Chris Christie Slams “Know-Nothing” Romney Staffers

    November 8, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Before Hurricane Sandy descended upon the northeastern states, New Jersey governor Chris Christie says, he told Mitt Romney that he more than likely wouldn’t be available for any campaign events in the week leading up to the election. Romney, he insists, was understanding. However, some in Romney’s camp don’t feel the same way, and have bashed the governor for not showing up to a rally on Sunday in Pennsylvania.

“I said to him, ‘Listen, Mitt, if this storm hits the way I think it’s going to, I’m off the campaign trail from here to Election Day,’” Christie says. “And he said to me, ‘Chris, of course. That’s what you have to do. Do your job. Don’t worry about me. I’ll take care of things.’ So all this other noise, I think, is coming from know-nothing, disgruntled Romney staffers who, you know, don’t like the fact that I said nice things about the president of the United States. Well, that’s too bad for them.”

It appears that the fact that Christie was so close to the rally–around 20 minutes away, according to the Huffington Post–is what angers the staffers so much.

“You can’t tell me he couldn’t have gone over there for a night rally,” a Romney campaign source said.

However, with more than 700,000 people still without power in the state of New Jersey–not to mention massive flood damage and gasoline rationing–Christie says his priorities were clear, and he expected members of Romney’s campaign to understand.

  • Beth B

    That Romney staffers think Governor Christie did anything wrong in not attending a Romney Rally is ridiculous to me. If they think Governor Christie’s appearance at a single event would have made any difference in the presidential election results, they are in dreamland. These staffers owe Governor Christie a serious apology. Our Governor had his priorities straight. He remained where he was very much needed at a time of great need– in New Jersey.

  • Bettye

    The man did the right thing for his people !! And I don’t have a candidate in this race, I don’t live in NJ, I say “Go Governor Christie” you are a good man !

  • Lou

    I’m not from Jersey or a Republican. Christie is a good man and we need more men like him in government. Romney lost the election because he ran a bad campaign and he’s dishonest. Had nothing to due with Christie or even Romney’s staff.

    • Joe

      Christie is done politically. It is one thing to take care of business in your state. It is another to drive a knife into Romney’s back.

  • http://yahoo Michael

    Apparently, Christie really wanted to run in 2016, and if Rommey won, it would have post phoned his run in 2020. Also, he would have to deal with Paul Ryan as the front runner. Christie is soooo full of smoke!

  • Guy Karr

    Hey Chris, has Obama called to personally thank you yet?

  • Lancer

    Isn’t something missing in this equation? Christie is a very smart guy. I think he was just using Obama to get to Springsteen.

    • Joe

      He couldn’t be too smart. Or he wouldn’t weigh 300 pounds……….

      • Levidia

        Hey Joe your implication that people who are very overweight aren’t as smart as you is, well, just dumb. and mean. and pathetic. You must be a miserable little man with a very small brain. Not everyone wants to be a stick figure. Some of us look at the character of a person to decide if we like them not what they weigh.

        • Joe

          The information is pretty well out there that being THAT overweight carries all kinds of health risks. So I would say that anyone who stays that overweight isn’t very smart. And Christie falls into that category. Get it?

  • Jason Ealey

    Obviously, the idiots/morons that are agreeing with Mitt’s staffers, do not live in New Jersey. Because if they did, they would see what kind of damage this storm did. He is the GOV. OF NEW JERSEY first, not some Republican campaign eye candy.

  • Linda

    What a bunch of Romney whiners….Gov. Christie should be applauded for devoting himself to the people of NJ in their times of trouble and politics be damned. He is to be commended for reaching out to the President and forming an alliance of aid. I live in California, but Christie’s deeds will be greatly remembered if he runs in 2016 – he has my support!

  • ark

    Christie shoudl show up to PA. where no Repub has won in eternities
    Yea – That would have brought Liar Romney over the top
    Get a Brain

    • Consuela Margalotti

      Christie did the right thing. I respect the man. As far as Romney, nothing could have helped him. He was a terrible candidate.

