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  • Joshua

    I couldn’t get through the first paragraph without having to point out an atrocious error.

    The Hornets didn’t suddenly decide to change their name to the Bobcats because they just thought it was a neat idea. The Hornets were ripped from Charlotte and moved to New Orleans by one of the more scummy owners in American sports history, who tarnished his own reputation in Charlotte, and by extension that of the team he ran, with a sexual assault scandal that made national headlines. He himself admits he was partially motivated to move the team simply because of the personal embarrassment he suffered in North Carolina.

    Even after the move, he subsequently lost the financial ability to run the team anyway and, following an unsuccessfully attempt to move the team yet again to Oklahoma City in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, forced the NBA to take over and actually run the franchise itself for a time until new, local owners in New Orleans could be secured.

    In the meantime, the NBA recognized the scandalous nature of the move from Charlotte and didn’t want to lose the Carolina market that had proven to be loyal and profitable prior to Shinn’s sex scandal. So they granted Charlotte an expansion team with the Bobcats. The team has never been very good in its 10 year history, having only made the playoffs once and struggling with attendance issues since its inception.

    When the New Orleans Hornets new owners decided to change their team’s name to the Pelicans to bring about a more local flavor to their mascot, it opened the door for the Bobcats to become the Hornets, allowing the city of Charlotte to reclaim what had been taken from them and finally, fully erase the more than decade long embarrassment that started because of the immoral, destructive decisions of a sadly powerful man.

  • Jay-v

    The Hornets are back…Yes! Now bring us some players that we know and that will fill the arena. Its time to spend some money on some people that will make us known again. $$$$ losen up on it Jordan…your too stingy…it takes money to make money!

  • James

    Glad the name is back in Charlotte where it belongs. But changing the logo up really wasn’t necessary. The Original Hornets Logo was one of the BEST. Was one of the top sellers in merchandise the whole time they were in Charlotte. Even after the Hornets left Charlotte. Charlotte Hornets gear was the top seller in NBA Retro merchandise. This is just Jordan putting his stamp on it by changing it up. Original Hornets logo looks better.

  • markjanyson

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