so I could punch you.

      • Paul

        yeah, punching him would really solve things wouldn’t it? Speaking of lost souls, are your dues in the John Birch Society, and the KKK paid up?

    • http://yahoo darren wells

      Chuck fears nothing. Obama will set nobody free. He believes that government is the answer. Chuck knows that WE are the answer and WE don’t need 4 more years of Obama looking down his nose at us! And if you want to see a nut, look in the mirror!

      • Christina


        • SEMPER-FI

          Don’t bother talking to paul he is just a baby killing, homo loving,same sex marriage,muslim,piece of trash. Marines can’t stand people like him yet we die everyday to protect pieces of trash just like him so he can post what he thinks on the computer for the whole world to see.

      • Paul

        when YOU point a finger, 3 are pointing back at you

    • Ed

      Sage, more like you are an Obamaaide drunk!!! You wouldn’t know the truth if someone smacked you in the face with it. That I would like to see too!!!


    Chuck you are the man. A round house kick to obama husseins face is the answer

    • Paul

      you are an ignorant ass, and you bring shame to the Marines saying crap like that.

      • SEMPER-FI

        Don’t even compare the Marine Corps to you worthless civillians. There is NO ONE IN THE MARINE CORPS THAT LIKES THAT MUSLIM CLOWN, So unless you join the Corps keep you sewer shut and think us MARINES for you freedom you grabastic piece of amphibious scum

  • MonicaB

    C’mon Chuck 1000 years? Socialist talk? Sounds like you been brainwashed. But you were great in Expendable 2.

  • DJ

    WTF….I think Chuck has been kicked in the head 1 too many times

    • http://yahoo darren wells

      Chuck does the kicking….

    • Paul

      Lol, right on.

  • Larry Love

    Where’s Bruce Lee when you need him?

  • http://yahoo al

    Mr. Norris and his rep stand on their on. As for the BO in the Big White House falls on theirs. Everyone just needs to VOTE and Shut up. GOD has a plan and when he is ready it will be put in place. ALSO I am a SOUTHERN White BOY but lets cut all this RACIAL CRAP.

    • Paul

      Thank you for saying that, race has nothing to do with who can do the better job to lead this country, I would sure hope someone does not base their vote on race, if you do, you are doing a disservice to yourself and your country.

  • Ken

    So let me get this right. You want to appeal to me as a Christian, yet you want me to vote for some one who doesn’t believe in the same Jesus that I believe in and you claim that you believe in. Just because that man happen to have the same skin color as you? You can not deny the BIG differences between what Mormons believe and what Christian believe.

    • Joseph

      Would you as a christian rather vote for re-election someone that has demonstrated a dislike for Christians in many policies and a dsregard for law as well as abortion,same sex marriage and many other things that fly in the face of what Christians and this Nation have always upheld and prospered as a result?
      It’s not about mormon vs christian, it’s about someone that is neither taking this country down a path to destruction and rather quickly. IF Obama wins this election you can kiss this contry goodbye and become a 3rd world nation without all of the blessings you currently enjoy. This is not a racial ad this is a plea to do what is better than what was done 4 years ago.

    • Droptheracistcrap

      Where in this video did he mention race? You’re a race-baiting pig as bent on dividing this country as Obama. Instead of changing America into a socialist mess do us all a favor, pack your bags and move to one. No one wants your kind here.

      • Christina

        I agree with the race baiting.

    • Scott

      Obama may say he is a Chirstain but his actions are far different. I watched him in a video refer to the Holy Bible as the bible and preceed to shred 3 scriptures and comment “You people have not been reading the bible”. Yet in another video, in Turkey he quotes verses from the koran, prays in muslim and refers to it as “The Holy Koran”. He goes around the world proclaiming the US is no longer a Christian Nation. He cancels the National Day of Prayer at the White House but participates in muslim prayers at the capitol. Get a clue, he is a muslim at heart. I would much rather have a morman lead this country than a decieving muslim who wants to destroy this country and Chritianity!

    • VIKKI


    • Ed

      That’s right Ken; at least he does have a moral compass and does have a successful business record unlike BO. Besides you would rather vote for someone who has only once or twice attended Christian services since taking office. Maybe others are right (I think so) and he really is the Muslim he was brought up to be.

  • loren

    chuck norris once walked down the street with a massive boner. there were no survivors…..

  • Chronicle Robe

    Norris has never had elite intelligence and I can see why he thinks Christians are rich White people, but I thought we were past that misconception. America has always been a place for all people and when Chuck says get America back, back to what, to a time when Native Americans were the main inhabitants or after that when slavers were the ones in control. I wish old Chuck Norris would be more specific about what he wants back.

  • Larry Love

    Does he do anything other than spout out garbage? He need to refocus on that cheap, outdated, weight equipment he’s pimping on late night infomercial.

  • conservative4life

    Why do we always get the old washed up celeberties and the liberals get the A+ crowd? I’m tired of 76 yr old Clint Eastwood, 77 Jon Voight and 72 yr old Chuck Norris speaking for conseratives like me. We need Bristol Palin!

    • James

      No offense intended by my comment, but I think it’s because your ideas are passe. Your party needs to be a little more flexible if its ever to return to the greatness it once knew.
      What has Obama changed in America that has made the country more Socialist ? You know it’s like he’s just maintained the status quo. You must admit that his action re: saving the auto industry and the cash for clunkers averted a major depression and a growing health risk(clunkers).
      Get connected to your fellow man and think about what conservatives like to call socialism… highways, hospitols,schools, police and firemen. disease control, health care for elderly, water, power, sewers ? ?? Do you want to do away with these things ?

      • http://yahoo darren wells

        Look up socialism in the dictionary. I think there is a picture of Obama next to the word.

      • Ed

        James, are you really that stupid? All the things you talk of already exist. Yes, some need updating; but you can’t spend what you don’t have. $6 trillion in new debt; are blind to that? Bush didn’t do that much in 8 years; still bad though. This is the worst Presidency in the history of our country. Are you practicing the new language of the US? China is coming to take over soon if we don’t cut and cut hard to help pay them back.

  • conservative4life

    Why do we always get the old washed up celeberties and the liberals get the A+ crowd? I’m tired of 76 yr old Clint Eastwood, 77 Jon Voight and 72 yr old Chuck Norris speaking for conseratives like me. We need Bristol Palin!

  • Ogre

    I just find it kind of odd that a lad named Barak never spent any time living in one.

  • Dalton Salinas

    geez, is the writer an obama supporter????

    • http://yahoo darren wells


  • bob

    I have encouraged the young and the old that I know to never go to or watch a Chuck Norris movie, he’s a idiot with no hair.

  • http://yahoo reba gardner

    I am sorry Mr. Norris feel the way he does about President Obama,but I feel that it is not a christian thing I will always feel that it is a race issue,also Mr Bush did everything he wanted to do ,that is were all the problems began and he did it for 8yrs,but because he is white he was able to get what he wanted. President Obama has did some of the thigs he cannot do in 4yrs where Mr Bush had 8yrs.People are quick to to say what he has not done,and do not say what he has done.If you don’t want to vote for him it is alright,but do not say he has not did anything. I feel that the God I serve is going to bring him through,Because,the president tries to please everyone,he needs to do like Mr. Bush did and not care then maybe people will leave him alone.Mr Norris you were one of my favorite actors,but now ,I no longer feel that way. I still hope the best for you.