  • Carol Allen

    Governor Christie is a man of principals. He cannot be bamboozled or bullied. Keep up the good work Gov and even though I am a staunch Democrat for you I would cross party lines.

  • Elizabeth

    Alienating everyone other than old, wealthy, white men is how the Republican Party lost the election. Mitt’s flip flops added to the mess. His comments regarding the auto industry “let them go bankrupt”.
    Alienating women with the abortion issue. Alienating minorities, his immigration policy of self-deportation did not appeal to Latino voters.
    He wanted to cut medicare, so he lost the older voter whose only source of income may be medicare and social security. He was going to make cuts to Education so he lost young students. The 47% comment really hurt them.

  • Sam

    If any in Romney’s camp believes it was more important for Christie to be at rallies instead of in NJ helping his own people after such devastation, then I’m HAPPY Romney lost….and I’m a republican too…from NEW YORK CITY! That’s how our fellow republicans care about the people??? The party needs a massive mentality overhaul and I don’t mean updating.

    Romney was blatently dishonest. Every rally he talked, he said something completely different and hoped the American people were foolish enough not to notice, and his camp fist pumped behind him, accepting such round-about speeches, instead of questioning why he was saying different things each time.

    Him and his staff cost the election. Now WE’RE stuck with Obama.

    • Jae Lee

      Yet he had time to hug Obama and time to take a call from “the Boss”.

  • Consuela Margalotti

    Christie did the right thing. As far as Romney not winning, he can only blame himself. He was a terrible candidate and nothing would have saved him.

    • Samantha

      A terrible candidate? Family man, business success, kind and generous donating millions of dollars a year, highly educated?
      If you take out the business success and donating millions I could be describing Obama too! You are part of the hatred in this country. Both of these candidates were highly qualified, good people just with different economic views on our problems.
      You are a terrible person to speak that way of someone you don’t know personally.

      • L

        “Terrible candidate” and “terrible person” are not the same, Samantha – don’t insert your own words into someone else’s statement. Regardless of who Romney is as a person, he was, in fact, not the best candidate. If the GOP really wanted to win this election, they should have nominated someone a little more moderate, who didn’t flip-flop so much. There was no way he was going to get the majority of the vote, having isolated himself from so many demographics. Thus, he was a poor candidate.

      • Jae Lee


      • http://yahoo gail

        and you know romney personally?

    • http://yahoo gatorboy

      Oh yes and obamageddon has been such a wonderful president for the past four years. Higher unemployment then when he came in, 23 more million on welfare, 6 trillion more in debt, gas prices tripling because he cut oil leases on federal land by 50%, has demoralized our military, hid the facts behind Fast and Furious by way of executive Order, and has been lying about Benghazi. Oh yeah. He’s great alright!

  • Betty

    The Republican Party needs to move more to the center. Their policies are completely outdated. If they continue to foster hatred and racism through their most conservative members, they will continue to have problems. This is 2012 not the 1950’s. They need to reform the Republican Party because their policies are outdated.

    • JOE


    • Jae Lee

      Hatred and racism came only from the left.

    • http://www.webpronews.com mary

      It’s the Republicans grasping at straws, as they always do. Romney lost this race because of his own doings. His flip-flopping and lies cost him this race.

      • Jae Lee

        Then why did Obama win? Because he who lies most wins?

    • Tess

      So what you think is that we should provide birth control and abortion to our minors without parental consent. We should force insurance on people who cant afford to pay the premiums. We should tax the business’ until they can no longer do business. Put a nation on government assistance because that is the way of a third world nation. I have another thought. Why not teach out children that we provide for ourselves and we grow as a nation of independent thinkers and givers not a nation of takers. What YOUR president did and is doing is internally dismanteling America from the inside out. He is making us a third world country by making us dependent instead of independent. When there is no one to tax because the government has taxed it all then what do we do? We can not continue to print money to pay for your life. As far as this storm is concerned FEMA is an outdated organization and should be done away with. The local churches and their organizations have done more for those hurt by this storm or any other storm. The govenment has only gotten in the way. Like the sign in the FEMA office that said they were closed due to the weather. Funny, FEMA closed due to weather. I would think that they would be one government agency that stayed open no matter what. That is their job. Our founding fathers would be spinning in their graves if they were alive today. It is still relevant today. We have just forgotten what it is all about.

    • http://yahoo gatorboy

      Oh it’s the Repubs who are racist. I guess it wasn’t racist or uncivil for obamageddon supporters to threaten to kill Romney or rape his wife if Romney were elected President. I guess it’s okay for “O’s” supporters to threaten to riot and for ghetto Jayzee to change the word bitche’s in his song to Mitt. Yes you lib’s alway’s take the high road. Paaallleeezzzeee!

  • J

    Christie is a bit of a drama king to begin with, but he was dealing with a catastrophic event and emotions were high. Yes, Obama did the right thing in visiting NJ, but any other president would have done the same. My issue is with mainstream media blowing the event out of proportion. They have idolized and made Obama a superstar since day one. Where did the real news go? Fair, balanced and honest? I guess to run for president in this country, you have to be a wanna be movie star or something and hob nob with Hollywood. That disturbs me. You also have to be a millionaire to run. Again, because of media and PR. Abraham Lincoln would never be elected today. I also thought the election ads were below the belt, especially Obama’s ads. Very disrespectful from the person holding the highest office in our country. That also disturbs me. I did not vote for Obama and do not believe he did a good job the past four years. However, I am an American patriot proud of my country. I will support and pray for our President that he can get our country back on track. I have been laid off twice since Obama has been in office and I am not alone. I hope he truly makes a positive difference in the next four years. Life, libery and the pursuit of happiness.

    • K

      I just don’t get it…You expected President Obama to clean up 8 yrs of mess within 4 yrs – please get real. People that voted for the millionaires like George W Bush are the reason for this mess. Jobs were offshored to keep the more money in their pockets and the consequences are people in America are without jobs – like you and many others!

      Did George W Bush visit New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina…Yes. However, it took 2 or 3 wks later and that’s acceptable???? They were people that did not represent people like him.

      As for me, I want someone in office that’s for this country and not for people just like themselves. We are ONE country or we should be!

      • Jae Lee

        Bush gave aid right away to Katrina but he didn’t visit because most of it was underwater. He did fly over. The Governor there and the mayor did not want Fema’s help when it came. They refused to evacuate people before it hit and then sent them all to the coliseum from hell, none of which had to do with Bush. Obama hugged Christie and left.

        • anne

          Don’t be ignorant. Bush did not visit Katrina so that he would not tie up the authorities. In case you missed it, the mayor of New York asked O to stay away for the exact same reason. Must you be so partisan; it’s a sign of “not so bright.”

          • Jae Lee

            Your light bulb is out! What is Obama doing now ….nothing. People are still in desparate need there but he does nothing, like in Bengazi! If you had half a brain you would know that it is not the President’s job to step in anyway.

        • anne

          Jae Lee, my comment was intended for K.

      • anne

        K, You always need to play the race card don’t you? I wonder if people like you really know how many people who have never been racist give in to being racist, again because of the racist comments by you and those of your ilk.

    • K

      And you are correct by praying for the President; the bible says we should pray for our leaders…

      Take care and I pray you find a job and soon!

    • http://yahoo gatorboy

      Too bad that obamageddon wasn’t as concerned about the people of Nashville(red state) or New Orlean’s (red state). He did run down to N.O. after Romney went there but only because he was afraid of the political ramifications. obamageddon is a disgrace and a fake!

  • Daisy

    Once you take office in politics, your main job is to serve the people. Knowing what Gov. Christie did for New Jersey and if I were from New Jersey and Gov.Christie is running for office, I would definitely vote for him!

    • Jae Lee

      But he got Obama elected so I say let him stick to hugging his donuts from now on!

  • Elizabeth

    This is the man the republican party needs in 2016.

    • Jae Lee


  • Craig

    Though its good for Politicians to show they can work together, Christie’s major fault was he allowed himself to become a tool for perhaps one of the most partisan Presidents in recent history.

