Check Out This Plane Google Caught On Google Maps

    August 24, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Google shared a photo on Google+ of a plane it caught in mid-flight on Google Maps:

Google Maps

With the amount of imagery made available in Google Maps, it's no surprise that we come across some pretty cool stuff. Check out this plane caught in mid-flight: http://goo.gl/maps/qBOq8

Have you ever come across something cool, interesting or unexpected in Google Maps?

Here’s a bigger look:

Plane in mid-flight

Here’s a zoomed out version:

Plane on Google Maps

Pretty cool indeed, but I’m kind of surprised this doesn’t happen more often.

The picture is from Australia, near Adelaide.

  • http://www.woozzlegames.com Arthur HIllary

    Google maps is great, capturing the image of an airplane in midflight? It is just awesome.

  • http://www.casinogambler.co.za Casino Gambler

    Perfect timing… Also a good advert for Virgin Airline!

  • Wiley

    I looked on my Google Earth, latest version. The plane is “NOT” there. If you look for a shadow of the plane on the ground anywhere…there is none to be found. The plane is super-imposed on the Google Earth map. If you zoom out…there is no sign of the plane. It’s “FAKE”. Google…How did you let this slip by you? Saw this on Stumbleupon.

  • http://www.javascriptsandmore.com Shawn Lippert

    The shadow of the buildings and tree’s is pointing south or towards the bottom of the picture, the plane being high enough in the air its shadow is beyond this picture.
    Looks real enough for me but I’m no expert!

  • Travis

    Ive flown into adelaide and it gets scary the closer you get to the airport, the houses go right to the fence.

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    This news is not really doubtful !

  • http://Www.heroncabinets.com Trophy cabinets

    Amazing pictures. It’s also amazing how clear they are.

  • https://canadaseopro.ca Todd

    Google should come out with an annual advertising opps out of this.

  • http://www.internetdreamz.com Guppu Boss

    I never seen red plane btw timing is great

  • myop

    Yes, it is amazing, but think about the pros and cons of Google Maps. No one can go outside and sit in their backyard without being spied on, even with a privacy fence. You’d have to have some kind of roof over you. Something to think about people.

  • http://nexxterra.com Paul

    I heard that there was someone that was looking for an address in the area and drove around lost for hours because he couldn’t find the plane!

  • http://www.desi-date.com/ DD

    The image could have been updated and the plane not in it.

  • Matt

    In reply to Wiley.

    1. Google earth uses satellite imagery, where as Google maps makes use of aerial photography, you can tell the difference by looking at the angle of the view when zoomed in on Google maps. These pictures are not taken at the same time, probably not even the same year, so the plane would not appear in the satellite images.
    2. the plane is on it’s approach to landing, but still around 3-4 miles out, it’s still going to be fairly high, so the shadow could be a long way away, maybe even in an area covered by photos taken on the next fly past of the camera plane.
    3. go and Google ‘planes in flight on Google earth’, there are many others captured, I believe there was a WW2 bomber captured in flight over the UK at one point.

    Not everything in this world is fake, except maybe everything the government tells you!

  • http://oahuhome.net Oahu Handyman

    wow great ideas for spamming about Google .. lols what a joke bro ….

  • luke

    Alright.. just stumbleupon’d this… and its flyhing over the top of my house. no fucking joke. this is awesome as!

  • Carlos

    Google maps also caught a plane flying across the Potomac River at low altitude. It’s at 38°57’56.61″ N 77°08’53.50″ W…just south of Glen Echo and north of CIA headquarters… Map imagery is dated 8/28/10. If you zoom in, you can see the plane has a blurry tail/wings due to its velocity, and you can tell it is probably heading for a landing at Reagan National. This makes me think the Virgin plane in this photo is a fake; it’s too crystal clear – it should have the same blur as the plane crossing the Potomac. Both planes were probably traveling at same speed… also, I didn’t see any shadow on the ground cast by the plane…

  • Abdullah S. Eyles

    Just spotted one in the capital of Turkey, Ankara. Looks like it’s about to hit the Prime Minister’s offices, 9/11 style (God forbid!)

    Here’s the link: https://maps.google.com/?ll=39.918015,32.852318&spn=0.00237,0.00221&t=h&z=18