Chef Killed Over Meal of Fried Noodles

By: Sean Patterson - May 16, 2013

It’s never a good idea for a chef to argue or fight with customers. This is especially true if those customers are capable of beating someone to death.

According to an Australian Associated Press (AAP) report, Japanese chef Miki Nozawa died on Monday after a fight with two “disgruntled” customers. The incident took place on the German island of Sylt, and the argument was reportedly about the quality of a fried noodle dish. The customer did not like dish, and left the restaurant without paying. The AAP report states that Nozawa ran into the two customers later that same day at a “table-dance bar,” where the fight broke out.

The 57-year-old Nozawa was taken to a nearby hospital with brain trauma and internal injuries, but died while in intensive care. The specific cause of death is not yet known, though a German prosecutor has stated an autopsy is being performed.

The customers suspected in Nozawa’s death had not yet been found by authorities as of Wednesday.

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  • Alfonso Rodriguez

    A chef should never leave the cooking area, let alone argue with customers!!

    • Donna

      Never, ever? If you read the article you would know he ran into them later in the day some where else!

    • slm

      According to the AAP the chef saw the customers later on that day at a bar not the restaurant where he cooked.

    • Rookie’48

      Pay attention! The chef ran into the customers later at a bar, this did not happen at the resturant.

  • will

    wow…joking aside, it’s quite shocking to see a European behaving in a manner more fitting of Visigoth or Vandals of the dark ages of European History.

    • turd poop

      Your dumb post is what’s shocking. Wasn’t it Germany where the Holocaust occurred? Is that not in Europe and wasn’t in the lifetime of some of our older citizens.

  • harperbjr

    Talking about a meal to die for, I hope the juice was worth the squeeze.Maybe he thought the noodles where so good it would make you slap your customer.

    • carolyn

      remember this man was someones child son father brother etc. it is not funny that 2 idiots killed him they did not pay for the noodles they could have told the waiter the noodles didnt taste good noodles would have been taken off check but this is what 2 cowards do

      • http://Webpronews JIm

        the article stated that the customers left without paying and the chef ran into them later that day. It sounds like he confronted them AGAIN. If the food sucks, don’t take it personal, just take it off the bill and move on.

    • carolyn

      stop being stupid

  • Paddy

    I think if chef’s thought that they could be killed if their food wasn’t good enough,they would cook better food…God knows I’ve sent back a lot of meals over the years and I’m so not picky…

    • http://yahoo Brad

      You’re more than picky, you’re pathetic! Taste in food is 90% individual; what one hates another may love. Sending a lot of meals is NOT the chef’s fault in your case!

    • john friedman

      I am a chef and I know good food. But when McDonalds is still #1 what does that say about the opinions of most people.McStupid,the world is full losers. How about we kill everyone who cooks a meal that some jack-ass does not like,brillant.Opinions are like a**holes please keep them to yourself since there is not any intelligent life in your brain.

      • lee

        The reason why McD is so popular is because it caters to the vast majority with cheap , fast food. That`s all.

    • carolyn

      have u always been a jackass or is it only today

    • john

      you are `an idiot

    • Bill Larson

      My wife and I eat out most of the time. However, I like to cook about one to two times a week. I am told I’m pretty good at it. I can only remember complaining about a few meals in restaurants and they were always sorry and provided compensation. People, and this is not an accusation, sometimes get very up-set and even nasty, if not totally satisfied. Sometimes they select the wrong meal and then don’t like it.

      Why a chef was killed because some a-holes didn’t like the noddles is beyond me. The jerks were most likely drunk and the chef was probably provoking trouble.

      I’m cooking tonight. The meal is Pad Thai, pork and rice noodles. It will be good, especilly the noodles.

      • Corn Brain

        Nobody cares about you and your stupid wife. A man died. And you come in here talking about yourself, bragging that you’re married and that you are good at cooking. I hope you and your wife get food poisoning.

  • Steve Ramsey

    This changes the meaning of the expression, “I’m dying to get this recipe.”

  • Phill

    Germany is still one of the most racially divided countries. They wouldn’t kill a german chef over a meal.

    • gary


  • Donna

    I bet there was a fly in his soup ~ HATE when that happens!

    • CC

      Why Donna? It isn’t as if they eat much….;) CHEERS, CC

  • Mary

    OK so this trumps the crazy chef couple in Scottsdale , AZ, USA

  • gary

    I guess he will never be on “Top Chef”

  • greenman

    You can’t kill tradition and a chiefs care for his work

    • Corn Brain

      He was a chef, not a chief. He’s not a Native American.

