Chick-Fil-A Free Breakfast Offer Week of September 9

    September 3, 2013
    Erika Watts
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There may not be any such thing as a free lunch, but fast food chain Chick-Fil-A is offering customers a free breakfast menu item during the week of September 9. The only thing needed to score the free breakfast is a reservation, which is easily made online.

This isn’t the first time Chick-Fil-A has offered the “Breakfast on Us” promotion and probably won’t be the last, as the restaurant continues to try to edge into the breakfast market and compete with powerhouse chains such as McDonald’s and Bojangles. With new breakfast items being tested at certain locations, the promotion will likely offer insight on which items to keep on the menu and which items to ditch. “We hope our ‘Breakfast on Us’ promotion will encourage our current customers to try something completely different and also help attract new breakfast customers for us,” said Steve Robinson, chief marketing officer for Chick-Fil-A.

The restaurant, which came under fire last summer when CEO Dan Cathy made his views on gay marriage public, is offering a limited number of reservations at participating restaurants. Patrons get their choice of a breakfast menu items, including a chicken biscuit, yogurt parfait, oatmeal or a sausage breakfast burrito. If a patron wants something to drink or a side item, that must be purchased separately, but isn’t required to receive the free breakfast entrée.

The only complaint people have made about the promotion is that making the reservation online is the only way to redeem the free offer, but considering that most people have Internet access, this shouldn’t affect too many free breakfast-seeking patrons. After customers select an available date and time they wish to visit and pick out a menu item, all that’s left is printing out the reservation form.

Chick-Fil-A’s free breakfast lasts through Saturday, September 14. The promotion is limited to one free entrée per person, and the restaurant is accepting reservations through September 13 as long as slots are available.

Image via Chick-Fil-A Twitter

  • http://google Brenda Crane

    Thank You

  • nora

    i won’t spend one thin dime of my money there, but if they want to give me something for free, i’m more than happy to take it!

    • Caruso

      Shame on you nora

      • Science Rules

        Shame on those supporting a homophobic bible thumping fast food joint.

        • John R Perrillo

          Really are you that screwed up. Stop and think about the hate you are trying to spread.

        • Joe Baker

          If some are homophobic then others are “heterophobic”. If you really believe in liberty and individual rights then respect all people and afford to all the right that you hold for yourself.
          We are all in the same boat and we need to help each other and stop the labels. People are people, regardless of color or beliefs, and each are entitled to live as they choose, but no one should be compelled to support what violates their faith and conscience.

          • DrBobNM

            gays can’t be hateful or phobic, since they are an ‘oppressed minority’ Just like ‘oppressed’ racial minorities can’t be racist. Didn’t you get the memo?

        • JMelt

          You shaming me really makes a difference in my life…now to get my free biscuit and pay for other items to support this establishment….hooray for freedom.

    • Rookie’48

      @Nora – so which are you – a hypocrite or a thief?

    • Gary Gray Sr

      I go there just because morons like you don’t !

      • Dan Shill

        Sounds more like YOU are the moron, Gary, if you eat the trash they serve!

      • Dan Shill

        Gary, if you eat the trash they serve there, then YOU are the moron!

        • Dan Shill

          Well, that was odd… my reply didn’t post, so I retyped it…. then the first one showed up.

          • JMelt

            I just thought you thought if you repeated how much you hated Chik-fil-A and their food, then others would change their opinion to meet yours…see we do know you think people with differing opinions are morons….NOT. Repeat after me I am not as stupid as I sound, I am not as stupid as I sound. Maybe after a thousand or so times you will become enlightened…NOT

    • Dan Shill

      Good for you, Nora! Personally, I won’t eat their nasty food whether it’s free or not, but if you can stomach it, more power to you!

    • JMelt

      Can you say “entitlement”?

      • DrBobNM

        Melt—its the liberal mantra. Hate, oppresion of opposing ideas, accusations of bigotry, gimmie gimmie gimmie. Remember when the CFA statements first came out, and a gimmmie gimmie hateful liberal went in the drive up line to get a free cup of water and recorded his idiotic rant to the poor employee taking his order? Good news was the CFA employee was a class act, and the idiot lost his job (high profile marketing type). Sometimes karma hits people in a timely fashion. Good Luck.

  • http://yahoo donald abernathy

    thanks for the invite to a free breakfast

  • http://MozillaFirefox Patricia Gunter

    Can’t log in to your free breakfast site–Almost there and the connection was broken–Please advise–Shop this store at least once a week!!!

    • Erika Watts

      I’m able to get it to pull up on my end to make a reservation, but it took a while to load, most likely because of the traffic. I hope you’re able to get one :)

  • Nan

    Thank you and I appreciate the company for their Christian views and daring to stand up to those that wish to destroy American values.

