Cheryl Burke Ok With Her Healthy Curves

    July 19, 2014
    Lacy Langley
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Cheryl Burke has struggled with her weight for years while appearing on Dancing With the Stars. It seemed to her like she could never get it right for everyone who was criticizing her.

“Five years ago, I got criticized by the press, like Howard Stern, about being too fat. But it’s another thing when your fans say to you, ‘Oh my god, you look like you’re dying,’ ” Cheryl Burke said.

The criticism by Stern that she speaks of went like this,

“Some of the dancers are fat,” said Stern of Cheryl Burke and another woman on the show. “There’s two dancers on there that are overweight…They must go home and eat a truckload of food…There’s one young girl, blonde-haired girl—she’s BIG. It’s Chaz’s dancing partner [Lacey Schwimmer]….I don’t understand how someone who does that much physical exercise could gain that much weight. And then, the Cheryl girl…She’s thick.”

Of course, Howard Stern has a long, long history of taking it on himself to label regular-sized celebrities as “fat”. Cheryl Burke is in good company with the likes of Kelly Clarkson, Christina Aguilera, and even Rihanna.


Howard Stern insults people all day long, but it really hurt Cheryl Burke when criticism came from fans of the show.

“When you change your lifestyle, your body changes. I’m completely healthy. My curves are never going to go away. Have I lost weight? Absolutely. But not in an unhealthy way. I want everyone to know that. I love my fans. But words are hurtful, especially coming from people you think always have your back.”

Cheryl Burke looks great at a healthy, normal size. How does she do it? Nothing special, just eating right and getting plenty of exercise.

“I’m taking care of my body. Eighty percent of it is what you eat and what you consume. It’s all about portion control. I’m not on a diet. I’m not on Atkins or anything. It’s just the fact that I’m eating right.”

Congrats to Cheryl Burke for overcoming harsh criticism and finding the strength to accept herself as she is!

Image via Instagram

  • faye

    I watched the first season that Cheryl was on – I loved that she wasn’t skin and bones and her short, sassy haircut! All the other girls had the long hair – mostly blondes. Also thought L acey Schwimmer was great!

  • Diane Cherechinsky

    Love Cheryl.Just please yourself,You will never be able to please everyone.As long as your happy with your body that’s all that matters, You look fantastic!

  • Ay.

    It is not the first webpage I see about Cheryl today. I don’t know a lot about her.

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  • Sarah

    Slim or thick, Cheryl Burke, you are beautiful and oh so talented. You can’t please everyone (and you shouldn’t even try), so do what pleases you. Look forward to seeing you dance on the next season.

  • Johan Strauss

    oh blah blah blah blaaaah…waaa…ima thick chick….get a f*cking grip.

  • George Hirst

    I have always enjoyed the boned beauty.

  • Sherri

    “Eighty percent of it is what you eat and what you consume. It’s all about portion control.” Yet another celebrity acting as an expert on something they shouldn’t. It’s not always about what you eat, or even about how much you exercise, It may work for some people, but not for everyone. If it was that easy, we wouldn’t have the problems we now have with the “obesity” epidemic.

  • PJ

    Cheryl, YOU do what pleases you, be healthy and happy, the rest can go to hell. It’s your life.

  • Aleta Goree

    Howard Stern is insane !! Who died and made him the supreme judge of what is attractive for women?

    If she is FAT then women like Sophia Loren and Marilyn Monroe mus have been pigs !! she looks great !!!

  • GrenadeCatcher

    id pop that pussy

  • jd

    Cheryl is hot!
    Howard Stern is not an expert on anything but crude and rude.. He has become everything he once opposed. If he doesn’t like what he sees he should look at his reflection. He looks like he could be the child of Big Bird and Olive Oil.
    If Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder Howard needs glasses. I will consent that he could be an expert on ugly. Both physically and mentally.
    Cheryl you are a beautiful and talented woman! These are 2 qualities that are so far out of Mr. Sterns reach, he can only try to intimidate those who have them, in hopes of redefining the meaning of these word. He’s jealous. He will never have all the qualities you have.