    • k

      What? Huh? English, please!

    • http://yahoo darren wells

      You must be on the public dole. With that kind of grammar, you will never find a job.

    • Blue Nose


      I don’t care if Obama is Purple or Green. He is not a Democrat nor is he a Liberal. He is a Socialist just sort of being a Communist. Look beyond the skin color. Look at the people quietly in the backround. They are confessed Socialist and want the whole world to become one. Stand up an look closer.

    • Ed

      Reba, you need to check the facts for yourself and not listen to the liberal media and the Dim’s. We were a prosperous nation and doing fine until Pelosi and Reid took over the House and the Senate. That is when the problems were magnified for Bush. As far as what Obama has done? He accumulated more debt in 4 years than Bush did in 8 years; is that what you are talking about? QUITE the ACCOMPLISHMENT!!! The president you think is following God I feel is the anti-christ. He doesn’t even attend services nor does his family. Bush attend Sunday services unless there was a need for him to be somewhere related to the job of President; what is BO’s excuse? Racist? NO!!! The racists are the Dim’s who kept Blacks down even voting against the Civil Rights Bill in the 60’s (more Republicans voted for it than Dim’s). You need to get the facts and stop listening to the libs for your information.

  • kellie fogg

    mr norris needs to stick to acting. has he done any thing since walker texas ranger. that kind of talk is what is wrong with this country.He really thinks that mitt romney will do better then Pres.Obama. this country will be in serious trouble if the gop starts running it

    • Christina

      Really? Do you live under a rock or something? Google his name.

    • Ed

      Kelly, do you like what comes from leftists like Sarah Jessica Parker or George Looney Clooney? Shut up until you are asking them to stick to acting. The country is where it is because of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Bush after they took over and he allowed them to bully him into compromise. Before Reid and Pelosi we were not in trouble.

  • Mark

    So much for journalist objectivity. Why don’t you take a few more potshots at him? Sounds like you’re another liberal who doesn’t know what’s at stake. The only thing your hero Obama changed was what didn’t need to be changed, and the country is losing hope by the minute. Romney believes in the values that made America strong. Obama wants to fundamentally change everything and “take the country in a new direction.” Sorry but I don’t think the jug-eared egomaniac is smarter than all of our founding fathers.

    • http://yahoo darren wells

      The first thing I thought also. Thank you!

  • http://http//beaus.ws MrBeau

    Im with Droptheracistcrap words of wisdom! With age comes wisdom, so age should not be a factor.

  • Tak123

    Chuck – Walker texas Ranger was a character that you played. You didn’t really catch all those bad guys. Look, it took me years to accept that I never actually piloted a star ship but here I am happily married with my feet (finally) very well planted on earth. With a little therapy and a lot less hair dye you could do the same I promise you!

    Live long & prosper,

    George T.

  • http://att.my.yahoo.com E Dixon

    Chuck Norris needs to stick with what he does best. People like him and others need to read and understand how the house of Congress works, the president cannot open jobs for everyone if the Republicans are sitting on them holding on to their money. THis election is about let’s get this BLACK MAN out of the WHITE HOuse, he is so smart they cannot relate to him, however most PEOPLe Whites mostly like Chuck Norris and other RACIST”S blame the president for everything especially if it affects their pocket books. GET REAL and Pray More

    • jennifer brooks

      I agree with you 100% E. Dixon. A majority of people are blaming Obama for many things but there were already many problems before he became president. Give this man a break he can’t fix everything!!!

    • Martin Thorne

      Dixon, you slander a whole race of people, then you call those people racists (note: no apostrophe required), and then you tell those people to “get real and pray more.

      Your racist projection is as apparent as it can be. Racist.

    • Dan Schofield

      Wow, as usual instead of hearing the call for change, you hear a call for race. This issue is about not just the president but our whole system is failing. 6 TRILLION dollars of debt. Change needs to occur. I don’t like either candidate, but I do know that our system is, was, and will be broke, if true change doesn’t occur. My suggestion would be for you to open you racist attitude to the concept that these guys are raping our future. Democrat or Republican. Maybe you should pray for some guidance on how to stop putting your racism first and look to the good of all.

    • ron

      RACIST..come on. I guarantee the unemployment rate was much lower during our last president’s tenure!!! much lower. OH.. and we had lower debt too! It’s not about color but the ability to understand what it takes to run the country! He does not have the business acumen to do this effectively.

    • http://yahoo darren wells

      BS. You don’t fix the economy by spending taxpayer money to create government jobs. You create an atmostphere for the private sector to create jobs. Reduce size of goverment.Lower taxes. Cut the red tape to start and run a business. If a disportionate amount of people work for the government, imagine the taxes we have to pay to pay them. Could what I just said ever make sense to a liberal?

    • Ed

      Dixon, don’t you even listen to the liberal news? It is Harry Reid and the Demonrats that are sitting on their hands in the Senate. The House has passed many budgets and bills; the Senate is the do nothing controlled by Dimwit’s like you.

    • Chris

      I wish people would see politicians for what they are. whether that be black or white. it is stupid to cry racisim on every issue because it took the very same white folks to vote president Obama into office. He knows that. And how come nobody mentions that he’s half white? I am half filipino and half white so what’s the problem? Yes , there will always be racisim of some form, But If President Obama was in a different job like manager of the NY Yankees and the team was not winning , He would be fired and not because he was black. It’s just because the team wasn’t doing well and the yankees have a high standard for winning. And buy the way, why are people so worried that The president won’t win? He actually should get a second term, He’d win in a landslide with this slogan ” Hey, George Bush got 8 years!” But we still have problems in America and Blaming Bush doesn’t put money in anyones pocket. here are people of all races out there that are hurt by politicians who make promises and don’t deliver, Look at how many multi millionaires in congress and the senate. To me they all stink.

  • HoldingWritersAccountable

    Nice piece Patterson. Your strong bias is showing clearly. I guess that was your objective, but it comes off as more of an op/ed article. Are you able to quiet your inner leanings and report objectively?

  • Martin Thorne

    “…,if a bit inflammatory”? THAT is how the writer characterizes this?
    I am not an Evangelical, but I certainly respect and support THIS well-reasoned and thoughtful message.

  • Reverend Steven Kinsley

    We need more Norrises telling the country where we stand in Gods view. Obama your listening to that wrong voice in your ear I think you need to talk to Gods people with a little more reference and maybe you your wife and children need to sit down and read what Gods words says.

    • Ed

      Reverend Kinsley, don’t you think that he is the anti-christ and already knows the end is near? Just doing what his father (Satan) has told him to do.

  • Buck

    Sean Patterson is another educated useful idiot stooge for the socialist agenda. While mandated by some leftist propanganda arm that tells other sheeple how the cold war ended two decades ago, the truth is Russia and Red China are anything but allies and the cold war reamins closer to where being frozen can suddlenly become a very hot war — over a variety of flash points curently between the USA and them – that is appears he is not only against the truth and facts he ignores them as well.

