Charlie Sheen Stands Up For Stiffed Waiter


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Since his infamous meltdown in 2011 actor Charlie Sheen has continued to set his own rules. After leaving Two and a Half Men Sheen starred in the FX series Anger Management. Off-screen Sheen has remained unapologetic about his wild lifestyle, dating porn stars and making late-night drunken appearances in public.

Despite his infamy and the criticism it has caused one positive trait Sheen must be identified with is generosity. The actor recently donated $10,000 to the ALS Association rather than douse himself with ice water. Now Sheen is stepping in to help a waiter who was stiffed by another multimillionaire.

The incident began on September 8 when the PYT restaurant in Philadelphia shared a recipt from Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy. McCoy had left a 20-cent tip for a bill of over $60. Along with the receipt the owner of PYT issued a lengthy explanation, saying that McCoy and his fellow diners were "verbally abusive to our staff in the most insulting ways."

Post by PYT.

The post became a small scandal on sports blogs. A Philadelphia sports reporter later learned that McCoy had been dissatisfied with his service and had meant the tip to be "a statement."

Sheen got involved on September 10 with a tweet. The actor stated that he will be giving $1,000 to the waiter involved in the McCoy incident.

Reaction on Twitter was immediate, with sports fans simultaneously praising Sheen and shaming McCoy: