Chris Brown: Death Threats Being Investigated

By: Amanda Crum - May 19, 2013

Chris Brown has had some threats made on his life this week, and police are launching an investigation to find the responsible party.

Reportedly, someone called Brown’s lawyer’s office to make the threats, and while it hasn’t been released just what was said, attorney Mark Geragos took them seriously enough to phone police immediately.

Brown has been the subject of much controversy since a violent altercation with former girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, after which he was arrested and she was left bruised and bloodied. Despite a restraining order that would have made it impossible for the two of them to be within 50 yards of one another, they resumed a relationship last year that was widely speculated upon on social media outlets like Twitter. His lawyer, who represented him after the domestic violence incident, says his client has changed only for the better since then.

“He’s grown and matured, and as he would tell you, is still making good music,” he says.

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  • Amy M

    Started with a bottle now we’re here….

    • myra b

      that’s funny! rotflmbo! good one!

  • kacey

    other people would be getting bullied in jail right now for what he did and he is off free because he has money… f’ him he gets what he deserves

  • Ka-Tina

    No one should be threatening him over something so old that him and Rihanna already got over. if they let it go why is society still holding on. putting his life on the line for what he did his time and he learned his lesson. I think its very childish and you have no heart to threaten someones life…..

  • sam

    enough is enough. I have never been a fan but this was years ago. Stop attacking him.

  • sam

    I thought he preformed very well last night. Give him credit for that

  • Jenny

    I’m thinking the threats have to do with the rumors that were online a couple weeks ago claiming that Chris Brown posted bail for Ariel Castro, the man who kidnapped those women 10 years ago and kept them in his basement.