  • cdhansen2003@yahoo.com

    I think he has the right to say what he wants. Really what I got out of this was for Christians and Americans to make sure and get out and vote. They didn’t say how to vote but it is implied.

    • James

      From the unbiased material I have read contrasting the both the Ryan and Obama plan,Mr Ryan’s plan for medicare takes away 2x the overall funding v Obama’s by the year 2024.
      Also I believe that O’s plan also closes the Bush donut hole which limited perscription drugs for the elderly on Medicare.
      May not be a biggie for you -unless you need it

      • Ed

        LOL!!!!!! you must be listening to Debbie Washermouthoutwithsoap!!!! That idiot can’t find her a$$ with both hands. How would she know what works and doesn’t. All talking points. Ryan’s plan will allow the future for our kids and their kids to still be able to get something. BO’s plan stinks like his initial. 10 years of tax collections for 6 years of coverage? Glad I don’t live on your budget; I’d be homeless. I don’t get welfare or assistance.

  • http://yahoo charles

    Americans, Take a look around you. A serious look. Where is the pipeline, where is our leadership in foreign affairs, he wants to get rid of all our nuclear weapons, he wants less funding for the military,he does not want to deal with Isreal,he got rid of the bust of Winston Churchill and returned it to England, he wants to drill in South America and not here, the health care bill is nuts cause it takes 750 million from medicare and will cost our children dearly, our debt is skyrocketing, NASA has cut funding. Texas has already taken a stand on if he brings in United Nations troops, they will be all stopped at their border, civil unrest will happen to the likes of Lexington and Concord and finally, if he is elected our country will become closer to a socialist nation…..Do you really want this????? And finally, recently at a conference he leaned over to a Russian Official and said this…..”when I am elected I will have more flexibility to work with Mr. Putin!!!” I vote for America and he is not the leader we all thought.

    • Bill

      I wish he had the balls to reduce the military budget. That’s where the cuts should start.

  • rex

    RACISM! The go-to for liberals.
    If conservatives would have had a young, black, constitutional conservative option, they would have voted for him in droves. Whenever conservatives do present black candidates the libs/socialists/entitlements-for- life idiots just default to “He’s an Uncle Tom.” This basically means it is not TRULY about race but policies.

  • Ron Romines

    This writer is obviously against a free America.How blind do you have to be to see that Obama is not working out. His vision of America is not the vision of most people. Thank you Chuck Norris for your courage to speak out against this self serving egotistical President.

  • Brent

    Big money Big business is running this country. Thats the truth. GREED IS IN FAVOR. NOT PROSPERITY FOR THE WORKING MAN. ASK WARREN BUFFETT WHO CLAIMS TO BE A DEMOCRAT. YET PENCILS WHIPS EVERYONE WHO WORKS FOR ONE OF HIS COMPANIES. This will not change . The true chacarter of America has been lost . Whats ahead is the haves and the have nots . all THAT is left is choosing the lesser of two evils . The fruit in the fields for every hard working American is allready dead. Just look at your 401k. Corp america rules with and iron fist and they are not going TO let go of power. hence the billions poured into elections. THIS GOVERMENT IS BOUGHT AND PAID FOR……!!!

  • Blue Nose

    If you are offended by Chuck Norris and his wife’s comments, you are a major part of the problem. Remember one thing. If Obama gets his way and you are dependent on the government for your income, you are in deep trouble. Sooner rather than later, there will not be anyone making enough money to pay taxes for your social programs. Obama will be gone and his hand picked sucessor will be looking at you and saying “What Happened?” Wake Up!!!

    • James

      Sorry ‘ but it simply sounds like a message to get out and vote although it’s mixed up in a typical Hollowwood mish mash of a message with lots of inuendos..

      So Obama wants everyone to work for the government ? You’re causing me to loose repect for Nova Scotia, Blue Nose. I think you drank the cool aid.

  • DezJimmar

    Ooooo! I’m really afraid now. Shaking in my boots. Texas Walker Rangler has predicted the end of the world; and we know he is always right. Hey Chuck; do you think I’ll have time to finish this peanut butter and jelly sandwich before the end comes?

    • Ed

      Hey Dez; you will have plenty of time. The coming of Christ will only take those of us that are Christians. You will be left until the very end 7 years later. If by then you haven’t seen the Light, then you may not have time. See ya!

      • Bill

        Hey, Ed, keep drinking that Christian Kool-Aid, buddy. The streets will be paved with gold, you’ll have your very own mansion that Jesus built for you himself, and Dez and I and the rest of the 95% of humanity throughout history not fortunate enough to be part of the Chosen Ones will burn for eternity in a giant lake of fire. It makes perfect sense.

      • FroloneNonAddem

        What if everyone’s wrong about the end? What if something COMPLETELY different happens? More importantly, will he have time to finish his peanut butter and jelly sandwich then? We may never know. I’m no Christian but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have beliefs, or that I don’t believe in an afterlife similar to that of said religion. What it does mean is that I don’t subscribe to everything that’s stated in the Bible, I make my own conclusions based on what is happening in the world. That’s just my view on things.

    • Chris

      I hope that you don’t take some of these people too seriously. While I am a believer in christ who had a supernatural life changing experience of salvation, I in no way condone someone just pointing a finger at you telling you that you’re going to hell. While Jesus did say that he is the way , the truth , and the life and I find that to be very true. But he also said that we as believers should let our lights shine before men , that they may see our good works , and glorify our father in heaven. It is the word of God’s job to convict and then set free as it is quick and powerfull and sharper than a two edged sword. When you really experience the love of God shed abroad in your heart by the touch of his spirit, then your life will never be the same. Not by someone accusing you and pointing fingers. As they nailed Jesus to the cross he said” Father, Forgive them for they know not what they do”.

      • Bill

        Great, so you do still believe those without Christ (again, this is definitely in 95% range of humanity) will burn in hell forever, you just don’t think that aspect should be talked about publicly. I actually grew up in an environment with the exact same ‘positive’ mentality of addressing non-believers, and believed the whole thing myself once upon a time. Then when I was in my mid to late 20s I finally realized my belief was completely rooted in the fear of hell, and once I got over the hump of seeing how absurd the notion really is, I was able to admit I don’t believe.

  • Sadi

    Apparently Sean isn’t a real jounalist. There is no jounalistic integrity in keeping it neutral. I hear that don’t even teach journalist how to be neutral anymore at “LSMMCCA” Liberal Media Mind Control Central Accademy.

  • Larry Love

    Hey Chuck,

    Do you think I’ll have time to finish this peanut butter and jelly sandwich before the end comes?

  • OldGlory

    Wow, only retarted librals allowed to have opinions in Hollywood? Man, a few normal conservatives talk sense and the whole world comes crashing down around their party worlds of rainbows and drug enduced paranoid kitty clowns that are dancing around obama statues in their heads and throwing free skittles and cheese to all the people.

