Chelsea Clinton Apartment Cost a Reported $10.5 Million

    March 14, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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Spending her formative years growing up living in the White House seems to have worked out for Chelsea Clinton. The daughter of former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State (and presumptive 2016 presidential candidate) Hillary Clinton has just purchased a posh apartment in Manhattan.

The New York Post is reporting that the 33-year-old and her husband have purchased an apartment right across from Madison Square Park. The 5,000 square foot living space cost a reported $10.5 million. The apartment reportedly has four bedrooms and six and a half bathrooms.

Both Bill and Hillary were spotted touring the apartment building last week. An unnamed source cited by the post stated that Chelsea and her husband found their new home “while out walking”.

Chelsea Clinton attended Stanford University during her father’s final term, before attending graduate school at Oxford in England. After graduating, she move to New York City, where she has worked for consulting and investment companies. In 2010 Clinton married Marc Mezvinsky, the son of a former congressman and a former congresswoman. Mezvinsky is an investment banker who has worked for Goldman Sachs and 3G Capital Management.

  • Barbara Jane

    What do I think?? Honestly? Here is what I think: I think that this woman is a surly, nasty, boring, homely, albeit very intelligent individual, who suddenly needed some kind of legit job following 14 degrees. (Has she done the doctorate yet? Didn’t think so…that’s only,, what, 15 years in school?) Moreover, this is someone who LOATHED the media her entire life, gave the finger, dissed them at all costs, despised them for referring to her, er, ravishing looks. BOOM! She suddenly decided, out of the blue, she wanted to BE one of them, JUST LIKE THAT, and daddy made a phone call. I have watched all of her so-called reports and basically, most were laughable. For one thing NOBODY is less suited for television work, her voice alone is so grating, low and raspy one can barely listen, and I kid you not! Further, she has ZERRRRROOOOOO charmisma, personality or charm, the Washington Post called it when she was deemed, “most boring person OF HER GENERATION”. I have yet to see her in the spotlight where she does not appear like a DEER caught in the headlights, not to mention, is standing pigeon toed with a gummy smile plastered on. She was fortunate enough to have her face remade several times over, and is still not worthy of one who ought to be on a national, even local, network. If her name was Chelsea Jones, does anyone truly believe she’d be worhty of a single view? NO. In her first two “reporting” stints, she let her subjects run the interviews and deferred to them with “yes, ma’am” and “oh dear”. SOOOO Professional! What annoys me most is what I referred to, that she had a horrendous attitude towards the mass media, and in fact, to most people. (trust me, I know a few who went to university with this gal.) While I am Canadian, therefore, am politically ambivalent vis a vis the US, I cannot help but compare her to Jenna Bush Hager. The latter is far more comfy and natural on camera, warm, bubbly, seemingly unaffected. There is simply NO comparison, not to mention, Jenna’s looks are shall we say, more aproppos?????? Ms Mezvinsky has suddenly thrust herself EVERYWHERE, like a cannon ball landing, BOOM! She is here, she is there! Vogue? WHAT ON EARTH FOR??? NBC? Are you kidding? Daily News? CNN? Chair of this? Mediator of that? What on earth for?? She even has her own staff and chief of staff! Say whhhatttt???? To sum up, here is another example of political nepotism at its best, and anyone with half a brain shall realize the ambition: this gal has BIG plans either politically(despite what she says to the contrary) or to just take over the Clinton Foundation and carry on in high profile roles “just beacause”. Quite frankly, I wish NBC would hand her walking papers as they should have done the second day, and let her hide in a resarch lab and teach classes at Columbia…oh, just forgot, there is NO Ph.D. yet…sigh…..seldom have I seen a P.R. monstrosity that is more dull and less likeable than the 20 page academic journal I just competed……….

    • steve

      Barbara take a valium,chill!

  • Sean

    Two words: Who cares


    Sheesh Barbara Jean….tell us how you really feel….

  • steve

    Maybe we can party!

  • Avery

    I think that Barbara Jane is one of those { haters that turn people into motivators }.

  • SamuelChakravorty

    The woman who dissed Chelsey Clinton is correct. I’ve seen her on tv and boy, is she terrible. She is not pretty for tv, and she can’t speak at all and she looks very awkward and uncomfortable so that the cameras sometimes don’t even focus her. I dno’t think this lady would even receive a job in a small town on tv, she pushed herself where she has no talent or education just using her parents’ money and power. I think that people with the talent, good looks and charm to work on tv, who went to journalism school blow Chelsey away, and she has no business taking a job away from one of them. From what I read, she only worked for her dad’s hedgefund for a few months, other than that she’s done nothing but get new noses and chins and stay in school.