    His timing couldn’t have been worse for Romney. Christie literally provided millions of dollars of free advertising and propaganda for Barack’s campaign and effectively killed any Romney momentum.

    Christie’s appearance might help him up in NJ but it has probably doomed any chance for the national spotlight except for maybe running as a Democrat.

    • Diane Harrigan

      I am a democrat, did not vote for Christie, but he did one hell of a job in the aftermath of Sandy and I would vote for him next election. The President did what he was suppose to do, he toured the area offered help and support and gave Christie everything he needed, which is more then I can say for Romney who did not show up because he could not take time from his campaigning. Maybe, had Romney showed up, Christie would have had nice things to say about him but since he didn’t what do you expect.

      • Dawn

        Diane – Christie didn’t want Romney there as NJ was in dire straits. Obama came for a photo op only. Odumbo doesn’t care about the people of NJ or NY. He never came back there nad where has FEMA been. Romney’s church as well as other churches have given more help them Odumbo & FEMA.

      • Jae Lee

        You remember you voted for Obama when it all falls apart!

      • JOE


        • Tess

          Aman to that. And it will fall apart in a very short time. We can only pray that we dont fall to far before we can be put it all back together….sure wont be this president.

    • anne

      Totally agree, Craig. Regardless of what some think, Christie totally put himself first. One would think he and the President would have had to fight it out to see which should be first and foremost for the photo ops. Christie could have given Romney a shout out in thanks for Romney’s asking that donations be made and also for Romney sending busloads of goods. Funny how that has never been mentioned. It will not surprise me if Christie switches parties.

    • Cherrym

      So, what you really think is that politicians shouldn’t work together if it could possibly help the “other” side? If Chris Christie has no future in the Republican party, it shows what kind of people they really are.

      • windy

        yup- it’s this persistent attitude thas is kiling the party.

    • calvin

      maybe yahoo should start checking some statement of some idiots that post comment online .Craig or what ever he call him self .are you an American ,if yes ,your an idiot for your comment.

    • http://yahoo gail

      Christies timing couldn’t have been worse??????? Wow…I guess he should have notified Sandy her timing was off, because he needed to attend a rally for Romney, and that was more important then the people of his state. Some of this stuff I read is shameless.

    • Jo

      Craig, You are so right! Christie was so played by Obama bc it gave him a chance to “PLAY PRESIDENT”and some good photo ops then off to Vegas for more campaigning. Christie went overboard kissing his a#* and he should have known better. NY set Christie up bc Bloomberg said he didn’t want BO there. in other words, go to NJ and the keynote speaker of the Rep. convention will help you win the election. Christie is toast in my book!

  • carol siegel

    Chris Christie deserves an apology from those idiot Romney staffers.
    I am a democrat, but I feel we need lots more people like Christie in office. He did what he was elected to do. He stayed with his people in their greatest time of need. Id on’t care if they rally was 20 minutes away or 4 hours away, he stayed where he should have been. And if they think Christie being at the rally in PA was going to make the election go the other direction they are very very short sighted. You have my vote Mr Christie. I am proud you are a part of government.

    • Jae Lee

      Yeah, but you also thought Obama was a good choice so that shows how stupid you are!

      • http://webpronews Marty18037

        Now shall we call you stupid for liking Romney.Back at you, stupid.

      • JML

        Jae Lee….you don’t sound so smart calling people names. Stupid???? Come on…are you two yrs old? You owe Carol Siegel an apology if you are any kind of a decent person.

      • http://yahoo gatorboy

        Ditto Jae.We will see how “pure” the holier than thou libtards are whenever the defecation starts hitting the oscillation. There will be alot of buyers remorse….

    • Esther Posner

      I agree with your sentiment. Chris Christie really showed leadership at a time of crisis and represented the people of New Jersey. He should be commended and praised. If he went to the Pennsylvania rally he would have looked like the prioritized the election over the needs of his state. Good job Christie. I hope to see you run in 2016.