  • Freckles

    *****There is NOTHING worse than Racism.*******
    YES THERE IS!!!!!

    ********BEING ACCUSED OF FAKE RACISM**********

  • Sean

    There is nothing worse than political smear and journalists that use smear propaganda to induce their opinion. Patterson is not a journalist because he should know to report the facts and be unbiased. Unfornately like both Democrats and Republicans they have to smear each other instead of getting the facts out which are driven by poor journalists influencing their opinions. Said when freedom of speech is not really free.

  • John

    Mr. Norris is correct. If Mr. Obama has his way we as a nation will be pledging our allegance to the Soviet Socialist States of America. This is truly Mr. Obamas dream. Do your self a favor go see Obamas 2016. Mr. Obamas says so in his own words.

    • Sonia

      I totally agree 100%.

  • howard

    one more “has-been” trying to get his name in the news-stay with the black belt stuff, it’s what you know.

    • Cadacayo

      @howard, for now you can say all you want to Mr. Norris of trying to be on the news come November- let us know who will be a “has-been!” Had you been really up to the news, you should know Norris has been there driving points that make a lot of sense (than ur incumbent Pres) before Clint Eastwood came to enlighten us more.

  • http://yahoo davidwillis

    if obama wins were scerwed 9(and not good way)

  • http://yahoo davidwillis

    if obama wins were all screwed (and not the way )

  • Bill

    Exactly right Chuck! Obama looses, America wins!

  • http://here Barry C

    I think that chuck needs to go out side and talk to the people that he is not agreeing with. I mean he has all the funds to do what ever he wants and there for does not want to remember where he comes from. Some of us are ridding the edge of being broke and live pay check to pay check, so we know that republican party is thinking only of those who have money. We others make them thier money and most have forgotten this. Chuck from one vet to an actor, stop being uninformed or not having the guts to do a fact check before opening your mouth.

  • Joe

    Elect ANYBODY but Obamer.Chuck is right as rain.

  • Maranda

    What happened to separation of church and state?? Religion needs to stay out of the government, point blank. Drink your christian kool-aid or believe who you want to believe in, but YOUR beliefs don’t reflect the views of others. Government needs to stay in government buildings, religion needs to stay in church. Never a good thing when you mix the two.

  • Ray

    If Romney win we are scred you are better of with the President.do not look at the race of the man but he can do to get USA. out of trouble.which the Bush ADmin put this country in.

    • roy

      All one needs to do is check out your grammar and that pretty much sums it up for all the other uneducated bumbs that only want handouts and the government to take care of them.

      • RSJ

        Roy, bumbs is spelled with 1 “b”. — It’s just BUMS. If you’re criticizing uneducated people …check you’re own spelling.

  • Frank McKinley

    To: Sean Patterson,

    RE: Your snide comments about Chuck Norris and your pro-marsist/globalist position promoted by your self……..

    Dear Sean,

    President Ronald Regan hit the nail right on the head dead center!
    He was right all mocking leftists were and are WRONG!! Our nation is teetering on the brink now and very wildly at that! Your so called elite are deliberatly doing it for the overthrow of America in all but the name; if even that!! It has not been by accident! Using the Hegelian dyalatic and the 10 planks for the take-over of a nation plus all the methods stated in the “communist manifesto”! In a nutshell it says’you can do anything at all to anyone any time you choose to get what you want”!! Aliaster Crowley the satanist and his fan Anton LeVay (church of satan) said “..and do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law!”!! There is no real difference in comunists, socialists, so called athiests and the rest of the anti-Christ pagans than those satinists! That goes for Helena P. Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Horace Mann, John Dewey (honorary head of the n.e.a. many years and the Frankfurt School he brought into America and our teacher colleges and of whom you were obviously indoctrinated by their “curriculum”!!!), the n.e.a. & William James!
    Our Sunni/acorn/globalist president is destroying us and our freedom!
    Wake up and smell the coffee!
    Sincerely Frank McKinley
    Veteran USMC RVN service

    • http://webpronews Charlie

      You forgot Paul Ryan’s Hero Ayn Rand.

      Thank-God you are longer in the Marines -at least that is one less nutbag with a gov-ment issued gun.

      • D Buck

        Ditto Sean!!!

      • D Buck

        Ditto Sean!!!

      • D Buck

        Ditto Sean!!!

      • D Buck

        Ditto Sean!!!

  • Jim Norris

    Chuck is exactly on target.

    • D Buck

      You and Chuck are exactly on target, Jim!!!

  • John

    Well, Chuck Norris is nothing but a has-been actor, and his political commentary carries no weight. Why, if he were really THAT tough, he would come here and slam my face into this keyboASFGKFVKEFvjbs vghvsdfgaesdfg

  • DNA

    Unions put Obama in Office!

    • http://yahoo james

      you are REALLY uninformed…..

  • http://webpronews Charlie

    Chuck – you would be more believable with an age appropriate wife and about 1/4 of the plastic surgery.

    Your sick right wing view of America at a cross roads is immature and sickening.

    Now I only hope Chuck Norris doesn’t hunt me down and kill my whole family…

  • ejh

    I am an atheist but even I take Mr. Norris’ words of warning seriously

  • http://Yes Jim Foster

    I think Barry C and Maranda need God on their side then, they would talk different, There is nothing in their emails to suggest that they are Christians. Why do stupid people have to write bad things about good people. Reagan was right on, Chuck is right on, I am 75 and have seen a lot in this country, But NOTHING LIKE WE HAVE NOW.

  • Joe Mama

    Chuck Norris eats rocks and sh1ts lightning bolts!

  • Jack

    Chuck Norris is usually right on track and is again right on track. What Ronald Regan said was 2 decades old….but that time is here and here now. Wake up America. Go out and vote….and hopefully you will not vote for the one in office now. Clint Eastwood said…America needs change. We need non politicians in office. Weneed the people of the United States running our country.

    • EVER

      Yet it was Reagen that set us on this path of economic collapse with his deficit spending. When Reagen took over and instituted his policies, America went from being the largest creditor nation on Earth to being the largest debtor nation on Earth. You really need to research Reagen’s unemployment rate in his first term, you’d be surprised to find that his was worst than Obama’s, so why did Reagen deserve another term?

      You blame Obama for all this illegal immigration—despite him deporting more illegals than all the previous President’s combined—but you would never let facts stand in the way of your hatred, but it was Reagen that started all this illegal immigration drive when he gave 4 million illegals amnesty.

  • Malcolm

    If you want to fix the problems in the United States, you have to put a strong president in the White House, Obama is not that president. You will also need a strong Attorney General, one who will inforce the lobbyist laws, the laws not being inforced now. Inforcing the lobbyist laws will get rid of the politians who doing nothing but lining their pockets in DC.

    The last two guys that attempted to clean up DC got their asses blown away. That would be John F Kennedy and Robert Kennedy.

    The next thing you need is people in place in the goverment and in the business sector who are willing to invest in the United States instead of detracting from it.

    • http://yahoo james

      if you get rid of the politicians that do nothing in the District of Corruption you will have to hold election after election to find enough fit people…..

    • EVER

      And you think Romney is that “strong” President?