    • DJ

      LMAO…You’re a brainwashed hateful idiot.

      • DrBobNM

        kettle, meet pot, LMAO

      • JMelt

        Again, I WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO HAVE AN OPINION THAT OPPOSES MINE….YOU ARE IGNORANT BECAUSE YOU DISAGREE WITH ME. Get over it and learn to think for yourself…Blah, blah, blah right wing agenda talking is all I hear. THINK if you have the ability.

        • DrBobNM

          Melt–“..right wing agenda talking…” and I thought it was the intolerant, bigoted, gay nazi agenda. Last I checked, they were solidly on the left.

          • JMelt

            Sorry DrBob I should have said left wing agenda, but my brain was on the right side…It is the left wing but they wouldn’t understand that anyway. Thanks for the correction.

    • Kevin

      How is being gay destroying American values?

      • Science Rules

        Their bible myth promotes hate towards gays.

        • Faye King

          Perhaps it’s your homosexual myth that is promoting the hate in this world. Why are you in such rebellion against the natural order of GOD’s creation?

        • Faye King

          Perhaps it is your intense rebellion against the natural order of GOD’s creation that is creating the hate you feel. The homosexual myth has destroyed many lives, as it promotes confusion and anger in this world, and in the Hearts of those affected.

          • Will M

            The homosexual myth as you call it hasn’t destroyed as many lives and that war mongering god you refer to. Read your history, your religion is so full of hate that millions of people have perished because of it. If you think that homosexuality is wrong, then read the rest of the bible and pick out all the other things that are wrong. I’ve never seen a religion so full of cherry pickers.

          • Dan Shill

            You need to spend a LOT more time reading that Bible of yours, Faye, and a lot less spewing your ignorance and unchristlike bigotry.

        • http://yahoo im1angel

          The Bible teaches to love your neighbor. It also teaches to love your enemies. It does not teach hate toward anyone but does teach admonishment not condemnation to those who are not doing the will of God; to teach God’s love for each person that He created. He had so much love for each of us that His only Son Jesus died on the cross for each one of us because of our sins. Those that believe and accept Him as the Son of God and our Lord and Savior will receive forgiveness and the promise of a home in Heaven for eternity. John 3:16 in the Holy Bible, the Word of God.

          • DrBobNM

            love the sinner, hate the sin. In a nutshell.

        • Joe Baker

          The Bible is not a myth but has been proven time after time to be historically, archeologically, prophetically and scientifically accurate, and many of the Biblical accounts have been confirmed by documents discovered from other ancient cultures. If you think the Bible is a myth then prove it wrong. Many have tried over the centuries and all have failed. Instead, if you take the time to examine the evidence objectively and not just talk, you will also discover that the Bible is true. That does not mean that you will accept it but that you will find it is true.
          Go ahead. I dare you.

          • DrBobNM

            God created the heavens and the earth in 6 days. Evangelicals believe in the LITERAL interpretation. Please explain.

      • http://yahoo Chuck

        In the same way as you need to able to live your life as you choose, We as parents need to be able to raise our children as we choose. This choice concept can conflict. Let us agree to disagree. As far as American values go, anything goes. The values of our fathers were flawed. But the traditions of the family are alive and well.

        You ask about family values, and in your mind you think think that a good Christian turns the other cheek, stays out of trouble and loves thy neighbor. While this is true we also love our creator and respect his commandments.

        • David

          Chuck, you have every right and ability to raise your child the way you wish. Gay people don’t change that.

          • http://yahoo Chuck

            you are absolutely right. The biggest challenge parents face in raising their children is themselves. With that said society does not make our job easier.

          • JMelt

            Gay people in general may not change this, but the fact what others hear is that we must raise our children to be ok with the gay way of life. Per my belief, I will not teach that being gay is ok. But will teach that people have different lifestyles and beliefs from mine and they should not be abused or attacked for those lifestyle choices or beliefs. It is not our place to judge others, that is up to God. This is based on Christian teaching and the only thing that I need to teach my children. Choices they make as they grow up will be due to my teaching them to think on their own. I do not believe in forcing my beliefs on my children, but do believe in giving them a good base to develop their decisions upon. Whether the belief is about gay lifestyle, abortion, murder, lust or any of the other ideas I believe are wrong I respect the fact my children will develop their own beliefs and I should respect that as a parent and as a Christian. It is not always easy to allow others to have different opinions, but it is always RIGHT.

