Charlize Theron Snuggles up to Beau Sean Penn

    March 2, 2014
    Pam Wright
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Charlize Theron and Sean Penn seem really happy these days.

Theron, 38, snuggled up to boyfriend Penn, 58, at a pre-Oscars bash hosted by Pharrell Williams at Eveleigh in Los Angeles on Feb. 27.

During the party the cute couple held hands, cuddled at their table, danced and Penn even kissed Theron’s neck.

“Watching Charlize and Sean get down! Both so hot,” an attendee of the event told Us Weekly. “Charlize and Sean are so gorgeous together, a natural couple.”

The is the second public appearance the couple has made together since Theron joined Penn to support his 3rd Annual Help Haiti Home Gala in Beverly Hills.

News of the budding romance first hit headlines at the start of the year as the two were spotted ringing in the new year in Hawaii.

“They seemed happy to be spending some time together, very comfortable,” an onlooker said of the two. “They were both pretty relaxed and dressed down.”

The two have gotten really serious really quickly. They moved in together in February and their love just seems to be growing as the days accumulate. Sean seems to be very happy not only becoming a couple with his beauty, but also becoming a family with Theron and her 2-year-old son Jackson.

Since then the two have been spotted doing everyday normal things. Some really cute photos have emerged of the long-time friends over the course of the past two months since their friendship turned to romance.

In January, Sean replied to Talk show host Piers Morgan’s blog after he congratulated Sean on his new love in a blog post.

“She’s a keeper, that’s for sure,” relied Penn. “Well, I’ll do my best to keep her, anyway!”

Do you think Sean and Charlize’s romance will last??

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    Hey. Maybe both of them can move to Venezuela. That way we can get rid of 2 pieces of America hating trash. It just proves once again beautiful women have very low I.Qs. Penn is just another American hating filthy liberal democrat.

    • Thomas Browning

      Are you a troll? Everything doesn’t need to be so damn political and people who are liberal love their country as well. Perhaps, they love it more than you do, because they are willing to criticize it when necessary, while people like you simply value blind obedience over trying to make our country better.

      • Liberals have no morals

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        • Thomas Browning

          I don’t hate god because there is no god. You have no idea what the Constitution represents and twist it to believe in your narrow worldview.

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          • Thomas Browning

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  • Lacey Eder

    Hey, whatever makes them happy. It’s been awhile now since him and his wife divorced and it’s been awhile since she’s had a boyfriend now, I think. Doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, though, does it? Because no one knows their relationship better than they do. They’ve been friends for awhile now, I think they’ll last awhile :) Good luck to them.

  • JonaD

    No, I don’t think it’ll last, BUT, as far as post modernism goes, it’ll last long enough.

  • Savannah

    wrong age for Sean Penn, he is only 53, not 58….correct it

  • Lydia

    Good for them.