  • MJ Anderson

    Chuck is right. We’re at a crossroads. 4 more yrs of this and the stars and stripes will be replaced by the hammer and sickle. Demonizing the rich is just the start. Patterson is a typical liberal. All they write is propaganda!

  • http://yahoo james

    I don’t know which is worse, being a B- actor or an A+ 700 club follower [never a leader in either case]

  • CAM

    I really enjoy all the comments about separation of Church and State. It is especially gratifying to read people suggest that it is not “Constitutional.” There is no reference to separation of Church and State in the Constitution of the United States of America. This whole position however xomes from a casual reference to the separation in the Federalist Papers by Thomas Jefferson (which SOLELY focused on the need for no government-backed Church , i.e., The Church of England).

    Interestingly, there are several references to God in the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation and the United States Constitution.

    I don’t try to force my religious beliefs down under people’s throats, but please, afford me the same respect, and save your atheist/agnostic pontification for someone else.

    The Founding Fathers were people that beleived in God. They established a government that embraced a Supreme Being. Now let’s all stop trying to engage in revisionist history to support our present position.

    Chuck Norris has the RIGHT to say whatever he wants within the framework of our Constitution’s definition of free speech. You have the right to disagree….but not to his face. LOL

    • EVER

      Look idiot. You so-called Christians wnat government out of religion; and yet at the same time you want religion to be in government. Well you can’t have it both ways.

      Just like you want the government out of business, but want business(man) in government. Very counterintuitive.

  • Bryan

    Chuck needs to crawl under a rock for 1000 years. His paronoid propaganda has one intent, to promote his own interest and religion that everyone is supposed to be following.

  • http://yahoo CaptEric

    It is a sad day when as a nation we fight against each other. I agree with Mr. Norris, I did not vote for Obama but after his victory gave him a chance to show me “the change”. In four years I have only seen our country slide further and further into decline. Stimulus, continued war (Obama said he would end Iraq and Afganistan), and the further increase in the national debt. It is time for a change, we haven’t had any in four years so its time to switch quarterbacks. If Romney wins and he doesn’t improve then he will be gone in four years as well. Its not just the president, its congress and the senate that need change as well. I say vote them all out and lets start fresh. God Bless the USA.

  • Ardis

    Thank you Chuck Norris! Great Speach! Your wife looks great, don’t let those blow heads get to you! Appreciate both of your views!

    Please read “The Great Controversy – Between Christ and Satan”! A compelling book! Can be obtained free! Sorry, don’t exactly how! Watch, and I’ll try and post the info!

  • Elizabeth

    Stay on the Nordic track, Chuck, on off You Tube. How can any woman support the Republican Party?

    • http://chucknorrisanti-obamaad tony

      any woman with a brain can.

      • LadyL

        Tony… agreed

    • jor


      Evidently you must think money grows on trees, everyone treats everyone else like they wanted to be treated and that the world is a peaceful and beautiful place.

      Carthage, the passenger pigeon among others would be delighted to hear they are not extinct. With this liberal, progressive jerk with blinders on who wrote this article could look at the forest instead of the trees, he might become enlightened.

      I am neither a Democrat nor Republican, independent.

      So take off the rose colored glasses and wake up. Every US citizen now owes the debt over 100K apiece.

  • CCM

    Just make Chuck president! that way if any of the Libs disagree he can just roundhouse kick’em in the face! this country is a joke because of politicians…we need a political plague or a revolution


    paul,Do everyone a favor and keep your comments to yourself. and think the Military for your freedom. MARINES die everyday to protect pieces or trash like yourself.

  • Jammy

    So let’s elect a Mormon president who doesn’t even believe in the Christian God. People are so dumb it’s hilarious.

  • http://abcmoney@windstream.net norma

    What really bothers me if Obama gets four more years it will still be the blame game. He now says he will work with rebublicans. What changed. Just think if something was to happen to him Obiden would run the country.
    The teachers aids here will have to pay for their insurance how did Obama care help them. Yes most of them can qualify for food stamps. Our unemployment is at least 13% it is hard to think abour 4 more years.

    • pachingarte

      Maybe republican will stop filerbusting everything.

    • floyd vick

      Norma! you must have amnesia. Have you forgotten the mess this man inherit when he took office less than four years ago. At that time he warn us all that this would not be a easy fix. Now in 2012 the very same people who help create this very mess are now saying that they can straighten things out.Give me BREAK! The lead candidate refused to show you his income tax returns why! Has not put forth one original ideal of his own on how he is going to run the country frankly I dont think he has a clue. So you are afraid of the Vice President: well you have better make sure you know exactly what republican vice presidential candidate stand for. There is nothing new in this message it the same old b/s they have said since President Regan was in office and he actually started this out of control spending. His administration sent more money than any other in the modern era and these people are talking about using some of the same ideals. They did not work then and wont work now; history has already shown us that. Think forward elect people who will work with the president for the well being of the entire nation and not some political ideology! no matter which party is in the white house.

  • EVER

    A 1,000 YEARS OF DARKNESS…? From a guy that is re-elected for an additional terms of 4 YEARS? INCREDIBLE. So from 2012 (if Obama is re-elected) to 3,012… we’re going to have darkness? I9s this Biblical?

    If you were not sure you had a reason to vote for Obama and against Romney, you have one now. These nutjobs are beyond the pale.

    • LadyL

      My goodness you are unintelligent…
      typical Obama voter. You can not even understand this message.

      • pachingarte

        Lol lol Do you listen to yourself? you sound like a flat earther.

      • Demon X

        Looks who’s calling unintelligent LadyL you’re just like those lying losers.

      • EVER

        I listened very well. Did he or did he not say that if Obama is re-elected, that there will be “thousand years of darkness”? Forgive me if I am being too literal, but those are his words. What did I miss?

    • Proud American

      It just shows what kind of a “compassionate” Democrap you are to say things like this. Chuck and his wife are passionate about America and want us to return to our former status, instead of continuing on our way to Third-World status behind the Democrats. Maybe not everything is to be taken literally? Because if it was, your precious Obama should be tarred and feathered for lying to the American people as much as he has.

      • EVER

        Tarred and feathered… don’t you mean lynched? I supposed Bush never told any lies, correct? And neihter has Paul Ryan or Mitt?

  • Don

    My Fellow Americans, I am dismayed at the comments I am reading at the end of this article. I listened to the words of Chuck Norris and his wife and understood it this way.
    They love and believe in this country. They have a concern for its direction and welfare and they fear for our growing loss of Freedoms and weakening unity. They stated some historical facts and brought up some quotes to reinforce their statement and mentioned their belief in God. All they asked was for people to get out and vote.
    Here’s my concern. Instead of using this commentary as a basis for a healthy discussion and exchange of ideas it has become a forum for attacks. I read comments attacking republicans, Chuck Norris and his wife, The Right wing, Christians, God, and more.
    Chuck and his wife were absolutely correct in their request to ask that “We the People” need to control this government and our freedom. Our Top elected officials cant even stop the squabbling and have completely lost focus on this countries core values. How can the people do anything but follow this example.
    People, we are the problem and it shows by how and who we are picking for our leaders.Do what Chuck said and get off your butt and vote for freedom and the American way as set in the constitution.
    Remember ”

  • jeff

    Can anyone tell me one freedom they don’t have today that they had the day before President Obama was sworn into office. I hear this often and I’m still trying to get an answer that I can check out.I love to factcheck, so your answers will be checked. Thank you

    • Russ jenkins

      The freedom to chose my own health care. If he had his way, the freedom to own a firearm to protect my family and country. Freedom to earn a living… Prices are up, wages are down, if you have a job, Unemployment over 8 percent, but including the under employed and those who have used up unemployment, over 15 percent. The freedom to create small business.. even if you did, “YOU DIDN”T MAKE THAT.” Freedom to sell my home, those who do in this market will take at least a 40 percent loss.
      Thanks to that anti-colonial, communist raised, socialist, we have lost a great deal. Is that enough for you?

