Chuck E. Cheese Killer Denied Execution Appeal

    February 20, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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The man dubbed the “Chuck E. Cheese” killer has been denied a chance to avoid the death penalty once again, meaning an execution date is imminent.

The Colorado Supreme Court rejected Nathan Dunlap’s appeal, which was based on a lack of evidence regarding his mental state being introduced in his 1993 trial. Dunlap, who was 19 at the time, walked into a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant and shot four of his former co-workers to death; he also shot a fifth employee, who survived and later named Dunlap as the shooter. Dunlap was convicted of first-degree murder, attempted murder, robbery, theft and burglary and has made several attempts to have his death sentence overturned. According to attorneys, this was his last chance.

An execution date can’t come soon enough for the families of the slain; Bob Crowell, whose 19-year old daughter Sylvia was one of the victims, said he just wanted to see it come to an end after so many years.

“It left a big hole in our family, of course,” he said. “And 13 1/2 years is way longer than the process should take. Slow justice is no justice. Don’t get me wrong. I am not a violent type guy. I just think the public deserves justice.”

  • Anthony

    At least no children were shot. I was wondering why this was my frist time hearing this. Any life is precious though. This is sad.

    • http://yahoo.com Joan Plsek

      Four lives snuffed out in a matter of seconds. I would say 20 years is too damn long to wait for his execution. His victims didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to their families.

    • Fenix

      No children were involved because he came in after closing and killed people that people that had just finished a long day and were getting ready to go home. He should have been executed years ago.

      • C A Hawkins

        The question I have was put pretty clearly by Fenix; Why has the judicial system waited so LONG to put this murderer to death. He sure didn’t wait 20 years to execute those four teenagers. Who knows how many others he would have murdered if there had been customers in the store? Get this done so the family & friends of those who were taken can have finality!

      • Tim Long

        It’s taking so long, because lawyers have flooded the system with every harebrained excuse in the world for postponing the inevitable. There needs to be a relevance panel for every state, to review appeals for merit, before ever being seen by the court. There’s no need, to allow lawyers, to choke the system with ridiculous appeals, with the sole purpose of wasting time, by tying up the courts.

    • LK

      I worked for Chuck E Cheese when this happened. “Children” were shot; they were employees. One of them played dead and that is what saved him. Nathan deserves to lose his life. God will deal with him.

    • Brent Tohnas

      Anthony, you sir are a dumbass.

    • David

      maybe not by age but, the people he killed were Kids.

  • Bob

    This is exactly why the 2cd Amendment needs to be repealed.

    • Tim Long

      The Second Amendment is not the problem, it’s the justice system. The criminal has more rights than the victims.

    • james robinson

      Bob , you sir are a dumb ass.

  • Tim Long

    The system is ridiculous! This ass-wipe took only a matter of seconds, to end the lives of these innocent kids, yet he gets to spend decades, to try and avoid justice. A murderer has a better chance of dying of old age, than being executed! To hell with this lethal injection crap! They need to take this guy down to the Chuck E. Cheese and let each of the victim’s parents, take turns blowing holes in him. Eye for an eye…that’s justice.

    • Bob

      With all due respect, you are incorrect sir. If it wasn’t for the gun, this crime would not have happened.

      Yes, the killer does deserve to pay for his crime, but let’s rid ourselves of the delusion that the gun company doesn’t deserve any blame, as well.

      Both are guilty of murder.

      And until the citizens are disarmed (either voluntarily or by State/Federal order), we will see more of the same.

      No household needs to have a gun.

      • April

        I completey disagree with this comment. If the man was that adamant to hurt or kill those people he would have done, gun or no gun. The people are demented, not the guns. You can look at it as guns kill people, some see them as feeding their families. Why are we not trying to ban forks for making people obese or cars for driving drunk? It’s the same principle.

        • Tim Long

          Well said April!

      • Tim Long

        LOL So this my fault? Or people like me. I own approximately 20 guns. I and my 4 sons, both, hunt and shoot competitively. The extent of our criminal activity, is the speeding ticket, which I received, in 2002, for going 8mph over the speed limit. You’re logic is severely, flawed. If the man had used a samurai sword, should we outlaw all cutlery?

      • BrandiB

        Uhhhh…….. Calm down There Adolf! anyone who wants to kill is gonna find a way to kill. That’s like taking away the right to own a vehicle because some idiots choose to drive drunk. If an asshole like this ever came into your home and I was your neighbor I would not come over and use my gun to protect your dumb ass. Your opinion of this incident is VOID and Null! Shut your mouth like a good little Victim!

        • BrandiB

          Disarm the citizens! That’s the stupidest fucking thing I’ve heard……. Hitler did that too

      • james robinson

        Where’s your house Bob?

      • paul

        you ban guns then you will see them more and there will be unchecked killings everywhere. the people with the guns in their hands are the problem, you cant pass their fault and actions to someone else

      • Hekate

        I disagree, Bob. If not a gun, then a knife, a bomb, etc. He could grab a knife that they use to cut the pizza there and kill someone. Then it would be the knife manufacturers’ fault, right. That is ridiculus.

  • Brandon Moore

    It costs more to execute someone than to keep them in prison for 99 years because of the court costs with all of the appeals. Those appeals are in place to keep innocent people from being executed and their is no way around due process. Just a shame those people lost their lives.

    • Tim Long

      I agree. It’s the appeals process that is broken. I’m 51, and if I were to kill someone, in cold blood tomorrow, I could probably file appeals until I out lived the victim’s survivors. Where’s the deterrent? Where’s the justice?

  • P.J. Tandus

    The appeal system needs to be changed to one Federal, one State and then, one needle in the arm. Not this ridicules milking of the tax payer, housing & feeding this “trash”. There was no doubt, that this jerk did the killing and today, with DNA, forget all the tear-jerking and hand-wringing.

    If not, we will continue to hear the usual, that it cost more to use death as opposed to life. Sure, by the way the lawyers and the antiquated legal system works. Lets end this farce. Two challenges and its over.

    P.J. Tandus
    Laguna Vista, TX.

    • Hekate

      I disagree, Bob. If not a gun, then a knife, a bomb, etc. He could grab a knife that they use to cut the pizza there and kill someone. Then it would be the knife manufacturers’ fault, right. That is ridiculus.

  • james robinson

    This jerk Bob is , no doubt a communist and has no business on this site or any other public forum.Tread lightly on our rights Bob , you may really piss somebody off , then you may need a gun , and you don’t have one.

  • paul

    im guessing none of you have ever been to prison? trust me hes in there suffering and depending on where they have him held probably getting butt raped. An execution wouldnt do anythhing but put him out of his misery.
    the second amendment isnt the problem its the system of gun registry and not having psychological evaluations before selling one, but then theft comes into play. theres no way around it. And if we ban guns then that will just make things worse because then there is no system to track what guns did what.
    look at illinois and chicago, no gun rules so everybody owns one and just shoot people and never get cuaght because they dont know what gun did it and unless you shoot somebody and sit there till the cops come theyll never get caught

  • CynthiaW

    HeKate, you have no argument. He may have cut or killed someone with a knife, but morons, even you, know that guns are many times more deadly. Since Newtown there have been over 1,500 deaths by guns. How can anyone justify this? Only gun-nuts who are usually rubes who know nothing!