  • staci

    I am a very devoted democrate but hold much respect for gov. Christie.If Hilary Clinton or Julian Castro don’t run in 2016 I am looking towards voting for Christie if he runs.I wish he would run as a democrate because he is such a caring person he doesn’t fit in with those self serving idiots in the republican party. Everyone in N.J.should be proud to have him as their leader, he is doing a wonderful job of trying to do what is right for the people in his state that put him in that roll of leader. GOD BLESS GOV. CHRISTIE AND EVERYONE ON THE EAST COAST.

  • windy

    This is the out-of-touch Republican Party in a nut shell. The fight is more important to them than leading. The day after the election they should have shifted their focus to one of the true leaders in their party who cares about getting stuff done and who will give credit where it is due -regardless of party. Parties were created for checks and balances – not rigidity and grid lock. They just don’t seem to get that -even when they have a true leader right in front of them!

  • Dave

    Don’t bother running for president, fatty. I’ll vote for anyone else on the ticket, regardless of who it is. Backstabber.

    • http://webpronews Marty18037

      People like you ruin this country. You think like that fatty in California. Politics in front of the safety and well being of the american people.Good job Christie,and Kudos for praising the President.

      • amg

        You call him a backstabber. I am no fan of Christie. However, his state was slammed by a huge storm. Millions of people where forced out of their homes. People lost their lives, their lives. And all you give a dam about is that he ditched Mitt during a disaster. Good for Christie. It really shows how ignorat and unfeeling you are.

    • staci

      Dave–Did you know that on average Democrates have much higher IQ’S than Republicans? You are a prime example. You probably voted for Bush too uh! How about in the next election you do some research before you vote. Research your congressman as well because now with a republican majority in there again I’m sure good change will be almost impossible to get, just like the last 2 years. Hold on for the ride because “Boner” is as wreckless as you with his voting.Unless he pulls his head out of his ASS we are in for hard times ahead. I hope you republicans are happy because I’m sure there are alot of struggling people out there that are not.

      • Joe

        Staci, if you quote facts footnote where they come from. Nasty comments are not effective anymore. Research congressmen/women? Yes, how can a Representative be overwhelmingly be elected in IL with all the Federal investigations, abuses and absence from the job. Usually, the mere hint of Potential legal problem would doom a Rep. Pol. Researching is not the answer. Yes, there are a lot more struggling people today than 4 years ago. But that is not a real issue anymore because the economy is booming according to Obama: 5 million new jobs! Nearly 2 years of unemployment insurance was in place, 47 million on food stamps, no work required for Welfare, free medical for all without insurance, things are definitely getting better under Obama.

      • RON


      • Jim

        Let’s see how you feel over the next four years.

      • http://yahoo gatorboy

        Staci you are delusional. If you are going to make an ignorant statement such as you just did, you should be able to back it up with a non partisan citation. If not you are the one with the snipped synapses’. Just love you arrogant libtards!

    • JML

      Wow…mature comment. First, his weight has nothing to do with politics. Second, he didn’t backstab Romney by not showing up to the rally. That’s ridiculous!! He would have been backstabing the people of New Jersey if he would have left them high and dry to go root for Romney. Give me a break. The people who didn’t have heat, lights and food are more important. Congrats to Mr. Christie for making the proper choice.

    • jerseydevil

      Go back to your moonshine still,you intellectually depived hillbillies are showing your IQ,and it’s pretty.dang.low.

  • Alison

    I think Governor Christie did a good job with his people in their time of need. Keep up the good work.

  • LInda Anderson

    Chris Christie provided much more support for Obama than Romney. If he wishes to continue his political career on the national stage, he should switch parties. Elephants have a long memory.

    • Southern Lawyer

      I agree 100%. I will not support Chris Christie in any way in the future.

      • Jim

        He shot himself in the foot (politically). I will have a hard time supporting him later.

      • mark

        fortunately they also have a peanut sized brain

    • Jim Press Sr

      That’s the problem with this country. First of all, all he did was make a comment on how appreciative he was that the President was there for his constituents. As well as Obama making a comment on what a good job he thought Christie was doing under such a stressful situation. Cut and dry. I don’t see anything wrong in that. Maybe if the politicians got together to fix the issues instead of bickering over the he said/she said, things might get done. That was a good lesson on how two men (party lines lifted) could work a common problem.

