Chicago Shootings Leave 8 Dead, Over 47 Injured

    June 18, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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A rash of shootings in Chicago this weekend left 53 people injured and nine dead. According to the Chicago Tribune, the victims included teens, including a 16-year-old who tried to flee from a gunman riding a bicycle. The youngest victim was 15-year-old Michael Westley, who was gunned down by police on Sunday night. Police stated what Westley was armed, and pointed a gun a them.

The shootings are being attributed to gang violence, though some of those injured were shot by police attempting to contain the violence. In addition to the teens, a 40-year-old man was killed in a nightclub shooting in Chicago’s Chatham neighborhood, and a 21-year-old man was shot dead in southwest Chicago. A 19-year-old male was also found dead on a sidewalk in Englewood early Sunday morning. The first murder of the weekend occurred on Friday in the west Chicago neighborhood of Austin, where 21-year-old Ricardo Herrera was shot and killed.

Despite the high level of violence this weekend, Chicago Police tried to reassure the public, stating that progress is being made to curb violent crime in the city. At around the same time last year, 53 people were injured and nine were fatally shot in a similar rash of shootings.

(via Chicago Tribune)

  • James

    His family said they don’t understand why police said he had a gun. So stupid he had two guns. This is what America is gonna be like everywhere if Obama gets his way. Only people like this little thug will have weapons, The honest man would have done had his taken away by the Liberals. Long live the NRA!!

    • Erik

      Why don’t they make guns illegal? That should solve the problem, right!

    • isaiah’s girl

      what does this have to do with Obama?

      • Ethan Pulaski

        They think everything is about Obama. Hate is a waste of time. Life is too short

    • http://yahoo.com CHILLZ

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  • tnb alert

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    • http://yahoo.com sam

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  • http://yahoo.com sam

    We, the African American Community understands that the violence occurs because THE GUNS ARE BEING supplied to these gangs,plus the fact that the same bigots and un-educated billies are still blaming Obama, while they make their moron comments. Fear of themselves.

    • sasquatch

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    • johnG

      Sam,we have guns in my state.Our entire state has had over 400 murders 2 times in 13 yrs..The city of Chicago has averaged over 500 deaths a year since 2000.So try some other lame ass excuse

  • Zoo Keeper

    Sounds like Chicago needs to hire some more zoo keepers and animal patrol to keep these monkeys off the streets.

    • http://yahoo.com CHILLZ

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  • http://yahoo Anthony always right

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  • apollo01

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  • Ethan Pulaski

    I live in a large city, and deal with troubled youth for a living. Most of my clients are on drugs and I have a few who have tried to kill their own parents. And guess what folks, my teens are all White from the upper echelon of society. Black, brown and white these kids are all hurting. No matter if its Chicago or Boston, our disdain for the opposite race is not healing our children. I didn’t vote for President Obama but damn everything is not his fault. It’s always hate on these blogs, grow the hell up.

  • Teresa

    It’s Chicago. Is anyone really surprised about this story, people?

  • http://yahoo.com CHILLZ

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  • BigFED

    Another normal day in Paradise! At least THIS time they are stating the truth that these shootings are gang and/or drug related and NOT just everyday citizens on a rampage with illegal firearms!!!

  • celtglen

    Does anyone understand what a GUN CULUTRE IS?

    Why aren’t children taught to RESOLVE problems instead of rubbing them out like outlaws in the MOVIES?

  • http://yahoo.com CHILLZ

    lets not comment on the Congresswoman being shot or all the mass killings in schools around the country. Gun violence is everyones problem and happens to everyone everywhere. And its mostly done with handguns!! So stop blaiming Obama for everything negative. Why no one blame him when a 15 white kids picks up a handgun go to school and kills all his classmate? Hmmmmmm Major media is in large cities where Blacks and Hispanics have large populations and are poor steming from discrimination that goes back to the 50’s and 60’s Same as with welfare which the majority are white hell Farm aid is wellfare. if you know your history of how the railroads came to be that was a VERY big welfare check. If there were no guns on the street how could Americans shoot each other?

  • Name

    War on terrorism? Please, you have a better chance of being killed by a gang member than you do a terrorist.

    Not joking at all when I say that.

    I don’t think this is a racist issue at all. Gangs are ultra-violent. Black gangs are the absolute worst. They just don’t think like normal people. If you think I am being racist, go and spend time with them. See how your life goes then.

    Again, I am not talking about the average black citizens. Heck, half my friends are blacks and they can’t stand the gangs.

  • David

    i see that all there great gun control laws are working so well