Christina Ricci Lizzie Borden Poster Excites Fans

    November 19, 2013
    Ellisha Rader Mannering
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Christina Ricci is known for playing dark roles really well. Her mysterious look, unique style and charm have allowed her to win some coveted acting parts. The poster of her latest film, a Lifetime movie titled, Lizzie Borden Took An Ax was recently released and Ricci looks better than ever.

The poster shows Ricci on a large staircase holding a bloody axe. She is dressed in a form fitting dress and has a disturbing smile on her face. Fans of Ricci and the Lizzie Borden story likely have some big expectations for the movie, and the poster suggests that they won’t be let down

The story of Lizzie Borden is one that has been told many times over the years. Lizzie was a Sunday school teacher who lived with her parents. One day, she came home and found both her father and stepmother dead. Although many people were questioned as suspects, many pointed the finger at Lizzie.

Nothing was taken from the home at the time of the murders and Lizzie’s whereabouts during the murders was unknown. The real murderers were never found and the murders remain a mystery to this day.

The Borden home is supposedly haunted to this day and operates as a bed and breakfast where visitors can sleep in the same home where Lizzie’s parents were murdered. The film will take viewers back to the time of the murders and show what went on during Lizzie’s trial and in her life. Watch Christina Ricci nail the role of Lizzie Borden when the movie premieres on Lifetime on January 25.

Image from MyLifetime.

  • DW

    “Christina Ricci Lizzie Borden Poster Excites Fans”

    A whole story about a poster you can’t bother to show a picture of? But you can add a dumb picture from some red carpet? Pretty weak journalism.

    • yuwanna

      they must have added it because i see it plain as day.

  • http://yahoo debra

    I know what you mean, this is bad journalism. I found the picture on the Inquisitor web site if you want to view it.

  • thebackgroundartiste

    Oh goody ! Another film “based on a true story”. It was never proven that Miss Borden committed the murders and yet decades later she is still branded a murderess. I am tired of dramatizations of “real life events”. There are plenty of true stories, proven murder cases, etc. that could be made into films, but why bother when it’s so much easier to just rehash a legend. And convenient for producers because no one is alive to sue them for defamation.

  • Dave

    Where is the poster?

  • yuwanna

    Hope the movie is more accurate than the article. Her parents weren’t killed in same room. Mother killed in bedroom and father downstairs on lounge type couch. That poster doesn’t resemble a form fitting dress. It’s an undergarment that women wore years ago, think petticoat, long underwear type things.