      • wow

        Its not

      • Scot

        No one said being gay is destroying American values. Devaluing marriage by turning it into a mere legally committed relationship between lovers is destructive. Proper family formation and the creation of the next generation requires hard work. When the state recognizes a marriage, it grants those in the relationship special privileges to compensate for the challenge of creating a new family. But how does society gain by extended these same privileges to homosexual couples? I don’t think it gains society much at all and is probably a net loss. Privileges given to heterosexual couples are an investment in future generations. Recognizing homosexual marriages is not an investment in the future.

        And the fact that homosexual marriage has been pursued rather than civil unions is proof that this fight isn’t about simple acceptance of homosexuality. The goal is to use the state to bully others, especially the religious into accepting something they object to. Advocates for homosexual marriage don’t want equality. They want a fight.

        I’d prefer peaceful coexistence.

        • ronmigy64

          Scot, then by your logic any hetro couple that cannot or chooses not to have children should not have that right.

      • joe

        How many reasons would you like to have? Really. 50? 100? 200? How many are necessary for u2c the destruction? If u r serious…Kevin, you’ll se this play out now that gays can legally marry. They are ALREADY divorcing! And its for the same reason they married in the first place. {Please don’t anyone write that Chrsitians divorce 2.} The point is they married for the wrong reasons, and yes, MANY ‘Christians (the badge)’ marry for unGodly reason too. Hince, high divorce among ‘Christian (claimants)’ too. A legal ‘_ _ _ _’ isn’t a sanctified union. who’s 2 judge? Not me… God and conscious.
        Kevin, people don’t get it and blame God for what they know zilch about bc they were never taught. They read a little (an unhappy man’s unqualified MEANDERINGS), consulted with other disgruntled, flipped a coin, then chose God to rant about. Then self-titled his-se’f scientist. Good luck wit dat.
        B4u join ANYONE, get the facts. Theologians can reason God’s existence better than atheist can disprove Him. If God is real (and He is), isn’t it wiser to know Him b4u trash him. If I don’t know you, I can’t ethically talk about you, lest I claim what I really don’t know, makin ME an idiot. Atheist think that we don’t see the red elephant trying to hide behind the twig. In his ‘deception’, he thinks he’s clever. Its comical and pathetic simultaneously.

    • Science Rules

      What American values are you referring to Nan? Is bigotry one of them? By the way, the U.S is not a Christian country in anyway. All beliefs and sexual orientations are welcomed here. Get used to it or leave to Russia!

      • Science does not rule

        First of all, the Bible does not promote hate towards gays. The lifestyle is a sin according to the Bible and it’s the sin that God hates. All of us sin. The person is not hated. All people are equal in God’s eyes.
        Secondly, our founding fathers came to America to worship God freely and not be under the king’s rule as to who to worship.

        • http://yahoo im1angel


        • DrBobNM

          God effectively MADE Science. There is no separation, hence Science does rule, its just the poster ‘Science rules’ doesn’t know what science really is.

      • jeff

        America was founded on judeo christain beliefs it is exactly what allows for different points of view judge not or be judged goes both ways

        • ronmigy64

          jeff, our founding fathers were not even Christians. some were but most were not. they wanted freedom to believe as they chose not be told how

      • rich

        This Country was founded on Judo-Christian values. Read history if you can.

        • wow

          WOW I don’t think you can read history. Do some research on the founding fathers; you may be surprised at how not religious they were and how important it was to them to separate church and state.

          • kelly

            Wow, perhaps YOU should read history and discover the reason for separation of church and state.

            Also, how is denying people the right to believe homosexuality is wrong any different than allowing people to believe it’s right? Either way, someone is being denied their rights. There is NO difference!

            Get over yourselves and live your own life. STFU.

          • DrBobNM

            yes, and Cathy was exercising his freedom of religion and speech. And the gay nazis pillory him for it.

            “..We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness….”

            I think the ‘non-religious’ stuff is the product of a misguided liberal educational system. Rots brains, to be sure.

        • DrBobNM

          Judeo, not Judo (martial arts??)… mistakes like that weakens your argument. Take a minute to spellcheck.

      • Scot

        Apparently all beliefs aren’t welcomed here, as your post proves.

    • Tena

      It’s not a free breakfast when you can’t make the reservation to get it. If your site will not allow you to make the reservation

    • Dan Shill

      Nan, false “Christian” imbeciles like YOU are the ones destroying American values.

      • DrBobNM

        is Shill you real name, or just what you are?

