Chevy Cruze Recall: Nearly Half a Million Cars are Affected

    June 25, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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The Chevy Cruze recall affects more than half-a-million cars manufactured at General Motors’ Lordstown, Ohio plant between 2010 and this past May. According to Forbes, nearly 30 engine fires have been reported, all of which stem from automobiles built in Lordstown. No injuries have been reported as a result of these issues.

The recall covers 413,418 cars sold in the United States, with another estimated 60,000 coming out of Canada. Instructions are being sent out of owners presently, and should arrive in mailboxes around July 11. Additionally, GM has issued a recall for another 53,000 Chevy Cruzes, one that concerns missing welds on gas tanks. Considering that the company is hoping the Cruze will help them establish dominance in the small car market, this recall couldn’t have reared its ugly head at a more inopportune moment.

In order to correct the fiery engine problem, an adjusted to the engine shield must be made in order to prevent any combustable liquids from becoming trapped in the compartment. If you’re curious to see what a burning Chevy Cruze looks like, take a peek at the video embedded below. The clip comes courtesy of Jalopnik.com.

Presently, it’s thought that cars manufactured outside of North America are safe and sound.

  • G

    Firefighters took a long time to get set. Their lucky the battery didn’t go off

  • Britany

    They sure took a long time to actually put the fire out. What was up with that?

  • Brad Clark

    We have a jack and spare tire in the trunk of our cars. Why is a fire extinguisher not part of the package? We’re carrying several gallons of gasoline, a highly explosive liquid, but NO fire extinguisher? How many automotive manufactures offer one as an option? If there had been a high capacity HALON extinguisher in the trunk, the fire could have been extinguished, with NO water damage. Now the brand new Cruze is probably totaled because of water damage. Bummer.

  • dale kotten

    I totally agree about the firemen. The fire looked to be out before they did anything. They seemed slow and unprepared

  • http://webpronews.com Michael

    Another QUALITY GM product!

  • http://webpronews.com Bernedette

    And to think that I almost bought the 2012 cruze in May. Thank God I bought a 2012 Malibu instead.