Chief Keef Arrested On Marijuana Charge

    May 21, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Chief Keef, the 17-year old rap star, has been arrested in Atlanta for smoking weed in an upscale hotel.

Keef has been arrested twice before despite his young age and was sued earlier this year for child support by a girl who claims he got her pregnant when he was just 15. One of his previous arrests was for heroin manufacture.

The rapper has been in Atlanta shooting a video with Gucci Mane for the track “Darker”.

  • Alfonso Rodriguez

    Chief, he thought, he was in California. Hahahahaha.

  • Hugh Mann

    Another person gets tossed in the slammer for a victimless non-crime. His body belongs to him and it’s no ones business what he drinks, smokes or eats. If I were on the jury, I would let him walk (jury nullification).

    • Jack

      It’s not a victimless crime. Criminals grow it, ship it, and sell it. We have laws in this country to protect it’s citizens. And saying that someone can put whatever they want in their body is just ridiculous. We think of the people who might be hurt or affected by such drug use. I.E. bath salts, heroin, even marijuana can be misused.

      Go get an education, and I hope to god your never on a jury.

      • Joe

        You’re a fucking idiot, Jack. Just the type of stupid sheep that marijuana prohibition was made to target.

      • Jason

        It’s a fucking plant! Read up on why it was deemed illegal in the 1st place. And, yes, anyone can put anything in their body as they please.

      • don

        fuck you jack, bath salts? maybe people wouldn’t do fake drugs if they could get the real thing. Number one drug that changes people, alchol which is legal. So shove it.

      • Jessica Rabbit

        You sir…have obviously never smoked Marijuana. I have nothing else to say.

      • Esteban

        You are stupid jack, not all people that grow marijuana are “criminals” , Idiot!

      • Hugh Mann

        There’s no reason for me attempt enlighten your dumb ass on Constitutional law because you’re obviously hopelessly brainwashed.

    • skar555

      i agree,but he is messing his life up catching all these charges!

    • x M3RL1N x

      I’m not saying that marijuana is as bad as cocaine or heroine, but it is far from victimless non-crime. Most Marijuana is not crown in this country, which means that some DTO(drug traffic organization) is growing and profiting from this. Then they use said profits to wage a war (mainly on the U.S./Mexico border) costing many people their lives, all in the name of profit and dominance. Victimless…..far from it.

    • http://www.chief-keef.org chief keef.org

      FINALLY SOMEONE GETS IT. Chief Keef is a LABEL/CEO. He is taking care of a family now…stop locking up more black business men america…

      • keith

        F this ne g rrrr a. Needs a n o o s e

  • Judas Staley

    These charges mess up people’s lives for no legitimate reason. If it’s safer than alcohol, helpful to the economy, and can cure cancer, why keep it illegal?

  • Icecold

    His name is Chief Keef, thats all he talks abouts, cmon dudes a f**king idiot and a terrible example for the youth and black ppl in general he belongs there.

    • bobbybob

      no one likes him anyway..

  • GetItStraightKids

    —Just because dumb*sses like Chief Keef get caught with the plant doesen’t make it bad.

    —Chief Keef is indeed a horrible example of a person, and he deserves his charges because of the lack of care he shows in said ‘upscale hotel’… Though this has no relation WHATSOEVER to the reputation, effects, and legality that Marijauna deserves.