Check Out This Heart Attack-Inducing Anti-Drunk Driving Ad

    June 7, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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A terrifying new anti-drunk driving ad from Leo Burnett Worldwide is turning heads. The ad features “unsuspecting” men grooming themselves in a public bathroom, only to be greeted by a face crashing through the mirror – complete with blood and all.

The ad is part of U.K. Department of Transportation’s THINK! campaign against drunk driving, which will also put out radio ads, posters inside bars and pubs.

Check it out:

“Drink driving is a menace and drivers should be clear that if you get behind the wheel over the limit this summer, you will lose your licence, get a criminal record, and face a fine – you could even end up in jail. Nobody wants to spend their summer in a prison cell so whether you are drinking in the pub or at a friend’s barbeque, make sure you do not drink and drive – it could have devastating consequences for you and for others,” says Road Safety Minister Stephen Hammond.

That stern message, coupled with this absolutely heart attack-inducing advert is sure to make people think twice about getting behind the wheel after a few too many.

  • Name

    Why is it always the guys who are singled out. Alcoholism is rising very fast among women. Alcoholism is more prevalent among women than it is among men on college campuses.

    I don’t think these advertisements are very effective anyhow. Most drunk people are not rational enough to think about what they are doing because well, they are drunk. Really the smart thing would be to lower the drinking age and not make drinking so taboo. Countries were this is the case have far less cases of drunk driving.

  • halim

    well, it’s 2.30 am in the morning, and I am about to go ready to sleep before one last stumble and watching the ad gives me shock..

  • Luke

    Dear ‘Name’

    Thanks for your US statistics and talking about US law on an article about a UK campaign. Moron.