Chloe Grace Moretz Wants Female Super Hero

By: Kimberly Ripley - February 10, 2014

Chloe Grace Moretz turns 17 today–February 10th–and just a short while ago at the Sundance Film Festival the young Laggies star dished about her belief that a good female super hero is in strong demand.

“It would be great to have one in the Marvel system. It would be great to have more than even Scarlett [Johansson as Black Widow] because Black Widow was still ‘wear the spandex and push your boobs up, this is a man’s world,’ she said during her interview with Total Film.

“I think what it’ll be is Wonder Woman. I think Wonder Woman is someone that might be able to walk in and do something really cool,” she added. “A lot of the female characters are written that way in the comics, of being submissive, very sexually driven. They’re the kryptonite! I think Wonder Woman was one of those characters that really was a strong female character. The closest we’ve gotten to that is Catwoman with Michelle Pfeiffer.”

The Carrie star makes a really good point. Young people today–as well as those more mature types who still believe in super heroes (and that’s perfectly okay–really, it is!) don’t have anyone besides Wonder Woman to look to as a female super hero. And where has Lynda Carter been for all these years? She’s certainly too old (no offense, Lynda) to pull off the role and be convincible today, so certainly someone could step into her shoes.

Chloe was asked if she might one day head up her own super hero franchise. That would certainly be one way to make that female super hero dream come true.

“For sure, if it’s the right role,” she said

Chloe Grace Moretz stars opposite Keira Knightley in Laggies. The film is about a 28-year-old woman with no real life direction (played by Knightley) who bails on her boyfriend saying she is headed to a retreat. Instead she winds up staying with a teenager and her dad–played by Moretz and Sam Rockwell.

“I fell in love with the idea and the story,” said Moretz. “It’s a very funny movie, but it has that undertone. It’s a quarter-life crisis.”

Can you see Chloe Grace Moretz playing Wonder Woman or a Wonder Woman-type super hero one day? She may still be a bit young for the role, but her determination and gift of acting could one day find her defending the defenseless and fighting crime as only Wonder Woman knows how.

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  • Norfolk In Chance

    There is a great female superhero out there… her name is HIT GIRL!

    I have a feeling Chloe has heard of her…

    • possumtrot

      I love her as hit girl. So different

    • Guest

      Sorry to disappoint but hit girl is not a real superheore, the only superheroes are batgirl, wonderwoman and Black a widow.

      • possumtrot

        Your point is irrelevant.

  • shotguncannibal

    I think she should play Garth Ennis' The Pro. I heard that that superhero is a very positive, uplifting role model for young females.

    • kingpeepee

      dude… you're a perv.. Unless you are also 17

      • shotguncannibal

        Yeah, because I wasn't being sarcastic and insincere or anything, guy who names himself kingpeepee. & out of everything you could have named yourself out of the vast lexicon of words we have at our disposal, you had to choose kingpeepee.

        • kingpeepee

          My name name is sarcastic… Joking about a 17 year old prostitute is not.

          • shotguncannibal

            can I borrow that rulebook on sarcasm, then? because I obviously forgot the fucking rules, little peepee. oh yeah & while you're at it, go fuck yourself.

  • neodymium


  • Jean Paul Mokuolu

    I wish she had have played wonder woman

  • H4BAF

    She is so friggin hot. I'd love to do her.

  • Huh ?

    Chloe G as Wonder Woman ? Yes ! Bring her on ! She`ll be the best WONDER WOMAN in 40 years !

    • D.B. Cooper

      Too short. Wonder Woman is 5'11". Chloe is 5'4" at 17, and her growing taller days are behind her.

  • D.B. Cooper

    She is obviously pimping for a Hit Girl movie, which might be a good idea.

  • Norm

    Heck.. They could make her a young Carol Danvers aka Ms. Marvel/Capt. Marvel. Disney/Marvel could groom her for a big scope thing if she felt like doing it.

    • hockablah

      i was going to say the same thing. young Ms. Marvel. perfect.

      • Norm

        Telling you. Her getting all snarky with RDJ in A3? Worth every penny of the advance ticket I'd pay for already, lol.

    • Jessi Aldana

      Took the words out of my mouth

    • Terry_T

      She would do well, but I like Katee sackhoff for Ms. Marvel. Chloe is the perfect age for Supergirl!

  • Mike H. from Indiana

    I believe there is quite an outstanding superheroine out there and her name is HIT-GIRL!!!!!!! Kick-Ass 3 or we riot!

  • my 2 cents worth

    She is the right age and build to do dazzler, dagger from cloak and dagger series. Dagger would be a edgier take.

  • tbonesays

    Wonder Woman won with dignity and grace. I'm not sure if Ms Chloe can act the same.

  • Christopher Daniel Crosby

    It's time for Hit Girl to become Super Girl.

  • Matthew Collins

    She's already a superhero 10x more cooler than Wonder Woman and Black Widow combined, and who's a great role model for strong girls and women everywhere. Her name is HIT-GIRL!

  • Guest

    Sorry to disappoint but hit girl is not a real superheore, the only superheroes are batgirl, wonderwoman and Black a widow.

  • Araceli Perez

    Sorry to disappoint but hit girl is not a real superheore, the only superheroines are batgirl, wonderwoman and Black a widow.

  • Flash

    Moretz for batgirl. Ta na na na na na na batgirl!

  • possumtrot

    I love to see her as Jean Grey in the X-men.

  • theCARS7879

    there’s no doubt about it, just not black widow because Scarlett Johansen did that so I was thinking playing Batgirl in her own movie as Barbara Gordon and what that would do for the character of Batgirl since its Batmans 75th Anniversary