      • Louy Beens

        You still have the freedom to chose your health care. His health care laws have made it so everyone can do that now as well. 24 million people were hired in America in the last 6 months thanks to the Put America to Work program. I’d say that’s being given the freedom to earn a living.
        The housing market fell under Bush’s watch, not Obama’s.
        Don’t quote things if you don’t quote the full context. It isn’t “You didn’t make that.”
        Here’s the real statement:
        “If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that”

        If you look at it in actual context, he’s implying that help was given along the way to create that business. People aren’t just born with the skills or money to open a business. Someone has given them money- whether it be a trust fund, a parent, or a loan from a bank. Someone has paid to put them through school, and someone else has given them the knowledge to run a successful business. Those people helped build that business, not one person by their self.

        As for your statement, “Thanks to that anti-colonial, communist raised, socialist, we have lost a great deal. Is that enough for you?” that makes me assume you’re a baby boomer, or your parents were of that generation. Just remember, you are the ones who raised the current young voters and taught them their values. So are you saying you aren’t proud of the job your generation has done?

      • jeff

        can you be specific. I HOPE you can. I Have not had anyone tell me one specific bill passed or new law that says that the doctor I went to (just last week by the way) would be different today. That my house(that i own) I would not be able to sell it for the market price. I have been at my job for seven years and I have received an increase in pay each year. Please give me the name of the bill and where it says I cannot do these things. I’m tired of rhetoric from both dems and republicans. I have always been a proud independent. Please tell me where it says this. And as far as guns go I can go around the corner to the pawn shop and get a gun by the end of the week. so Im looking for honesty and I do appreciate your attenpt.

      • EVER

        So what healthcare do YOU have now that YOU didn’t choose for yourself? Just spouting lies.

        But you still have the freedom to own a gun, so what are you talking about? Obama really has not touched the issues of gun control. It’s interesting as to how Obama is supposed to be taking away your right to own guns, and yet every year during his presidency, gun sales have been through the roof! If your freedome to own a gunj is imperiled, it’s not because of Obama, but ironically because of the gun manufacturers— they cannot keep up with demand.

        Prices are up you say… can you be specific? What prices are up?

        As for unemployment being over 8%, did you know that the unemployment rate under Reagen got as high as 10.8%? Now I got my numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (a government website), where did you get your numbers from in regards to the 15% with the underemployed?

        Also can you please elaborate and provide specific examples of how it’s harder to start a small business under Obama? According to Politifact, Obama has cut taxes on small businesses 17 TIMES.

        And I’m not going to touch that, “YOU DIDN’T BUKLD TAHT…”. Because people like you are obtuse: deliberaly ignorant and foolish.

        You have the freedom to sell your home. The business cycle always has a boom and bust period.

        So Obama is an anti-colonialist…? Sounds like Obama is in good company. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Paul Revere, Patrick Henry of “GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!”… all of them were anti-colonialist. In fact, since the foundation of this country, every year on the 4th of July, that spirit, duty, and pride of ANTI-COLONIALISM is celebrated: it’s called INDEPENDENCE DAY.

        Or do you think that the singing of the Star Spangled Banner is an endorsement to the monarchy of Britain?

        Don’t you feel like an idiot? You should.

        I bet you dollars to doughnuts, that you’ve accused Obama of hating America, while you have a confederate flag hanging up in your double wide trailer.

    • http://Tacpatriot@hotmail.com Tommy

      You have a very valid question Jeff. You have civil rights and privelages if you are a citizen; the statutes are upon you. The people have all the rights that they care to as long as they do not bother others; there is a need to be able to understand how defend yourself in a court if you are there – it is a very big deal.
      March 5th 1923 was the day that the Republic was traded out for Democracy which is socialistic mob rule which is historically headed to communism. Are there peace officers or revenue officers hitting you up for your earnings if you commit an infraction that does not harm someone. Is there some reason that you should be fined for traffic lights that go off in less then three seconds when no one is around? You used to not need insurance or registration for things unless you were corporate but many have no idea what is going on. Many people travel without insurance or registration when they are not corporate. You do not actually believe that a government entity should tell you how to live your life behind closed doors and or how to think on personal matters. You are not for RFID chips surveillances of you every moves and or how you spend or shop or Internet. Most of these encroachments come on slowly one drop of blood at a time and are not really obvious at first blush?
      Maybe we should consider “the United States” as “these United States” if it is “we the people” as opposed to the “citizenry”.
      You question is ripe for a proper answer Jeff as it is most important to understand the facts that might substantiate your answer. Thank you for allowing some reflection on my part.

    • Glenn S.

      Habeous Corpus—a mighty important one. O’s no saint. Please don’t vote for Romnecai, though, cuz he’ll totally rape us.

  • http://yahoo.com BLYDEN G WATKINS


  • Russ jenkins

    Are you crazy?! Chuck spoke with genuine concern for the state of our country. Not a half crazed religious zealot. But, a concerned citizen. When will you writers realize that we are not going to just believe anything you feed us? This American spoke with informed and measured concern and you think your hack piece will do anything but get people to LISTEN to him, therefor ending your self anointed kings reign. Really, you liberals are pitiful. Obama even betrays your party line but you are forced like sheep to follow him out of shear ignorance. And like any ignorant school yard bully, mock anyone who is smarter than you.

    • Obscure

      …but he did call you “evil” if you don’t vote republican… Sounds a bit crazy to me…

    • EVER

      A 1,000 YEARS OF DARKNESS… if Obama is re-elected. You’re right, he’s not half-crazy! He’s ONE AND ONE-HALF CRAZY TO THE NTH DEGREE!

    • Glenn S.

      Much as I despise B.O., him being a war criminal, and all; by the way, it’s a disgrace that that slinger of predator death into sovereign nations should have a Nobel Peace Prize (what a joke!), he’s no “self annointed king”. He was elected. Unlike the man whose first act of treason was to take the Oath of Office, yeah, I mean radical cleric Shrubbya Dubya, who was NEVER elected—don’t even mention 2004, cuz ya can’t RE elect what was NEVER elected in the 1st place.
      We’ve been paying for that coup d’tat ever since, and if we’re being punished by God, it’s due to things like that, not because women are having too much sex, and not saying their prayers before they go to bed at night.

  • RINO

    They point to Reagan as a example, many conservative GOP’ers, espcially the Tea party, would consider him left of center now.