  • DJ



    • DrBobNM

      “…I WOULD RATHER SLICE MY NECK WITH A RAZOR..’ be my guest :-)

    • JMelt

      I agree, go ahead and slice your neck. Your statement is so ignorant. No one forces you to eat anywhere. That is the great thing about the United States (but you don’t have the ability to comprehend the concept of freedom). If you had stopped at your opinion of the food, I could have accepted that you had an opinion. If people like you would open their ears and listen to statements rather than judge what they think they hear, then things would be better. Dan Cathy did not put down homosexuals, he said that in his opinion (which he has as much right to as you have to “slice your neck”) marriage was between a man and a woman…nothing was said about preventing marriage between gays or that gay living was wrong. It was his opinion and an opinion applauded by millions. Evidently the gay community can not conceive the fact that Christians may not accept their form of living, but they do respect their right to live as they see fit. How many Christians have been arrested for abusing Gays? How many times have Gay persons been refused entrance into a house of worship? We have many forms of religion in this country and our Constitution states acceptance of any. What we are now facing is the intolerance of Christians…which is as wrong as the intolerance of gays. Christianity is a personal belief and we have the right to attend and worship at the places that we most agree with the teachings. Don’t eat at Chik-fil-A, that is your right. Don’t attend Sunday School or Church, that is your right. Don’t accept the Christian beliefs, that is your right.
      BUT accept the fact that I also have these same rights and should not be abused or thought bigoted for them. Regarding your statements about Dan Cathy, can you know the meaning of “slander” and where the law then comes into play EQUALLY?

  • Science Rules

    No way I will support those bible thumping ignorant bigots. Science> religion

    • Gary Gray Sr

      ok… so you enjoy soundling like a moron right ?

    • Paul

      Science and religion don’t have to contradict each other

      • Dan Shill

        True, Paul… but sadly, many of the low-information “Christians” (read *morons*) today seem to delight in setting the two at odds unnecessarily.

      • joe

        They don’t Paul. Its people who complicate and make it a mess. Leviticus teaches cleanliness, diet and a host of other things. In man’s quest to disprove it, science makes attempts to catch up. The Old Testiment said stone homosexuals. Jesus said ‘he who is without sin, cast the first stone’. Superficially that contadicts. On further illumination, its perfect teaching. What atheists disdain in Biblical teaching, what they really mean is they distrust reliogious hypocritical behavior. God is not contradicted. But His misbehaving people are. BTW, my own behavior seems/is hypocritical at times. All have sinned. [People HATE hearing that. They can’t disprove it though.]

      • JMelt

        Isn’t there a religion called Christian Scientist?

    • http://yahoo Chuck

      Who lit the match so you could have our big bang?

    • rich

      Who is the bigot?

      • http://yahoo Chuck

        Thanks for guiding me on my new path of self discovery. All this time I thought I was on the right path. Until now now I thought I knew. if i’m intolerantly devoted to my own opinions please let me know who lit the match?

        • Dan Shill

          There was no match, moron.

    • Tom Nagurney

      Thomas, the apostle, was scientific, too. He said to the other apostles, who told him Jesus had risen from death, that he would not believe unless he put his finger in the wounds of Jesus. Jesus asked Thomas to prove for himself that He had indeed conquered death, by allowing him to put his finger in His wounds! Now there is something the scientist could believe!

      • wow

        and only false hopes aka Faith can prove.
        I don’t even know why I bother to reply, but sometimes the ignorance of others compels me to.

      • joe

        WOW! Takin it to da bridge. I LIKE that. God does NOT require any to leave their brains at home, conversely, develop them thoroughly from the base of His Word, not commentaries [people’s OPINIONS] about Him. Good insight, Tom. I’m pullin that word-for-word.

    • DrBobNM

      I feel sorry for you, man. With with proper interpretation of Scripture, there are no inconsistencies between science and religion. Atheists do not allow the POSSIBILITY of a Creator, and therefore are more ignorant than the worst of the ‘Bible thumping bigots’ you call out.

    • JMelt

      I am sure that their stock will decline due to your lack of eating at their establishments. I pray for people like you, who one day will wish they had thumped their Bible a little more.

  • Sharon

    I wholeheartedly support Chick-Fil-A. Chick-Fil-A stand your ground and do not waiver!

  • Mamalilyana@yahoo,com

    Its America and everyone is entitled to their opinion….. until it conflicts with yours? Respect and tolerance (not acceptance) I will be joining for breakfast, Thank You Chick-fil-a!!

  • Galea

    Thank you Chickfilet for the courage to stand firm in your beliefs. Do not back down. You have my undying support. You have great food, and am looking forward to trying your breakfasts.

  • Frieda

    Chick fill a is a Christian based company and I applaud that. We need more. We can eat there six days a week…. why complain about the one we can’t? A lot of companies are against gay marriages but very few of them will admit to it because it’s not good for business. Chick fill a isn’t afraid to speak up. Keep doing what you’re doing. You’re a credit to our nation. Thank you. And thanks for the free breakfast.

