Charlie Sheen Rant: Staples Center Gives Him the Boot

    June 8, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Charlie Sheen rant: Is anyone really surprised at this point when the former “Two and a Half Men” star completely blows his cool? Despite the fact that Sheen claims he regrets his actions following his infamous, widely-publicized meltdown, the actor is apparently at it again, directing his misplaced rage at a Staples Center employee who barred him from re-entering the venue on Thursday. The kicker: TMZ got the whole thing on video. Obviously.

Sheen, who had stepped outside to smoke a a quick cigarette, attempted to return to his seat once the deed was done. Unfortunately, he didn’t notice the posted signage about leaving the venue, and the female security guard on-duty refused to let him back in. At first, Sheen attempts to reason with the guard, that is, until he realized that she wasn’t going to budge. In true Sheen fashion, he unleashed an epic stream of expletives.

“You know what? F**king blow my balls, alright, you f**king asshole,” he shouted before heading back to the parking lot. Once there, he used a nearby paparazzo to express his displeasure with the whole scenario. “Have common sense and common courtesy gone in society? That was what I was trying to impress upon her.”

According to the Los Angeles Times, the Staples Center defends their employee’s decision to bar Sheen from re-entering the venue, claiming the system is in place for the “safety of fans”.

Michael Roth of AEG, the company that owns the Staples Center, says there are signs posted inside and outside that warn patrons that they cannot re-enter the building once they’ve stepped outside. He added that there are areas inside the venue for smokers.

“We regret that any patron would direct such abusive language at one of our employees,” Roth explained.

  • daniel

    signs or not, who walks around looking for directions in life everywhere they go. seriously, so the man didnt see a sign, other then his mouth, hes not a threat, going to leave to get a gun and return to shoot up the place. wow, i think many of us woulda ben angry too and some probly woulda said worse.

  • dave

    charlie is a complete idiot!!! fucks up a great show, and then this. if i was to cross paths with that fool on the street, i would kick his sorry ass!!

  • Nicole
  • sonam

    He tried to reason with her. people are not robots so “have some common sense and common courtesy”. You’re right Charlie.

  • Josh

    I definitely understand the reasoning behind the rule. I remember once, no twice, that I left football games at Western Carolina University and had to buy tickets to get back in. How ridiculous! I remember blowing up and growing exceedingly angrier until finally, an officer took me by the arm and marched me away. However…mistakes do happen and it looks like Charlie was trying to be reasonable…BUT, isn’t that drunk fucker rich enough to buy another ticket? Hell, give me the money, I haven’t eaten anything but pasta for a week.

  • Shelby

    Charlie Sheen is a good actor but the common courtisy he showed the person working was anything but on his part. Follow the rules for once.