    Contrary to popular belief, taxes are lower under Obama than they were under Reagan. In 1983, when Reagan was trying to get the economy out of recession, revenues were 17.5 percent of GDP. In 2010, when Obama was trying to guide the economy into a recovery, revenues were 14.9 percent of GDP.

    Revenues resulting from Obama’s tax policies not expected to rise above Reagan’s totals in the near future. In 1988, when Reagan left office, revenues were 18.2 percent of GDP. Under the Congressional Budget Office’s alternative-fiscal scenario — which is their most realistic projection — revenues only rise (pdf) to 18.4 percent of GDP by 2021. If Obama manages to pass his most consistent tax-policy demand and sunset the Bush tax cuts for income over $250,000, that would rise by less than half a percentage point. In other words, taxes were never as low under Reagan as they are under Obama, and Obama’s policies would not lead to a significantly different tax burden than Reagan’s policies did.

    Just more demagoguery from an ideology blinded B movie actor-

    • Lgbpop

      RINO? Jackass is more like it. Obama’s working against a GOP House which is standing its ground for now, but I doubt they have the nerve to call Obama’s bluff for long. If he has his way, taxes will be higher than they were under FDR and Truman. Reagan had to compromise with Tip O’Meill and a Democrat-run House, and they broke their end of every bargain Reagan made with them.

      • EVER

        The tax rate under FDR was a progressive tax rate that was as high as 90%. Obama seeks to re-establish the tax rate as it was under clinton at 39.6% for the top earners. That right there would eliminate much of the deficit.

        And say what you want about the tax rate under FDR, that time was one of America’s BOOM TIMES economically. FDR at least understood that you do not cut taxes while fighting a war, unlike G.W. Bush, who launched TWO WARS and nothing to pay for them.

    • Proud American

      Are you kidding? Ronald Reagan is the reason unemployment went from 19% during the Carter years to 3% by 1988. He got people jobs, he raised the Minimum Wage (so there was more omney to be spent by all those now-employed people), and obviously there was more disposable income in the 1980’s: look at how much cocaine sales went up! By comparison, under Obama our unemployment has soared back up to 18.6%, our median income has fallen about 12%.

      You can skew the numbers all you want with your “scenarios”, but the simple facts is the American people were much better off under Reagan and Bush than they are now.

      • EVER

        WOW! Talking about lying Proud American. You should change your name to ‘Proud Liar’. The unemploymentwas NEVER at 19% under Carter. NEVER. The highest the unemployment rate ever under Carter was at 7.8%. It never got above that. And there was four occasions during Carter’s presidency that the unemployment rate was at 7.8%

        And as for Reagen… the unemployment rate NEVER dipped below 5.3% for his entire presidency. NEVER. You people bellyache over Obama’s unemployment rate, but naturally, you don’t KNOW that under Reagen’s first term, the unemployment rate was worse than it was with Obama. For instance, did you know that the unemployment rate under Reagen got as high as 10.8%! OH YEAH! The highest it ever was for Obama was 10.0. But wait! There’s more.

        Did you know that Reagen in his first term had TEN CONSECUTIVE MONTHS where the unemployment rate was above 10%?! Obama had only ONE MONTH where the unemployment rate was at 10%.

        Why did Reagen deserve a second term if you’re going to look at unemployment rates?

        You know something…? In this day and age of the internet where knowledge is readily available and facts can be checked by just a click of a mouse. there is no excuse for you to be lying like this.

        BTW, I got thiese states from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It’s a government site.

  • Leo

    Obviously the writer is to wet behind the ears to remember the Cold War and Ronald Reagan, who by the way ended the Cold War. It was no joke sonny. Some of the reponders are probably the same way. Don’t say stuff you know absolutely nothing about. Why don’t you personally go and remind him?

    • Glenn S.

      Yeah, Reaggy Bodeaggy ended that puppy all by his lonesome…Weeeell, theerree ya go again. Gorby and all the rest of the forces of the time had not a whit to do with it. Guess what, perestroika, instituted by Gorbachev, started a couple of years before Ronny Raygun (who thought redwood trees cause more pollution than automobiles), got his face all screwed up in his Hollywood posing, and said that line about tearing down the wall. Take off your red(state) glasses, and take another look at history, you parrot for the Repugnic Party. By the way, I’m no Obama fan…he’s one o’ y’all, in dem clothing.

  • Lgbpop

    “A thousand years of darkness” doesn’t just have to refer to the Soviet Union. As far as I’m concerned, it can just as easily refer to Islam’s declared war on the West, especially us; and if they do win, that’s what we will have. It doesn’t help that they have active helpers with the USA in the form of the Democrat Party, who just sponsored a conclave of Muslims to open their convention. (A Catholic priest was turned down when he asked to give an opening prayer, but Islam is OK.) To rub salt in things, the conclave was sponsored by two of the terrorists who were involved in the 1993 attack on the Wworld Trade Center.

    I didn’t see a word of this in the major media, so I googled it and, guess what? – it took place THREE DAYS ago. Talk about suppressing information that would inflame public opinion. THIS is what Norris warns about.

    • Obscure

      Tuesday invocation: Metropolitan Nicholas, Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Detroit
      Tuesday benediction: Jena Lee Nardella, executive director, Blood: Water Mission

      Wednesday invocation: the Rev. Vashti Murphy McKenzie, presiding bishop, African Methodist Episcopal Church

      Wednesday benediction: Rabbi David Wolpe, Sinai Temple in Los Angeles

      Thursday invocation: the Rev. Gabriel Salguero, president, National Latino Evangelical Coalition

      Thursday benediction: Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York

      • http://yahoo.com lui

        Obscure,i find Mr Norris to be very strange in what he is saying.When you say the demos are supporting Muslims/terrorists where did you get your information.Chuck talks of 1000 dark years and talks about God like he is a republican God.Personnally Chuck and his wife sound like ignorant idiots trying to twist the Lords name and the Holy Bible.

    • EVER

      More white so-called Christians have committed acts of terror against this country than any one or group of Muslims.

  • c lyde b. godfrey

    our government as we knew it 4o years ago has disappeard,what we have up there in washington now is they are looking out for themselves. the people needs to take back the government. they have made a socialist state. there should be committee to oversee them in respect to the laws they enact for their benefit they vote for themselves. 1. health insurance, retirement after serving 6 years and getting 10,000 a month pension for life.

  • EVER

    Fear, lies, and bigotry. It’s all you teabaggers have.

  • Larry Linn

    Chucky Boy’s dementia is worse than Pat Robertson’s.

  • van a dyer

    America is becoming the melting pot that she is, I dont want to sound racist, but the problem is that the white house is not the white house any more, it’s the house for those whom are elected, not just white, but black,brown yellow ,native or hispanic that are born in this country,so wake-up chuck!

    • M.

      “I don’t want to sound racist”… So close!

  • mastwow

    sean pat does not have a clue what’s happening to US.
    Chuck knows what he is talking about.
    It’s actually far worse than what Chuck said.
    Little time we have left, something gotta change, not the change obama talked about but real change for good of America.

  • Frank Thompson

    The only plunge into darkness will be if there is another god-awful Chuck Norris film.