    • Slappy

      And thank you Woolworth’s lunch counter for showing your beliefs and allowing only real, white American’s the option of eating at your establishment. You’re only showing your beliefs and Christian values, and we can’t fault you for that. Thank you for your courage, don’t back down. You have my undying support!

      • Dan Shill

        Exactly, Slappy! Freida is just another example of the ignorance and bigotry that is, sadly, a hallmark of so many of today’s false “Christians.”

      • Mark

        GOOD one, Slappy…where did you get that one about the real white Americans only? Was that on BET, or from one of those all-black colleges that won’t allow white people?? :)

      • JMelt

        What year are you living in? I am not sure there are any Woolworth’s left. At the time in history (which you obviously have no knowledge) it was considered a way of life. But, thanks to MLK and others the times have changed and every one has the same rights as others BUT it seems that some races, genders and sexual preference people want more rights and selective laws just to protect them. If you are assaulted, for whatever reason, you have the same law to protect you that I do. Yet, we now have hate laws. I think being attacked for any reason is a hate crime. Why can people not understand that you expect others to respect your opinion and/or beliefs but you can not respect their right to their opinion and/or belief. Every one on the right yells about tolerance and acceptance but we constantly hear from those persons intolerance and unacceptance. Open your mind and understand that “I may not agree with what you say, BUT I will defend to death your right to say it”. So many have died to defend mine and your rights to “say it”. Again, it is a free breakfast biscuit. Take it or leave it I don’t think anyone, especially Chik-fil-A will miss your business.

        • DrBobNM

          Melt—powerful words, and SO right on. Thanks

    • DrBobNM

      I am a CFA supporter, but a little known fact is that Cathy backpetaled on the gay marriage comments when he wanted to open a store in Chicago. (not why he wanted to go to that cesspool, but hey its his call.

  • Truly

    It’s a chicken joint, people. Lighten up!

    • Bonnie Myers ( Bon Bon]

      If you are not happy w/ Chick-Fil-A move on. Nobody asked for your opinion,they are giving you a free breakfast item & you are complainng.What is wrong w/this picture? This just proves,in my opinion, that you are so unhappy & miserable,if someone gave you a millon dollars you would complain because it wasn’t 2 million! I like Chick -Fil-A there chicken salad is awesome & I have always had great service,

  • JJ

    Although I do not agree with the company owner’s opinion, it is his right to have one & to express it. My granddaughter & I love the food there & will continue to go back.

    • Steven Manson

      People like you are EXACTLY why I served in the Military. EVERYONE has a right to free speech. if the Gays don’t like it, then give em money. Pretty Simple :)

  • Zeus

    I hope they put in fine print that gays will not be served. Gays and chicken just don’t mix!

  • Chase

    Goody, now a bunch of Christians are going to back up traffic, waste 2 hours of their day, all while the homeless shelter sits without help or resources. Good job people, you’re class acts.

    • batman

      smile a little. relax. eat a biscuit. all problems will still be everywhere tomorrow.

    • Dave

      Here’s an idea…get your free entree and give it to the first homeless person you see.

    • laurence lehman

      Chase, You sure are opinionated for a guy who probably would not let a homeless man get in your car. How much money and time did YOU spend on the homeless last year? HMMMM. And why is it every one else is at fault for people being homeless? You are a dick.

    • Nick

      Chick-Fil-A in my are we a lot with the homeless. We our not just a regular fast food chain as many of you could agree. We all have our own views of things in this world but that’s what makes up AMERICANS. At Chick-Fil-A we don’t discriminate against anybody, ALL is welcome to our store. Check out our store on facebook. You will see how we are family oriented and ALL is welcome. https://www.facebook.com/CFADavenport

    • Gunnerdad

      Well Chase when you get done donating all your time and money to the homeless folks, which I’m so sure you do. You can go see broke back mountain and then come by for a free breakfast. Don’t really care if you believe in God cause he probably doesn’t believe in you either. You wouldn’t know a class act if it dropped out of the sky and hit you. Darn Christians are soooo intolerant. Can’t wait till the Mooselims take over since they love gays to “death”. They like to get “stoned” with them. Freakin’ Maroon.

      • Braunish

        Dear Freakin Moron, what is a Mooseslim?

