Check Out Krieg The Psycho From Borderlands 2 In Action

By: Zach Walton - May 13, 2013

At PAX East, Gearbox revealed that Borderlands 2 would be getting a new playable character called Krieg the Psycho. He was described as a melee heavy class that isn’t afraid to get a little hurt. The new character pack is now almost upon us, and Gearbox has released a lengthy trailer detailing Krieg’s skill trees.

Unlike the other classes in Borderlands 2, Krieg is a high risk/high reward character. His skills are all about putting yourself in the line of fire in return for big damage. Some players are obviously going to love it while others may not want to take the risk. That’s the beauty of Borderlands 2 though – there’s a class for every play style.

The Psycho Pack will be available on Tuesday, May 14, for $9.99.

Zach Walton

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  • Dane White

    I am looking foreward to the release of Krieg, super stoked.

  • Zachary Reina

    what time is krieg being released and where do i buy him from for the xbox 360 version?????

    • stuntlyd4

      he’s already out on the XBOX live store. It happened around 12:00 today.
      No probs for the reply 😉

  • Miguel Calhoun

    I can’t wait either, it’s 3:56PM here in Japan and I’m still waiting.

  • borderlandsRocks

    What time is krieg coming out in south korea plz respond!

    • Miguel Calhoun

      Still no krieg for me either so I guess it will be late at night for us :'(

  • stuntlyd4

    Wish the EU PSN store would update on Tue instead of Wed, Annoying :(
    Been saving the £8 since the announcement of the new class.

  • Wyatt Roberts

    Any idea when Krieg will be released on PSN?