      • Joan Thomasson

        Thanks Jim, my sentiments exactly, if I am still on this earth should christie run for President it would be the first time I voted Replican, of course I also would vote for Colin powell because the are men first politicians last.
        I would love to see people vote for their party without derrogatory words about because their guy did not win.
        Love You Gov. Christie for being yourself.

  • Trishtlc

    We DON’T care that Christie couldn’t campaign. What we cared about was his making out with the Prez. Of course he should have stayed to help in his state. OF COURSE! I don’t think there was anyone that doesn’t understand that at all. I am pretty shocked however that he couldn’t deliver NJ to Mitt! And just one MORE thing! I hope he doesn’t run in 2016 because I WILL NOT vote for him. Nothing to do with this Sandy situation.

  • Kelly

    I give him a lot of respect for making the right call putting his JOB to protect those who put him there in the first place. It shows alot of integrity not to mention common sense that he should be on the for front of this disaster. Point blank he was not the only supporter Romney had, not to mention his presence really made a difference to the community in crisis his ability to stay calm, keep organized and stay productivly working to help screams volumns. Aside from that to thank the President for taking time out of his schedule to show his support is very gracious very humane people care and should be thanked for showing that color, religion, or political stance shouldn’t matter when a crisis is happening.

    • http://yahoo gatorboy

      Yeah for at least 90 minutes for his photo op before he was off to campaigning again….and nothing has changed for the victim’s of sandy in Jersey……

  • Trishtlc

    I think it’s hysterical that we had to look at this HUGE photo op in NJ with a Republican Governor but where was the Prez in NY? Oh yeah, they are so stupid they didn’t care they still voted Dem! Well, good luck to them getting any help they need because the good people tried to get them food and generators, etc. but the Good Ol’ UNION wouldn’t let them in. Just another LIB organization. Good luck East Coast!

    • Tom

      Some die-hard, hard-headed, hard-hearted Republicans want to put more into someone like Chris Chrisie being faithful to their party and lie rather than being honest about the President’s personal support and promises. Maybe this is why they lost the race for Romney. As long as this attitude exists they will never progress with the electorate.

      And now what else is happening? The Republicans and the Tea Party are saying that Romney wasn’t the right guy for this presidential race. I thought he was properly nominated by their own process???

      What sore losers. What ridiculous and frustrating thinking!

  • BobS

    Cuomo-Biden 20016!!!

  • BobS

    Cuomo and Biden 2016

  • JW Fitzsimmons

    The point is Christie let the president use him. The other affected governors did not want Obama to come and take resources away from the relief effort. And they were democrats! The only other explaination is that Christie was trying to use Obama to look like he was going to get it done regardless of party for his personal gain. Either way he threw Romney under the bus.

    • http://yahoo gatorboy

      Hope Christie is planning on running for Prez on the democratic ticket because he is dead to Republican’s. If he wanted to kiss obama’s rear he could have done it in private and not turned it into a photo op.

    • EL

      Christie is a straight shooter. Think of the negative coverage he would have received if he’d taken off to a politcal rally when 100s of 1000s of his constituents are suffering. PRESIDENT Obama didn’t ‘use’ him. They both did their jobs, period.

      • JW Fitz

        convienient slant. Why didn’t the other DEMOCRATIC govenors have the president do a photo op? You are nieve and or stupid.

  • dave curtis

    Chris Christie has one agenda, and that’s the Chris Christie agenda. He needs to get his fat azz in the gym and lose about 100 pounds, then I’ll show him some respect.