    • joe

      [where do these people come from?? where to jump in?] why WOULD a bunch of Christians back up traffic behind this? If it weren’t for Christian orgs, there wouldn’t BE no homeless shelters IN America. Where u been? Since [to my knowledge, as one having case managed in one of the largest homeless shelters in the US] most, if not all of them that I’m aware of in the US was founded by a Christian. Though I reason that there must be other religious founders as well. That said, the shelters, every one, has a RELIGIOUS foundation. Yeah, they are a class act. BTW Chase, what have YOU done to help the homeless? Or r u just bellyaching? Its ok, I understand. Just that others may not.

      • Braunish

        U.S. founded by this person you speak of, what would NATIVE AMERICANS THINK, you know the ones the white people shoved onto small pieces of desolate land, and like “good” Christians would do, gave them blankets laced with smallbox.

    • Sara

      Except for the fact that it appears to be mostly Christian churches serving the food at the shelters, but that doesn’t fit your agenda I guess…

    • Jules

      Perhaps a good point, but are you going to the homeless shelter to help out? If you aren’t going, why whine about others who aren’t. Perhaps removing the plank from your own eye before pointing out the specks in another persons eye is required here!

  • Cherry

    It’s a free breakfast offered by people who may or may not believe what you believe. We all have rights. I don’t agree with his beliefs but at the same time people boycotting them for that reason only is just as crazy as people boycotting other restaurants because they support homosexuality. People really need to think before they act.

    • DrBobNM

      “..People really need to think before they act…” precisely. That’s why we have who we have in the WH for a SECOND term. Defies all logic and reason.

  • Ernestine Greenfield

    great place eat

  • Jorg

    Chick-Fil-A…. The restaurant that serves you breakfast in bed…. and, becomes intimately involved in what you’re doing there (check that egg white carefully before putting in mouth)

  • Jay

    They got the America, they wanted…Hate-da hate-Hate!!! Everywhere you go…divide, and conquer.

  • John

    The gays will be drinking protein shakes instead.

    • Dan Shill

      Yeah, John… I’ll bet you know that VERY well from personal experience!

      • Donicus

        John just loves his protein.

        • Braunish

          And where would you be without protein moron, either a vegetarian or is it sterile, take your choice.

  • Joe

    Love that chicken from Popeye’s!!!

  • Misty

    So much hate over a free breakfast. It’s enough to make a person really see what is really wrong with our country. If a free promotion can cause such heated words, it is enough to make one want to cry for shame and for knowing we are so divided and it may be too late to change.

  • Tesf

    I think the best bussines model for them is to open franchise in every Lutheran church…then no need to worry about Obamacare or gay people

  • Lori

    Seriously? They offer a free breakfast, but have to make an online reservation. All I see in the comments is the hate and all. WHY?! The article was not and is not about what the owner feels is right or believes is right. It’s about FREE FOOD. In a country that loves free things, all people can do is complain about the owner.

    • joe

      Dog that bites the hand… People are scared and angry babygirl. Most don’t really wanna be mean. They’re relievin stress. Misery loves sharin its funky self. Its a busybody.

    • Braunish

      Free breakfast to a select number, they are gone now.

  • Joe Baker

    Chick-Fil-A is right. If a minority wants to live that way or support that lifestyle then they have that right and should be treated decently. But those who do not support that lifestyle, such as Chick-Fil-A and myself, should also be treated decently.
    There are good reasons not to support homosexuality. There are several diseases that homosexuals are more likely to suffer from.
    If the homosexual lifestyle were followed by all then the human race would be extinct and nature itself cries against it.
    Also, if the Bible is true (and it is) then God says it is wrong. Since He is the Creator and owns it all, He has every right to instruct all people in what is healthy and what is not healthy.

    • John

      The bible has lots of contradictions. Most of the world’s wars and problems are caused by religions.
      If what you say is true (and it isn’t) and god wants us healthy, he wouldn’t want us eating at Chick-Fil-A. The damage caused to your body by eating that greasy, salty, sweet and otherwise unhealthy food will be the reason you’ll need healthcare. Just look around at the Chick-Fil-A customers in the restaurant.Most are overweight from eating food like that.

      • joe

        [Tsk tsk, where to jump in] Try to prove the Bible’s contradictions. Take all the time you need. I like atheist because you do think. Once you ‘get it’, you make the best evangelist. God didn’t start most wars, people did, bc we r who we r.
        I DO agree that grease, salt and sugar ain’t great. Nor is unwashed hands and double dippin [atheist do that alot]. Not forgeting the weight thing, u r right again, America is obese. Self-indulgence produces depravity, people can’t self-regulate pleasure. If most ate from the garden, our restaurants would look very different.

    • @Joe

      Not so sure on the disease comment. Everyone can suffer from disease equally. You are fooling yourself if you think otherwise.