  • Jay

    Sean Patterson another hack who should also be wondering why anyone allows his commentary such as this to be placed on the internet. He clearly lays the blame on the chef so here’s another one that continues to help lower the bar on conduct for society. Eventually, I suspect Mr. Patterson will write about how someone should have never met the eyes of the person they killed because they set them off. A better person than Mr. Patterson which would not be hard to find would have commented that Society should never put up with someone who will bring such harm over a pile of noodles to another. My apologies if it turns out this is merely a journalist nod at allowing teenagers to write an article as it remains a possibility for Patterson he is still mentally growing from the teens.


    Two against one. That chef outta’ noodle!

    • carolyn

      are u really that stupid


      Chef get tossed through air, soon to have hairy crack-up. KWAAAHHHHH!

  • Emma

    Did you guys ever see the yahoo news thingy about some chef putting cicadas in his food and on his menu!!!! GROSSSSS!!!!!!!!!

  • tr

    whats a chef doing in a table dance bar does he wash is hands when leaving the rest room

  • http://na Shirley Early

    john & carolyn
    u said a mouth full.
    people don,t value life like they used to.

  • bill

    I think they are guilty of 2st degree murder

    • Corn Brain

      I think 1.5 degree murder.

  • outcast100%


  • outcast100%

    This is awful

  • ryan

    i just love how when reading comments over the internet i notice people seem to be more comfortable hiding behind their screens just to say negative and insulting things to eachother rather than if they were all in the same room talking face to face… cowards .. all of you .. grow up and show some respect

  • tvd

    what the heck? he is japanese not a jew! stupid nazis!!!!

  • JJ

    They can complain with the chef all they want about the quality of the food. But they didn’t have to kill him. The lack of sympathy in here towards an old man who got murdered simply because his food did not live up to someone else’s expectations is shocking. I don’t care how bad the food was, you don’t have to kill the one who cooked it for you, nobody had to die over it. What a senseless, shocking thing to do, especially to a physically weak old man nearing 60. To the old man, I don’t know who you are, but I hope your murderers be found and you get justice. May your soul rest in peace.

  • Vengence

    Those diners were wrong. They should be caged like animals and fed Monkey shit for the rest of their lives.

  • Francisco

    Germany has an island? where, in the Pacific?

  • walther sobjak

    fucking nazis, nothing changes

  • jik

    Looks like the evil murderous NAZI spirit still lives and lurks in the darkness.

  • http://duh angry

    Let all chefs rise up today. USE YOUR WORDS OR WE WILL USE OUR KNIVES PUNK

  • prerog

    This crime is awful and the perpertrators should be given the death penalty. They deprived a lady of her husband. children of their father and grandfather. I have heard of how insensitive, racist, and hateful the Danes are but this incident really requires action by Interpol. My condolences to the lady whose husband is gone.

  • Funkstylz

    The surprising thing is that the chef didn’t kill himself for dishonoring his ancestors.

  • FastBeam

    Except for the person who IS a chef and the husband that cooks, you all should stop and think for a moment about what you are saying. A moderate amount of respect should be given to the man who died for no logical reason at all. My nephew wants to become a chef and I am willing to make sure that he and ALL professional chefs do not have to take this sort of cruelty. I would ask Congress to make it a felony for anyone physically assaulting a chef. Those guys just did not want to pay for their food…moochers…slackers…bullies!

  • Daniel Tyler

    The article was lackluster but the comments shine. “you are an idiot””are u realy that stupid?””have you always been a jackass”. Hey! What ever happened to the phrase “I know you are but what am I?”?
    The intellect here, thank you all for chiming in.
    And in response to all the anticipated snarky replies too this post: “I am made of rubber, and you are made of glue, everything you say bounces off of me and sticks onto you”.

    • Corn Brain

      You are sick. I am reporting you.

  • Corn Brain

    Asians shouldn’t be cooking anything except Chinese food. He got what he deserved.

    • Kris

      Dumb cracka
      He was cooking asian noodles

  • Laurel

    The only thing I want to say is who knows what happened when they met up in the bar that resulted in the chef getting killed? But corn brain you should never wish something so terrible on another person because sometimes it has a way of turning around and biting the person who said it. Be careful what you say Because “What Goes Around, Comes Around” and you might just get that back where you don’t want it. Someone I knew years ago did that and it ended up coming back to one of their loved ones. Needless to say that person died in a tragic car accident that was wished on another.