Child Of Light Is A JRPG From The Far Cry 3 Team


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After the excellent Far Cry 3 wrapped up, you'd think the development team would go on to make Far Cry 4 or another big budget AAA shooter. Surprisingly, that's not the case as the team has decided to make a 2D turn-based JRPG.

Ubisoft this morning announced an upcoming JRPG for current and next gen consoles called Child of Light. It's being powered by UbiArt - the game engine that powers the excellent Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends.

In the debut trailer below, you'll see that Child of Light is quite the looker. In fact, it might be the prettiest game of 2014 outside of Transistor. Its gameplay looks solid too as it borrows the turn-based combat from classic JRPGs.

Child of Light proves yet again that Ubisoft is the riskiest publisher in the industry right now. It's paid off for them handsomely so far with Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon selling well above estimations and titles like Watch Dogs getting plenty of hype before its release this holiday season. Now we can add Child of Light to the list of risky Ubisoft titles that we can only hope do well.

[Image: Ubisoft/YouTube]