      There are a lot of “if” comments in there as well. The problem with “if” comments is that is not reality. Hey if I won the powerball I would be a millionaire twenty times over. Problem is that I am not and it is delusional to base any of my decisions on that.

    • Braunish

      And if the whole world followed heterosexuality, women would have no hair dressers, wedding planners, or clothes designers. And think how much more hideous looking and bitchy acting you would be, especially for those who have been burned by men on the “down low” or have been divorced because your spouse did not like or want the “equipment” you have.

  • http://ralphchastain.com Ralph Chastain

    From what I see on the Chick-Fil-A’s site, the food looks worse than Mc Donald’s. It looks dull and boring.

    • Brian

      You obviously never have had it. That is THE highest quality fast food around, hints the lack of “dollar menu” and a little bit higher prices.

      • Braunish

        Cause that is the Christin thing to do, Capitalism, charge more for better quality. Oh, but the one free thing a year is supposed to make up for all that overcharging the other 364 (minus 52 Sundays) days a year. If it is so religiously convicted, why not be non-profit and feed the needy. What would Jesus do?

    • joe

      Mom’s food usually looks dull, but oh-the-taste and aroma. I’ve had food that LOOKS good, but spat it out. Visual counts, but eatin much more. Real chicken, not mechanically separated. They serve chicken right.

    • carolyn kull

      The food is good. The place is clean. They have healthy foods.

  • Catheema

    Chick-Fil-A is expensive but good. A free meal is a great deal. I have already registered for the first day; first “appointment”!!

  • hollywoodnc

    Yeah…Go ahead America, stuff your f*a*t*a*s*s*e*s with this greasy c*r*a*p, from a group of opinionated, ultra right wing, nazi, extremists.
    I wouldn’t step foot in their s*h*i*t*h*o*u*s*e, even if I were given a LIFETIME of free food.

    • Donicus

      Maybe they wouldn’t want your dumb ass in their stores. You’re are a special kind of stupid, aren’t you. Now go back to your basement and get your crayons out. Big people are talking here.

    • http://yahoo Gerald

      Keep your A**nine rants to yourself. You and the Cleveland Idiot are twins.

    • joe

      Wow, satansoftbuttnc. Looks like potty mouth calling the kettle, huh. Trust me abomination, you have made LOTS of people happy. Please deny us your foot, face and mouth. Normal people will PATRONIZE them BECAUSE they don’t compromise God’s mandates. See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya. To CFA: Keep serving the good news. Can’t get enough.

    • Az2VAdennis

      Right on hollywoodnc!!!

    • ronmigy64

      I completely agree with you. and I have never ate there snyway.

      • JMelt

        Can not spell or use correct grammar either…surprise!!!

  • kathy

    This is a good sign. The boycott of Chick A Fil is working. Every dollar you spend in this store is a dollar that supports hate mongering of the corrupted Christian Religion.

    Main Stream Christians do not accept the fundamentalist hate mongering and oppression.

    Keep it up. Refuse to support people who promote hate mongering and oppression under the guise of religion.

    • Johnny Boy

      TBH, you are the one who sounds like the oppressor, not wanting to let someone have an opinion/share their viewpoint. How about you quit trying to force your beliefs on everyone else? Oh, right… ’cause you’re a hypocrite.

    • Nicole

      Good sign? I live near a chick-fil-a and the link has been longer than ever. That place is ALWAYS packed. I dont’ think they’re suffering at all.

    • mmog

      Freedom of religious expression and following what the Bible teaches is not hate mongering.However persecution of Christians for following the Word is hateful and anti God.

    • carolyn kull

      If that is how the man feels, he has the right to say that is how he feels. You have grouped Christians into one slot. You are wrong. I have many gay good friends, but I go to ChicFilA because they have the right, just like you do, to say they disagree.

    • JMelt

      Kathy. For your information Chick Fil A has been doing this free breakfast promotion for a number of years and has nothing to do with their profits. Christians don’t consider the statement made about marriage as hate mongering they consider it “freedom of speech and freedom of religion” which to people like you means these freedoms only apply to one side. If it is not your opinion it is wrong. Learn the laws of the land then try to be a little more open minded about other peoples rights to their opinions too.
      Show the same respect for other’s opinion as you expect for yours.

    • MARK

      Nice ignorant rant. I suppose you have also stopped buying all petrol products, since in the arab they burn and cut the heads off of homosexuals. Your little chicken boycott is consistent with your little brain. Now repeat after me “focus on the small meaning less stuff” again, again.

    • Sara

      The boycott backfired, but the one where there were lines around the block worked great! God worked wonders to help their profits increase!

      • Sara

        Also, this offer is already booked up!!!!! Go Chick-fil-A!

