Child, 10, Killed In Random Shooting On Minnesota Road

    February 12, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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A 10-year old child was killed on Monday night in Oakdale, Minnesota when a gunman began spraying bullets into passing cars at random. The mother of the child was injured but is expected to survive; a woman in another car was also wounded.

The gunman was taken into custody and police say they are investigating a motive, but for now it appears the shootings were completely random. The incidents occurred near a Rainbow Foods store in a suburb. It’s been reported that the man taken into custody–a 33-year old whose name has not been released–lives in the neighborhood.

Residents are stunned and saddened today as news of the child’s death spreads; in the last several weeks, following the horrendous shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary, the media has been inundated with stories of tragic shootings that are getting national attention because of the ever-present conversation on gun control. President Obama has promised to make changes to gun control laws, but is coming against opposition from many sides. The president is expected to focus primarily on the economy in his State Of The Union address tonight, but many believe he will at least touch on the issue of gun control, especially since several victims of gun violence will be attending the speech–including former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

“When the president talks about guns, he’s going to have enormous support in the gallery and in the country. Ultimately we think he’ll have it in the Congress too,” said Mark Glaze, director of Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

  • Mary

    Well, I wonder if Mrs. Obama will be going to this child’s funeral like she did for the young lady that performed at the Inaugaration?

    • Bryan

      That seems just as probable as you being there, Mary.

      • Allison

        This is why we need to get control on the guns FIRST! He could not possibly go to every funeral of every gun victim. Get these guns off the streets…it’s ridiculous. I don’t even like to watch the news in the city I live in anymore, because every single day someone has been shot dead due to unnecessary gun violence. I do not own a gun, I never will own a gun. I don’t feel safe knowing that others do…whether they are legal or not. Anyone can get their hands on one anymore. Why not leave the guns in the hands of the police and military? I mean really, now they are talking about putting guns in the Kindergarten classroom where my 5 year old goes to school!! Really?! Get control of the guns first, before everyone winds up victims!

      • Sally

        Lady Obama went to Chicago because that child went to the inauguration. It was a choice she made. We all have choices. Like not having guns because you will shoot them. A lot of people are choosing to shoot at innocent people and not because they are protecting themselves. Make a choice and get rid of all the stupid guns.


    he should put his money where his mouth is. lose that stuburn liberal streak, and get the economy in shape FIRST.

    • Pauline

      So, instead of protecting our children and each other from senseless violence, you’d prefer that the president focus on money. I don’t think you’d have this tone if it was your child.

  • http://yahoo m arocho

    my condolence to the family

  • http://yahoo m arocho

    i am sorry for your lost.

  • John

    What is wrong with people!?!?!? This is really starting to get annoying, i cant turn on my computer for a second without reading that someone got shot today in the United States. Its time for mandatory mental examinations for EVERYONE in this fucking country!

    • k

      Young People are spoiled…if they do not get their way the cry
      gun no discipline at home.

  • Roy

    Wow – based on the comments it seems I’ve stumbled across a stinky liberal cesspool! Anyway, I’m sure this will be played up big to continue the next item on the agenda, which is disarming the American people.

  • karen

    like cars 4-wheelers snowmobiles THESE ARE NOT THE KILLERS it is the owners operators….. Machines DON’T KILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only the hands of man……. It IS Not abut the GUNS or the Machines I have Never seen a gun shoot IT’S SELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4-wheelers cars snowmobiles these cannot work ALONE!!! Its only about the MAN or people that ABUSE GUNS CARS 4- WHEELERS SNOWMOBILES It is NOT THE GUNS THAT NEED CONTROL!!!!!!!! It is People and OUR SOCIETY!!!!!!!!!

  • karen

    How does anybody expect the crime in this country to ever change… Our Country is a JOKE NO JOBS NO MONEY MORE STRESS THEN MOST CAN DEAL WITH!!!!!!!!!!!We cannt take care of day to day living…..Government fighting amoung itself……so where is the normal person ever going to see CHANGE…..FROM OUR US GOVERNMENT NOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They find more excuses to argue amoung themselves how on earth are they ever going to HELP THE AMERICAN PEOPLE?????????????????????We Are A Huge Joke to the Rest of the WORLD GOVERNMENT ALWAYS IN A ARGUMENT Controlling Guns is TRULY THE VERY LEAST OF OUR COUNTRIES HUGE WORRIES……….