Chinese Astronauts Make Their Triumphant Return to Earth

    June 29, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Chinese astronauts, two men and one woman, have made their way back to Earth inside an extremely cramped and very charred space capsule. The trio touched down on Friday in the northern part of China, their landing softened considerably by the use of a large parachute. Their triumphant return after a 13-day trip into space was broadcast across the country for all to see. The mission, in addition to including the first remale astronaut, is considered to be the longest and most complex mission in the country’s history.

“This is another outstanding contribution by the Chinese nation to human exploration and the use of outer space,” Premier Wen Jiabao said in a prepared statement. “It has profound significance in enhancing China’s comprehensive power and inspiring the national spirit.”

After spending nearly an hour inside the capsule as medical professionals evaluated their conditions, the three astronauts finally emerged with giant smiles, waving and giving the thumbs up to the audiences watching their return at home.

“We have successfully accomplished the first manned docking mission for China and have now returned to home,” crew leader Jing Haipeng explained. “Thanks to our country, thanks to the care and love from people of all ethnic groups of the country. Thanks.”

According to AFP, China has spent nearly 39 billion yuan ($6.1 billion) over the span of two decades in an effort to build a permanent space station. This mission found the crew manually docking with the aforementioned contraption, a maneuver that is considered extremely difficult and dangerous. According to officials, this particular endeavor has pretty much cemented China’s place in the world of space exploration.

“By demonstrating that they master (these procedures), China fully enters the club of big powers in human occupation (of space),” Isabelle Sourbes-Verger, an expect with France’s National Centre for Scientific Research, explained.

Image provided courtesy of The Christian Science Monitor

  • Dave

    Remale? That is Lacist!

    • jeff

      Dude, I thot the same thing. I almost cried laughing.

  • jack

    i think the woman is really “kute” is she married?

  • Chad

    Rook..Rook. A UFO.

  • AsiansWearFur

    “By demonstrating that they master (these procedures), China fully enters the club of big powers in human occupation (of space),”

    sounds like language White chauvinists would use for commentary on China’s space exploration efforts.

    btw. china invented the rocket and warhead-tipped missile

    • Will-H

      Actually it’s not racist.

      It’s the truth.
      Russia put someone on salyut 4 in 1975, and got them home
      the US put someone on Skylab in 1973, and got them home
      the Chinese now have done it in 2012, with this launch.

      Call it racist all you want but it’s something the russian took years and lives to get right, as well as the americans. so, stick the race card back in your pocket, the chinese are playing catch up, deal.

  • AsiansWearFur

    China should never take the American regimes *apologies* seriously, as the Chinese Exclusion Acts continue in many facets of society, not least of which is the rejection by USA of China to participate in the ISS program: China now develops its own independent space program……… EXCELLENT JOB CHINA!

    • ImChinesetoo

      USA did not reject China to participate in ISS. ISS planning and logistics started long before China became a capitalist society. China did not even have any space programs until they started hacking into US space programs and NASA computers for Space Technology. The successes of China’s space missions are from the successes and failures of U>S. and Soviet Union, including the astronauts and cosmonauts who lost their lives since the space race. ISS first component was launched in 1998. Think about it, how long does it take to put the components together and send it up to space. Then think about logistics, funding and blueprints for all these modules. This all started in the 1980’s when ESA was young and China didn’t really care much about their intellectuals and innovators, they crushed them with tanks in 1989.

  • http://tautweb.com/ Taut Web

    The woman is the most gorgeous astronaut in the world, surely!

  • Kevin

    I commend the Chinese for accomplishing what they have done. I read the article with great interest until I hit the brick wall that the writer slammed in with the phrase “…This mission found the crew manually docking with the aforementioned contraption…” I think we call it a “space station” in the US. How denigrating and embarrassing for that writer to expose how ignorant he is by minimizing and ridiculing something that even US astronauts consider to be a very dangerous procedure. He should be reprimanded for crappy editing at the very least, and tossing what appears to be his opinion of the Chinese space program into his article. Though the word means “…a machine, device or a gadget…,” the word has a definite negative connotation, as if the “contraption” were not spaceworthy and was put together with Legos and duct tape.