Cher, Jackie Chan, Justin Bieber, And Jim Carrey: All Not Dead!

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Just in case anyone is truly concerned that Cher was, "found dead in Malibu home”, she was not. Apparently she is just one in a long list of victims who have fallen prey to a fake deaths on Twitter.

This particular rumor got started by a self proclaimed “Rihanna look-a-like” with the handle, "@Lorraine_Star". She reportedly set it up to have it come across as, “RT @CNN: American recording artist Cher dies at 65 years old. Found dead in Malibu home.” Which led people to believe it was a Tweet from an official CNN account.

The list of stars who have been killed off in hoax's in 2011 includes Jackie Chan, Justin Bieber, Will Smith, and Jim Carrey.

Best answer for "Is Cher dead" on Yahoo answers in UK and Ireland:

"The amount of plastic surgery that she has had actually prevents her from dying. I think that she is probably about 200 years old, her insides are rotted, but her outside still looks picture perfect."

So don't get upset if you find out that you yourself have died on Twitter, check another source, it may not even be true.