Chevy Camaro ZL1 Wrecked By Dealership Employee- How Mad Would You Be?

    January 10, 2014
    Ellisha Rader Mannering
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How mad would you be if an employee at a car dealership took your beloved Chevy Camaro ZL1 on a joyride without your knowledge and totaled it? That is exactly what happened to Camaro enthusiast John Hooper’s car and the dealership is refusing to pay him the full value of the vehicle.

Hooper took his car to First State Chevy in Georgetown, Delaware to have some paint problems fixed while it was still under warranty. While the car was at the dealership, an employee took the keys and took the car for a joyride. The dealership was closed at the time and no other employees were there.

The employee crashed the car into a telephone pole and Hooper was notified by the dealership the next day. The car was declared a total loss and the dealership has agreed to replace Hooper’s car with another Camaro of the same year.

According to Hooper, the replacements he has been offered are not worth as much as his Camaro and he is tired of getting the run around from the dealership.

“We’re losing sleep over this, time off from work, and this still isn’t resolved,” Hooper said. “This is so ethically and morally wrong it isn’t funny.”

Hooper also explained that he is still making payments on the car while it is in a salvage yard in pieces. The dealership has given Hooper a loaner vehicle and fired and pressed charges against the employee who totaled the car. Hooper and the dealership are still trying to come to an agreement on the value of the car.

Do you think the dealership is trying to cheat Hooper or is he just being unrealistic about the Camaro’s value?

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  • usiron

    This is not any old Camaro, this is “TOP OF THE LINE ZL-1” If this had happened to our 2010 2SS / RS we would have lawyered up and taken them to court by now. With only 10,000 miles they should have just given him a new car just to avoid the negitive publicity. How many sales have they lost so far?

    • AJ Foyt

      Why don’t you just get the name of their casualty or errors and omissions carrier and make a claim. This dealership will jack you around forever with offers of replacement cars you’ll never be satisfied with. They’re just trying to avoid having to turn it in themselves and probably incur an increase in their rates.

  • BJ Maddox

    “Paint problems fixed while it was still under warranty.”
    The costs consumers pay for some cars, there should Not be a problem. Not knowing a lot about this car’s worth
    The dealership should pay the Blue Book Value of the car.
    At least replace the car, minus wear and tear.
    Guessing the guy should feel lucky they are giving him a rental?
    Sounds to me like he opts out to go to court, it will be forever
    before this is settled. He should Not have to keep making payment.

  • tim

    dealer should pay for new car what ajoke

  • Franklin

    This is why I would never even want a high performance car. When skumbag mechanics are choosing a car to joy ride and abuse I’ll bet they don’t pick my ’99 Corolla!

  • Dmp7

    I would be sickened if this was my beloved my vehicle. The dealship needs to make this right and go above and beyond to please this man. The owner did not totally the car, a douchbag did, that was employed by the dealship. This is awful, people work hard for their belonging to hard to have them worn away in the blink of an eye. So unfair!!

  • mike

    I work at a local shop, its family owned and were a smaller operation. Its like a family there. #1 rule is YOU DO NOT BEAT ON A CUSTOMERS VEHICLE if your spotted, called in what ever your done, gone and responsible for any damage. I know even being a small shop if something gets damaged and its our fault, we (the shop) covers how ever the vehicle owner seems fair. This just blows me away that a big dealership (who their car was in their possession at the time) is trying to screw this poor couple around. I hope this goes to court and I hope this couple gets everything they want outta that dealership. This needs to be made more aware. Vehicle was damaged by an employee well in the care of the dealership the dealership is 100% responsible.

  • http://bing Emit

    As a auto tech. the dealer should be held totally responsible for not
    safe guarding customers vehicle. also customer should get a new car of the same. The dealership was negligent, they should have full inventory of customer keys at the end of the day and be kept in a safe, where nobody can get access to. After all of this dealer, should make good, because dealership is not hurting they make money in every way they can, with no moral compass to say what the vehicle is worth x amount should not be an issue. This a person that entrusted this dealership with his or hers pride and joy to have it a total loss
    this not right.