Cheerleader To Shave Head In Support Of Pagano

By: Amanda Crum - November 13, 2012

The Indianapolis Colts were dealt a heavy blow recently when they found out their beloved coach, Chuck Pagano, had been diagnosed with leukemia. To show their love and support, the entire team shaved their heads, and now a challenge has been thrown down–and accepted–to the cheerleaders of the team.

Megan M. says she won’t hesitate to shave her long locks if the team can garner $10,000 in donations for leukemia research via the link on their website, a challenge which was originally given by the team’s mascot, Blue.

“Blue challenged any of us cheerleaders,” Megan said. “If he would raise $10,000 for cancer research, he asked if any of us would shave our head at the next game.” The reason she accepted, she said, was “Because of myself having friends who’ve been affected by cancer. And family members and my volunteer work, it was just something I absolutely wanted to do.”

All donations will go to fund leukemia research at the IU Health Simon Cancer Center in Indianapolis.


Amanda Crum

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  • John Olson

    Ok so I don’t want her to shave her head. Could we do a $20,000 challege to save her hair?

  • Eva

    I will donate to keep her from shaving her head

  • Ronald Hillstrand

    I’d donate to see her actually do it. My father passed of leukemia in 2007. I think its an awesome support system for the coach.

  • Oliver Kloseoff

    What a great girl.

  • soup nuts

    Maybe she should shave the other “end”.

  • william teater

    I think she should shave her head because it a great cause,after all its just hair!

  • Steve Botts

    I was absolutely struck dumb yesterday when the hair cutting began! Both girls are drop dead gorgeous and for them both to be that dedicated to the cause, says a lot about them both as people. I truly believe, that this football season for the Colts, because of all the “whole team” dedication, will end up being something really, really special for everyone connected directly with the team or just simply by being an enthusiastic fan. GO COLTS!!!!!!!

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