    • Cetus

      you are an idiot**

  • jerseydevil

    He did what any one of you would expect of a governor facing the conitions in his state.He stayed in Jersey and did his job. Oh it was a night time rally,20 minutes away,O.K. 20min.to,20min from=40 minutes travel time.Time @ the rally- probably 20-40 min. from the door to the stage=60-80 minutes.
    Has any one of you delt with a catastrophe of the magnitude that dropped on his shoulders last week?With lives hanging in the balance needing all of his attention…he is mentally,physically,and spiritually drained.Grow Up Republicans….your constituants are making you look like really pathetic, finger-pointing,sore losers.

    You should be grateful that you have someone of his foretitude leading his state in the name of your party.

    • JW Fitz

      I don’t care about the event. I only care he let Obama use him as a prop. THe other governors (DEMOCRATS TOO!) told him to stay away and not use up needed resources. Like to believe what you say is true but the facts just don’t add up.

    • JW Fitz

      Obana was there for politics not support. Do you know what kind of resources needed to be turned to Obama’s visit that could have been used for relief support. Wake up and smell the politics.

      • Cetus


  • Dave

    While I am not a Chris Christie fan, I agree with his decision not to go to the rally. People in his state don’t need him at a campaign rally; they need him there in Jersey trying to help.

    • JW Fitz

      The only reason he should have shown up for the rally is because he let obama use him earlier in the week as a stooge and he needed to right the discretion.

  • jerseydevil

    Furthermore…I am a dyed in the wool democrat,and if Gov.Cristie would find himself chosen to represent your party in the next presidential;Gov.Chris Chritie would be guarenteed this democrat’s cross over vote.
    Now,lets all get past the pettiness and stand proudly behind our flag.If you cant do that,then please leave this wonderful country,as your opinionated behavior is not an asset.
    The world is watching this discourse,reporting it,and Al Jazeera is loving every bit of it…the “family” is arguing in the kitchen,while the thieves are cleaning out the jewerly boxes ….get .a . grip .

    • Cetus

      I salute…..Gov Christie for His hard work … the Love,he has for the People of NJ I believe you made a great choice

  • Tina Branch

    Christie hugged the devil and now we all will pay dearly!

  • Cetus

    I see there are still many in NJ that only think with their A$$… some things never change… right JW …Right Dave

    • JW Fitz

      Typical liberal-
      No answers just venom and dumb comments. Why don’t you at least try to look intelligent and try to have a take. Why did Obama go to NJ when the trip cost 10’s of thousands of dollars and moved resources away from the relief effort?

  • Dingalberry

    President Obama used Governor Christie as a stooge? LMAO…next thing people will be saying is they conspired to do a voodoo rain dance, and begged Hurricane Sandy to hit a week before the elections. What I like most about Governor Christie is the fact he is a man of character instead of a lying politician. He put his people first; Bless him for that.

    • JW Fitz

      Then why did he only tour NJ? Why not NY or Con? They all had unbelievable damage? Hell, more people actually died in NY. I don’t think you will have the right answer so let me help you.

      Because Obama would get no mileage from going there. The governors actually told him to stay away and not take resources from the relief effort so he can fly around pointing at devastation. I hope Christie was just a pawn because if not it was both of them use each other for political gain.

      • JW Fitz

        I am talkin to you smarty pants cetus

      • John

        he was told to stay away by Bloomberg. They had enough on their hands

  • Ellie

    You know, a lot of you Repubs on here are just showing the American the reason you lost big on Tuesday night with your ignorant comments. First of all, Bloomberg did decline a visit from the President but hardly for the reasons that a lot of you are spewing.


    He later ENDORSED the same president for reelection!


    Get over it!

    I’m hardly a fan of Christie, but I”m extremely proud of the way he handled preparations for Hurricane Sandy during and after the aftermath. How the fuck would it have looked for him to be at political rally while people in the state the he governs are without basic necessities like food, electric, heat, etc?

  • Ellie

    Obama and Christie took a bipartisan approach to a situation that called for human intervention, not politicans!

    • JW Fitz


      You are just to liberal to get it. You made my point for me. Bloomberg was smart enough and id not need the political cover to have the president visit. Of course he voted for the president. Obama and Christie had something to gain from the folly (especially Obama) and Bloomberg did the right thing and concentrated on the people not the photo op. Why? because it didn’t matter.