    • DrBobNM

      Kathy–how’s the hate going for you? Free speech apparently doesn’t apply if is disagrees with the gay agenda. Too bad. I think there is hope for this country.

    • Snobaby

      Freedom of Religion!

  • Thill

    Best fast food restaurant out there, by far. A little more expensive, but very good. And by far the best employees. Very polite, well groomed and classy. Top notch organization.

    • Shadow

      The real Chick-Fil-A with it’s fake smiles and fake religious status is explained in the comments of this article, by EMPLOYEES: http://www.misanthropytoday.com/chick-fil-a-sucks/
      The article is just an attitude article, but the comment section will clue you all in to how the employees really feel about their jobs there. Read it before you just start handing out all those thumbs down that uninformed sheople tend to do. Not that it matters, as I won’t be back to this comment section. lol

  • Beth

    the reservations are closed..i can’t get one :(

  • mmrooney918@yahoo.com

    Out of free breakfasts all ready! DRATS!!! I love their chicken noodle soup, though.

    • FloridaMom26

      No more FREE breakfasts??? DRATS!

  • DrBobNM

    gee, reservations have been sold out (for the entire week, apparently). Now that really shows that being a true to oneself Christian is a sure path to bankruptcy, NOT. Brilliant marketing and promotional research move. Bravo!

  • Jim K.

    Are they kidding?! I just saw the article today about the free breakfast which is supposed to run from September 9th through September 14th. I went to Chick-fil-A’s site to make a reservation and they’ve already ended it. They are not taking any more reservations and it’s still 5 days before the promotion starts. I think they need to plan a little better because the article is showing up as of today on some home pages, and a lot of people will be disappointed when they try to take advantage of it.

    • http://yahoo alex

      the worst part about them even closing the promo at all is that as long as they keep track of their giveaways, they are tax write-offs so they don’t lose anything anyway.

      • DrBobNM

        very good point. I bet the ‘reservations’ will be used as proof of handing out a freebee, whether they do or not (certain fraction no shows). Brilliant!!!

  • http://yahoo alex

    well I just read the yahoo article that is promoting this offer and went to get the reservation and they are apparently done giving them out. how can you have yahoo run a story and within an hour shut it down. that makes for even more bad publicity.

    • DrBobNM

      look at the date stamp of some comments. It was up for nearly 12 hours. A real tribute to the genius of Dan Cathy and CFA. Love ’em to death.

  • Gwen

    This is BS!I just read the article, says that they are going to accept reservations until Sept. 13 and today is just now Sept. 4th. Are you kidding me? Chik-Fi-La EPIC FAIL AGAIN!

    • DrBobNM

      no, its fantastic DEMAND. Econ 101, and Cathy’s brilliance. I think I’ll stop by without the freebee. You should too, but based on you ‘fail again’, you just wanted a handout. How’s that Obamaphone working for you???

  • Bobo

    So they gave out free breakfasts to three people? Way to P*ss *ff the public.

  • Mike Hunt

    When you order a free breakfast at CHIC FILL AY you get a cupon for a FREE ABORTION at your local PLANNED PARENTHOOD!!!

  • Phoebe Zumbrun

    Tried to get a coupon for a free breakfast burrito for Sept 9th at my local Chic-Fil-a, but it wouldn’t accept my e-mail or password. Said there were still over 3,000 available. When I went back a hour later and tried again, the site said they were all out of coupons. That’s really hard to believe that many people would request the same item at the same location. If I start getting offers from them now I’ll know they accepted my e-mail address. This is really disappointing.

  • Donald A Henney Jr

    They lost me when they thought it was a good idea that I know what their political views were. They stood a great chance of alienating people when they did that, and it worked here…

    I wonder, did they think that the chicken sandwiches would taste better with a side of “gay-bashing”?

    For the record, my opinion would be the same had they come out in favor of gay people. Politics has absolutely no place in fast food, and for that reason, I will buy my chicken sandwiches elsewhere…

    • calley

      Just as you have every right to your pro gay opinion, this man has every right to his. And while gay rights have permeated everything and are so very protected, so should the right to disagree be protected.

  • Mike Connors

    I live in sacramento and will tell you that they did no advertising either on tv or radio about this event, I only foundout thru yahoo today 9/9/13.
    If they want to do a national event like this they better have national ability to make good on it, do you think a major fast food restaurant like mcdonalds or jack in the box would give up on a promo, I highly doubt it.
    Chick-filet Im telling you, you better make good on this as you already have a nail in the coffin in California with your closed minded policies that you blabbed all over creation.
    if you fail to meet your promo of free breakfast item then all you will be selling successfully is your sweet tea.
    make good or boycott em everyone