Check Out This Gameplay Trailer For Pokemon X And Y

By: Zach Walton - May 14, 2013

After years of derivative sequels, GameFreak and Nintendo are finally ready to take Pokemon into some new territory with Pokemon X And Y. Nintendo has already revealed a few details about the new title, but a new gameplay trailer reveals much more.

Besides the 3D visuals, the game will be bringing a number of new features to the long-running series. The biggest addition are the cinematic 3D battles that are reminiscent of Pokemon Stadium on the Nintendo 64. The title will also apparently let trainers ride larger Pokemon. Whether this means that Pokemon will finally be as large as their Pokedex entries state remains to be seen.

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y will be available exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS in October.

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  • Malik

    Dude I am a huge pokemon fan and I can’t wait for this game to come out soon in the U.S =D