      Chuck Norris and Clint Eastwood are impressive actors. They are paid hefty sums to play dress-up and pretend to be someone they are not. They lie. They are excellent liars, they are paid quite well for it, and they are quite entertaining. They are convincing as actors, as critics of the President, not even close.

      If you really think one little man runs this great country, think again. The President of the United States is the CEO of a company, a great and incredibly complicated company, country and people. And when he leaves office, his good fortune, or his folly is felt by his incumbent, and then he or she has to deal with it. They manage, and they invest tremendous amounts of time money and people to manage. This President has been hounded and disrespected from day one by certain groups of people lead by the media, and guess what he takes it, like the President is supposed to. With style and decorum, not like some big fat cry baby.

      The President represents all of us, and he does it extremely well. The least we can hope for is someone who knows what he’s doing and who inspires confidence, he does. Mudslinging, half truths, conjecture and flat out dis-respect is disgraceful. I want my President to proceed with dignity.

      • rexxon

        well doen Chuch, Gena. Well done. I hear you.


      • rexxon

        Its amazing how two guys living in parallael lives can see things so differently. BHO is in soooo deep he can’t see out. HE made it this far on smoke and mirrors. My friend you are hopelessly deluded if you think this guy has done anything for youreblackrace. And why should he? HE;’s president for 80% whitefolks. No more. White trash can be fooled once, never twice,


  • billy bob

    In all fairness Obama should be given the credit he deserves.
    He has done more than any other President before him.
    He has an impressive list of accomplishments:

    First President to apply for college aid as a foreign student, then deny he was a foreigner.

    First President to have a social security number from a state he has never lived in.

    First President to preside over a cut to the credit-rating of the United States

    First President to violate the War Powers Act.

    First President to be held in contempt of court for illegally obstructing oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico .

    First President to require all Americans to purchase a product from a third party.

    First President to spend a trillion dollars on ‘shovel-ready’ jobs when there was no such thing as ‘shovel-ready’ jobs.

    First President to abrogate bankruptcy law to turn over control of companies to his union supporters.

    First President to by-pass Congress and implement the Dream Act through executive fiat.

    First President to order a secret amnesty program that stopped the deportation of illegal immigrants across the U.S. , including those with criminal convictions.

    First President to demand a company hand-over $20 billion to one of his political appointees.

    First President to tell a CEO of a major corporation (Chrysler) to resign.

    First President to terminate America ‘s ability to put a man in space.

    First President to cancel the National Day of Prayer and to say that America is no longer a Christian nation.

    First President to have a law signed by an auto-pen without being present.

    First President to arbitrarily declare an existing law unconstitutional and refuse to enforce it.

    First President to threaten insurance companies if they publicly spoke-out on the reasons for their rate increases.

    First President to tell a major manufacturing company in which state it is allowed to locate a factory.

    First President to file lawsuits against the states he swore an oath to protect (AZ, WI, OH, IN).

    First President to withdraw an existing coal permit that had been properly issued years ago.

    First President to actively try to bankrupt an American industry (coal).

    First President to fire an inspector general of Ameri-Corps for catching one of his friends in a corruption case.

    First President to appoint 45 czars to replace elected officials in his office.

    First President to surround himself with radical left wing anarchists.

    First President to golf 73 separate times in his first two and a half years in office, 102 to date.

    First President to hide his medical, educational and travel records.

    First President to win a Nobel Peace Prize for doing NOTHING to earn it.

    First President to go on multiple “global apology” tours and concurrent “insult our friends” tours.

    First President to go on 17 lavish vacations, including date nights and Wednesday evening White House parties for his friends paid for by the taxpayer.

    First President to have 22 personal servants (taxpayer funded) for his wife.

    First President to keep a dog trainer on retainer for $102,000 a year at taxpayer expense.

    First President to repeat the Holy Quran & tell us the early morning call of the Azan (Islamic call to worship) is the most beautiful sound on earth.

    First President to tell the military men and women that they should pay for their own private insurance because they “volunteered to go to war and knew the consequences. Then he was the First President to tell the members of the military that THEY were UNPATRIOTIC for balking at the last suggestion.

    First President to side with a foreign nation over one of the American 50 states ( Mexico vs Arizona ).

    How is this hope and change working out for you?

    • http://webpronews.com redd cheries

      BillyBob you left out a few things.
      He’s the first President to never have white skin.
      He’s the first to deal with a racially motivated congess.
      He’s the first to begiven such little respect.
      He’s the first president to show race relations with black people in high power postions ,brings out the worst in white people.
      He’ the first President that can say my family never owned slaves.
      He’s the first black President this country wants to ever have…(so sad).
      He’s the only President that the Rest of the world… was glad to see in office.
      He’s the only President thats mindful of the impact on everyone.
      He’s the only President that has’nt thought about filling his own pockets with Goverment money.
      He’s the only President that fights for what’s right and not his personal adgenda.
      He’s the only President You cared to make such a STANK! About.
      He’s the only President to never hinder the Civil Rights of african americans and hispanics and muslims and jewish people.
      He’s the first President thats NOT A GOOD OLE’BOY !!!!!!!!!!!!!
      He’s the the only President that want set this nation back 50 years.
      He’s the only President that has good clear vision of where America needs to go from here…Or devided we’ll stand and devided we’ll fall.

  • Mae

    I personally think we ought to teach children work ethics and to take care of their personal property and respect other people’s property and space. The Golden Rule is no long being taught at home or in schools. We have become an pathetic society that wants to see changes but are unwilling to mentor and parent our youth or take care of our aging parents and grandparents. We only want to know what something is going to cost or how much effort it will take on our part to make it happen. My feelings are that we need to make a conscious choice to personally make some sacrifice and quit belly aching. We live in an artificial environment that makes us lazy, wasteful and ungrateful for the many blessings we have. Many of today’s youth could not survive in the world we knew as children. It is sad we have failed the next generation. When I grew up, people wanted better for their childen than they had as children. Now, most parents only think about today and how they are going to please themselves and get more STUFF for themselves and their children. Problem is the STUFF they buy today won’t last like the STUFF that their parents and grandparents bought years ago and took pride in taking care of because it didn’t come easy. It was bought with sweat and sacrifice.

  • http://webpronewss redd cheries

    It’s amazing how rich dogs sit in their ivory towers until lapping up luxuries from the backs of others.Then at tax time get to say (I gave xxx amount of dollars to this or that.. so i deserved that”HUGE” TAX cut.After all i employ people(i don’t pay them $HIT but…And now Obama steps in and says(NO MORE CUTS FOR THE RICH).And all HELL breaks lose! .How quickly the the lamb grows horns. Well get use to it girls and boys.Obama will win!!!!!!Not because the rebu’s did’nt put up agood fight or the effort,but because the sick,the poor,the homeless,the retired,the veterans,the elderly,the handicapp,the single mothers,the hungry,the unemployed are tired of beening lied too,bam buzuled,whoo’d wink thrown to the side by good’ole boy rebulicans.And will come out in droves.. and droves to vote for President Obama and ‘NOTHING’ will get in their way.