Chewbacca: "Star Wars" Actor Kind Of Loved Leia

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Chewbacca has one of the most recognizable faces in the history of film; as the giant, furry, lovable Wookiee who always had Han Solo's back, the character is one of the most beloved figures in film history. When the actor who portrayed him--Peter Mayhew--started tweeting out old photos from the set of the original films, "Star Wars" fans everywhere were treated to images from behind the scenes...including a whole lot of Princess Leia.

Most male fans of the movies harbor a crush on Leia, and it's clear that Mayhew wasn't immune to her charms as they joked around on set and had a lot of touchy-feely playtime.

Mayhew made headlines last summer when he was stopped at the airport on his way home from a comic con because of his cane, which is designed to look like a lightsaber.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Amanda Crum
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