‘Christian Mingle Rapist’ Used Dating Site to Find Victim, Say Police

    February 19, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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Police say that a 37-year-old former member of the Navy raped at least one woman after finding her on the religious-based dating site ChristianMingle.com.

According to reports, Sean Patrick Banks was apprehended and charged with two counts of rape. He plead not guilty and was released on $500,000 bond.

Police allege that Banks sexually assaulted a woman in La Mesa, California back in November, after meeting her on the ChristianMingle site. It was their first “face-to-face” date as a result of their online communications.

ChristianMingle.com calls itself a “a Christian personals community where you can find singles that share your values and love for God in Christ.”

Apparently, the break in the case came when ChristianMingle.com helped police by divulging user records.

“We continue to assist the La Mesa police department with its investigation in every way possible. The safety and security of our members is extremely important to us. In addition to having experts manually review all profile content and photos, we have developed several proprietary, automated tools to ensure the highest possible level of safety and privacy for our communities,” said a ChristianMingle.com spokesperson.

Police suspect that Banks may be responsible for additional assaults, carried out through various ChristianMingle.com profiles.

They say that he trolled the site using aliases like “Rylan Butterwood” and “Rylan Harbough.”

“We’re looking to see if there are any other victims. We’re trying to locate other victims who recognize him by his face, because they may not know his real name is Sean,” say police.

[via ABC News] [Lead Image via ChristianMingle.com – not associated with the crime]

  • IDoReportInconsistencies

    Since joining ChristianMingle.com in late October 2012 I myself have come across at least three men on the site that have multiple profiles. As a trained Psychiatric Nurse and Trauma/Critcal Care Nurse, and especially trained in Forensics and Intimate Partner Abuse I can very easily spot inconsistencies in these mens’ profiles. Often times they use several of the same profile pictures. Everyone of them uses multiple different user names. Often times they change their location, and educational status / employment. One guy who claimed to be a “doctor” had two profiles claiming in each that he had one child. In the first profile he claimed to have a “daughter that meant the world to him”. In the second profile he claimed to have a “son that meant the world to him”. One guy who claimed also to be a “widowed” “doctor” from “Texas”, later had a profile too claiming he was a “Doctoral”, then “Master’s” degreed “Engineering Consultant” in “Florida”. One guy from the East Coast, later also showed up to also have a profile several days later in the State of Washington. I encourage every lady out there to be extremely careful in dating. Whether online or just out in the general population. Until you truly know a man’s character ONLY meet that man in public places. NEVER be anywhere where you are alone. ALWAYS keep a cell phone for emergencies on hand, and TAKE YOUR OWN TRANSPORTATION TO AND FROM DATING SITES. And if you see Inconsistencies in Profiles report them immediately to ChristianMingle.com. ChristianMingle.com has been extremely good about getting these fake profiles off of their site. I heart goes out to the young lady that was raped. I pray that she gets herself into trauma therapy so that she can recover from what she has been through.

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    Scary indeed because through this they can gather enough information to where you are currently living, your workplace and other useful info about you and it is so hard to recognize whom to trust and not.